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45803DefectSample ManagerFiltering for Job search results in LKSM causes client-side JS errortriage3open22.07 
45802DefectFileContentDouble encoded folder names in Files -> File Directories list boxcnathe3open22.07 
45801DefectSample ManagerSearches returning many hits are slow to render in LKSMtriage3open22.07 
45800Defect Mega Menu: Width Adjustmenttriage3open22.11 
45799DefectSample ManagerDouble-encoded HTML on invalid search terms within LKSMtriage3open22.07 
45797DefectETLNPE on ETL into Sample Typetriage2open22.0745658
45795Feature RequestCoreAdd simple mechanism to persist usage metricstriage3open22.07 
45794DefectAuditingSearch API doesn't auditadam3resolved22.07 platform#3498
45793Defect Biologics Registry import from file/grid issues when selecting target typemartyp3open22.07 
45792Defect When dragging and dropping columns from grid headers, menu stays open and in the original locationcnathe3open22.08 
45790DefectFileContentAfter deleting a subset of files through the files web part, selection state is confusedtriage3open22.11 
45789Defect Update the Study pages "Interactive report" section to allow for any URLbinalpatel2open22.07 
45783Defect Trigger Script on Sample Type Not Working: "Missing value for required property: Ancestors"triage3open22.07 
45782Feature RequestBiologicsLKB: Adding Registry items needs a new optionAndrew3open22.08 
45781DefectBiologicsLKB: File import of Compound registry type gives NPEhannahb3resolved22.07 biologics#1414
45780DefectBiologicsLKB: Registry items (PS and NS) updating via file import failingNick Kerr2open22.0845768
45777DefectFreezer ManagerDashboard Freezer List link not workingGuest3closed22.07 inventory#469
45776DefectBiologicsProjects, Cross-folder: Dashboard Insights not displaying parent SamplesRob Morphew3resolved22.07 labkey-ui-components#882
45773Feature Request Enable Sample deletion from source samples and picklist gridshannahb3resolved22.07 sampleManagement#1060
45771Feature RequestELNAdd some additional ELN metricsalanv2open22.08 
45770DefectSample ManagerSearching for sample ID that includes a hyphen produces in a large number of low relevance resultstriage3open22.07 
45767DefectAssayNAb assay design no longer accepting XLSX files - Error raised when image is included on first sheetmohara1resolved22.0345764platform#3494
45760DefectCoreWarn admins to migrate to Microsoft JDBC driver on SQL Serverjeckels3open22.11 
45757Defect Update pick list page UI for sharing optioncnathe4open22.08 
45753DefectFileContentWarning about double-closing SpringAttachmentFile when drag/dropping into file listingKarl Lum3open22.07 
45752Defect post-upgrade unexpected query validationtriage3open22.0745531
45751Feature RequestSample ManagerLet's experiment with creating new paths into Sample Finderhannahb3open22.08 
45749Feature RequestELNInclude common name in display for referenced registry itemsGuest3closed22.07 labbook#218
45746Feature RequestSample ManagerShow more grid options menus at narrower screen widthscnathe2open22.08 
45745DefectSpecimensCreating a new request from the shopping cart does not workjosephy3resolvedTBD 
45743DefectCoreFalse positives when checking for Tomcat webappsjeckels3resolved22.07 platform#3481
45740DefectBiologicsLKB: Error creating constructs that have a list lookup attribute with required validation on in ProjectsChrisJ3resolved22.0745718platform#3479
45739Defect LKSM: Converting a .xlsx to .csv causes LK not to recognize the Sample ID fieldGuest4closed22.07 inventory#469
45738DefectUser interfaceQuery grid header menus don't scroll with gridGuest3closed22.07 
45732Defect **LKSM app grid view error after renaming and deleting view in Manage Saved Views modalxyang3open22.07 labkey-ui-components#877
45730Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM/LKB: Remove extra options from "Create" menuAndrew3open22.11 
45729DefectBiologicsProtein aliases with commas are not listed correctly on protein detail page.triage3openTBD 
45728DefectCDSETL for compiling blogsKarl Lum2resolved22.07 
45726Feature RequestETLETL permissions clarificationsmartyp3open22.1145629
45725DefectUser interfaceBiologics Mega Menu: truncate and text wrap consistencyBernie2resolved22.07 labkey-ui-components#881
45724Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM/LKB: Should we add "Update via file" to edit options?Andrew3open22.08 
45722Feature Request LKSM/LKB: Editable grid drag and pull behavior similar to ExcelSusan Hert3open22.11 
45721Feature Request LKSM: Creating samples from a Source should offer the option to go back to Source?Andrew3open22.11 
45720Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM/LKB: Remove card and heatmap views from data Type pagesAndrew4open22.11 
45714Feature RequestFileContentPoor feedback when deleting many files through files web part UIKeith3resolved22.07 platform#3492
45713Defect Perf : slow query cleaning up provenance for linked to study assay dataKeith3resolved22.07 provenance#107
45712DefectTargetedMSImporting second Skyline doc version with > 100 audit records on SQLServer failsKeith3resolved22.03 targetedms#567
45711DefectStudyImported study has additional columns in dataset compare to exported studytriage3open22.07 
45710DefectSample ManagerClient side exception when going form a sample type page to the sample types over view page as a reader-userGuest2closed22.07 labkey-ui-components#866
45708Defect Exported Notebooks include embedded attachments for all previous versions of each entryGuest3closed22.07 labbook#216
45704DefectStudyMultiple error messages provide less detail than a single error message during dataset creationKarl Lum3open22.1145670
45701DefectTargetedMSSamples excluded for single metric don't get hidden in QC plotsSweta Jewargikar3resolved22.03 targetedms#566
45698DefectELNELN homepage visual tidyingtriage3open22.07 
45696DefectSample ManagerSample names containing commas do not resolve as links in time line details when they are the previous value (left hand of the arrow).Guest3closed22.07 platform#3460
45694Feature Request LKB: Recently created sample filter is not applied when importing from a fileNick Kerr2open22.08 
45693DefectUser interfaceClick target is too big for facet value rowsGuest3closed22.07 
45688Defect Cannot Approve Large NotebooksChrisJ3resolved22.0845672compliance#160
45686Defect Change "Create Samples" to "Add Samples" on dashboard insights widgetshannahb3open22.07 
45684Feature RequestCoreAdd support for PostgreSQL "IS <not> DISTINCT FROM"Matthew Bellew3open22.11 platform#3497
45682DefectSample ManagerBulk sample import from TSV cannot resolve a parent name if its name contains a comma.Guest2closed22.07 
45681DefectBiologicsLKB: Registry entities cannot be deleted from detail pagestriage3open22.07 
45676DefectCDSMissing export buttons in 22.3.7Guest1closed22.03 cds#482
45675DefectComplianceCompliance Features Not Working on Safari BrowserGuest3closed22.0345669
45673DefectUser interfaceThe default html/font-size in LabKey style sheets is not convenient with reactKeith3resolved22.0745639labkey-ui-components#865
45668DefectSample ManagerUI Regression Issues With Sample Search Page in WorkflowGuest2closed22.07 sampleManagement#992
45667DefectELNELN: Adding a hyperlink way down within an entry doesn't addalanv3open22.08 
45666DefectUser interfaceSample grid "More" menu is puzzling when no other menu is presentcnathe3open22.08 
45664DefectExperimentData Class metadata not available in query when querying cross-folderChrisJ2resolved22.06 platform#3433
45662DefectSample ManagerLKSM/LKB: Deleting sources/registry items that have descendents shouldn't be allowedGuest2closed22.07 sampleManagement#992
45661DefectSample ManagerIndexOutOfBounds exception when going to a samples detail page on a M1 / MSSQL environmentcnathe4openTBD 
45657DefectSample ManagerSample Manager file update fails with "Units" column populated when there is no stored volume or locationGuest3closed22.0745568
45654DefectSecurityAuto-create logs server-side exception when user limit has been reachedGuest3closed22.07 platform#3429
45653Defect Viability.Data.Run Lookups Not Working Correctlysteveh2resolved22.0345508commonAssays#474
45652DefectBiologicsAdd menus for Registry and Media items don't give an option to add items in the gridtriage3open22.07 
45648Feature RequestBiologicsBiologics: Support for Custom Import Templates Based on Custom GridsNick Kerr3open22.07 
45644DefectSurveyProblems configuring listeners on elements with uppercase letters in the nameGuest3closed22.07 platform#3425
45643DefectSample ManagerClient side error when looking at a samples create time line event detail when the sample has a multiple parents and one has a comma in its name.Guest2closed22.07 sampleManagement#992
45642DefectExperimentFlag column in run grids is very wide nowGuest3closed22.03 platform#3423
45640DefectSample ManagerSample Manager: "Edit in Bulk" -> "Edit in Grid" is broken on picklist and workflow samples gridGuest3closed22.07 
45637Feature RequestETLOfficially supporting cross-folder (and adding cross-Project) support for ETLsmartyp3open22.11 
45634DefectDataNaming Patterns: failing to resolve lineage lookup data cross-folderChrisJ3resolved22.07 platform#3448
45632DefectTargetedMSPeptide intensity display showing up in protein tooltipankur3open22.07 
45624DefectSearchSearch indexer continually visiting subjects, datasets, lists, and navigationtriage3open22.07 
45622DefectBuildGenerated jars.txt files are encoded as 1252 (ANSI - Latin I) on Windows builds but read using UTF-8Guest3closed22.07 gradlePlugin#148
45621DefectTargetedMSParse and report on crosslinkers as modificationsKeith3resolved22.07 MacCossLabModules#217
45620DefectTargetedMSModification index is zero-based for Peptide Map reportKeith3resolved22.03 targetedms#552
45618Feature RequestFlowFlow: During Import WSP Analysis change "Select Analysis" to Select WSPGuest3closed22.07 commonAssays#475
45617Defect Navigation to Flow subfolder home not always going to home page as expectedGuest2closed22.0745616platform#3426
45614Defect ${OriginalSourcePath} replacement is not injected into a pipeline job when clicking on the import buttonKarl Lum3open22.11 
45594DefectAssayLineage Graphs Not Updated When Run Properties are Updatedsteveh2openTBD45334
45592DefectCoreUtils.js formSubmit() is now HTML encoding JSON submissionsGuest2closed22.0645583platform#3402
45590Feature Request Remove a few leftover "All Samples" dropdowns from LKB and LKSMGuest3closed22.07 
45589Defect incremental reimport using "modifed" (vs diImportHash) needs to be fixedtriage3open22.07 
45581Defect unable to select target tables in study schema for alias field lookupjosephy3resolved22.07 labkey-ui-components#867
45573DefectSample ManagerFM: For a box the selection count on the samples grid includes samples that have been filtered out.triage4openTBD 
45563DefectSample ManagerSM: Creating an aliquot from a sample that has commas in its name can cause the aliquot to have quotes in its name.Guest2closed22.06 platform#3396
45562Defect Issue adding an aliased fieldtriage3openTBD45547
45561DefectStudyPerf slowdown in DatasetUpdateService.getRow() in EHR scenariosGuest2closed22.0345503platform#3384
45559DefectUser interfacedisplayWidth set in .query.xml for lookup field is ignoredKeith3resolved22.0345545platform#3383
45554DefectStudyDataset rows returned from saveRows API may return "net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.ClobImpl@430948be" instead of text valuesGuest1closed22.03 platform#3379