Issue 45388: Workflows excel export

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Opened:2022-05-02 12:40 by Matthew Bellew
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Resolved:2022-05-02 16:31 by ians
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Closed:2022-05-03 11:58 by Matthew Bellew
2022-05-02 12:40 Matthew Bellew
Title»Workflows excel export
Assigned To»ians
Area»Sample Manager
When I export excel from the Workflows page

a) It shows all tabs as selected by default, this is per spec. However, I kinda expected only the one to be checked since these are all the same data just filtered differently (discuss)

b) It actually only exports the "All Jobs" tab, regardless of which tab is currently selected.

2022-05-02 14:16 ians
Notify»Susan Hert;hannahb
The issue is all tabs for this grid are just filtered versions of the JobsListing table, as a result since we use the QueryName as the sheet name, the sheet just keeps getting overwritten for each "tab". Is there a better choice property to use for the sheet's name?

2022-05-02 15:19 Susan Hert
The client side certainly knows what the tabs are called, so I wonder if that could be an optional part of the export form, used in place of the query names. This grid is less useful to export in general, I think, since the most utility comes from being able to click on links, so I could also see not doing a tabbed export at all here, but that requires some explanation for why it's different, as would a change in the default selection.

2022-05-02 16:31 ians
resolve as Fixed
Assigned Toians»Matthew Bellew
I was able to pass a 'sheetname' parameter as part of the advancedoptions used to generate the export parameters.

2022-05-03 11:58 Matthew Bellew
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