Issue 45553: App Grid: Grid column menu does not scroll when page is scrolled.

Assigned To:Nick Kerr
Area:Sample Manager
Opened:2022-05-24 15:32 by Dan Duffek
Changed:2022-07-06 09:50 by Nick Kerr
Related:45139, 45738
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2022-05-24 15:32 Dan Duffek
Title»App Grid: Grid column menu does not scroll when page is scrolled.
Assigned To»triage
Notify»cnathe;Susan Hert
Area»Sample Manager
Has this been discussed before? I couldn't find any previous issue opened about this.

In a sample type (with more than one page of samples) click on a column header to get the column menu.
Scroll the page (scroll bar on the side or mouse wheel).

Page scrolls but the column dropdown menu is in the same position relative to the browser window.
 Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 3.19.26 PM.png

2022-05-25 06:09 cnathe
Notifycnathe;Susan Hert»cnathe;Susan Hert;Nick Kerr
This was our compromise for the grid column menu fix so that it doesn't get clipped/blocked by the panel borders. See issue here:

We could likely add more code to try and handle the "move the menu along with the scrolled window", but we decided not to take on that part as part of 45139. Nick, I think you did something along those lines with the original editable grid cell lookup (before we switched to using the SelectInput for those). Do you have an estimate for this scroll tracking work?

2022-05-25 13:23 hannahb
Assigned Totriage»Nick Kerr
Reassigning to Nick for estimation, we'll determine after if it's worth addressing at this time.

2022-06-21 13:43 cnathe
Issue 45738 marked as duplicate of this issue.
2022-06-21 13:43 cnathe
Related45139»45139, 45738

2022-06-21 14:11 Trey
This causes some automation problems when the grid header is at the bottom of the page; the test opens the menu but can't get to it because it is off the bottom of the page.
A tweak that would help tests (and people) and might be easier than moving the menu around would be to ensure that the initial menu position is within the viewport.

2022-07-06 09:50 Nick Kerr