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46067DefectWikiPerf issue rendering Markdown messages in gridsjeckels3open22.11 platform#3594
46066DefectTargetedMSDisplay one row per replicate in the Peptide / Molecule chromatograms gridvsharma3open22.07 
46065DefectTargetedMSA small portion of number legend of the intensity heat map is cut off on protein sequence viewwendyi4open22.11 
46064DefectBiologicsELN: Warning Banner Not Visible On Long Entriessteveh3open22.11 
46063SpecificationELNCustom Fields seem not to respect regular folder visibility rulesNick Kerr3open22.11 
46060DefectCoreExcel exports are leaving permanent 'temporary poifiles' (poi-sxssf-sheet####.xml)adam3open22.11 
46056DefectFileContentFolder disappears when import is canceled after transform script warningtriage2open22.0745982
46055DefectELNELN entry formatting bar overlaps reference picker palletetriage3open22.11 
46050DefectDataImport alias failing silently on ingredients through file importtriage3open22.0746039
46048DefectTargetedMSConfigure Included and Excluded Precursors - blank or duplicate precursors in some scenariosGuest3closed22.07 targetedms#592
46045DefectBiologicsHelp with making trigger scripts update lists across Biologics sub-foldersjeckels2open22.08 
46043Defect ELN: When an ingredient is not given a scientific name, we display a blank box when referenced in an ELNtriage3open22.11 
46038DefectListsFailed to delete a large datasetadam2open22.07 
46037Defect [blank] samples shown in Sample Manager dashboardtriage4open22.11 
46036DefectBiologicsBiologics: Deleting a mixture step, then adding a new mixture step results in confusing erroralanv2open22.1146033
46032Defect Problems with MVFK attributes and editing the XML metadatatriage3open22.08 
46030Defect LKB, when creating aliquots in a grid, the messaging includes a reference to Sourcestriage3open22.11 
46029Defect Modal for selecting a Job Template shows Choose Template button enabled without a choicetriage3open22.11 
46027Defect LKB: Picklists offer options not supported for mediatriage3open22.11 
46026Defect In expandable containers, sometimes the right chevron is not clickabletriage3open22.11 
46025Defect LKB: Audit log page includes a "Source Events" selectionSusan Hert3open22.11 
46024Defect LKB: The text describing the NAb assays indicates different file types supported than are shown in the Supported File Typestriage3open22.11 
46023Defect LKB: When choosing a specialty assay, the instrument menu shows an initial value, but the rest of the page is not updated for that instrumenttriage3open22.11 
46022DefectSample ManagerIn the filter dialog the list of values for a field are not as expected after removing default view filtertriage3open22.09 
46019DefectSample ManagerCannot save a grid view if a non-string column is filtered. Only happens on components page (core-components.view).cnathe3open22.09 
46018DefectELNVisual bugs on ELN dashboard widgettriage3open22.11 
46012DefectSearchException when indexing .heic files: ClassNotFoundException: com.drew.imaging.heif.HeifMetadataReaderGuest3closed22.11 
46011DefectSample ManagerExporting to excel the editable grid while creating pooled (or derivative) samples raises Uncaught TypeErrortriage3open22.08 
46009Feature RequestDataOntology search gets blocked by deselecting the Shared folder's Search optionians2open22.11 
46007DefectELNUnrecognized users see broken user avatar links for any that are settriage3open22.11 
46005DefectBiologicsClicking "Notebooks" in the global navigation menu defaults to "authored by you", which seems wrongtriage3open22.11 
46004DefectCoreMicrosoft JDBC driver can miss exceptions executing multi-statement blocksGuest3closed22.07 platform#3569
45997DefectFileContentServletException when sending filecontent digest emailsxyang3open22.11 
45996Feature RequestStudyDataset Snapshot Automatic Refresh from ETL not workingtriage3open22.1145659
45995Defect Peptides are grouping wrongly after importingGuest3closed22.07 
45990Defect Missing Value Indicator does not work if the character "-" is usedtriage3open22.11 
45984Feature Request Delineate Registry metrics for built in dataclass typesGuest2closed22.08 biologics#1488
45983DefectBiologicsLKB: Related entities not populated on cell line registered in ProjectGuest3closed22.08 biologics#1453
45978DefectFileContentFile content digest are failingGuest2closed22.07 platform#3578
45977DefectQueryLong column names seem to break summary statistics querycnathe3open22.11 
45976DefectSearchSupport indexing of pages files (or suppress exceptions)Guest3closed22.09 platform#3565
45968DefectSample ManagerParent entities are not always removed from the ReactSelect control when editing a sample, especially when running test automation.triage3open22.11 
45965DefectUser interfaceUse "locked" lock icon to mean locked in Text Choice field editor, not unlocked icontriage3open22.11 
45959DefectSample Manager"Undo" in the editable grid feels incomplete.triage3open22.11 
45958DefectSample ManagerIn Safari a dropdown list from a cell in an editable grid renders underneath the horizontal scrollbar for the grid.cnathe2open22.08 
45953Defect Add metrics for DockerService usagexyang3open22.11 
45952DefectTargetedMSPanorama audit log validation out of sync with Skyline updatesjeckels3open22.07 targetedms#596
45947Defect In LKSM/LKB, you can save a custom grid view named "Default" but when you try to edit it again, it says that name is not allowedGuest3closed22.08 inventory#503
45945Feature RequestELNELN: Surface NotebookReference table in schema browseralanv2open22.09 
45944DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Error with Metacharacter(s) in Sample Type Nametriage3open22.1145927
45942DefectStudyStudy: Creating a new dataset, populating with fields using a file and adding another field is blanking out domain designerhannahb3resolved22.07 labkey-ui-components#924
45941DefectELNELN: PDF export timing out regularlyNick Kerr2open22.08 
45938DefectSample ManagerLKSM/LKB initial page load on browser is slowGuest2closed22.08 labkey-ui-components#903
45935DefectSamplesUnable to export samples to XAR with ontology columnTrey2resolved22.07 ontology#95
45934DefectELNELN - copying/pasting from tables inserts a new table on second and third columnsalanv2open22.09 
45933Feature RequestELNELN - adding a site-wide "This is Confidential" text to ELNs (which get included on PDF export)alanv3open22.09 
45929DefectELNELN - Creating really long ELN names throws error when referencing said ELNalanv2open22.09 
45928Feature RequestCoreInvestigate deprecation/replacement of Rhino Enginemartyp3open22.1145791
45918DefectAssayLuminex assay import missing bead count for single replicate uploadGuest2closed22.0745628commonAssays#492
45916DefectBiologicsLKB: Cell lines that are referenced as host cell lines from an Expression system can be deletedtriage3open22.11 
45915DefectBiologicsLKB: Cannot update insert sequences on constructs in LabKey UIGuest2closed22.0845911biologics#1453
45914DefectCoreSome automated tests using domain designer to add new fields fail because the new field's columnType isn't as expectedalanv3open22.11 
45909Feature RequestBiologicsBiologics: Allow for Non-Concentration Units When Importing Mixturestriage3open22.0945772
45908DefectCoreQuery Analyzer component should records errors to the LabKey error log.Dan Duffek3resolved22.11 platform#3584
45907Feature RequestELNELN: Tag Users in Entry and Send NotificationGuest3closed22.1145578
45906DefectQueryAdd STRING_AGG() function to LabKey SQLMatthew Bellew2open22.1145905
45903DefectTargetedMSReport Skyline document downloads to Google Analytics 4Guest3closed22.07 MacCossLabModules#223
45900Defect Misaligned columns and scroll delay in the learn tables for some instancesKarl Lum2open22.11 
45899Defect Animal history Id conflict on alias and real Id is always resolving to aliasGuest3closed22.0745863LabDevKitModules#132
45896Defect CTE in LK sql adding suggested columns twiceMatthew Bellew3open22.0745856
45895TodoODBCAdd proxy servlet and PostgreSQL wire protocol metricsGuest3closed22.07 connectors#87
45891TodoPython Client APISet a LabKey-specific User-Agent header on Python library requestsalanv3open22.11 
45889DefectELNELN: Links to 'unique' references are broken in notebooks shared between SampleManager and Biologics.cnathe3open22.11 
45888DefectCoreBackport SQLServer exception deadlock retry fetching JDBC metadataGuest2closed22.07 platform#3537
45882DefectBiologicsLKB: Bulk insert NT with annotation ignores complementNick Kerr3open22.0945456
45881DefectTargetedMSExpand targetedms.PeptideGroup.PreferredName even moreGuest3closed22.07 targetedms#581
45880Feature RequestExperimentBiologics - Filter by type on lineage graphtriage3open22.09 
45879DefectBiologicsLKB: Commas in mixture names shows mixture ingredient "experiment data" not found when used in a new MixtureGuest2closed22.0745874recipe#68
45878Feature Request LKSM: Should we allow for new users not to get sent an email?Susan Hert3open22.11 
45875Defect Filtering on two lists on a page clears the previous filterslaurenb4open22.11 
45873Feature Request Users would like to tag people in ELNsBernie3open22.1145578
45870Defect LKSM: Polish on Sample Type and Source renaminghannahb3open22.10 
45869Defect NullPointerException: "labBookContainer" is nullalanv3open22.1145791
45868DefectWorkflowWorkflow, Cross-folder: Template defined in top-level folder is not available in Project (modal)Guest3closed22.08 sampleManagement#1108
45866Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM/LKB: Filter modal should limit items to 250Guest2closed22.0845858inventory#503
45865DefectTargetedMSChange protein sequence view map scale from zero based to one basedGuest3closed22.07 commonAssays#488
45862Feature RequestBiologicsBiologics: Investigate circular Vector/construct viewerBernie3open22.08 
45861DefectSamplesWhen sample types are renamed, the custom views associated with the original name are lostGuest2closed22.07 platform#3531
45860DefectCoreConcept picker doesn't pickGuest2closed22.07 ontology#93
45859DefectCoreConcept browser search not working outside of ontology's storage folderGuest2closed22.07 
45857DefectStudyLock row and column headers for dataset security pagecnathe2open22.07 labkey-ui-components#902
45855Feature RequestELNELN: Unable to view Archived notebooks from ELN Homepagealanv3open22.08 
45854DefectBiologicsLKB: Links to sample types located in sub-folders result in a 404ChrisJ3resolved22.08,

45846Feature Request Pivot queries within parameterized queryMatthew Bellew3open22.11 
45844Feature RequestClient APITrack use of LabKey client APIsGuest3closed22.07 platform#3533
45841DefectFile watcherFile watchers: Not being triggered automatically as expectedGuest1closed22.0745756premium#323
45840DefectELNELN: Notebook snapshots from 22.4 upgrade show signed off as Guest on PDF exportKarl Lum2open22.09 
45839DefectELNattaching over-sized file to notebook via drag-drop gets visual warning, selecting same file via OS file dialog does notalanv3open22.08 
45838DefectELNELN: pop-over menu with list of references is rendered underneath the toolbar of an entry below it.alanv2open22.09 
45837Feature RequestSurveySurvey - No relayout when resizing browser window for card layout (also loss of horizontal scroll bars)Guest2closed22.0745796platform#3523