Issue 45722: LKSM/LKB: Editable grid drag and pull behavior similar to Excel

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2022-06-17 14:27 hannahb
Title»LKSM/LKB: Editable grid drag and pull behavior similar to Excel
Assigned To»Susan Hert
Type»Feature Request
We've discussed this previously, but I'm not sure if we've done an investigation or know the sizing/feasibility of this.

In the editable grids in our products, folks tend to think that you can use it similar to Excel, namely in these two scenarios:

(1) Type in a value, eg: 1 and select and drag it down through the column to get incrementing numbers, 1, 2, 3, ..., n
(2) Type in a value, eg. Hannah and select and drag it down through the column to get copied values, eg. Hannah (I have noted the "bulk update" functionality but users still are desiring this type of functionality)

Just wanted to get this captured on the backlog - happy to hear any thoughts around it

2022-06-17 14:30 cnathe
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2022-06-20 09:24 Andrew
This would be really helpful!

2022-06-20 22:06 Nick Kerr
This really tickles my fancy. My thoughts:

1. Initiating action. These actions can be performed by selecting a cell, or range of cells, then clicking an indicator on the cell (in Google Sheets it's a small standout square along the border in the bottom right corner of the bottom-most selected cell) to initiate the action. The user can either a) click the indicator and drag down through the column to generate the values to each cell or b) double-click the indicator to fill down to the "bottom" that matches the adjacent column. Double-clicking when there are no adjacent values results in no action.
2. Sequence recognition. There are an endless number of patterns that we could recognize so we will need to identify what patterns we want to recognize. Our recognition algorithm can provide inputs to a SEQUENCE() function. Some examples of what is supported by Google's spreadsheets:
3. Support for copying a range is done by copying the selected range of cell values over and over until they fill the users target selection.
4. Multi-column selection. Other spreadsheet software support multi-column operation of these mechanisms. This is effectively just invoking the same sequence recognition pattern on each column within the selection but all within one selection.

2022-07-13 09:05 Susan Hert

2022-07-25 14:47 Dan Duffek

2022-07-25 17:26 Susan Hert
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2022-07-25 17:26 Susan Hert
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2022-07-26 06:43 cnathe
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The initial implementation for this feature has been merged to develop and will be in LK v22.8. You can see the details of the v1 feature in the test plan notes here:

2022-07-26 11:53 hannahb
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Looks great, thanks Cory!