Issue 45408: Option to export the results of Validate Queries

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Type:Feature Request
Opened:2022-05-03 21:41 by Keith
Changed:2022-06-16 10:51 by xyang
Resolved:2022-06-15 16:22 by Trey
Support Ticket:45323
Pull Requests:platform#3447
Closed:2022-06-16 10:51 by xyang
2022-05-03 21:41 Keith
Title»Option to export the results of Validate Queries
Assigned To»triage
Support Ticket»45323
A client has recently found the Validate Queries option and now uses it as part of their pre-upgrade tasks. However, they noted that it would be helpful to have an option to export the results of this action. It would make it easier to take action on the queries that have an issue.

Here a few ideas from this client:
-They would like to be able to export to csv, tsv or Excel.
-Sort the queries so that those with errors are at the top
-Attached is a potential format for the export.

2022-05-12 10:02 hannahb
Assigned Totriage»Matthew Bellew
TypeDefect»Feature Request
Matthew or Adam, I'm not sure who this request should go to for review - I've also included a crude image of maybe where we'd put the export? Keith or Andrew thoughts on that?
 Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 10.00.45 AM.png

2022-05-12 10:47 Andrew
I'm not sure I know this part of LKS at all..but from Matt's idea, is it that there are results at all times waiting to be exported, or do they only exist after the Start Validation button has been pushed and valid results generated?

2022-05-12 10:48 Matthew Bellew
Assigned ToMatthew Bellew»triage
I don't know the user scenario but this seems like overkill for this feature. If we formatted the current output as a table instead of free text, you could just cut-n-paste and get the same result.

2022-05-12 10:52 Matthew Bellew
I should add that this output is generated on the client, not on the server. I don't think the server ever has this full view of the data to export. Either the client would have to repost it to the server, or we'd have to write a new action that replicates this. Changing the rendered HTML would be less work.

2022-05-12 10:54 hannahb
Assigned Totriage»Matthew Bellew
That seems like a reasonable compromise, thanks Matthew - are you able to estimate the reformatting of the output as a table?

2022-05-12 10:59 jeckels
Note that the client had accumulated hundreds of warnings across 100 custom SQL queries in their modules (lots of trailing commas on select lists and expressions that didn't specify an alias). I did a quick cleanup pass to eliminate all warnings so I hope they keep it to a short, manageable list going forward and have less need for an export.

2022-05-12 11:32 Matthew Bellew
This is an Ext4 component (b, how it renders new errors in Validate.js:addValidationError() needs to be updated. 1 point I would guess. I don't know who has worked on this code, Nick seems to be tagged but I think that was just due to moving the files.

2022-05-13 17:39 adam
Assigned ToMatthew Bellew»triage
I agree that Excel export is a bit overkill, but we do have ConvertHtmlToExcelAction... if the output if formatted as a table then the Excel export is close to free. (ParticipantReport.js has an example usage.)

2022-05-16 13:31 Bernie
Assigned Totriage»Karl Lum
Hi Karl,
Will you please help me determine who should do this work?
It's been prioritized for the next major release of LKS.

2022-05-27 16:01 Karl Lum
Assigned ToKarl Lum»Bernie
I would assign to one of the devs familiar with Ext4 : Cory, Xing, Nick, me.

2022-06-13 14:11 Bernie
Assigned ToBernie»xyang
This is something that we would like for the next major release. However, before you begin work, can you please confirm the estimate? There is a little confusion on our part whether this is 8 hrs or 18 hrs. If it will be a 1pt or greater story we need to reassess.

2022-06-14 08:47 xyang
Assigned Toxyang»Bernie
If we just want to add an Export (to excel) button, ~3 hours.
If we also want to update the display to be table, ~8 hours.
Can you please confirm which route we are going?

2022-06-14 13:21 mohara
The export button is all that is requested (and arguably preferable to a table solution). Thanks!

2022-06-14 15:27 xyang
Assigned ToBernie»xyang

2022-06-15 12:30 xyang
TitleOption to export the results of Validate Queries»**Option to export the results of Validate Queries
Assigned Toxyang»Trey
Pull Requests»
Added export button, changes in PR.

2022-06-15 16:22 Trey
resolve as Fixed
Title**Option to export the results of Validate Queries»Option to export the results of Validate Queries
Assigned ToTrey»xyang
Export looks good.
One thing I noticed. Multi-folder query validation gets blocked if it hits a folder that has PHI or terms-of-use enabled but not accepted for the current session.

2022-06-16 10:51 xyang
Assigned Toxyang»Guest