Issue 45481: Styling in the Admin Settings page panels for the LKB and LKSM is different

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Opened:2022-05-12 11:05 by Susan Hert
Changed:2022-05-12 15:24 by Andrew
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2022-05-12 11:05 Susan Hert
Title»Styling in the Admin Settings page panels for the LKB and LKSM is different
Assigned To»triage
The styling of the panels on the Settings pages for our applications (reached from Avatar -> Administration -> Settings) is different in LKB and LKSM. Most notably, in LKSM, the panels have grey headings that match the headings of other panels in the application and in LKB the panels have headings in a different font that are separated from the content by a horizontal line (more in keeping with styling of Workflow and ELN.

We should decide on a styling and use it in both places. Since we've got two different styles throughout the applications, either seem viable, and this raises the question of how far we want to go with updates, but for the estimate it's focused on the Settings page. Andrew, this is probably your call on which we choose.
 Sample Manager Settings.png
 Biologics Settings.png

2022-05-12 15:24 Andrew
Thinking even more broadly, we should consolidate everywhere possible to just one table pattern. I think wherever we have a true Table of Data or Box of Settings like these examples, we should use the gray header style (like the LKSM screenshot here).

When we actually have a "document" view like ELN, the continer-less header style seems more appropriate, it's the actual user-generated Title of a file, like a google doc.