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46926Feature RequestCoredate display format not respected on form for editing a recordtriage3open23.03 
46925TestSample ManagerAdd LKSM test automation to cover scenario where right hand columns are removed in custom views.triage3open23.03 
46923DefectSample ManagerWhen bulk updating samples in the grid we should limit the list of possible parent samples or sources based on project scope.triage3open23.01 
46922TodoUpgrade/BootstrapPrevent schema upgrade problems when modules disappear and reappear years latertriage2open23.03 
46920Defect Define Custom Study Properties link goes to parent folderlaurenb3open23.03 
46918Feature RequestELNClarify ELN recall/return action button label for Reviewerstriage3open23.03 
46917TodoUpgrade/BootstrapBump all managed schema versions to 23.000adam3open23.01 
46916Feature RequestAssayAssay: Edit Batch propertiescnathe3open23.03 
46914Defect LKB: Allowed to edit Nucleotide Sequence in details pageBernie3open23.01 
46913DefectInventoryBox selection is not cleared after unselecting a sample from the grid if navigating to box by link in sample type grid.Susan Hert4open23.03 
46912DefectBiologicsWhile editing an entry in a notebook the flashing "saving spinner" causes the edit region shift up and down in an annoying way.Guest3closed23.03 
46908DefectSample ManagerRight hand columns are getting removed from grids when saving views.Susan Hert2open23.01 
46902DefectELNELN: Prevent labbook.NotebookReference table mutationKarl Lum2open22.12 labbook#340
46900Defect Workflow job task completion requirement check - Handle the error on server side and not to be thrown as exceptiontriage3open23.03 
46897DefectExternal dataWeekly errors logged from demo REDCap integrationKarl Lum3open22.12 
46896DefectSample ManagerAttempting to view timeline results in "ERROR: operator does not exist: character varying = integer" SQL exceptionadam3resolved22.12 
46895DefectCorecompliance.SignedSnapshot.hash column not being presentBernie2resolved22.1146892signing#4
46891Defect LKB/LKSM: Notebooks Grid View doesn't show Created column dataalanv3open23.03 
46890Defect Copy Notebook modal still says "Project" but means "Tag"triage3open22.11 
46883DefectSample ManagerCount of selected items in a picklist is off after removing the samples and then re-adding them.triage3open23.03 
46880Defect Workflow: When creating a Job the "Next" and "Back" links in the form pages seem displaced and virtually invisible.triage4openTBD 
46878Defect Comment field in Sample Workflow Events links to LKS audit details viewSusan Hert3open23.03 
46872TestSample ManagerAdd Test Automation to Validate Sample Status When SubProjects are PresentDan Duffek3open23.03 
46871Defect ELN: Use of "your" notebook when notebooks are assigned to a groupalanv3open23.01 
46870DefectBiologicsLKB: Using Ancestor node to get ExpressionSystem/Construct renders strangelySusan Hert3open23.0146858
46869DefectELNELN: autosave icon creates jumpy NotebookGuest3closed23.0146862labbook#332
46868DefectELNELN: when notebook tags are required, notebook loading flashes warningGuest2closed23.0146862labbook#332
46867DefectELNELN: On narrow width and scrolling, notebook left hand column appears on top of notebook contentGuest2closed23.0146862labbook#332
46860TodoAdminImprove logging of module resource issuesGuest3closed22.1146856platform#3895
46854DefectReportingIllegalStateException when running a Knitr report against rserve-serviceMatthew Bellew3open23.03 
46853DefectSample ManagerLKSM/LKB Projects: should allow derivation of samples within projects when parent/source is in Homexyang3open23.0146849
46851Feature RequestFreezer ManagerOption to add numbered positions to AlphaNumeric type Boxes.Guest3closed23.0346848
46850Feature RequestELNELN: Update review attestationGuest2closed23.01 labbook#332
46846DefectELNNotebook PDF gets extra blank pageNick Kerr4open23.03 
46845Defect Error in WNPRC test "Cannot invoke "" because "assignmentTable" is null"binalpatel3open23.01 
46844DefectPipelinePipeline files files aren't copied to remotely run R script pipeline tasksKarl Lum3open23.03 
46843Defect Notifications for downloads are inconsistentians3resolved23.01 labkey-ui-components#1043
46841Feature Request **LKSM: creating a new user and not assigning any permissions filters(?) user out of grid viewcnathe3open23.01 labkey-ui-components#1051
46839Defect Clicking on magnifying lens is not working for search of sample from query gridcnathe3open23.01 
46838DefectAssayRun properties file unavailable to remotely executed R transform scriptKarl Lum3open23.03 
46837Defect Resizing the browser window is misaligning the custom fields on Workflow template page.cnathe3open23.03 
46836DefectSample ManagerImport Run link broken from Workflow to Assaytriage3open23.03 
46833Defect Recently Opened notebooks display truncates notebook cards when wrapped to a second lineGuest3closed23.01 labbook#332
46832DefectSample ManagerSubnav in narrow format collapses strangelyGuest3closed23.01 labkey-ui-components#1044
46830DefectSample Manager**Decouple SampleNameGenCounter from the ContextListener loggerDan Duffek3open23.0346799platform#3911
46824DefectBiologicsBiologics Mixtures: Line Breaks are Lost When Updating Preparation StepRosalineP3open23.01 
46822TestSample ManagerNeed a test to cover export/import of scannable / user-supplied barcode fieldsDan Duffek3openTBD 
46821DefectELNELN: Footer on PDF export gets cut off when entry spans page breakhannahb3resolved23.0146815puppeteer-service#18
46816DefectBiologicsLKB: Mixture choice lost when creating Mixture BatchesGuest2closed22.1246793labkey-ui-components#1036
46814DefectTargetedMSCreating new Project from a Template folder (Project) does not copy Portal page layouttriage3open23.0346673
46813DefectSample ManagerLKSM Starter: Importing a LKSM folder will fail with default settingsGuest3closed22.12 
46810DefectELNELN create notebook from template doesn't pull through the start and end date valuesGuest3closed23.01 labbook#330
46809DefectELNELN public/team notebook templates don't show as expected in the Browse Templates modalGuest3closed23.01 labbook#330
46808DefectSample ManagerSample import performance issues in freezer managermartyp2open22.1146806inventory#639
46804DefectBiologicsUpgrade script (addProteaseAnnotationType) failing on existing biologics projectsGuest2closed22.12 biologics#1751
46796DefectNABNAb copy to study can be very slow on SQL ServerGuest3closed22.11 platform#3877
46788DefectSample ManagerUnable to create project subfolder in app if "allow users to create/import their own id/names" is uncheckedGuest2closed22.12 platform#3875
46787DefectSample Manager**Client side script error when going to a second page of assay designs.Susan Hert4open23.01 labkey-ui-premium#6
46786Defect LKFM: The All Samples grid on the Storage View pages does not contain menu actions like other All Samples gridsSusan Hert3open23.03 
46785DefectSecurity"Workflow Editor" role does not include general "Reader" accesstriage3open23.03 
46783DefectTargetedMSLine indicating break between guide set and other data is too short on multi-series plotsankur3open23.03 
46778DefectFileContentFile browser dropdown menu shows 'blank' options (that work) for buttons that are not shownxyang3open23.03 
46774Defect Remove Ruminex package references from Luminex transform scriptcnathe3open23.03 
46773Defect LKSM: Sample Aliquot grid deletion behavior different from single aliquot deletioncnathe3open23.01 
46772DefectSample ManagerSample from shared folder are not visible in LKSM StarterGuest3closed22.12 
46770Defect Some in-page doc links put the anchor before the referrer, breaking the anchorGuest3closed22.12 labkey-ui-components#1013
46768Feature RequestShared ComponentsLKB: App is not respecting filter on drop-downNick Kerr2open23.0146727
46767Defect LKSM: Using the editable grid doesn't enforce date values then causes problemscnathe2open23.01 
46766Defect Clarify message around ID/Name prefixing in Admin settingsNick Kerr3open23.01 
46765Defect LKSM: when manually adding samples each selection input requires individual loadingcnathe3open23.03 
46762DefectBiologicsUnique name enforcement on biologics project dataclasses now includes /Shared folder dataclassesNick Kerr3open23.03 
46760Defect Width of Label column in Storage grids is larger than it needs to beGuest4closed23.03 
46758DefectShared ComponentsLKB (LKSM?): Lineage & Assay Subnav on Sample Details page only sometimes shows up for usersGuest2closed22.12 labkey-ui-components#1027
46757DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Updating an aliquot grid view with StorageLocation throws errorGuest2closed22.12 sampleManagement#1418
46756DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Show storage location in aliquots grid by defaultGuest3closed22.12 sampleManagement#1418
46755Defect LKSM: Show storage location in aliquots grid by default.Guest3closed23.01 
46754Defect LKSM: Sample Grid > Customize Grid shows Media options under AncestorsSusan Hert3open23.01 
46753DefectExperimentSlow call to query-updateRows call for data class tables in LKSMDan Duffek3open23.03 
46752Feature RequestSample ManagerCreate and store sampleshannahb3openTBD 
46749DefectSamplesLKSM: Changing a field name does not display correctly during editGuest2closed22.12 labkey-ui-components#1027
46748DefectSamplesLKSM: Editing an Aliquots details shows different fieldshannahb2openTBD 
46747Defect Lookups from SM Subfolders to parent folder does not resolveSusan Hert3open23.03 
46744DefectJavaScript Client APICannot hide the row selectors in a LabKey.QueryWebPart when it is used with a study schemaRosalineP3open23.03 
46743DefectTargetedMSInclude peptide/small molecule info in tooltip for QC plot linecnathe3open23.03 
46738Test Add test for Issue 46668 - "Change user properties" link results in a 404 on many deploymentstesttriage3open23.03 
46737DefectSample ManagerSamples selected from a custom grid view are not used to populate assay run grid.Guest3closed22.12 sampleManagement#1418
46735DefectSample ManagerUpdating selecting samples, either by bulk or grid, reverts sample type grid to default view.Guest3closed22.12 
46734DefectSamplesEditable for samples only/Required: Merge on aliquots throws incorrect errorhannahb2open23.01 
46733DefectSamplesEditable for aliquots only/Required Field: Adding Samples gives errorxyang2open23.01 
46725DefectBiologicsLKB: when manually adding a new Protein Sequence, on the Annotations step, sequences can't be selected/highlightedNick Kerr3open23.01 
46724Defect Unable to set PHI level for newly added fieldGuest3closed22.12 labkey-ui-components#1026
46723DefectBiologicsLKB: Register a new molecule manually not workingkeegang3resolved23.03 
46722DefectBiologicsLKB: Import Molecule from file not workingNick Kerr3open23.01 
46715Feature RequestBiologicsLKB: Allow for user-defined field in SequenceFeatureAnnotation List (and others?) to show up in the appNick Kerr3open23.0146496
46714DefectShared ComponentsEditable grid issue when the readonly unique ID column is in the middle of the gridChrisJ2resolved22.12 labkey-ui-components#1029
46711DefectSamplesBiologics Explore project has broken timelines for "Samples" sample typeGuest2closed22.11 sampleManagement#1385
46710DefectCoreClassCastException in org.labkey.api.action.BaseViewAction.handleSpecialProperties()Guest3closed22.11 platform#3841
46709Defect App with Projects enabled shows unexpected options for sample status dropdownGuest2closed22.12 
46707DefectSample ManagerLegend for sample status column renders on top of filter dialog.Dan Duffek4resolved22.12 
46705DefectBiologicsLKB: Sample Timeline is very slow or not loading at allGuest3closed22.1246699-