45770Defect Hyphens in search terms should not be treated as a 'not' operator.triage3open22.07 
45767DefectAssayNAb assay design no longer accepting XLSX files - Error raised when image is included on first sheetcnathe1open22.0745764
45760DefectCoreWarn admins to migrate to Microsoft JDBC driver on SQL Serverjeckels3open22.11 
45757Defect Update pick list page UI for sharing optionSusan Hert4open22.08 
45753DefectFileContentWarning about double-closing SpringAttachmentFile when drag/dropping into file listingKarl Lum3open22.07 
45752Defect post-upgrade unexpected query validationKarl Lum3open22.0745531
45751Feature RequestSample ManagerLet's experiment with creating new paths into Sample Finderhannahb3open22.08 
45749Feature RequestELNInclude common name in display for referenced registry itemsGuest3closed22.07 labbook#218
45746Feature RequestSample ManagerShow more grid options menus at narrower screen widthscnathe2open22.08 
45745DefectSpecimensCreating a new request from the shopping cart does not workjosephy3resolvedTBD 
45743DefectCoreFalse positives when checking for Tomcat webappsMatthew Bellew3open22.07 platform#3481
45740DefectBiologicsLKB: Error creating constructs that have a list lookup attribute with required validation on in ProjectsChrisJ3resolved22.0745718platform#3479
45739Defect LKSM: Converting a .xlsx to .csv causes LK not to recognize the Sample ID fieldSusan Hert4open22.08 
45738DefectUser interfaceQuery grid header menus don't scroll with gridGuest3closed22.07 
45732Defect LKSM app grid view error after renaming and deleting view in Manage Saved Views modalxyang3open22.07 
45730Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM/LKB: Remove extra options from "Create" menuAndrew3open22.11 
45729DefectBiologicsProtein aliases with commas are not listed correctly on protein detail page.triage3openTBD 
45728DefectCDSETL for compiling blogsKarl Lum2resolved22.07 
45726Feature RequestETLETL permissions clarificationsmartyp3open22.1145629
45725DefectUser interfaceBiologics Mega Menu: truncate and text wrap consistencyRosalineP2open22.07 
45724Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM/LKB: Should we add "Update via file" to edit options?Andrew3open22.08 
45722Feature Request LKSM/LKB: Editable grid drag and pull behavior similar to ExcelSusan Hert3open22.11 
45721Feature Request LKSM: Creating samples from a Source should offer the option to go back to Source?Andrew3open22.11 
45720Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM/LKB: Remove card and heatmap views from data Type pagesAndrew4open22.11 
45714Feature RequestFileContentPoor feedback when deleting many files through files web part UIxyang3open22.07 
45713Defect Perf : slow query cleaning up provenance for linked to study assay dataKeith3resolved22.07 provenance#107
45712DefectTargetedMSImporting second Skyline doc version with > 100 audit records on SQLServer failsKeith3resolved22.03 targetedms#567
45711DefectStudyImported study has additional columns in dataset compare to exported studyKarl Lum3open22.07 
45710DefectSample ManagerClient side exception when going form a sample type page to the sample types over view page as a reader-userGuest2closed22.07 labkey-ui-components#866
45708Defect Exported Notebooks include embedded attachments for all previous versions of each entryhannahb3resolved22.07 labbook#216
45704DefectStudyMultiple error messages provide less detail than a single error message during dataset creationKarl Lum3open22.1145670
45701DefectTargetedMSSamples excluded for single metric don't get hidden in QC plotsSweta Jewargikar3resolved22.03 targetedms#566
45698DefectELNELN homepage visual tidyingtriage3open22.07 
45696DefectSample ManagerSample names containing commas do not resolve as links in time line details when they are the previous value (left hand of the arrow).Guest3closed22.07 platform#3460
45694Feature Request LKB: Recently created sample filter is not applied when importing from a fileNick Kerr2open22.08 
45693DefectUser interfaceClick target is too big for facet value rowsGuest3closed22.07 
45688Defect Cannot Approve Large NotebooksKarl Lum3open22.0745672compliance#160
45686Defect Change "Create Samples" to "Add Samples" on dashboard insights widgetshannahb3open22.07 
45684Feature RequestCoreAdd support for PostgreSQL "IS <not> DISTINCT FROM"Matthew Bellew3open22.11 
45682DefectSample ManagerBulk sample import from TSV cannot resolve a parent name if its name contains a comma.Guest2closed22.07 
45681DefectBiologicsLKB: Registry entities cannot be deleted from detail pagestriage3open22.07 
45676DefectCDSMissing export buttons in 22.3.7Guest1closed22.03 cds#482
45675DefectComplianceCompliance Features Not Working on Safari Browsercnathe3open22.0345669
45673DefectUser interfaceThe default html/font-size in LabKey style sheets is not convenient with reactKeith3resolved22.0745639labkey-ui-components#865
45668DefectSample ManagerUI Regression Issues With Sample Search Page in WorkflowGuest2closed22.07 sampleManagement#992
45667DefectELNELN: Adding a hyperlink way down within an entry doesn't addNick Kerr3open22.07 
45666DefectUser interfaceSample grid "More" menu is puzzling when no other menu is presentcnathe3open22.08 
45664DefectExperimentData Class metadata not available in query when querying cross-folderChrisJ2resolved22.06 platform#3433
45662DefectSample ManagerLKSM/LKB: Deleting sources/registry items that have descendents shouldn't be allowedGuest2closed22.07 sampleManagement#992
45661DefectSample ManagerIndexOutOfBounds exception when going to a samples detail page on a M1 / MSSQL environmentcnathe4openTBD 
45657DefectSample ManagerSample Manager file update fails with "Units" column populated when there is no stored volume or locationmohara3open22.0745568
45654DefectSecurityAuto-create logs server-side exception when user limit has been reachedGuest3closed22.07 platform#3429
45653Defect Viability.Data.Run Lookups Not Working Correctlysteveh2resolved22.0745508commonAssays#474
45652DefectBiologicsAdd menus for Registry and Media items don't give an option to add items in the gridtriage3open22.07 
45648Feature RequestBiologicsBiologics: Support for Custom Import Templates Based on Custom GridsNick Kerr3open22.07 
45644DefectSurveyProblems configuring listeners on elements with uppercase letters in the namemohara3resolved22.07 platform#3425
45643DefectSample ManagerClient side error when looking at a samples create time line event detail when the sample has a multiple parents and one has a comma in its name.Guest2closed22.07 sampleManagement#992
45642DefectExperimentFlag column in run grids is very wide nowGuest3closed22.03 platform#3423
45640DefectSample ManagerSample Manager: "Edit in Bulk" -> "Edit in Grid" is broken on picklist and workflow samples gridGuest3closed22.07 
45637Feature RequestETLOfficially supporting cross-folder (and adding cross-Project) support for ETLsmartyp3open22.07 
45634DefectDataNaming Patterns: failing to resolve lineage lookup data cross-folderChrisJ3resolved22.07 platform#3448
45632DefectTargetedMSPeptide intensity display showing up in protein tooltipankur3open22.07 
45624DefectSearchSearch indexer continually visiting subjects, datasets, lists, and navigationtriage3open22.07 
45622DefectBuildGenerated jars.txt files are encoded as 1252 (ANSI - Latin I) on Windows builds but read using UTF-8adam3resolved22.07 gradlePlugin#148
45621DefectTargetedMSParse and report on crosslinkers as modificationsKeith3resolved22.07 MacCossLabModules#217
45620DefectTargetedMSModification index is zero-based for Peptide Map reportKeith3resolved22.03 targetedms#552
45618Feature RequestFlowFlow: During Import WSP Analysis change "Select Analysis" to Select WSPGuest3closed22.07 commonAssays#475
45617Defect Navigation to Flow subfolder home not always going to home page as expectedGuest2closed22.0745616platform#3426
45614Defect ${OriginalSourcePath} replacement is not injected into a pipeline job when clicking on the import buttonKarl Lum3open22.11 
45594DefectAssayLineage Graphs Not Updated When Run Properties are Updatedsteveh2openTBD45334
45592DefectCoreUtils.js formSubmit() is now HTML encoding JSON submissionsGuest2closed22.0645583platform#3402
45590Feature Request Remove a few leftover "All Samples" dropdowns from LKB and LKSMGuest3closed22.07 
45589Defect incremental reimport using "modifed" (vs diImportHash) needs to be fixedtriage3open22.07 
45581Defect unable to select target tables in study schema for alias field lookupjosephy3resolved22.07 labkey-ui-components#867
45573DefectSample ManagerFM: For a box the selection count on the samples grid includes samples that have been filtered out.triage4openTBD 
45563DefectSample ManagerSM: Creating an aliquot from a sample that has commas in its name can cause the aliquot to have quotes in its name.Guest2closed22.06 platform#3396
45562Defect Issue adding an aliased fieldtriage3openTBD45547
45561DefectStudyPerf slowdown in DatasetUpdateService.getRow() in EHR scenariosGuest2closed22.0345503platform#3384
45559DefectUser interfacedisplayWidth set in .query.xml for lookup field is ignoredKeith3resolved22.0345545platform#3383
45554DefectStudyDataset rows returned from saveRows API may return "net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.ClobImpl@430948be" instead of text valuesGuest1closed22.03 platform#3379
45553DefectSample ManagerApp Grid: Grid column menu does not scroll when page is scrolled.Nick Kerr3open22.07 
45551Feature Request Request for option/flag to clear row selections upon request successGuest3closed22.07 
45550SpecificationBiologicsBiologics insert/edit view parity questionGuest3closed22.07 biologics#1323
45549DefectBiologicsError occurred during CellLine creationGuest3closed22.07 
45544DefectTargetedMSClicking "View Chromatogram" from Panorama QC plot doesn't page to show desired plotSweta Jewargikar3open22.03 targetedms#543
45539DefectUser interfaceFile input ID collision on assay import formtriage3open22.07 
45534DefectTargetedMSInclude full +/- 3 SD range for multi-series plots with SD as y-axis rangeGuest3closed22.03 platform#3388
45533Feature RequestFreezer ManagerLKFM: Bags and canes (which lack 2 dimensions) show StorageCol in tableGuest3closed22.06 
45532Defect LKSM: Using file import to bulk update errors when required fields aren't presenthannahb2open22.07 
45529Feature Request Decrease #container margins at medium browser widthGuest2closed22.06 sampleManagement#970
45525DefectTargetedMSFile handles are not closed when searching for Skyline document sample filesvsharma1resolved22.03 targetedms#541
45524DefectUser interfaceIf I change the page size for a grid to a value larger than the total number of rows I no longer have a paging control to set the page size back.Guest3closed22.07 labkey-ui-components#868
45522DefectUser interfaceGrid search does not find extended characters in MSSQLNick Kerr3open22.07 
45521Defect Support Checkboxes in ELN Notebookssteveh2resolved22.0645485labbook#190
45519DefectAuditingAudit Log - Recording of folder exportGuest3closed22.07 platform#3373
45513Feature Request Validate that LabKey Server 22.3/22.7 works with most recent version of RStudio WorkbenchGuest2closed22.07 
45509Defect Update tooltip for Name field on Sample Types/Source Types/Data Classes since you can now edit them latertriage3open22.06 
45499DefectELNNotebook stylesheet still resides in LKB moduleGuest3closed22.06 
45498DefectTargetedMSShow cross-linked peptide sequence infoGuest3closed22.0345172targetedms#537
45497Feature RequestWikiInter-wiki link to a wiki alias does not display page title as the real/old page name doesGuest3closed22.06 platform#3362
45495TodoTargetedMSUpdate psi-ms-PARSED.xml with new instruments added recently to the PSI-MS CVGuest3closed22.03 targetedms#536
45492DefectWorkbooksgetContainers.api times out when server has many workbooksKeith3open22.0745431
45491DefectBiologicsRegistry, Compound: Change default naming pattern to CMP-${genId}Guest2closed22.06 biologics#1306
45490DefectBiologicsRegistry, Compound: Update precision of Average Mass, Monoisotopic Mass to 4 digitsGuest2closed22.06 biologics#1307
45487DefectSample Manager"Your Items" menu should be consistent across products or removedtriage3open22.07 
45486Feature RequestBiologicsBiologics: Bulk Editing of Assay Run PropertiesBernie2open22.0745473
45484DefectBiologicsAssay Runs and Results pages do not have Template download button or Manage menu in headertriage3open22.07 
45483DefectBiologicsSample creation Bulk Add modal does not support choosing between Derivatives, Pooled samples or Aliquots in LKBtriage3open22.07 
45482DefectQueryTableSelector.getRowCount generates invalid SQL when using SQL ServerGuest3closed22.07 platform#3355
45481Defect Styling in the Admin Settings page panels for the LKB and LKSM is differenttriage3open22.07 
45480DefectBiologicsLKB: Unable to create molecule in project relating to protein in projectGuest2closed22.0645432
45479Feature RequestSample ManagerEditable grids should set a dirty bit if there are unsaved changes.Susan Hert2open22.08 
45478DefectVisualizationSwitch to continuous lines for mean and +/- SD values in Level-Jennings plotscnathe3open22.11 
45474DefectIssuesAdding an attachment to an issue or ticket does not trigger notificationsGuest3closed22.0745470platform#3394
45469DefectExternal dataUpdate to 21.11 connection with MariaDBGuest3closed22.0745423
45466DefectExperimentMultiple LSID matches from ExperimentServiceImpl.findType()Guest3closed22.07 platform#3333
45464DefectCoreStrict OOXML documents aren't supported - do better at detecting and warningGuest2closed22.07 platform#3360
45463DefectStudyUpdate UI to clarify managing/defining/setting additional custom study propertiesmohara3resolved22.0745435platform#3397
45461DefectTargetedMSLevey-Jennings error bars vertical lines add visual noiseGuest3closed22.03 platform#3345
45460DefectBiologicsELN: Generating ELN from ELN templates in subfoldersGuest2closed22.0645447labbook#170
45459Feature RequestELNGenerated Notebook Names Not Guaranteed to be Uniquesteveh2resolved22.0745299labbook#181
45458DefectSample ManagerSupport Multiple BarTender Printerssteveh3open22.07 
45457DefectODBCSupport for JDBC or ODBC Connection to Informatica IICSsteveh3open22.0745117
45454DefectBiologicsLKB: Lookup to int pk list shows the Int PK instead of the display column in "Confirmation" page of Mixture creationNick Kerr2open22.0745433
45453DefectBiologicsLKB: Selection methods not returned when selecting a vector from a subfolderGuest2closed22.0645409platform#3332
45452DefectSample ManagerSM: Exporting grid to excel from Sample Finder results in "Bad filter syntax" if filter has both a parent and source filterGuest3closed22.06 platform#3342
45451DefectSample ManagerGrid drop down menu does not retract after selecting a new number of rowsGuest3closed22.06 labkey-ui-components#846
45450Feature Request Rename "edit snapshot"/"update snapshot" to "refresh snapshot"Guest3closed22.07 
45449DefectStudyPublished studies with automatic refresh are not automatically refreshing snapshotslaurenb2resolved22.07 
45445DefectComplianceCompliance logging 'all query access' does not work with auto-assignment to cohortsGuest2closed22.03 platform#3330
45443Feature RequestELNELN, Focus on "My" notebooksGuest2closed22.06 labbook#194
45440DefectTargetedMSMoving range plot broken when choosing Percent of Mean or Standard Deviation y-axis optionsGuest3closed22.03 targetedms#530
45439DefectTargetedMSRevert change to use absolute value for standard deviations in QC plotsGuest3closed22.03 platform#3325
45438DefectBiologicsUpdate button incorrectly labeled for sample types in LKBtriage4open22.07 
45436DefectBiologicsInconsistency between LKSM and LKB when creating aliquots or derived samples.triage3open22.07 
45432DefectBiologicsError generating M- in folderGuest2closed22.05 biologics#1290
45422DefectSample ManagerSM: Need to enter a time value in a date time field if the system is set to non-U.S. date parsing.triage4openTBD 
45421Defect User impersonation combo box is selecting wrong user when deactivated user is in the list.Guest3closed22.06 platform#3321
45413DefectSample ManagerSample count in 'Finish Creating Samples' button is not accurateGuest3closed22.05 
45408Feature RequestAdminOption to export the results of Validate QueriesGuest2closed22.0745323platform#3447
45405DefectSample ManagerSM: Async import status from other folders are registering in the current LKSM folder.triage3open22.07 
45404DefectStudyUpdating study.participantvisit.VisitRowId taking ~30 seconds on openresearch.labkey.comMatthew Bellew3open22.07 
45403Defect New grid component cannot search on 'Alias' field contentstriage3open22.07 
45402DefectExperimentexperiment-showMaterial.view fetches Runs too oftenGuest3closed22.07 platform#3318
45399DefectCoreLinkBuilder.style() is ignored when generating HTMLGuest3closed22.03 platform#3317
45396DefectELNELN: Add comment errorGuest3closed22.05 platform#3239
45393DefectTargetedMSReplicated raw files create replicate/QC plot mismatchestriage4open22.07 
45392DefectSamplesImporting samples via XLSX succeeds but logs post-import error and fails jobGuest3closed22.03 platform#3312
45391DefectSample ManagerExcel export filename does not match table name as expectedGuest3closed22.07 
45389Defect Export successful messages keep accumulatingGuest4closedTBD 
45388DefectSample ManagerWorkflows excel exportGuest2closed22.07 
45385DefectSample ManagerDon't export empty sheets by defaultGuest2closed22.06 labkey-ui-components#874
45378Feature Request LKSM Export/Import entire foldersGuest3closed22.0745348
45377DefectCorePoor performance determining required/active modules in a container with many workbooksGuest2closed22.07 platform#3339
45376DefectCoreMigrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4jeckels3open22.07 platform#3484
45375DefectCoreAdd index to speed common queries against core.notificationstriage3open22.07 
45374DefectSample ManagerLKSM issues when site "default display format for numbers" is setGuest3closed22.06 labkey-ui-components#826
45373DefectSample ManagerSample Finder export generates ambiguous column header namesGuest2closed22.07 *
45372DefectQueryQClause not searching visible fieldstriage3open22.07 
45368DefectListsAttachment fields containing field names with spaces doesn't show attachmentbinalpatel3open22.0745341
45366Defect Export of Sample Finder results produces empty files (both Biologics and Sample Manager)Guest2closed22.05 labkey-ui-components#825
45355DefectExperimentLKS: Align button labelling in Sample Types and Data ClassesNick Kerr3open22.0745346platform#3310
45354Feature RequestCoreRequest to include MVI during exportGuest3closed22.07 
45353Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM/LKS users: Cannot create a naming pattern reference (with walking the lookup) cross folderGuest3closed22.03 platform#3307
45352DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Create Sources/Samples in grid doesn't update with lesser number of rowsGuest3closed22.06 
45351Feature RequestAuditingLKSM: Show data changes in regular audit logSusan Hert2open22.08 
45350Defect LKSM: Error when updating Text choice fields as part of SourcesGuest2closed22.05 platform#3315
45347DefectAuditingAudit table data not available in linked schemaSweta Jewargikar3resolved22.0745330platform#3308
45345DefectCoreConnection pool validation query can add seconds to HTTP requestsjeckels3open22.07 
45344DefectExperimentexperiment-showMaterial.view fetches ProtocolApplications way too oftenGuest3closed22.07 platform#3295
45333DefectFlowFlow analysis grid "Query > Edit Metadata" menu item hangs forever on malformed/stale URL patternmohara3resolved22.07 platform#3435
45332DefectBiologicsInconsistent use of Registry DataClass categories in LKBNick Kerr3open22.11 
45328DefectSample ManagerShould the 'More' grid menu be present in a samples aliquots grid?Guest3closed22.06 labkey-ui-components#828
45327Feature RequestFlowFlowJo - Group from the Workspacetriage4openTBD45302
45325DefectSample ManagerWith new entity grid actions menu switching to grid edit from bulk edit dialog takes you back to originating pageGuest2closed22.07 labkey-ui-components#854
45324DefectSamplessample request with only aliquots requested doesn't send request to the serverGuest3closed22.07 
45318Feature RequestQueryWant query dependency report to reflect lookups to/from the tablesMatthew Bellew3open22.07 
45315TodoCoreRemove DomainEditorServiceBase?triage3open22.07 
45312Feature RequestBiologicsRole "Recipe Ingredient Reader" Should Be Required for Viewing of Ingredients in Mixture BatchesGuest3closed22.05 recipe#64
45311DefectAdminWarning about time difference for Web and Database Server Time needs to catch both 'directions'Guest3closed22.07 platform#3280
45304Feature RequestBiologicsLKB: Cannot assign permissions to subfolder when permissions are inheritedGuest3closed22.05 https://github.com/LabKey/labkey-ui-components/pull/819,
45303DefectBiologicsLKB: Adding samples from a Project to a freezer only brings in one sample throughhannahb2open22.08 
45301DefectAdminDisallow impersonating inactive usersGuest2closed22.0745293platform#3280
45298PerformanceCoreOptimize notification count retrievalGuest3closed22.07 platform#3299
45295DefectBiologicsSupport format indication message wrong for NucSequence, ProtSequence, Vectors ... when updating from a filemartyp3open22.07 
45292DefectSearchSample FInder visual bugsAndrew2resolved22.06 
45290DefectSearchSearch box visual jank on Mac SafariGuest3closed22.06 sampleManagement#970
45288Defect Samples created in shared Sample Types via the Shared project are visibleians3resolved22.08 
45287Defect Enable ability to turn slf4j logging on and offtriage4openTBD 
45276Feature RequestELNMake "You" the first author in the Authors and Reviewers dropdowns on ELN filters, to make it dead simple to find yourself. (Not spiritually, just in the filter)Andrew3resolved22.07 
45275DefectExperimentUpgrade very slow populating exp.ProtocolApplication.EntityId in exp-21.013-21.014.sqlGuest2closed22.03 platform#3255
45273DefectFolder Export/ImportImporting groups during create from template can result in unauthorized exceptionsGuest2closed22.03 platform#3254
45270Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM: Settings page is not available to Folder or Project AdminsGuest2closed22.0745209sampleManagement#971
45269DefectSamplesLKB: Creating a field named "label" displays in Sample Status field (when empty)Guest2closed22.05 labkey-ui-components#816
45268Defect LKS/LKSM/LKB: Integer fields error when value is >2 billionGuest2closed22.05 
45265DefectFolder Export/ImportList export always includes lists in project and sharedGuest2closed22.03 platform#3264
45264DefectTargetedMSInclude full +/- 3 standard deviation range in QC plotsGuest3closed22.03 platform#3322
45263DefectTargetedMSFK violation deleting Skyline imports with overlapping audit historymartyp3open22.07 
45262DefectBiologicsExport of Molecules from list of registered molecules doesn't retain stoichiometry information/cannot round-tripNick Kerr3open22.07 
45261DefectBiologicsUpdate of molecules where any in the file already exist produces errortriage3openTBD 
45256Feature RequestShared ComponentsQuerySelect: Support "formattedValue" for displayNick Kerr3open22.04 biologics#1253
45254DefectBiologicsBiologics: Entering Ingredient ID Pop Up No Longer Includes MetadataGuest3closed22.0445240biologics#1253
45247DefectSample ManagerNumber of selected items not cleared after deleting them.Guest3closed22.05 labkey-ui-components#805
45245DefectQueryCacheManager warns about mutable inserts to olap results cacheGuest3closed22.07 platform#3461
45242DefectODBCExcel ODBC connection: with version 11.00.00 of postgresql driver, can connect/see schemas, but the preview errors when selecting the table.Guest3closed22.03 connectors#81
45238DefectPipelineNPE when importing sample type with auto-link study via pipeline jobSweta Jewargikar3open22.07 platform#3300
45236DefectProvenanceImporting xar with StudyPublishProtocol fails on a db where StudyPublishProtocol is not yet definedChrisJ2resolved22.0745092platform#3354
45235Defect ELN: Error page appears when backspace used in Authors, Reviewers, Project in ELNsGuest2closed22.0645232labbook#166
45225DefectQueryLinkedSchemaUserWrapper behaves differently when source container is inheriting a policy from its parentGuest2closed22.03 platform#3242
45223Defect LKSM: Workflow job and task descriptions look like they are multi line but don't seem to respect new lines when savedGuest3closed22.05 labkey-ui-components#805
45222Defect LKSM: Editable grid doesn't automatically expand width of dropdowns to show long Sample ID namesGuest3closed22.06 labkey-ui-components#835
45221Feature Request LKSM: Create export options on editable gridsians3open22.06 
45220Feature RequestWorkflowLKSM: Allow for populating task assignment in workflow templateshannahb3open22.11 
45219TestPipelineTests should fail on pipeline warningsSweta Jewargikar3open22.07 
45217Defect Can't use date based sample counters (dailySampleCount, etc.) as both date modifers and standalone elements in one naming patternhannahb2openTBD 
45212Defect Changing display column of a lookup doesn't order alphabeticallyGuest2closed22.0545142platform#3331
45211Feature RequestAdminMaintenance mode banner for administrators should show as an error message instead of an alertGuest3closed22.0745206
45208TodoWikiWiki copySinglePage action raises "This action does not support HTTP GET"Guest3closed22.07 platform#3288
45207DefectWikiWiki aliases don't survive creating new folder from template (doc release process), folder export/import, bulk copyGuest3closed22.07 platform#3235
45204DefectTargetedMSHelp users know the right AutoQC settingsGuest3closed22.03 targetedms#519
45198DefectListsbuilt-in lists in parent folder appear in child folder under lists schemaGuest2closed22.03 platform#3282
45197DefectAssayTransform Scripts Should Generate TSV File in All CasesGuest3closed22.0745017
45196Feature RequestSample ManagerAssay Runs page is redundant with the identical data shown on Assay Overviewhannahb3openTBD 
45192DefectSample ManagerInconsistencies When Deleting a Workflow Templatehannahb3open22.11 
45191Feature RequestSample ManagerTasks that expect Assay data in Workflows should communicate the state of the systemRob Morphew3open22.11 
45183DefectTargetedMSAdd library and isotope dotp metricsGuest2closed22.03 targetedms#514
45181Feature RequestBiologicsOkta Login Button Not Accessible from Biologics Appsteveh3resolved22.0745159
45180Feature Request LKSM: Naming patterns with parents always add with square bracketsGuest3closed22.05 platform#3244
45179DefectAssayTransform Script -- Can't Turn On Debugging when file path has spacescnathe2open22.07 
45177Defect Lineage filter "IN EXPDESCENDANTSOF" not working when sub select contains ontology filterMatthew Bellew3open22.07 
45176DefectIssuesResolving an issue always reassigns to the opener, ignoring whatever you've selected as part of resolutionGuest2closed22.03 platform#3276
45175DefectFlowError "ColumnInfo is locked: FCSFile.Name" when creating any chart in study with linked flow dataGuest3closed22.07 commonAssays#436
45173Feature Request Add 'link-only' option for header menu bartriage3openTBD 
45170DefectSurveyDate picker not working correctly in survey (or at all in Chrome on Windows)Guest2closed22.0645157labkey-ui-components#844
45165Defect BSI Automation Code Erroring Since January UpgradeGuest2closed22.03 ciml#19
45158DefectR Remote APIPublish Rlabkey 2.8.4 to CRANGuest3closed22.04 labkey-api-r#76
45154DefectAdminProject Creator can't create from templateGuest2closed22.03 platform#3138
45152DefectBiologicsLKB: Cannot delete a protein sequence in LKS that was created in a subfolderGuest2closed22.04 platform#3200
45150TestWikiAdd test coverage for sibling order for wikisSweta Jewargikar3open22.07 
45149Defect LKB and LKSM: "Assay Results" tabbed grid can remove tabs if you filter a grid to zero rowscnathe3open22.07 labkey-ui-components#790
45148DefectBiologicsData not populating for Target Amount and Actual Amount in Media Batches grid within Biologics appGuest3closed22.0445141labkey-ui-components#792
45144DefectMS2MS2 module doesn't declare dependency on SQLiteGuest3closed22.07 commonAssays#449
45140DefectSample ManagerDate picker will not always populate a date time field when format has day first (dd/MM/yyyy) instead of month first (MM/dd/yyyy)Guest2closed22.06 labkey-ui-components#827
45139DefectSample ManagerA drop down menu can be truncated by its container.Guest3closed22.05 labkey-ui-components#800
45138Feature RequestExperimentAdjust FolderXarImporterFactory to also support unzipped xar filesGuest3closed22.07 targetedms#509
45135DefectSample ManagerApp grid filter modal handling of distinct values query for Choose Values tab needs updatesGuest2closed22.05 labkey-ui-components#800
45133Defect ImportDataPage is fragileGuest3closed22.07 platform#3350
45132Defect Semicolon in file name truncates only on downloadGuest3closed22.0345095platform#3183
45130DefectBiologicsLKB: Details page of registry items shows "Not Found" before loadingGuest2closed22.04 biologics#1216
45128Feature RequestBiologicsLKB: Support Aliquots for MixtureBatchesBernie3open22.09 
45127DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Updates to aliquots via API should provide some feedbackGuest2closed22.05 
45126DefectWorkflowLKSM: Updating start and due dates on workflow job doesn't saveGuest3closed22.04 sampleManagement#897
45125DefectBiologicsBiologics: Storage roles missing from Admin pagesGuest3closed22.04 biologics#1217
45124DefectBuildUpdate remaining modules to generate credits jars.txt fileians3resolved22.07 workflow#53
45122DefectCloud StorageDefault filesystem couldn't parse S3 based URIGuest3closed22.03 platform#3182
45115DefectQueryLogging the SQL query for deadlock victims will help in troubleshooting the deadlocksMatthew Bellew3open22.07 
45104DefectBuildBackport @labkey/build dependency bump to 5.0.1 to 22.3 branchesGuest3closed22.03 tutorialModules#78
45097DefectFlowFlowSchema ContainerListener is not registeredadam3resolved22.07 commonAssays#475
45096Defect Infer fields grid does not follow convention of right-aligning number and datestriage3open22.07 
45093DefectUser interfaceProduct select menu does not work to take user to Sample Manager, or the Biologics Storage pageGuest2closed22.03 labkey-ui-components#774
45091DefectJavaScript Client APIAdjust savePolicy() to not expect a SecurityPolicyGuest3closed22.06 labkey-api-js#128
45089Feature Request ParticipantID character limit increaselaurenb3open22.07 
45088Defect Correct column casing not being returned from saveRows APIGuest2closed21.1145068platform#3161
45084DefectSample ManagerSample Finder: Filtering on text that contains single quotesGuest2closed22.07 
45083DefectBiologicsTest to add alias to existing molecule set fails intermittently; need to evaluate whether it's a useful testGuest3closed22.07 
45082Todo Rename the menu item and the title of the config page to use "Precursors" in Panorama QC pagesGuest3closed22.03 
45080TodoReportingRemove report label -> name fix-up for imported reports & viewsGuest3closed22.07 platform#3246
45077DefectStudyPublish study containing linked sample datasets errorsGuest2closed22.03 
45074DefectBiologicsLKB: Enable folderWriterImpl to show in Admin LoggerGuest3closed22.0445073
45072DefectBiologicsLKB: Takes a while to render sequence drop downs when registering a moleculeGuest3closed22.0445069biologics#1221
45067DefectPipelineCustomer would like the ability use AssayUploadPipelineJob and FileWatcherMovePipelineJob with pipeline tasksGuest3closed22.03 platform#3178
45064Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM: Ability to display sample fields upon assay creationhannahb3openTBD 
45063Feature RequestWikiAdd ability to alias wiki namesGuest3closed22.04 platform#3165
45060DefectSample ManagerSample Finder filter modals show but are empty if no sources / sample types are definedGuest3closed22.05 labkey-ui-components#805
45058DefectQueryTest and refresh Postgres passthrough JSON functionsmohara2resolved22.0745048platform#3434
45055DefectMessagesEmail notification setting result in NPE when creating a new announcementGuest3closed22.03 platform#3143
45053DefectCDSCDS automated test failuresGuest3closed22.03 
45051DefectServer APIFile streams are left open after import from ExcelGuest3closed22.03 platform#3131
45050DefectTargetedMSImprove sample and replicate name handling in PanoramaGuest3closed22.03 targetedms#505
45049DefectCoreStable URL fails to render when using value-less URL filterGuest2closed22.03 platform#3139
45046Feature RequestAdminSite Level Project Creator roleGuest2closed22.0344705platform#3138
45043DefectPrimate EHREHR upgrade code logs excessive warnings when admin user not configuredGuest3closed22.03 ehrModules#340
45042Defect Domain creation and save APIs don't properly set the description value for the domainGuest2closed22.0344654platform#3144
45037DefectComplianceFurther PHI logging fixesGuest2closed22.03 platform#3136
45036DefectPipelineOne more package for --add-opens argument to support remote pipeline scenariosGuest3closed22.03 server#219
45035DefectTargetedMSUnable to clear second QC metric in custom configurationGuest3closed22.03 PanoramaPremiumModules#81
45033DefectFileContentMissing / can't set folder descriptions (comments)Guest2closed22.0745022platform#3272
45031DefectUser interfaceFreezer Hierarchy editor crops content when the last entry is near the bottom of the containing DOM elementGuest3closed22.04 
45030DefectUser interfaceAdmin > Permissions Groups click target should be the whole row, not just the wee chevron.RosalineP2open22.04 labkey-ui-components#859
45028Feature RequestBiologicsDisplay Details View in Lineage View DetailsGuest3closed22.0744959labkey-ui-components#873
45027Defect Assay Link to Study Dataset View PermissionsGuest2closed21.11 
45026DefectSample ManagerAfter deleting assay results, the selected samples are not cleared so subsequent deletes have the wrong result countsGuest3closed22.04 sampleManagement#898
45024DefectFreezer ManagerFM: After adding samples to storage, new locations are pre-populated with stored samplesGuest3closed22.04 inventory#350
45023Defect Unauthorized exception for readonly user - Dataset linked from /shared flow dataGuest2closed22.0344824platform#3133
45021DefectSample ManagerSample Finder: Filtering on a field whose name contains special characters does not workGuest3closed22.07 labkey-ui-components#803
45020DefectGenotypingGenotyping SampleManager failing to resolve primary key column upon importGuest2closed22.03 
45019DefectCoreModule.compareTo breaks interface contractGuest3closed22.03 platform#3128
45016DefectCoreException roundtripping linked-to-study sample dataset definitions in folder archiveGuest3closed22.03 platform#3129
45015DefectTargetedMSpeptide names inside QC plot legends are not displayed correctlyGuest3closed22.03 PanoramaPremiumModules#79
45014DefectFolder Export/ImportUpdate descriptions in UI for study reload and folder importGuest3closed22.03 platform#3127
45011Feature RequestBiologicsLKB: Customize icons for custom registry/sample tablesNick Kerr3open22.07 
45009DefectSample ManagerSample Finder taking 7+ minutes to render results on staging.labkey.orgGuest2closed22.03 labkey-ui-components#762
45008DefectSearchWarnings in log about duplicate search.crawlcollections insertionGuest3closed22.03 platform#3125
45007DefectSample ManagerCannot create a new sample type with a naming pattern that references a field in the sample type.Guest3closed22.05 platform#3244
45006Feature RequestCoreProvide link to lookup table/query in field designeradam3resolved22.07 labkey-ui-components#869
45005DefectSearchExclude from search indexing any files that start with ~ians3open22.0745001platform#3336
44997DefectELNELN: Uncategorized SQLException when a labbook is created in a subfolder without first having read permissions to the ProjectGuest2closed22.0444991labbook#150
44996Defect Folder rename with alias does not resolve for @files in old folder nameGuest3closed22.0344992
44995DefectCoreFilter disabled folder types from folder management admin pageGuest3closed22.03 platform#3120
44983DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Workflow jobs assignment is taking longer to load in new dashboardGuest2closed22.05 
44980DefectStudyThe "Visit" row in the participant details view shows the visit rowID not the label or visit sequenceNum as expectedGuest2closed22.0744974platform#3245
44971DefectSample ManagerVarious LKSM features are missing in hosted/trial instances if sample data is not present.Guest2closed22.03 sampleManagement#861
44969Defect Not possible to un-set ST Link-to-Study optionGuest2closed22.03 platform#3115
44964DefectCoreDon't use Bad Request/400 HTTP status codes for valid requeststriage3open22.07 
44961Feature RequestStudyREDCap: Deduplicate lists upon reloadGuest2closed22.0344648cdisc_ODM#47
44957DefectStudyNullPointerException from org.labkey.api.study.publish.AbstractPublishConfirmAction.getView()martyp3open22.07 
44956DefectStudyAdd visit-based study support for auto-creation of new aliases when changing a participantIDhannahb3openTBD44138
44951DefectBiologicsMedia Mixtures: bulk upload of Ingredients generates too many requestsNick Kerr3open22.0744935biologics#1189
44950Feature RequestELNELN: Single period between words without spaces tries to create a hyperlinkGuest3closed22.03 biologics#1179
44949Feature RequestELNELN: Change ELN "Name" to "Title" to avoid confusionGuest3closed22.06 labbook#188
44948Defect TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'sortNumericAscending') on Sample Manager Dashboard.Guest3closed22.07 
44947DefectCoreMake log rotation file naming consistent across log typesGuest3closed22.03 server#213
44946DefectNABIllegalStateException in org.labkey.assay.plate.WellGroupImpl.populateStatsFromTable()Guest3closed22.03 
44944DefectR Remote APIRlabkey column names in labkey.data and selectRows treat special characters differentlycnathe2open22.08 
44936Defect SystemProperty timing issuetriage3open22.07 
44933DefectELNReference text lost when copying away from ELNalanv3open22.09 
44932DefectSample ManagerNPE in StudyPublishService on trial instances because the study module is not present.Guest3closed22.03 platform#3100
44930DefectListsIncrease Limit on List Names to Greater than 64 CharactersGuest3closed22.0344926platform#3124
44929DefectBiologicsSearch box icon overlays text in SafariGuest3closed22.07 
44928DefectELNClient processing of notebook between entry edit and creating new entry can lose dataGuest3closed22.03 labbook#147
44927Defect IllegalArgumentException in org.labkey.api.query.ExportScriptModel.getExportScriptView()Guest3closed22.03 platform#3094
44922DefectAssayAssay Link to Study Dataset View Permissions: 22.07Bernie3resolved22.07 
44921DefectAssayAssay Link to Study Dataset View Permissions: 21.11Guest1closed21.1144824platform#3093
44919Defect StackOverflowError in org.labkey.query.sql.antlr.SqlBaseParser.atom()triage3open22.07 
44918Defect PSQLException from org.labkey.api.query.AbstractQueryUpdateService$1.next()triage3open22.07 
44917Defect Missing icon for Tissue Source in Biologics global search resultsAndrew3open22.04 
44913DefectPortalSubfolders web part does not 'preapply' expected folder/CurrentAndFirstChildren settings when created through the APIGuest3closed22.0344910platform#3106
44907DefectELNSupport for QC statesRob Morphew3openTBD 
44906DefectSample ManagerIn Assay Results Grid the list of samples can render underneath other controls.Nick Kerr4open22.07 
44905DefectAssayIssue with Plate Template Editorhannahb3open22.0744856
44904DefectIssuesSupport ticket field is "diffed" on every updateGuest2closed22.03 platform#3081
44903DefectSamplesNaming pattern validator rejects :dailySampleCount used as a modifier, only accepts it standaloneGuest2closed22.0444891platform#3101
44902Defect When Using selectRows, includeMetadata: false is Being IgnoredGuest3closed22.0344889platform#3078
44901DefectAssayProblems with Shared and Project-level Plate Templatestriage3openTBD44885
44900DefectComplianceQueries involving PHI and aggregation require a participantID even when compliance logging is turned offGuest2closed22.03 platform#3134
44898DefectAssay404 after initiating assay XAR import with old-style URLsGuest3closed22.07 
44896DefectFile watcherFile Watcher UX - Confusing Paths When Editing a Triggertriage3open22.07 
44895DefectFile watcherFile Watcher UX - Failure To Trigger in Some CasesGuest2closed22.06 premium#318
44894DefectFreezer ManagerLKFM: Freezer name ordering different in product menu vs freezer listcnathe2open22.08 
44886Defect Ontology: Escape ':' in the prefixed concept code for look-ahead concept searchGuest3closed22.03 
44884Feature RequestELNExclude subfolders that do not have reference data from cross-folder ELN data snapshotsGuest2closed22.0444846labbook#153
44873DefectPipelineDeleting Pipeline Jobs via "Select All" fails to delete jobs beyond the current grid pageGuest3closed22.0344000platform#3061
44872DefectBiologicsBiologics Mixture: Surface Description Field in WizardGuest2closed22.0344699labkey-ui-components#738
44869DefectFolder Export/ImportConditional format export can produce an invalid XML fragmentGuest3closed22.0344860platform#3054
44868DefectFolder Export/ImportAfter publish study, R report fails because of missing columns in study dataset default viewcnathe3open22.08 
44866DefectFolder Export/ImportPublish study doesn't seem to preserve display orderGuest3closed22.03 platform#3059
44865DefectSample ManagerDefault naming pattern is not saved during source type creation.Guest4closed22.04 labkey-ui-components#769
44859DefectShared Components[Shared Components] Browser scrolls to top of page every time URL changesGuest2closed22.04 labkey-ui-components#767
44855DefectSample ManagerSample import fails if a derived sample and its parents are created in the same transaction, using lineage lookup naming pattensGuest2closed22.04 
44852DefectSample ManagerWarning message when resetting the genId to a "conflicting value" is off by 1.Guest4closed22.03 sampleManagement#817
44851DefectSample ManagerCasing of text for the 'Edit GenId' button is different between LKS and LKSMGuest4closed22.03 
44850Defect detailsURL is missing the issue ID - causes bad links in issue-update emailsGuest3closed22.02 platform#3039
44845Feature RequestBiologicsSupport sourcing Workflow Job Samples from Assay Results with Sample Type LookupGuest3closed22.03 labkey-ui-components#738
44844DefectSample ManagerUsing bulk import to create initial samples in a sample type cause the expected genId to be off by 100.Guest3closed22.03 platform#2997
44843DefectPipelineError retrieving file metadata prevents configuring actions on other filesGuest1closed21.1144767platform#3035
44841DefectSample ManagerLKSM: SampleIDs containing commas aren't recognized as parent samples during file importGuest2closed22.06 biologics#129
44840Feature RequestBiologicsBiologics has a lot of links to /q/ URLS that lead to a Schema browser. These should all be removedGuest3closed22.03 
44839Defect Field names or labels including the special chars <, &, and > display as &lt;, &amp;, &gt; in grid view customizerGuest3closed22.0443519platform#3123
44835DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Unable to use MaterialInputs/SampleTypeName in naming patternGuest2closed22.02 platform#3036
44829DefectCoreEhCache warns about unlimited size cachesGuest3closed22.07 
44820DefectTargetedMSProblems with library views and webpartsGuest3closed22.03 targetedms#488
44816DefectELNELN: Using underscore text underscore in text changes to italicsGuest3closed22.03 biologics#1172
44815DefectExperimentAdd test automation coverage for exporting runs to XAR via "Write to exportedXARs directory in pipeline"Trey2open22.07 
44814DefectCoreException from poor return URL parsing behaviorGuest3closed22.0344774platform#3097
44812Defect Spotfire requires site admin access to generate new viewsGuest2closed21.1144777labkey-api-jdbc#17
44800DefectBiologicsEnable DomainTemplate Logger settingGuest3closed22.0344770
44799DefectSample ManagerUpdate support for data classes and sample types in the Shared folder for LKSMGuest3closed22.05 labkey-ui-components#816
44798Defect Inventory and sampleManagement tests have dependency on the Compliance moduleDan Duffek3open22.11 
44797DefectStudyUpdate demographics data alignment from center to left with custom and standard participant viewsRosalineP2open22.0744788
44795DefectBiologicsLKB Raw Material tab for Assays and Lineage stuck in loading stateGuest2closed22.02 biologics#1142
44793DefectBiologicsLKB with subfolders feature enabled show extra sample statuses in select inputsGuest3closed22.03 labkey-ui-components#725
44791DefectFolder Export/ImportAdd "validate queries" and "fail for undefined visits" options to folder archive reload file watchertriage3open22.07 
44784DefectIssuesIssueAPI should handle missing priority param in validationGuest3closed22.07 platform#3284
44783Defect Decouple async spinner UI from megamenutriage3openTBD biologics#1129
44781TodoCoreUpdate application.properties and LabKeyServer to use "encryptionKey"Guest3closed22.03 server#210
44780Feature RequestBiologicsAbility to select range of protein insert for Expression Systemstriage3open22.1143065
44773DefectPrimate EHREHR Animal History Search does not find animals with case mismatchesGuest2closed21.11 
44771DefectCoreMisspelling on naming pattern warning dialog.Guest2closed22.03 labkey-ui-components#722
44766DefectELNELN: Include the folder name and folder title in the ELN exportGuest3closed22.04 biologics#1193
44765TodoTargetedMSIncrease CacheFormatVersion to 15Guest3closed21.11 targetedms#485
44761DefectMothershipImprove session duration metricGuest3closed22.02 platform#2999
44760DefectCoreNPE in LabKey Server when using a name expression to name a derived sampleGuest2closed22.03 platform#2997
44757DefectClient-SpecificControl Over DataFinder Link Text - "Clinical and Assay Data"Guest3closed22.0342076
44755Feature Request Make Bartender Available in BiologicsBernie3open22.08 
44753Feature RequestQueryAdd link to "View Raw Schema Metadata" at schema levelGuest3closed22.0344687platform#2991
44752DefectCompliance"Unable to read expected data logging column" error message after customizing dataset grid viewhannahb2open22.1144698platform#3134
44750TodoStudyRemove CREATE_SPECIMEN_STUDY experimental feature and supportGuest3closed22.07 
44749DefectCoreRendering query grid uses two DB connections concurrentlyGuest3closed22.03 platform#3063
44744DefectSearchUnable to sort search results by Folder PathGuest3closed22.03 platform#2975
44742DefectSample ManagerSample Type, and source / data class type, field editor alert shows for current genId even when name naming pattern isn't using that variableGuest3closed22.03 labkey-ui-components#722
44741DefectSearchjava.lang.IllegalStateException when sorting search results on folder pathGuest3closed22.03 platform#2975
44740Todo LKSM: Metrics on creating samples vs importing samplesGuest2closed22.03 labkey-ui-components#727
44738Feature Request Add NULLIF to LabKey SQLGuest3closed22.0344593platform#2962
44737DefectClient-SpecificProvenance "Start" and "End" steps are not recorded as Protocol ApplicationGuest3closed22.03 
44736DefectSample ManagerSM: Sample selection persists from job creation to job creationhannahb3openTBD 
44724Defect Changing the boolean field to String is emptying the values in other columns for non provisioned domain.Guest3closed22.03 platform#2971
44723Defect Error while converting from INTEGER to DOUBLE for non-provisioned tableGuest3closed22.03 platform#2971
44721DefectBiologicsMedia Request field in Batch creation - "Error: n.toLowerCase is not a function"Guest3closed22.02 labkey-ui-components#717
44720Defect Changing default values on new fields leads to "leave page" message on ChromeGuest3closed22.03 
44713DefectTargetedMSDisconnect on table name in metadata for targetedms.RepresentativeDataState_Run/RunRepresentativeDataStateGuest3closed21.11 targetedms#482
44711DefectShared ComponentsAbility to change a field's data type to known safe alternatives - warn when making a one-way changeGuest2closed22.03 labkey-ui-components#728
44710DefectBiologicsLKB: Should be able to create aliquots and pooled samples from the "All Samples" tab in a Sample Finder result.Rob Morphew3open22.07 
44709DefectSample ManagerSM: We should show a spinner when adding a barcode field to a sample type after samples have already been added.Guest4closed22.04 sampleManagement#898
44707DefectELNELN: Text color is not being exported in PDFGuest2closed22.0645214biologics#1130
44706Feature RequestStudyAdding Participants to Participant Group infoGuest2closed22.0344692platform#3019
44704DefectStudyData Views checkbox for "queries" should read "grid views" since that is what it actually controlsGuest3closed22.0344663platform#3033
44700Feature RequestStudySpecify time of REDCap reloadGuest2closed22.0744648
44686TodoSearchPut Lucene index in a versioned subfolder if in dev modeGuest3closed21.11 platform#2955
44685DefectFolder Export/ImportQC State handling in export/import not as expected for a LKSM folder that also has assay QC states enabledtriage3openTBD 
44683DefectELN"New Day" calendar cutoff when placed within a tabletriage3openTBD 
44681Defect Parameter count off for some nested functions in parameterized queriesGuest3closed22.03 platform#3108
44680DefectStudySchema Browser study dataset query details indices section has incorrect indicesGuest2closed22.03 platform#3119
44674Feature Request Add WebDAV API wrappers to the labkey-api-python repoalanv2open22.07 
44653DefectELNError opening attachments on an older ELNGuest3closed22.0244638labbook#133
44645DefectQueryLinked Schema does not appear if createdby user is deleted from systemGuest3closed22.0344411platform#3122
44643DefectListsBoolean formatString does not import from folder or list archiveGuest2closed22.0344642platform#2994
44636DefectSample ManagerBartender 2021 Not Supported by Sample ManagerGuest3closed22.03 
44635DefectBiologicsBiologics Trial example data contains a sample type with a required text field named "Sample Type" that isn't related to our sample types...Bernie3open22.07 
44633DefectSample ManagerStorage graphs that should be one line wrap to twoGuest2closed22.02 
44632DefectFolder Export/ImportPublish study wizard roundtrips everything except queriesGuest2closed22.03 platform#3034
44631DefectCDSStudy page - link to publication data not completeGuest3closed22.03 cds#433
44630DefectELNELN: When Project name is really long, ELN cards gets wonkyGuest3closed22.03 
44629Feature RequestELNELN: Copying/pasting from Excel into an ELN table creates an imageGuest2closed22.04 biologics#1172
44627TodoFolder Export/ImportRemove support for importing study archivesGuest3closed22.03 
44626TodoMS2Move MS2 and TargetedMS modules from community editionGuest3closed22.03 distributions#241
44623Feature Request Duplicate Ticket optionGuest3closed22.03 
44622DefectStudyDeadlock in snapshot creationtriage3open22.07 
44621TodoSecurityProvide a mechanism to change the labkey.xml EncryptionKeyGuest3closed22.03 platform#2919
44620TodoSecurityEncryption key change shouldn't be fatalGuest3closed22.03 
44619Defect Rlabkey warning listing projects: labkey.getFolder on root path returns "data length [2] is not a sub-multiple or multiple of the number of columns [7]"Guest3closed22.0343623labkey-api-r#75
44614DefectSample ManagerWe should not allow filtering on the Sample Count column in a Pick List.Guest3closed22.03 biologics#1131
44613Feature Request Requested additions to LabKey SQL: "SELECT DISTINCT ON(...)" plus OVER, PARTITION, row_number, and dense_rankmohara3openTBD44593
44610DefectUpgrade/BootstrapDatabase conflict during upgrade for 3 modulesGuest2closed21.1144603commonAssays#411
44605DefectPipelineMetrics for pipeline jobsGuest3closed22.03 ontology#70
44601DefectExperimentRoundtrip of sample type defined in subfolder 'moves' it to project level; collisions when sample types in different subfolders share a nameGuest3closed21.1144519platform#2953
44600TodoBuildSupport "EncryptionKey" substitutions in labkey.xml templatesGuest3closed22.03 gradlePlugin#143
44597DefectSamplesWhen a sample has the 'Locked' status, you can still derive new samples from itGuest2closed22.03 platform#3006
44586Feature RequestBiologicsInclude Sample Types defined in "Shared" Project as Possible Notebook ReferenceGuest3closed22.0344410
44585Feature RequestBiologicsInclude Assay Batches as Reference in NotebookBernie3open22.07 
44584DefectCoreEncryption key change shouldn't be fatalGuest3closed22.03 platform#2906
44581DefectBiologicsNeed capability to update mixture recipesteveh3open22.0744236
44580DefectBiologicsDeriving Sample from MediaBatch FailsGuest3closed22.0544440biologics#1258
44579DefectSamplesXARs Allow Creation of Samples Without a Sample TypeGuest2closed22.0344409platform#2931
44575Feature Request Link to study of Assay data with Sample Lookups works only when the direct sample type has PTID/Date or Visit ID columnsGuest3closed22.03 
44568Defect SampleIds that are integers that match existing rowId defaults to the rowId in lineage updatesGuest2closed22.01 platform#2927
44567Defect Field editor "Barcode" (i.e. scannable) field property sometimes not working on PGGuest3closed22.03 labkey-ui-components#695
44566DefectSecurityLDAP sync job is not automatically scheduled after a restartGuest2closed21.1144516premium#299
44565TodoCoreNot found error page should highlight custom messagesGuest2closed22.03 platform#3074
44564TodoFolder Export/ImportClean up folder importGuest3closed22.03 
44563TodoFolder Export/ImportCategories export should be available in non-Study foldersGuest3closed21.1144515platform#2894
44559Defect Audit log filtering does not respect non-US date parsing settingGuest2closed22.0444519platform#3132
44557DefectTargetedMSOptimize queries within Panorama QC folders for faster plot renderingGuest3closed22.0344556targetedms#480
44552DefectProvenancematerialInputs does not work in R provenance apiGuest2closed22.03 
44551DefectBiologicsBiologics: inconsistent use of "Name Expression" and "Naming Pattern" for samples and registriesRob Morphew3open22.07 
44550Defect Non-US date parsing is inconsistent when importing Excel filesGuest2closed22.0344364platform#2942
44546Feature RequestELNAdd "Template Title" Field to TemplatesBernie3open22.07 
44545DefectELNELN - Error when clicking on referenced assay runGuest2closed22.02 biologics#1126
44544DefectStudySample type dataset definitions should be locked similar to assaysGuest2closed22.03 platform#3098
44543DefectSample ManagerAn Aliquot Naming Pattern that contains a reference to a "parent" field causes an NPE when trying to create an aliquotDan Duffek3openTBD 
44540DefectPipelineMore options for viewing the pipeline logGuest2closed22.0344525targetedms#476
44536DefectProvenanceRun Id is not recorded in ObjectInputsViewGuest3closed22.03 
44535DefectCustomize ViewExporting report display orderGuest3closed21.1144515platform#2889
44527DefectStudyAttempting to reorder subcategories fails, resulting in a JavaScript errorGuest2closed21.11 platform#2879
44521DefectProvenanceProvenance object inputs/outputs views are limited to samplesGuest2closed21.11 provenance#82
44518Feature RequestUser interfaceWhen editing a date field the date picker is not shown in the editable grid.Rob Morphew2open22.09 
44512Defect Issue with nested query in XML meta data for dataset subject level permission controlGuest3closed21.1144502platform#2913
44511Feature RequestCoreAbility to change a field's data type to known safe alternativesGuest2closed22.03 labkey-ui-components#706
44509DefectClient-SpecificAssignment dataset row count is offGuest3closed22.03 
44508DefectClient-SpecificUse first name and last name to identify a userGuest3closed21.11 
44507DefectTargetedMSImporting the same Skyline document in multiple containers associates the audit log solely with the last importGuest3closed22.03 targetedms#502
44504DefectSample ManagerAliquots inherit Barcode columns' valuesGuest2closed22.0845496
44503DefectSample ManagerDuplicate ProviderId in Barcode searchtriage3openTBD 
44494DefectComplianceQueryLogging errors not treated as a true error conditionGuest3closed21.11 platform#2863
44491TodoTargetedMSUpdate psi-ms-PARSED.xml with new instruments added recently to the PSI-MS CVGuest3closed21.11 targetedms#460
44490DefectBuildExternalDependency method doesn't support 'classifier'Guest3closed22.07 gradlePlugin#147
44483DefectBuildcheckModuleVersions in Gradle build pulls pre-built artifacts when they've already been built locally from sourceGuest3closed22.07 
44469Feature RequestVisualizationAssign colors to field valuestriage3openTBD43627
44468TodoSearchRelax SimpleDocumentResource assert to allow resource ID in execute URLGuest3closed21.11 platform#2848
44467DefectCoreInvalidate schemas when provisioned tables are added or removedtriage3open22.07 
44457DefectShared ComponentsEditableGrid Bulk Insert/Upload does not work for some assay configurationscnathe3open22.08 
44455DefectIssuesIn the Issue domain fields with range validator, and are given a value outside of the range, will throw a server side exception.triage3openTBD 
44452Defect Adjust timestamps missing new listsGuest3closed21.12 platform#2837
44449Feature RequestBiologicsID/Name Prefix support for cross-folder dataGuest2closed22.01 platform#2875
44445Feature RequestUser interfaceWhen a pageId/tab does not exist, URL should ignore it and default to begin.view for the containerGuest2closed22.0143461platform#2887
44444DefectFlowFlow run created by field no longer a user lookupGuest2closed21.1144411commonAssays#396
44437DefectSecurityPermissions panel is taking minutes to render due to getPolicy.api slowness with thousands of workbooksGuest3closed21.1144403premium#294
44435DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Discarded samples do not show a Freeze/thaw count on MSSQL.Guest3closed22.01 inventory#345
44434Defect LKSM: Adjust system defined date/time fields from PST to EST for clientsGuest1closed21.12 platform#2837
44433Defect Bulk Find Samples by Id is no longer respecting the order in which the ids are provided.Guest2closed22.01 sampleManagement#786
44431DefectSample ManagerLKFM: Casing of Freeze/Thaw count different for discarded samples.Guest3closed22.01 inventory#345
44428TodoListsExport and publish lists by defaultGuest3closed22.03 platform#2829
44427DefectStudyImprove import behavior if target of lookup validator is missingadam3open22.08 
44426DefectTargetedMSSlow queries for Skyline audit history on large databasesGuest1closed21.11 targetedms#454
44425DefectStudyStudyManager.ensureVisits() hits duplicate key constraint violationGuest2closed21.11 
44424DefectTargetedMSDo not allow documents without replicates in library folders, and fix checkbox behavior when resolving conflictsGuest3closed21.11 targetedms#452
44422DefectIssuesEditors can save and share customized grid views on Issues and ListsGuest3closed22.03 
44421DefectBiologicsUpgrade failed with "Validator type : urn:lsid:labkey.com:PropertyValidator:length does not exist" errors in reconcileAbFormats()Guest2closed21.1144414
44417Defect Linking assay to continuous study skipping verification page (or auto linking) fails to recognize visit/date info in fileGuest2closed22.0344344platform#3066
44399Defect Need a way to remediate wrongly entered dates for LKSM EST clientsGuest2closed21.12 
44398Defect LKSM: Date/time picker passing PST value instead of ESTGuest2closed21.12 labkey-ui-components#683
44397DefectBiologicsProfile user menu link and Notebooks main menu link in Biologics returns a 404 if you originate from the FreezerManager app.Guest3closed21.12 biologics#1076
44396Defect NullPointerException when getting timeline eventsGuest3closed22.03 
44391DefectMS2MS2 tables fail to propagate ContainerFilter across lookupsGuest1closed21.0744268commonAssays#388
44390DefectDataHTTP connection pool leak when remote ETLs fail before starting to iterate through resultsGuest3closed21.11 platform#2821
44388DefectStudyUnauthorizedExeption is thrown when dataset security restricts access to a datasetGuest1closed21.11 platform#2822
44387DefectStudyDouble-bookkeeping yields poor perf on dataset bulk row updatesGuest2closed22.03 platform#3116
44385DefectTargetedMSAdd "light/heavy ratio" value type into reproducibility reportGuest3closed22.03 
44384DefectFolder Export/ImportSample Types and Data Classes folder import/export doesn't work with "Create Folder From Template"Guest2closed21.11 platform#2816
44382DefectStudyData views throws when dataset security restricts access to any datasetGuest1closed21.11 platform#2811
44381DefectStudyApplying a participant-level filter to dataset snapshot seems to have no effectGuest2closed21.11 
44380DefectETLMerge ETLs not committing based on configured batchSizeGuest3closed21.0744122dataintegration#139
44379Defect Import data in a Sample type do not Auto-link data to studyGuest3closed22.03 platform#3066
44378DefectFreezer ManagerError when moving samples in the freezer "quickly"Guest2closed21.1244376inventory#335
44373DefectAuditingUpdate Audit fields to BigInt type to avoid hitting limitsGuest2closed22.0344301platform#3075
44372DefectStudyParticipant group selection with filter bugGuest2closed21.1144371platform#2834
44370DefectReportingTranscoderException from org.labkey.search.model.DocumentConversionServiceImpl.svgToPng()adam3open22.08 
44363DefectStudyStudy Import fails if key column added to an existing datasetGuest2closed22.03 platform#2893
44361DefectStudyR report against filtered dataset behaves badlyGuest2closed21.11 platform#2817
44360DefectStudyParticipant-filtered dataset loses several dataregion optionsGuest2closed21.11 platform#2817
44359DefectStudyParticipant report wizard NPEs with participant-filtered datasetGuest2closed21.11 
44357DefectStudyParticipant-filtered dataset disappears from customize grid join optionsGuest2closed21.11 platform#2817
44356DefectStudyNPEs with restrictive filteringGuest2closed21.11 
44354DefectCoreReconcile health check API and admin warning banner checkstriage3open22.0744211
44352DefectFreezer ManagerFM: can't adjust negative storage valueRob Morphew3openTBD 
44350DefectStudyMigrate from and remove legacy "visitRowId" parameter from DatasetActionhannahb3open22.07 
44339DefectSample ManagerSM: From a source, selecting samples from a samples page / "All Samples" tab does not carry through to assaysGuest3closed22.02 labkey-api-js#121
44337Defect R and Python selectRows APIs don't retrieve display value from lineageGuest2closed21.1144317platform#2819
44332DefectFreezer ManagerFM: sample selection using the CTRL key/chord is stickyxyang3openTBD 
44331DefectTest harnessAuto-generate test.properties on a new enlistment when launching tests through GradleGuest3closed21.11 gradlePlugin#142
44329DefectAssayImport XAR pathway bypasses options to set the location, causing import into wrong locationGuest2closed22.0344265labkey-ui-components#688
44322Feature RequestSample ManagerSM: Feature Request: I would like to be able to filter on the selected column in a samples grid.triage4openTBD 
44321DefectTargetedMSReproducibility report improvementswendyi3closed21.11 targetedms#444
44316Feature RequestIssuesAdd default selection to "Create related issue" dialogGuest2closed22.07 labkey-ui-components#802
44315DefectBiologicsLKB: Picklist grid does not refresh after creating a new picklist.Guest3closed22.05 biologics#1269
44314DefectSample ManagerSM: Re-importing assay run data shows the rowid in the SampleId columnhannahb3openTBD 
44313DefectTargetedMSDual-metric QC plots don't respect date filters when showing guide set dataGuest3closed22.03 targetedms#498
44310Feature RequestSecurityHelp guide users to the best authentication option based on their email addressGuest2closed22.0344299platform#3018
44308Defect The tooltip is cutoff for the last entry or two on Integrated and non integrated data.Karl Lum3openTBD 
44307DefectFolder Export/ImportReplacedByRun not getting set in folder export/importGuest3closed21.11 platform#2800
44306DefectFolder Export/ImportRun order in imported folders is not always the same as the source folderGuest3closed21.11 platform#2779
44305DefectFolder Export/ImportWiki attachments don't appear in the same order in imported foldersGuest3closed22.03 platform#3110
44304TestSample ManagerSM: Fix some test issues in LKSMGuest3closed21.11 sampleManagement#748
44297DefectCoreemail links to announcements (and more) aren't properly encodedGuest3closed21.11 platform#2778
44296DefectCloud StorageCloud Watcher: Folders with a space are not being pattern matchedtriage3open22.07 
44295DefectCloud StorageCloud Watcher: Starting up a cloud watcher with an existing file incorrectly parses the pathtriage3open22.07 
44288DefectBiologicsJavascript error trying to edit a sample type with a blank name expressionGuest3closed21.12 labkey-ui-components#691
44284DefectStudyPublishing a date-based study with compliance turned on results in an NPEGuest2closed21.11 platform#2818
44278DefectSample ManagerSM: Successful banner message returns after canceling out of the 'Create Sample' page.Guest3closed21.12 sampleManagement#750
44277DefectSample ManagerSM: creating aliquots using Experiment.saveRuns apiGuest3closed21.11 labkey-api-js#115
44273DefectIssuesAble to reassign closed issuestriage3openTBD 
44266DefectSample ManagerAliquotVolume already exists error with Sample Type in shared folderGuest2closed22.07 
44264DefectCoreSupport streaming XLSX importGuest3closed22.0344154
44262Defect Missing Group and Member column values when downloading group events and sorting/filteringGuest2closed22.0144261platform#2820
44259DefectBiologicsLKB registry page broken with JS error related to column lookups that don't have queryNameGuest3closed21.11 biologics#1044
44257DefectTargetedMSIllegalStateException in org.labkey.targetedms.chart.ChromatogramDataset$PrecursorDataset.buildJFreedataset()Guest3closed22.03 targetedms#493
44256Defect LKSM - Field called Sample ID is not recognized but other fields with spaces areGuest2closed21.12 platform#2780
44255Defect LKSM - Error references "Name" field when no SampleID is providedGuest2closed21.12 platform#2780
44253DefectELNReference processing race condition when mutating notebook entriesGuest2closed21.12 labbook#122
44252TodoCoreUpgrade PostgreSQL JDBC driver 42.3.0 -> 42.3.1Guest2closed21.11 
44250Defect disabling 'allow users to create their own IDs/Names' requires reload of app to hide name inputsGuest3closed21.11 labkey-ui-components#669
44248Defect Exporting to Excel from LabKey running on JDK v17+35 causes X11FontManager errorGuest2closed21.1144205
44247DefectBiologicsMedia Batch details fail to load when associated Experiment Run is not foundGuest2closed21.1044235biologics#1042
44245DefectSample ManagerHide sample status column for a sample type display/insert/update when container doesn't have statuses definedGuest3closed21.11 platform#2749
44244DefectClient APIPython api integration test failures related to sample status validation checks in DataStatesTableInfoGuest3closed21.11 platform#2748
44242DefectStudyCDISC ODM sync results in a duplication eroorGuest3closed22.0344138
44241DefectFile watcherMerge option for dataset file watchers not working as expectedGuest2closed21.11 platform#2762
44239DefectBiologicsBatches Details Page Does Not Rendersteveh3resolved22.06 biologics#1042
44238DefectBiologicsCreate New Raw Material Page HangsGuest1closed21.1044198biologics#1042
44234DefectStudyIssue displaying DateTime field when folder display format is set to yyyy-MM-ddGuest3closed21.11 
44232DefectSample ManagerProblem Creating Job in Sample ManagerGuest3closed22.0744163
44231DefectStudyRedCapTest.testLongitudinal fails on newer versions of REDCapGuest3closed21.11 redcap#40
44226DefectShared Componentsui-components build includes api-js codeGuest3closed21.12 labkey-ui-components#677
44217Feature RequestFreezer ManagerLKFM: Should provide a warning when adding samples to storage locations with no terminal storageGuest2closed21.12 platform#2780
44213DefectAssayExporting and importing same assayBernie3open22.08 
44209Defect NullPointerException in GenerateNamesDataIterator when no name expression or id column(s) providedGuest3closed21.12 platform#2780
44203DefectAssayConversionException from org.labkey.api.assay.AbstractAssayTsvDataHandler.checkData()Guest3closed22.01 platform#2897
44202DefectDataUgly error when data import fails due to duplicate keyMatthew Bellew3openTBD 
44197DefectBiologicsLKB: Cannot create an aliquot from a sample's overview page using the manage menu.Guest3closed22.05 biologics#1258
44180Defect NullPointerException from org.labkey.list.model.ListTable$_DataIteratorBuilder.getDataIterator()Guest3closed21.11 platform#2843
44179OperationsMothershipMetrics for issue trackersGuest3closed21.11 platform#2809
44176DefectBiologicsLKB: Clicking "Mark all as read" for "Initialize Biologics folder" notification results in a never ending loading message in the notification dropdown.Guest4closedTBD 
44175DefectBiologicsLKB: AliquotedFrom field is identified as an "unknown field" when using import to create aliquots (aliquot creation does work)Rob Morphew3open22.07 
44168DefectAdminConfigurationSummaryAction returns empty "siteSettings" element due to hard-coded GUIDGuest3closed22.02 platform#3090
44167DefectBiologicsUpdate doc link in Biologics data class designermartyp3open22.06 
44157DefectFile watcherError On Initial Configuration of File WatcherGuest3closed21.11 
44153DefectQueryPagination of result set in grid does not work for Oracle external source dataGuest2closed22.07 
44152TodoFolder Export/ImportStop exporting corrupted archivesGuest2closed21.1144117platform#2710
44151DefectCoreLet admins know when there's a websocket connection issueGuest2closed21.11 platform#2729
44147Defect Prefix setting is not respected on insert when name is enabled and a prefix is set for the projectGuest3closed21.11 
44146DefectBiologicsApplying prefix in error case (when same prefix is already in use in another project) should auto-close the apply prefix dialogGuest3closed21.11 biologics#1034
44141DefectSecurityMove test-csrf.api to login-csrf.apiGuest3closed21.11 platform#2702
44139Feature RequestDataAdd API Support for "Import Lookups by Alternate Key"Rob Morphew2open22.07 
44136TodoETLAdd context sensitive help for ETL actionsGuest3closed21.11 dataintegration#145
44132DefectListsExport List Archive button bugGuest2closed22.03 platform#2795
44130Feature RequestELNELN: Ability to update project post-reviewGuest3closed22.05 
44126DefectPipelineCommandTasks fail on remote pipeline serversGuest1closed21.07 platform#2689
44125DefectListsExporting a list with an ontology field doesn't create a .xml file upon list archive exportGuest3closed21.1144117platform#2700
44123DefectIssuesIssue list "Estimate" lookup doesn't resolve to description in details viewGuest3closed21.11 platform#2697
44121TestTest harnessTest Automation: Investigate/Implement a better way to interact with grid menus and return the appropriate page based on the menu.Dan Duffek3openTBD 
44113TestFreezer ManagerFM: Need to add test that use extended characters in the various location names.Dan Duffek3open22.11 
44112Defect Gather more metrics on studyGuest3closed21.11 platform#2742
44106Defect Sample Manager assay run lookup fields with URL properties don't work with project-begin or wiki-view controller targetsmohara3openTBD 
44103Defect Announcements module has an undeclared dependency on Wiki moduleGuest2closed21.10 platform#2696
44102DefectSample ManagerSample Manager ignores default value settings for assay run fields configured in LKStriage3openTBD 
44099DefectTest harnessCommand line test run of "-Ptest=basic" failsGuest3closed21.11 
44098Defect Unhandled exception in QueryController.GetSelectedAction when filtering with unrecognized valuesGuest3closed21.11 
44097Defect NullPointerException if ordinal property for Task is not setGuest3closed22.01 sampleManagement#776
44092DefectStudyDeadlock between DatasetDomainKind.updateDomain() and DatasetDomainKind.afterLoadTable()Guest2closed21.0344088platform#2673
44091Defect Race condition prevents large study dataset loadingGuest2closed21.1143504platform#2730
44089DefectBiologicsTrying to import Raw Materials in a new (empty) Biologics project results in a never ending "Loading..." message.Guest2closed21.11 
44086DefectFreezer ManagerLKFM: Should clicking "Cancel" clear all not in storage samples from the "Paste Into Grid" gird?hannahb3openTBD 
44085DefectAssayLarge assay results link-to-study in UI fails with empty error: Cannot invoke "org.labkey.api.util.URLHelper.toString()" because "link" is nullGuest3closed22.0344007platform#2803
44082DefectWorkflowAssay links from Job Task Detail page don't always navigate to the correct assayGuest3closed21.12 sampleManagement#730
44081Defect Pipeline status details page, info field shows rows processed that is not consistent with the logs or actual rows processedGuest3closed21.11 platform#2830
44079DefectCorePerf regression with large domain create/update operationsGuest2closed21.0743951platform#2671
44076Defect Biologics: Support <updateUrl/>steveh3open22.06 
44068DefectBiologicsBiologics: selecting Raw Material and creating samples lands on an error pagemartyp3open22.07 
44065DefectFreezer ManagerLKFM: Extended ASCII characters not saved when naming terminal locations or in some freezer properties.Guest3closed21.11 platform#2679
44064Defect Required field error message truncated when creating new foldertriage3openTBD 
44061Feature RequestBiologicsLKB: Bulk uploading molecules is confusingNick Kerr3open22.07 
44059DefectIssuesHave replies to issue tracker notification emails be captured as commentsKarl Lum3openTBD43804
44053DefectStudyData Views hovers and details for Query Reports display "Source" but it shows category instead of sourcehannahb3openTBD 
44047DefectSample ManagerSM: Options dropdown display can render below the bottom of the page.Guest4closed22.01 
44044TestTest harnessTest: testDataGenerator does not allow import of samples with a sample status. Sample status is a lookup that use alternate keys.ChrisJ3openTBD 
44043DefectTargetedMSImprove formatting for QC metric values in tooltipGuest3closed21.11 targetedms#434
44039DefectSample ManagerSM: Cannot import a LKSM project if the project contains sub-aliquots.Guest3closed21.11 
44038DefectReportingImportant blank lines removed from R reports when opened in RStudio, breaking the reportGuest2closed21.1144032platform#2688
44026DefectSample ManagerSM: When editing samples in bulk the options shown in the dropdown have extra info that make the options "wordy".Guest3closed22.02 
44025DefectSample ManagerSM: Trying to change a sample status to "nothing" results in an timeline event being entered.Guest4closed21.10 labkey-ui-components#639
44023Defect Query Report created through Clinical and Assay tab of study appends comma in URLGuest3closed21.0744022platform#2652
44020DefectSample ManagerSM: Grid page size should be sticky, like selections and last page you were on, after canceling out of a create action.hannahb4openTBD 
44015DefectCoreMigrate remaining log4j 1.2 usages to 2.xGuest3closed22.03 platform#2899
44011DefectSample ManagerSample Manager Error on Date Format Shortcut "Date"Guest3closed21.11 labkey-ui-components#646
43998DefectWorkflowWorkflow: ModifiedBy is null/undefined on tasks when using "Complete All Tasks"Bernie3open22.08 
43997DefectShared ComponentsWorkflow: Specifying a job or task owner doesn't filterGuest3closed22.04 labkey-ui-components#641
43992DefectIssuesSupport issue tracker sending HTML email notificationsGuest2closed21.1143803platform#2683
43988Defect Mismatch on query name in linked schema - StudyProperties vs StudyGuest2closed21.0743959platform#2643
43987Defect LKSM: App admins are filtered out of user data field drop downsGuest2closed21.11 
43984Defect Using curly single quote in defaultValue of field in naming pattern does not workGuest2closed21.11 platform#2724
43983DefectBiologicsProcess Parameter admin page not showing field labelsGuest2closed21.11 sampleManagement#697
43981Defect Add JavaDoc links to help text in field editorGuest3closed21.11 labkey-ui-components#646
43980DefectTargetedMSStackOverflowError in AuditLogTreeGuest3closed21.11 targetedms#433
43979DefectCoreHide SSO auth links if logo is not providedGuest2closed21.1143965platform#2668
43978TodoExternal dataWarn when connecting to old MySQL server versions (5.5 and below)Guest3closed21.1143976platform#2666
43966Defect FlowJo - 4 quadrant gating uploads result in error to graphsGuest3closed21.0743938commonAssays#368
43963DefectIssuesIssues tracker shared domain not found for updatingtriage3openTBD43880
43960DefectSample ManagerWorkflow Tasks: Comments should be added backGuest2closed21.10 
43956Defect ELN Manage Templates page doesn't seem to show those templates that I check as "shared"Andrew3open22.08 
43955Defect Workflow job and ELN start/end date values can be set but not clearedGuest2closed21.11 sampleManagement#697
43953DefectStudyImport aliases do not work for reserved fieldstriage2openTBD 
43946DefectStudyTrigger scripts are double firingGuest3closed21.11 platform#2630
43944Feature Request LKSM: Show paging options at the bottom of query gridscnathe3open22.08 
43943Feature Request LKSM: Lock header of query gridcnathe3open22.08 
43942Defect Removing samples from a job does not refresh the grid to reflect removal.Bernie3open22.08 
43941DefectSample ManagerJob creation notifications are misplaced or extraneousGuest3closed21.11 sampleManagement#697
43939DefectSample ManagerHave to click twice to select a sample in a box after navigating to box from a link in a sample type page.Guest3closed22.04 inventory#350
43936Defect LKSM: New fields in a sample types and assay runs are not immediately added to default grid viewsGuest2closed21.10 
43935DefectQueryEHR test failures due to linked schema's queries parsingGuest3closed21.11 platform#2601
43934Defect LKSM: Add lookup option in field editor for LKS usersGuest2closed21.11 labkey-ui-components#646
43933DefectSample ManagerFiltering samples grid to "Aliquots Created Count" <> 0 returns aliquots in the result.Guest4closedTBD 
43930DefectSample Manager'Delete' button does not enable in Samples Jobs tabGuest3closed21.11 biologics#1013
43925DefectSample ManagerJob without tasks shows a message about not finding a task that is not useful for usersGuest3closed21.11 sampleManagement#697
43924DefectSample ManagerSamples that are deleted are not properly removed from picklistsGuest3closed21.11 platform#2723
43923DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Unable to go back to page 1 for Source/Samples gridGuest2closed21.10 
43922Feature RequestTargetedMSAdd support for "Linear in Log Space" and "Bilinear" regression fit optionsNick Shulman3open22.07 
43917DefectAdminProtected fields hidden from user leading to bad interactionstriage2openTBD 
43915Feature RequestAdminAdd option to always report full URL to Google AnalyticsGuest3closed21.1143815platform#2635
43914DefectDataOption to provide custom date parsing patternsGuest2closed21.07 platform#2649
43913DefectStudyImporting numeric values from Excel into a LabKey text field changes the valueshannahb3openTBD43910
43911DefectFreezer ManagerFM: Searching for samples to add to storage does not warn when more samples are selected than spaces are available.Guest2closed21.10 inventory#301
43909Defect Study dataset with subject column name set to "SubjectID" has issues when a field of that same name is also added to the dataset - prevent data insertGuest2closed21.11 platform#2855
43907DefectStudyMetadata on study datasets incorrectly show ParticipantId as a LookupGuest3closed21.11 labkey-ui-components#646
43898Defect Study dataset with subject column name set to "SubjectID" has issues when a field of that same name is also added to the datasetGuest2closed21.1143897platform#2661
43896TodoQueryClean up JdbcMetaDataLocator hierarchyGuest3closed21.11 platform#2626
43895DefectComplianceException using "Datasets" lookup with PHI fields: org.labkey.api.view.UnauthorizedException: Unable to locate required logging column 'Demographics/ParticipantId'.hannahb2open22.0943888
43891TodoPrimate EHRClean up JSP handling in WNPRCGuest3closed21.11 wnprc-modules#117
43890Defect Table PK cannot tolerate spaces when using RLabKeyGuest2closed21.1043877labkey-api-r#72
43875Defect Query name casing issues in schema browser cause double caching and tab loading issuesGuest2closed21.11 platform#2605
43873DefectWorkflowWorkflow: Cannot move cursor with mouse when editing Job Taskalanv3open22.07 
43872DefectComplianceProject review daysUntilExpiration calculation is incorrect when a month or more from expirationGuest3closed21.07 compliance#134
43870DefectAssayMissing value indicators should work on Assay Run fieldstriage2openTBD43867
43861DefectStudyDataFinder: Workbench Button Should Have Conditional DisplayGuest3closed21.07 dataFinder#28
43860DefectQuerylinked schema: propagate errors from source query to the wrapped linked schema queryGuest3closed21.11 platform#2601
43858DefectUpgrade/BootstrapEHR Lookups upgrade scripts failing on SQL Server - bootstrap fails to run populateCalendar()Guest2closed21.07 platform#2599
43857DefectELNif multiple files are attached to an ELN comment/thread the download view behaves unexpectedlyGuest3closed21.11 
43856DefectCoreclicking on file attachment when session is expired takes user to login page but never redirects awayNick Kerr3openTBD 
43854DefectUser interfaceOntology Browser performance problem with HGNCtriage3openTBD 
43850DefectQueryNeed a way to convert from text to JSON and JSONB in PostgresGuest2closed21.0743848platform#2597
43847DefectQueryConnection leak in synonyms after JDBC metadata changesGuest3closed21.07 synonym#11
43846DefectSample ManagerFM: After filtering for samples to add to container then going back to the filter panel the values in the 'From Source' and 'From Parent' selectors are shown as lsids.Guest2closed21.10 inventory#311
43844DefectUpgrade/BootstrapBetter handling for script running failuresGuest3closed21.11 platform#2648
43837DefectQueryIllegalArgumentException from org.labkey.api.query.LookupForeignKey.createLookupColumn()Guest3closed22.0344251platform#2849
43835DefectCloud StorageSupport multi-folder import from an S3 backed pipelinetriage3openTBD 
43833DefectSample ManagerLKSM & LKB: Aliquot Overview pages inconsistenciesGuest3closed21.10 sampleManagement#693
43832DefectMS2MS2 peptide tables ignore ContainerFilterGuest2closed21.0743784commonAssays#361
43830DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Add edit options to Source/Samples pageGuest3closed21.10 
43828Feature Request LKSM: Investigate showing sample IDs as part of workflow job grid viewsGuest3closed21.11 
43827Feature RequestWorkflowLKSM: Enable copying a workflow template from another templatehannahb3openTBD 
43826DefectSamplesLKSM: Default to Aliquots selection when creating samples of the same sample typeGuest3closed21.10 https://github.com/LabKey/labkey-ui-components/pull/626/files
43823DefectCoreadmin-showPrimaryLog.view breaks when catalina.base differs from catalina.homeGuest3closed21.0743819platform#2570
43821DefectQueryEscape all pattern parameters in JDBC metadata APIsGuest2closed21.0743742platform#2577
43820Defect Queries over linked schema orphaned on renametriage3openTBD43796
43816DefectSample ManagerFM: Using 'Search for Samples' In FreezerManager will put selected samples into already occupied positions.Guest2closed21.09 inventory#295
43814DefectSample ManagerNPE produced when inserting samples or adding a field to an existing sample type.Guest1closed21.08 
43809DefectReportingDockerized R image for R version > 4triage3open22.07 
43802DefectExperimentExport runs to XAR via "Write to exportedXARs directory in pipeline" fails with errorGuest2closed21.0743801platform#2568
43800DefectSample ManagerSM: Assays page for an aliquot should not have the aliquot view filter on the grid.Guest3closed21.11 sampleManagement#688
43795DefectFileContentClient-side mass spec upload zipping seems brokenGuest3closed21.11 targetedms#419
43793Defect SM: Field descriptions should display as column hover textGuest3closed21.11 labkey-ui-components#662
43792Feature Request Get puppeteer set up on .org for LKB demosGuest2closed21.09 
43791DefectTargetedMSRestrict ModifiedAreaProportion calculation to protein/molecule groupGuest3closed21.0743525targetedms#418
43790DefectQueryAdd coefficient of variation (CV) and relative standard deviation (RSD) as column statsGuest3closed21.0743525premium#264
43788Defect SM: Exporting sample data from a hosted LKSM trial server does not give a valid folder archiveGuest3closed21.09 sampleManagement#679
43787Feature Request Add use-case guidance to Loggers page of admin consoleGuest2closed21.11 platform#2618
43782DefectShared ComponentsOmnibox: Filtering on a field pulled into a lookup shows lookup field instead of the pulled in fieldGuest3closed21.11 labkey-ui-components#611
43780DefectBuildgradlew purgeNpmAlphaVersions erroring with Cannot run program "npm" - on Windows machineGuest3closed21.11 server#122
43779DefectSample ManagerSample Manager: source/samples is not including sample types that are not direct childGuest3closed21.09 sampleManagement#670
43776DefectAdminDefinition text for default Missing Value Indicator 'N' is misleadingGuest2closed21.11 platform#2593
43775Feature RequestBiologicsLKB: Hide assays or other entities from LKB viewGuest2closed21.1138374labkey-ui-components#659
43774TodoExternal dataSupport SQL Server with case-sensitive collation as external data sourceGuest3closed21.0743765platform#2558
43771Feature RequestBiologicsShow Folder title on Application home pagesGuest2closed21.09 labkey-ui-components#618
43768DefectStudyNullPointerException in org.labkey.study.query.StudyPropertiesUpdateService.updateRow()Guest3closed21.11 platform#2560
43766Feature RequestSample ManagerSM: Add ability to rename/specify the Sample ID column (i.e. use another column name in the data)hannahb3openTBD 
43761Defect Deadlock in calling ViewCategoryManager's ensureViewCategory() within transactionGuest3closed21.11 platform#2616
43760DefectSample ManagerSM: Barcode field is missing from a sample's details panel.Guest3closed21.09 sampleManagement#679
43757Feature Request LKSM: Create a metric to track number of aliquotsGuest2closed21.09 platform#2556
43754DefectSample ManagerSM: If a sample type has aliquots you cannot update the sample type design and make one of the existing fields required.Guest3closed21.10 platform#2583
43751TodoQuerySupport databaseName property on jTDS connection stringsGuest3closed21.0743714platform#2551
43745DefectIssuesIssue fields do not respect the display options of removing fields from view on update/insert/default grid viewGuest2closed21.09 platform#2559
43734DefectSample ManagerSM: Aliquot overview details panel shows some aliquot values under the 'originating sample data' sectionGuest2closed21.09 
43733TestSample ManagerSM Test: Add test to validate expected fields on a form.Dan Duffek3open  
43728DefectSample ManagerSample Manager: bulk insert for samples is broken when a file field is presentGuest2closed21.09 
43726DefectAuditingReduce auditing behavior when ETLing tables when bulk load setting is set to trueGuest2closed22.0343717dataintegration#154
43725DefectSample ManagerSample Manager: sample type file field is not displaying the correct filename on WindowsGuest3closed21.09 
43722DefectSample ManagerSM: Some column names are inconsistent between the different pages.Guest3closed21.11 labkey-ui-components#609
43721DefectSample ManagerSM: The 'Samples Generated From Source' panel on a sources overview page needs to deal with slow loading better.Guest3closed21.09 
43718DefectSample ManagerSM: Aliquot rollup information should not be shown in parent samples after poolingGuest3closed21.10 sampleManagement#688
43716DefectSample ManagerSample types with name expression values don't round trip via folder archive as expected for SM appGuest2closed21.07 platform#2539
43715DefectBiologicsLKSM & LKB: Search dropdown is taller than the search barGuest3closed22.01 labkey-ui-components#606
43710DefectSample ManagerSM: Setting the aliquot view filter on the 'Samples' page for a source generate a client side error if there are multiple sample types.Guest2closed21.09 
43708DefectSample ManagerSamples can change from non-aliquot to aliquot during folder import to existing sample typeGuest4closed21.12 platform#2760
43707Defect Folder import of sample type that updates existing aliquots failshannahb4openTBD 
43706Defect Ontology: Make python scripts available publiclyGuest2closed21.11 ontology#57
43703DefectSample ManagerSample Manager: unable to create samples when a sample type contains a File field that's marked as requiredGuest3closed21.09 
43702Defect LKSM: "Samples generated from Source" box on Source details taking a bit to loadGuest2closed21.09 
43701Defect LKSM: Include sampleId in Assay tab on Sample details pageGuest2closed21.09 labkey-ui-components#609
43699Defect Add logging for API callsGuest3closed21.1143685
43696Feature RequestSamplesLKB/LKSM: Option for changing naming aliquots "-1" to ".1"Guest2closed21.10 
43695Feature RequestBiologicsLKB: Make test environments in LKB more apparent to usersNick Kerr3open22.08 
43693DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Indicate that derivatives may be missing if greater than set thresholdGuest2closed21.09 labkey-ui-components#609
43692DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Show lineage depth of 5 (instead of 3) for sample lineage and source samples gridsGuest2closed21.09 labkey-ui-components#609
43689DefectMyStudiesClicking "Update Metadata" button results in "Configuration Saved" messageGuest3closed21.07 FDA-MyStudies/Response#37
43687DefectSample ManagerSM: In-app list of Active Users shows all site users, but expect to see only those with access to the projectGuest2closed21.11 labkey-ui-components#660
43686DefectCoreImprove log rotation on labkey-errors.log to avoid filling diskGuest3closed21.11 platform#2618
43682DefectMyStudiesBlank metadata file path leads to NPEGuest3closed21.07 FDA-MyStudies/Response#32
43681DefectMyStudiesMyStudies Response Server webpart should link to folder management tabGuest3closed21.07 FDA-MyStudies/Response#32
43680DefectMyStudiesMyStudies Study Setup page should disable Update Metadata button if StudyId isn't setGuest3closed21.07 FDA-MyStudies/Response#32
43679DefectMyStudiesMyStudies Response Server webpart shouldn't link to admin page for non-adminsGuest3closed21.07 FDA-MyStudies/Response#32
43678DefectSecurityNull pointer exception after attempted login using expired passwordGuest3closed21.0743675platform#2545
43673DefectSample ManagerSM: Duplicate timeline events when folder exported/importedGuest3closed21.09 platform#2523
43671DefectSample ManagerSM: Workflow template page parent navigation mislabeled?Guest3closed22.04 sampleManagement#897
43670DefectReportingDefault rmarkdownOutputOptions not applying "css=NULL, theme=NULL"Guest2closed21.0943340platform#2567
43669DefectReportingR report option groupings won't expand on SafariGuest2closed21.11 platform#2544
43668DefectSample ManagerSM: Importing any file into a SampleType that has a naming pattern set will create samples.Guest4closed21.11 
43665TodoUpgrade/BootstrapProvide action to invoke arbitrary upgrade code methodsGuest2closed21.0743644platform#2509
43663DefectStudyDataset QC: Import QC State as string fails with error. Using RowId works finetriage3open22.07 
43661DefectSearchExcessive logging when indexing a .log file containing "\u" that confuses TabLoaderGuest2closed21.07 platform#2576
43659Feature Request Manifesting DC field editor in applicationGuest2closed21.10 
43658TodoCoreSchema upgrade process robustnesstriage3open22.0743644
43657Defect Option for setting file root at project level refers to 'default based on project-level root' but means site-levelGuest2closed21.1143655platform#2586
43653DefectUser interfaceCompliance UI buttons and links overflow their boxestriage3open22.07 
43652DefectSample ManagerFMSampleFileExportTest is not runningGuest3closed21.09 
43649DefectQueryURL Fragment not supported by Domain/Query column URLGuest3closed21.09 platform#2503
43648DefectStudyStudy dataset reorder page jumps to top when there are enough datasets to make the page include a scrollbarGuest3closed21.0743629platform#2499
43647DefectSample ManagerSM: creating aliquots for a sample type with a required field gives an errorGuest2closed21.09 platform#2524
43642DefectCoreStack trace logged during 21.7 upgradeGuest2closed21.07 platform#2497
43639DefectClient-SpecificObject output in JSPsGuest2closed21.11 MacCossLabModules#125
43638DefectPrimate EHRString output from JSPsGuest2closed21.03 wnprc-modules#97
43636DefectShared ComponentsFind Samples by barcode syntax error, duplicate requestsGuest3closed21.08 platform#2495
43633DefectSample ManagerSM: Should aliquot parent (root) samples be shown in the "From Parent" dropdown in a job?Guest3closed21.09 
43632Defect Various issues with Query Select component.Guest3closed21.12 
43631DefectSAMLNPE during failed SAML authentication attemptGuest3closed21.11 saml#43
43622DefectCoreinventory unit tests not cleaning up properlyGuest3closed21.07 
43620DefectSample ManagerSample Manager: sample type name length > 61 chars result in PSQLExceptionGuest3closed21.11 inventory#282
43618DefectCoreRemove additional inappropriate advice for UnauthorizedException subclassesGuest3closed22.03 platform#3079
43617DefectSecurityInconsistent messages for unauthorized exceptionstriage3open22.07 
43615DefectFile watcherCan't create or load a dataset via a file watcher when the dataset name has a number in it.Guest3closed21.11 platform#2487
43613DefectCoreEntityInsertPanel parent select intermittently shows, then disappearstriage4openTBD 
43611Feature RequestPython Client APIAdd support for Domain "options" to Python APIGuest2closed21.09 labkey-api-python#48
43605Feature Request Request addition of Postgresql IF/THEN/ELSE to LabKey SQLGuest2closed21.1143603
43604TodoFlowSupport FlowJo v10.8Guest3closed21.07 commonAssays#356
43600DefectSample ManagerSM: Importing a sample that has a valid value for the units column but no other storage info will cause an error.Guest4closed21.11 
43599DefectComplianceRemove error page generic advice for UnauthorizedException subclassesGuest3closed22.03 platform#2479
43598DefectSample ManagerSM: Should description field be exported for aliquots?Guest3closed21.08 
43597DefectBiologicsbiologics-21.000-21.001.sql script failing to upgradeGuest1closed21.07 platform#2478
43594DefectSample ManagerSM: Consider reducing the amount of information for samples shown in the parent drop down.Guest3closed21.08 labkey-ui-components#585
43592DefectFile watcherAssay File Watcher: Error When Importing Run Property 'SampleId'triage3open22.07 
43591TestFreezer ManagerAdd FM test to check for column-row order.Dan Duffek3open22.11 
43590DefectCoreImprove error messaging when using IEGuest3closed21.11 
43584DefectIssuesJS error when creating related issue and original issue has no priority setGuest3closed21.11 platform#2471
43580DefectQuerySQL generation omits dependent column from parent table when used in subselect expressionGuest2closed21.1143556platform#2554
43579DefectSample ManagerSM: Column named the same as Parent and Source Aliases are not ignored when file is used to define fields for a new SampleType.Guest3closed21.08 
43578TodoComplianceProvide guidance about project review email recipients on the Project Locking & Review pageGuest3closed21.07 
43577TodoBuildUpgrade to a supported version of Spring BootGuest2closed22.03 testAutomation#880
43572DefectQuerySet display fields on lookups to issues to issue ID doesn't seem to workGuest2closed21.1038450platform#2647
43571DefectBiologicsLKB: Find Samples in Bulk shows message about PicklistsGuest2closed21.11 biologics#942
43570DefectELNWide tables in ELN entries cut off in print/PDF viewGuest2closed21.12 labbook#126
43569Defect Reloading Dataset using exported dataset excel file through file watcher does not workGuest3closed21.11 
43568DefectSearchMigrate use of deprecated ThreadGroup.setDaemon() in AbstractSearchServiceGuest3closed21.11 platform#2469
43567Feature RequestAdminAdd an option to set the default folder type on the Folder Types admin settings pageGuest3closed21.11 platform#2463
43564DefectCoreExtensible tables fail to truncate when there are rows in other containersGuest2closed21.07 platform#2459
43561Feature RequestBiologicsSupport Data Class Name field on insert/updateGuest2closed21.11 biologics#959
43559Defect Field Designer Doesn't Warn About Bad Lookupmartyp3open22.04 
43558Defect Exported Dataset File cannot be reimported via FilewatcherGuest3closed21.11 platform#2493
43557DefectCoreJSON date format doesn't parse in SafariGuest2closed21.0343543platform#2457
43553DefectSample ManagerNullPointerException when getting timeline events for data classes have been deletedGuest3closed21.08 labkey-ui-components#585
43552DefectStudyAdding participants to a group from a dataset only choosing participants on the first pageGuest2closed21.07 platform#2486
43551DefectBiologicsbiologics: upgrade to schema version 21.001 didn't upgrade non-Biologics foldersNick Kerr2open22.08 
43549DefectBiologicsHeader bar on the search result page is inconsistent between Biologics and SampleManagerGuest3closed21.11 biologics#936
43548DefectCoreStop reporting exceptions from request.getSession(true) returning nullGuest3closed21.11 platform#2475
43547DefectUser interfaceColumn summary statistics dialog double-encodes field caption.triage3openTBD 
43546DefectUser interfaceCustomize view field tree double-encodes field captionstriage3openTBD 
43544DefectTargetedMSArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in org.labkey.targetedms.parser.TimeIntensities.interpolate()Guest3closed21.11 targetedms#439
43538DefectClient-SpecificAudit log event for unlocking Project should indicate UnlockedGuest2closed21.07 compliance#125
43535Defect Handle SELECT without FROM for Oracle sql dialectGuest3closed21.11 platform#2550
43532Defect Reproducibility report : Calibrated value type throwing client side error.Guest2closed21.07 
43531DefectSample ManagerSM: Leading 0's are truncated from sample names in the import preview page.Guest2closed21.08 labkey-ui-components#585
43530DefectDataFilter dialog for ontology lookup field does not open to intended Vocabulary scopeGuest3closed21.08 labkey-ui-components#578
43529DefectAssayAssay run property with large lookup doesn't resolve text input by valueGuest2closed22.03 platform#3027
43528Defect Handle syntax error in query xml metadata instead of throwing NPEGuest3closed21.07 
43527DefectBiologicsConversionException occurs when viewing assay data for workflow - "Could not filter value () for column *"Bernie3open22.07 
43526DefectUser interfaceUse the React QuerySelect / SelectInput components on the row insert/update form to allow better UX for lookups with >10,000 options/rowstriage3open22.07 
43524Defect IO Exception during export to excelGuest3closed21.11 
43523DefectQueryMetadataUnavailableException - multiple document elementsGuest2closed21.11 platform#2717
43522DefectQueryMetadataUnavailableException for no such columnGuest2closed21.11 platform#2651
43518Defect Conditional format for "contains tab character" doesn't get applied as expectedGuest2closed21.1143497
43516Defect "Resolve lookup by value" experimental feature flag does not work for the "Derive Samples" insert formGuest2closed21.0742847platform#2429
43514DefectSample ManagerChecking samples out or in from samples pages produces TypeErrorGuest2closed21.07 inventory#271
43513DefectETLRemote API ETL not copying over last row of data from incremental filterGuest2closed21.1143471dataintegration#123
43512DefectTargetedMSExpand SpectrumLibrary.FileNameHint and StructuralModification and IsotopeModification.AminoAcid columnsGuest3closed21.08 targetedms#398
43511Defect System default domain tooltip should now point to "authenticationModule" pageGuest3closed21.07 platform#2427
43508DefectETLImprove visibility of which user ID enabled which ETLs - especially useful when that user is deactivated laterGuest2closed21.1143505ehrModules#212
43502DefectSample ManagerSM: SampleType with a field named materialInputs/SomeValue has unhandled exception (invalid inputColumn fieldKey length) when trying to add a record.Guest4closed21.08 labkey-ui-components#585
43501Feature Request Remote server deletedRowsSource for ETL incremental filtertriage3openTBD43487
43496DefectCustomize ViewView names should be case-insensitiveGuest3closed22.07 platform#3405
43495DefectELNELN - Card display overlapping text when project title is two linesGuest2closed22.02 biologics#1126
43494DefectELNELN - Comment email subjects are always "comment thread"Guest3closed22.01 platform#2885
43493DefectELNELN - Comment notifications are not sent to notebook authorsGuest2closed22.01 platform#2885
43492Test Test suite that just runs setup across various test suitesGuest3closed21.11 
43491Defect Creating study-specific datasets in a subfolder of a DataSpace project stomps on shared dataset IDGuest2closed21.11 platform#2707
43486Feature Request LKSM: When Aliquots are checked out of the freezer, we should not show them as availableGuest2closed21.09 sampleManagement#670
43484Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM: Importing samples with source alias that isn't correct gives "DataClass" error messageGuest2closed21.08 labkey-ui-components#585
43481DefectSample ManagerSpace label display previewGuest4closed21.08 inventory#274
43480DefectSample ManagerSM: Sample timeline shows a sample being linked to a study before it is registered.Guest2closed21.07 platform#2526
43479Feature RequestFreezer ManagerStorage Unit / Overview tab does not show Storage Unit typeMatthew Bellew3resolvedTBD 
43477DefectCoreLink to Study: When manually linking a sample to a study the link study should be the default choice in the "Choose Target" page.Guest3closed21.08 
43476Defect Flexibly detect columns while auto-linking a Sample Type to a studyGuest3closed22.03 platform#3066
43475DefectBuildBuild creates empty directory in 'resources/web'Susan Hert3openTBD 
43474DefectShared ComponentsUnnecessary text wrapping in grid component (date and numeric columns)Guest2closed21.09 labkey-ui-components#618
43473DefectSample ManagerAdd LKSM / LKFM test automation coverage for exporting storage location information.Guest3closed21.11 
43472TestSample ManagerAdd LKSM test automation to cover sortingGuest3closed21.11 
43470DefectProvenanceCannot import the output file from a provenance run into an assayGuest2closed21.1141523platform#2445
43469DefectBiologicsOverlap of text and icon in "Template Details" when creating Job TemplateBernie3open22.09 
43465DefectSample Managerjava.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in updateWorkflowJobAndTaskEnums()Guest3closed21.07 sampleManagement#613
43464DefectCoreHelp users log in again after session timeout (or logout) without losing workGuest2closed21.0744014platform#2672
43463DefectStudyNullPointerException attempting to access study design tablesGuest3closed21.08 platform#2404
43460DefectSample ManagerWorkflow jobs created with blank task names do not add tasksBernie3open22.05 
43459DefectSample ManagerSM: Import Samples from File without selecting a sample type in the drop down results in Unhandled exception.Guest2closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#564
43458DefectTargetedMSClassCastException trying to bulk import into targetedms.guidesetGuest3closed21.11 targetedms#413
43456DefectProvenanceException importing a folder archive with linked to study rowsGuest3closed21.07 platform#2399
43455DefectTargetedMSInternalError from org.labkey.targetedms.TargetedMSController.writeChart() when Linux fonts are missingGuest3closed21.11 targetedms#437
43449DefectUser interfaceLegend in Visit Base Test SVG graph not always in the expected order.Guest3closed22.03 
43445DefectSecuritySaving site settings clears out default domainGuest3closed21.07 platform#2409
43442DefectSamplessamples: not able to delete a Material not in a sample typeGuest2closed21.07 platform#2423
43440DefectSamplesSample Type Dataset shows superfluous Linked To Study columnGuest2closed21.11 platform#2407
43439DefectSamplesLK Server Allows Insert of Samples Outside a Specific Sample TypeGuest3closed21.0743412platform#2423
43437DefectStudyDeadlockLoserDataAccessException from org.labkey.study.importer.SpecimenImporter.updateSpecimenProcessingInfo()Guest3closed21.11 
43435DefectSample ManagerNo storage menu items shown when in LKSM app from Biologics folderGuest3closed21.07 sampleManagement#610
43430DefectSample ManagerSM: Should aliquots that have no volume be counted in the available vial totals for the parent?hannahb4openTBD 
43428DefectQueryFinding user-defined queriesGuest2closed21.0743427platform#2485
43425DefectWorkflowWorkflow - add samples from active job leads to blank job in edit modeGuest2closed21.07 sampleManagement#608
43424TodoAdminRefactor EmailTemplate, etc.Guest3closed21.11 platform#2439
43420DefectWikiReplace jTidy with jSoup...or similartriage3open22.0743371platform#2377
43419DefectSample ManagerSM: Trial instance showing whack-a-doodle dataGuest3closed21.08 platform#2388
43418DefectSample ManagerSM: Text is rendering outside of panelGuest3closed21.08 labkey-ui-components#585
43416DefectSample ManagerFM: In the storage view we persist selection in the search for samples panel, should we?Guest3closed21.08 sampleManagement#610
43415DefectSample ManagerFM: We clip the left side of large boxes / plates that are configured to have rows listed as numbersGuest4closed21.08 sampleManagement#610
43414DefectSample ManagerFM: Upper navigation bar is not present in "Manage storage units"Guest3closed21.08 sampleManagement#610
43413DefectSample ManagerFM: After clicking "Finish Editing Units" for storage units in freezer manager we should collapse any expanded panels.Guest2closed21.07 inventory#262
43411DefectSample ManagerSM: We don't show the user's avatar on the User Overview pageGuest4closed21.07 
43407DefectExperimentRequired boolean fields cannot be set to false in the sample derivation viewGuest2closed21.07 platform#2423
43404DefectSamplesName Expression Counter Column is producing errorGuest2closed21.07 platform#2376
43400DefectSecuritysetDefaultDomain() skips audit loggingGuest3closed21.07 platform#2382
43394DefectCoreBulk insert with name expression to lookup field swallows errorsGuest2closed21.11 platform#2678
43393DefectELNELN - "Add to project" label on approved notebookstriage3openTBD 
43392DefectCorerefactor form beans, models, and server-side APIs with entityId parameters to use GUID java classtriage3open22.07 
43391DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Updating samples via bulk import assigns new unique ID in TimelineGuest2closed21.07 platform#2365
43390DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Creating aliquots from a sample with a unique ID copies the unique ID field as wellGuest2closed21.07 platform#2365
43381Feature Request RStudio Pro is now RStudio Workbench - update UI labelsmohara2resolved22.07 rstudio#100
43380DefectJava Client APIImportDataCommand missing options supported by the query-import.api endpointGuest2closed21.07 labkey-api-java#22
43375DefectTargetedMSUse exp.data.DataFileUrl column instead of the Name column to find matching raw filesGuest3closed21.07 targetedms#397
43374DefectExperimentSome characters in file names cause a problem when creating exp.data rows in FileImporterbinalpatel3open22.07 platform#2374
43373DefectStudyLink to study : Assay's don't support fields with Visit concept URIsGuest3closed21.07 platform#2354
43372Feature RequestBiologicsGrid Views drop down should not be shown if Grid Views are not definedGuest3closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#560
43370DefectSample ManagerFM: sample details check in modal is broken if no volume is presentGuest2closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#561
43369DefectAssayDrag/dropped assay import .xar.xml file is rejected as being unsupported typeGuest3closed21.07 
43368DefectAssayInfinite redirect when hitting assay upload wizard with batchId parameter and no batch properties in designGuest3closed21.07 platform#2350
43367DefectSample ManagerError in LKSM when using a lookup across containersGuest2closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#563
43365Feature Request LKSM: Users should receive notifications when a job is completeGuest2closed21.08 
43364DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Error on picklist selectionGuest2closed21.06 sampleManagement#597
43362DefectCDSOutage notice out of place on CDS login pageGuest3closed21.0743359cds#378
43360DefectFlowflow: support longer statistic namesGuest2closed21.09 commonAssays#357
43353DefectBiologicsExcessive logging from BiologicsManager.getInitialDataKeys() during test runsGuest3closed21.07 biologics#917
43349DefectSample ManagerSampleTypeUpdateServiceDI.getExistingRows() performanceGuest3closed21.08 platform#2397
43348DefectSearchIndexing perf: avoid autodetect parser for known text documentsadam3open22.08 
43347DefectSample ManagerSM: User display name not always resolved for roles lower than App-Admin / Site-AdminGuest2closed21.08 labkey-ui-components#561
43346DefectSample ManagerLKSM: StorageCol sorts lexigraphically instead of numericallyGuest2closed21.0743302inventory#266
43342DefectFileContentUse case-insensitive sort consistently in file browserGuest3closed21.07 platform#2341
43339DefectCDSFront page "Welcome" text sizing issueGuest3closed21.07 cds#377
43338DefectStudyQC State menu on dataset grid gives user JSON response after grid has been reloaded via AJAXtriage3openTBD 
43337DefectPython Client APICreating domain from template not working in python APIGuest3closed21.08 
43336DefectListsList merge: Setting List to DETAILED audit logging causes error on mergeGuest2closed21.07 platform#2388
43334DefectCoreLABKEY.moduleContext.api is undefined in WebSocket's isSessionInvalidBackgroundHideEnabled() functionGuest3closed21.07 platform#2344
43331Defect Front page "Welcome" text sizing issueGuest3closed21.0343315cds#377
43330Defect Sample Type link to study: Delete message generated displays study name in random order.Guest3closed21.07 platform#2340
43328DefectTargetedMSNullPointerException in org.labkey.targetedms.chart.ComparisonChartMaker.makeRetentionTimesChart()Guest3closed21.07 targetedms#391
43326DefectTargetedMSError handling improvements when SKYD files aren't available on diskGuest3closed21.07 targetedms#391
43325DefectTargetedMSIllegalStateException from org.labkey.targetedms.outliers.OutlierGenerator.getSampleFiles()Guest3closed22.03 targetedms#391
43324DefectSample ManagerSample edit form is not trimming leading spaces for text fieldsGuest3closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#563
43321DefectQuerySession-based custom views aren't scoped by the schema nameGuest3closed21.07 platform#2333
43311DefectSample ManagerSM: When on last page of a "large" sample type using the navbar to go to a "smaller" sample type results in client error and does not refresh grid.Guest2closed21.07 sampleManagement#603
43310DefectSample ManagerSM: Sample names that are numbers only and greater than 7 characters get truncated in file import preview.Guest2closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#561
43307DefectSecurityBad Request exception when using Reload Page after timeout, logout, or server unavailableGuest3closed21.08 
43299DefectShared ComponentsLKB: Setting Required on a Boolean field requires users to select "True"Guest2closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#570
43297DefectFile watcherImport Samples via File Watcher, File Extension was kept as part of the Sample nameGuest3closed21.06 platform#2355
43296DefectSample ManagerFrustrations with freezer hierarchy drag/drophannahb3openTBD 
43295DefectSample ManagerAssorted nits on LKSM field labels and spacinghannahb3openTBD 
43290DefectSpecimensSpecimen Requester and Specimen Coordinator role assignments disappeared after 21.3 upgradeGuest2closed21.0343284platform#2323
43289DefectSample ManagerSampleWorkflowDocumentProvider.enumerateDocuments() throws java.lang.AssertionError: Use getValueSql()Guest3closed21.07 platform#2320
43288DefectQueryTrailing comma in column attribute list in schema browser after adding PHI infoGuest3closed21.07 platform#2322
43283DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Show Samples picker isn't deselecting to no samples or aliquotsGuest3closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#561
43281DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Long file names on Sample File fields bleed into other fieldsGuest3closed21.07 
43279DefectSamplesXML Metadata: GUI editor loses previous changes on sample types and data classesGuest2closed21.0743253commonAssays#340
43278DefectSecurityForbiddenProjectException is no longer renderedGuest2closed21.07 platform#2452
43276Defect Module ETLs are still showing up in dataintegration page and still running on schedules after the module is disabledGuest2closed21.0743275dataintegration#112
43271Defect Module defined ETL database status getting out of sync with XML file across tomcat reboottriage3openTBD43150
43267DefectShared ComponentsOmnibox sort pills change size when hovering, don't show the direction of the sortNick Kerr3openTBD 
43266DefectSample ManagerCreating samples from grid should let you create new standalone samples even if something is selectedGuest3closed21.07 
43265DefectSample ManagerSelection state not cleared after deleting samplesGuest3closed21.06 sampleManagement#579
43264DefectSample ManagerField values not trimmed when creating new samples via gridGuest2closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#550
43262Defect Broken links to samples on storage grid - with or without moving unitsGuest3closed21.06 inventory#247
43261DefectSample ManagerLKSM: What should we do with Workflow related lists?Guest3closed21.0741511sampleManagement#609
43260DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Need a friendlier JS error message when workflow lists are deletedGuest3closed21.0741511sampleManagement#584
43254DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Trailing spaces in Sample Type field name are not getting trimmedGuest2closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#545
43253DefectDataList of selected rows is not fixed-up after delete operationGuest3closed22.03 
43252DefectListsList import: unable to re-select and submit a file after getting the "could not convert value..." errorGuest2closed21.11 platform#2716
43249Defect Supporting Log (base 2) in LabKey SQLGuest3closed21.0743247
43246DefectAssayLineage query NPE while processing an UploadedFileGuest1closed21.0742759platform#2325
43245TodoBuildUpgrade away from YUI Compressortriage3openTBD 
43244Defect Ontology search within column filter dialog does not always populate filter value after searching for conceptGuest3closed21.11 
43241DefectSample ManagerTest coverage: SM: Display of dates from multivalue columns does not use project date formatDan Duffek3open22.11 platform#2298
43234Defect Make the flexible Auto-Link Data to Study option "(Assay import folder)" more generic for SamplesGuest3closed21.07 platform#2317
43233Defect Link to Study for Samples of shared Sample Types gives generic error pageGuest3closed21.07 platform#2296
43231DefectSample ManagerOn aliquot (sample) overview page case different for title of aliquot details table.Guest3closed21.06 
43230TodoAdminFolder management pages should provide context-sensitive documentation linkstriage3open22.07 
43227DefectComplianceFix SelectDistinctAction PHI column and error handlingtriage3open22.07 
43222TodoSecurityAdd substitution string validation for "read attributes" and "LDAP search" templatesGuest3closed21.08 ldap#49
43221Feature RequestBiologicsMedia: Support renaming Mixtures and Batchestriage3openTBD 
43220Defect Update JCLOUDS dependency to latest (2.3.0)Guest2closed21.0741492server#89
43219TodoAdminMove "System default domain" property to Authentication pageGuest3closed21.07 itn-tslk-modules#11
43218TodoSecurityAllow multiple authentication configuration fields to specify "dictateFieldVisibility"Guest3closed21.07 platform#2289
43217DefectBiologicslineage: Adding "Inputs/All" or "Outputs/All" to DataClass or SampleType grid results in rendering errorGuest3closed21.0743211platform#2283
43216DefectDataImprove usability when filtering PHI columns with logging turned onGuest2closed21.06 platform#2286
43215DefectUser interfaceOmniBox does not filter if using "starts with" and the desired value is selected from the dropdown list.Guest3closedTBD 
43214DefectSample ManagerAdding samples to jobs navigates directly to jobGuest3closed21.07 sampleManagement#579
43209DefectUser interfaceOmniBox does not filter a text column correctly if values contain quotes.Guest3closedTBD 
43207Defect .jar created when java plugin applied but no java files presentGuest3closed21.0743158gradlePlugin#124
43199DefectSample ManagerLKSM - expand click targets on "Create Samples" choice dialogGuest4closed21.07 
43198Defect Create New Ontology action allows user to create empty ontologiesMatthew Bellew3openTBD 
43195Defect Requesting support for CONCAT_WS postgresql functionGuest3closed21.0743180platform#2275
43194Defect Wrapping (aliasing) a Sample Type field drops the URL settings on other wrapped fieldsGuest3closed21.0743189
43193Defect Ontology import process should flag when internal paths are constructed with pattern charsians3open22.07 
43186DefectStudyIn Study Export, user cannot obtain subset of dataset types with row dataGuest3closed21.07 platform#2276
43184DefectBiologicsRaw Materials pages failing to receive UserGuest3closed21.07 biologics#886
43182Defect Improvements to customize grid views SQL exceptionstriage4openTBD 
43179Defect Registration page displaying incorrectlyGuest2closed21.03 cds#364
43166Feature RequestELNELN - add SHA2 cryptograph on signed notebook pageGuest2closed21.07 
43165Feature RequestELNELN - Add filter to home page for user's notebooks only viewGuest2closed21.07 
43164DefectBiologicsLKB: In Biologics the Sample Detail page does not have an Aliquots tab or aliquot summary panelGuest3closed22.03 
43162DefectSample ManagerSM: Export of sample type has incorrect column header for Aliquot From field.Guest3closed21.06 
43161Feature RequestBiologicsBiologics, Session timeout: Follow session timeout pattern from LabKey Server and LabKey Sample ManagerGuest3closed22.02 biologics#1125
43160DefectBiologicsBiologics, Session timeout: Users do not know when a session timeout occurs until they click on somethingGuest2closed21.11 
43157DefectSample ManagerSM: Setting no aliquot parent in the Bulk Insert dialog will set multiple samples as the aliquot parent.Guest3closed21.06 
43155DefectFreezer ManagerFM: Swapping names of storage location items results in a "duplicate storage unit names" errorhannahb3openTBD 
43154DefectSample ManagerSM: SampleType grid does not refresh after various updates.Guest3closed21.09 
43151DefectSample ManagerSM Picklists: for large picklists intermittently the selection button gets stuck in the loading stateGuest3closed21.07 sampleManagement#576
43149DefectSecurityLDAP "Test" button link is broken when "no question marks in URLs" is enabledGuest3closed21.07 platform#2264
43148DefectSample ManagerSM: Selection model retains selected samples that are deleted in another windowGuest3closed21.07 
43147DefectSample ManagerPickLists: Concurrent picklist selection and deletion of sample leaves empty rowGuest3closed21.07 
43144DefectSearchSearch result hit for ontology concept should point to concept browserGuest3closed21.12 labkey-ui-components#668
43142Defect Inefficient and excessively large cluster on exp.Object table (mssql)triage3openTBD 
43135DefectProvenanceprovenance: "successorRunIdList not populated" error showing run graph for provenance runGuest3closed21.07 platform#2278
43133DefectJava Client APIcan't set conceptURI or ontology properties on a field via remoteAPIGuest3closed21.07 
43131DefectSample ManagerFiles added to Sample Types show a path to "sampleset"Guest2closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#545
43130DefectSample ManagerUpdating a "File" field for Samples still shows the old thumbnail and expanded fileGuest2closed21.06 
43124DefectSample ManagerStaging Testing: File column were not included in the import templateGuest3closed21.07 
43119DefectAssayLayout problems on Link to Study pageGuest3closed21.07 platform#2276
43117PerformanceBiologicsSample Type "Alias" column severely impacts query performance.Nick Kerr3openTBD42796biologics#985
43107DefectR Remote APIcreateAndLoad for Lists or Datasets using R returns an errorGuest2closed21.0343106labkey-api-r#68
43101DefectFile watcherFile watcher checkbox fields always re-render as falseGuest3closed21.07 
43100DefectUser interfaceFM: When moving samples within the same box we don't repopulate the sample ids in the "destination" grid if you clear the selections in the "source".Guest3closed21.07 inventory#258
43099DefectTargetedMSAdd new usage metric for guidesets in Panorama QC plotsGuest3closed21.07 targetedms#378
43097DefectSample ManagerSM: On a trial instance user name is not resolved correctly in the event details panel.Guest3closed21.07 
43096DefectAdminDynamic warning providers should suppress warnings for non-adminsGuest3closed21.07 platform#2237
43092Defect Export of study with samples including 'experiments, protocols, and runs' does not produce a valid archiveGuest2closed21.05 platform#2241
43090DefectELNELN: Unable to view notebooks on notebook homepage when a user is deleted. Error: Could not resolve notebook user IdGuest2closed22.05 labbook#156
43089DefectTargetedMSPressure trace metric delete button placement makes it easy to misclickGuest3closed21.07 PanoramaPremiumModules#53
43088DefectTargetedMSPressure trace metric title doubled up in QC plotsGuest3closed21.07 targetedms#379
43087DefectBiologicsDerived Sample 'Run' directs to workflowtriage3open22.0943127
43086DefectBiologicsNot all "alias" columns should use AliasRendererGuest2closed21.05 biologics#877
43080DefectAssayBoolean Run Properties are inconsistently represented in an Import Scripttriage3openTBD43074
43079DefectCDSCDS: Client side error when brushing in the gutter plots, and the plot is using linear scale.Guest3closed21.03 
43078DefectELNNotebook signing performance has degradedGuest2closed21.05 platform#2233
43076DefectWikiWiki page editor problemtriage3openTBD43067
43072Defect Ontology Module Doesn't Recognize 'Alsatian' SynonymGuest3closed21.08 
43070DefectSample ManagerSM: Aliquot names do not autogenerate when the sample type doesn't have a name expressionGuest2closed21.06 
43061DefectTargetedMSIgnore zero byte spectrum library filesGuest3closed21.03 targetedms#373
43060DefectSample ManagerFM: If the number of samples you are moving is at or near the size of the destination a warning message is flashed in the panel, however the move is successful.Guest3closed21.06 inventory#237
43057DefectTargetedMSPerf issues with targetedms-showCalibrationCurve.view with ContainerFilter = AllFoldersGuest2closed21.03 targetedms#372
43052DefectELNELN - Clear formatting icon not intuitiveGuest3closed21.07 
43051DefectShared ComponentsEditable Grid: LookupCell menu appears detached from table cellGuest2closed21.0543019labkey-ui-components#518
43050DefectCoreLookup with bad fkColumnName reference passes through JSON API responses without correctionGuest3closed21.03 platform#2229
43049Feature RequestUser interfaceBulk edit of field propertiestriage3openTBD 
43048DefectTargetedMSMake chromatogram library folders tolerant of empty peptides in Skyline documentsvsharma3openTBD 
43046DefectTargetedMSReturn an empty list in PrecursorManager.getPrecursorsForPeptide() instead of throwing an exception if no precursors are found for a peptideGuest3closed21.03 targetedms#371
43043DefectIssuesNullPointerException in Issues detailListGuest2closed22.03 
43031DefectELNELN - create way for announcement links to go to notebook in LKB instead of in LKSGuest2closed21.07 
43030DefectELNELN - word change on "cancel" during reviewGuest4closedTBD 
43029DefectBiologicsSupport File/Attachment Fields on Registry Data ClassesGuest2closed21.0943023biologics#971
43028DefectBiologicsMixture Wizard Expects Ingredient "Scientific Name" ValueGuest2closed21.0542985biologics#876
43022DefectSample ManagerUsing Source alias and ${DataInputs:first} for name expression will cause an errorGuest3closed21.07 platform#2321
43021Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM: Name expression to create names directly from particular Sources or Parent SamplesGuest3closed21.07 platform#2321
43020DefectSample ManagerLKSM Customizing Sample grid view wonkinessGuest2closed21.07 
43009DefectETLETL fails when two participantId columns are selected in the sourceGuest3closed21.0342977platform#2222
43001DefectFreezer ManagerFM: Sorting and filtering on Stored Amount and Units columns doesn't work when the units are not the same as the units for the sample typeGuest3closedTBD 
43000DefectSample ManagerFM: Position value in Export from Storage Location Grid is encoded value instead of display valueGuest4closed21.09 labkey-ui-components#569
42992Defect concept filter dialog defaultsGuest3closed21.07 platform#2735
42991DefectELNELN - Preceding characters disable slash command menutriage4openTBD 
42990DefectNABAllow the NabPopulateFitParametersPipelineJob to be rerun to attempt to populate NAbSpecimen FitParameters for previously failed runsGuest2closed21.0342462commonAssays#326
42987DefectBiologicsCan’t delete mixture from a Biologics project even after all other data classes have been deletedGuest3closed21.0742980
42986DefectSample ManagerFM: Selecting samples in a box and moving to the same box will result in both positions (original position and new position) being selected in the box.Guest3closed21.06 inventory#237
42982Defect API List creation allows for pk of reserved field nametriage2openTBD 
42976DefectReportingSQL wildcard should not be prefixed by '!' in exported scriptsGuest3closed21.0742975platform#2242
42972DefectUser interfaceSM: Add a parent or source alias without filling in the fields then removing it shows a "missing required values" error message.Guest4closed21.06 
42969Defect 21.4 LKSM Trial does not have data preloadedGuest3closed21.04 
42967DefectReportingShared Assay designs used across folders don't appear in the Create QC Trend Report menuGuest3closed21.0342877premium#240
42960DefectStudyCopy to study unable to resolve participant/timepoint by specimen IDGuest3closed21.07 platform#2196
42951DefectSecurityELN - No error message given when trying to attach an virus infected file to the overview section of a notebook.alanv3open22.08 
42950DefectR Remote APIInserting file description using R APIGuest3closed21.0742835labkey-api-r#68
42948DefectSearchorg.labkey.api.util.HTMLContentExtractor uses JDK's very inefficient HTML parserGuest3closed21.07 platform#2186
42946DefectStudyImport Visit Map Page - Should Point to Better Doc TopicGuest3closed21.07 platform#2185
42944DefectSample ManagerNPE when exporting a LKSM folder with inventoryGuest3closed21.0342933platform#2189
42939Defect Support Link to Study in Sample Types : Error in revalidate.Guest3closed21.07 
42937DefectAssayAssay results grid loading performance can degrade with a large number of "copied to study" columnsGuest2closed21.0742923platform#2192
42932DefectSample ManagerFM: Freezer breadcrumb doesn't always show description fieldGuest3closed21.05 labkey-ui-components#504
42924DefectCoreStable URL fails to URL encode filter parametersGuest3closed21.07 platform#2172
42919DefectIssuesDeleting an issue list definition domain fails to clean up properlyGuest3closed21.03 platform#2171
42915DefectELNELN - Table cursor for adjusting widthsGuest3closed21.07 
42914DefectSurveySurvey entry does not respect returnUrl after save/submissionGuest2closed21.0342901platform#2190
42912DefectSample ManagerSM: Import of samples with storage data does not recognize column headers used in exportGuest2closed21.0442824inventory#219
42908DefectSample ManagerFM StoredAmount exports with units attachedGuest3closed21.05 inventory#224
42907Defect Unable to insert a Data Class row with an attachment fieldGuest2closed21.11 
42904DefectSample ManagerFM: Bread crumbs at the top of the "move to" panel should be plain text when moving to the same location.Guest3closed21.05 
42899DefectListsCan create broken list by choosing "entityid" primary keyGuest3closed21.0742523
42897DefectExperimentremove getDefaultSampleTypeMaterialLsidPrefixGuest3closed21.07 platform#2174
42893DefectCoreConcept Picker: Alternate paths in the 'path information' tab should be a hyperlink blue color instead of just blacktriage3open22.07 
42892DefectBiologicsELN - No hover text for items in toolbarGuest2closed21.07 biologics#893
42890DefectELNRenaming entries and notebooks should highlight existing/placeholder nameGuest3closed21.07 biologics#873
42889DefectELNInserting a "new day" cursor default on date changeGuest3closed21.05 biologics#873
42886DefectNABNAb: Add INDEX for nab.DilutionData RunDataIdGuest2closed21.03 commonAssays#318
42885TodoSecurityProvide for parameter substitution in authentication configuration fieldsGuest3closed21.07 platform#2168
42878DefectSample ManagerRangeError: Invalid time value occurred when testing Biologics WorkFlowGuest2closed21.04 sampleManagement#542
42876DefectAssaySpecimenID is displayed in Scientific Notation when using the Participant Resolvertriage3openTBD41539
42875Defect LDAP principal template with custom field should not be case sensitiveGuest3closed21.07 ldap#39
42874Defect Test failing on SQL server after updating to firefox 78.Guest3closed21.08 
42873DefectQueryStandard assay SQL exception joining to inputs materials name without DataId also in the viewGuest2closed21.0742863platform#2332
42872DefectSample ManagerIssues with Field Names Containing Special CharactersGuest2closed21.05 labkey-ui-components#503
42870DefectBiologicsbiologics: mega menu needs to be invalidated after creating experimentGuest3closed21.07 biologics#872
42869DefectTargetedMSSamplePivotCustomizer using wrong table for grabbing sample and replicate namesGuest3closed21.0342426targetedms#365
42864DefectUser interfaceUse case-insensitive sort for projects and subfolders webpartGuest3closed21.0342842platform#2161
42862DefectBiologicsBiologics menu loading issue with large amount of experimentsGuest3closed21.0742792biologics#872
42860Feature RequestAuditingAudit Log: Updating a Sample Type Domain creates Domain Property entries for each fieldSusan Hert3open22.08 
42859DefectBiologicsbiologics: mega menu is rendered FieldKey encoded experiment namesGuest3closed21.07 biologics#872
42857DefectSamplessamples: bulk import with name expression containing lookup fails to convert lookup string valueGuest2closed21.0442834platform#2165
42844DefectSample ManagerSM: Display Stored Amount field is required for sample type design but produces no error message in properties panelGuest3closed21.05 labkey-ui-components#515
42843DefectSample ManagerSM: Sample Creation modal allows more than the max number of rows to be createdGuest3closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#531
42839DefectTargetedMSLink to QC folder from experimental folder doesn't zoom date rangeGuest3closed21.07 
42828DefectUser interfaceField Designer should show concept label in field collapsed "detail"Guest3closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#537
42825DefectCoreConcept Picker, Searching displays concepts from the other ontologyGuest3closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#562
42822DefectETLMerging, alternative keyed, detailed logging ETLs fail on resolving PKGuest3closed21.03 platform#2146
42821Defect Locked notebooks open links in new tab and over notebook pageGuest3closed21.07 biologics#846
42819DefectSamplesRemoving/Re-adding domain field of the same name can render sample type unusableGuest2closed21.04 
42818DefectSamplesSM/LKB: Sample Type warning of unknown fields applies to valid parent aliasesGuest2closed21.04 
42817Feature RequestInventoryLKSM: Adding comment option upon F/T count and amount changes outside of checkin/checkoutGuest2closed21.12 inventory#333
42811DefectSample ManagerSM: Banner indicating that reserved fields have been removed from the imported file goes away when updating the fields.Guest4closed21.07 
42798TodoODBCAllow connecting LabKey to itself as a PostgreSQL external data sourceGuest3closed21.11 
42796PerformanceELNELN: References taking a long time to loadGuest3closed21.05 biologics#880
42794DefectBiologicsLKB: Raw Materials import data option goes to LKS instead of staying in the app like the other data typesGuest3closed21.07 biologics#885
42793DefectBiologicsLKB: Ingredient overview page option to create mixture doesn't auto populate the selected ingredientGuest3closed21.08 biologics#929
42788DefectStudyUpdating dataset data when LK-managed key turned on only inserts new rowstriage2open22.07 
42772DefectCorePage not found needs a "recovery" linkGuest3closed21.07 platform#2418
42771DefectSpecimensQuick charts for study specimen data grids do not update when filteringtriage3openTBD42764
42770DefectSpecimensCustomizing Participant Aliases for study specimen data grids causes SQL errortriage3openTBD42765
42762TestUser interfaceSome browser dialogs are not shown when running test automation.Guest3closedTBD 
42758DefectELNError when Snapshotting notebookGuest2closed21.03 platform#2132
42754DefectTargetedMSNarrowing down date range in QC plots changes the y axis scales due to which mean and SD lines in QC plots are removedGuest3closed21.07 targetedms#377
42751DefectCoreSelect Concept dialog in Field Designer should include the search functionality (as in the ontology browser)Guest3closed21.03 
42750DefectCoreSelect Concept modal should be moveable and sizableGuest3closed21.11 
42749DefectSample ManagerCompleting workflow tasks with assaysGuest2closed21.05 
42748DefectCoreRedunant queries navigating concept browserians3openTBD 
42747DefectBiologicsBad messaging for users that don't have access to LKBGuest3closed22.03 
42746DefectFile watcherFile Watcher Task resets to blank when editing existing file watcher config in SafariGuest3closed21.11 
42741DefectUser interfaceSM: After async import the Omni box doesn't work for the SampleType after clicking the name of the ST in the ribbon menu to populate the grid.Guest3closed21.04 sampleManagement#527
42735DefectAdminAdd tooltip info for addition LDAP template substitutionsGuest3closed21.03 ldap#34
42729DefectAssayDate Field doesn't come through when using the Participant ResolverGuest3closed21.0342713platform#2110
42722DefectWorkflowSamples added to Job form aren't detected on in the Leaving checkGuest2closed21.04 sampleManagement#527
42719DefectAssayAddition to MV/OOR documentationGuest3closed21.03 
42715DefectExperimentSQLException when deleting exp.data without a row in the tableGuest3closed21.0342707platform#2100
42712DefectAssayAssay fields with OOR enabled are exported incorrectlyGuest3closed21.0442705platform#2102
42711DefectUser interfaceSM Async Import: When using a large file to update samples the UI feedback is not the same as when doing a straight import.Guest3closed21.05 
42710DefectAssayNPE when importing an assay with a field that has OOR and MV enabledtriage4openTBD42683
42708DefectExperimentExported XAR fails to reimport due to mismatched materialLSIDPrefixGuest2closed21.0843402platform#2474
42702TodoSecurityShow PHI Reader roles only if PHI roles are requiredGuest3closed21.08 compliance#112
42698DefectQueryIssues with Sorting in LabKey SQL for auditLog.DatasetAuditEvent QueriesGuest3closed21.0442590
42697DefectStudyBehave better when cohort dataset isn't readableadam3open22.08 
42695DefectTest harnessTeamCity configuration for ELISA module JavaScript test suite to run on developGuest3closed21.04 
42694DefectTargetedMSOptimization settings not being pulled from the real source data for .clib filesGuest3closed21.03 targetedms#353
42693DefectTargetedMSUpdates to the Peptide Map to show intensity and formatting of prefixes and suffixesGuest3closed21.03 targetedms#352
42691Feature RequestAdminAdd option to delete a user's passwordGuest3closed21.07 platform#2117
42690DefectSecurityChangeEmailAction comments and error messages reference "reset password"Guest3closed21.07 platform#2129
42688DefectTargetedMSMissing IonMobilityWindow data on Precursor and MoleculePrecursor .clib tablesGuest3closed21.03 targetedms#351
42680DefectSamplessamples: can't update Sample Type domain using idColsGuest2closed21.03 platform#2092
42677Defect 404 Error when initiating a Jupyter Notebook session from RStudio Pro when integrated with LabKeyGuest2closed21.07 platform#2223
42676DefectBiologicsBiologics error when clicking a mixture created in LabKey serverGuest3closed21.0342660
42673DefectClient APIFrom a Data Grid, Export to Python Script Uses Older APIGuest2closed21.07 platform#2153
42672DefectUser interfaceFM: Should show the user a spinner, or some other UI feedback, when adding large number of samples to storage from the grid.Guest3closed21.04 inventory#207
42671DefectSample ManagerFM: After moving samples to a new location the destination box is not displayed after the moveGuest2closed21.04 inventory#209
42670DefectDataWhen setting dataset group security would be helpful to warn about cohorts, aliases or other dependent datasetsGuest3closed21.03 
42669DefectTargetedMSMoleculePrecursorRetentionTime data going into PrecursorRetentionTime in chromatogram librariesGuest3closed21.03 targetedms#350
42667DefectUser interfaceSome UI/Usability Issues with Dataset Security PageGuest3closed21.03 
42666DefectJavaScript Client APILABKEY.WebPart typo in suppressRenderErrors config property handlingGuest3closed21.03 platform#2084
42663DefectTargetedMSCustom QC metric configuration dialog warns about columns that are no longer requiredGuest3closed21.03 PanoramaPremiumModules#48
42661DefectTest harnessMake crawler handle file downloads, remove export actions from exclude listGuest3closed21.07 testAutomation#663
42658Feature RequestUser interfaceLock column headers at top of page when scrolling with pivotstriage3openTBD 
42655DefectExperimentSaveBatch when updating assay run does not get auditedBernie3openTBD 
42653DefectSample ManagerUnable to update stored amount due to differing or missing storage amount units when using default metric unit and checking in from a storage gridGuest2closed21.04 inventory#209
42647DefectBiologicsCannot add a sample to an existing job in BiologicsGuest3closed21.03 
42646DefectBiologicsCannot assign samples in Biologics job create pageGuest3closed21.04 
42644DefectTargetedMSUnsupportedOperationException when importing a Skyline doc with transition annotationsGuest3closed20.11 targetedms#346
42643DefectBiologicsAfter marking job/task complete in Biologics, subsequent navigation prompts warning that unsaved changes will be lostRob Morphew3open22.07 
42642DefectIssuesIssue Modified and ModifiedBy fields are updated when related issue is updatedtriage3openTBD 
42641DefectStudyIntermittent table name collision when importing study archiveGuest3closed21.03 platform#2097
42637Defect Assay import gets error when selecting .xar.xml for importGuest2closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#565
42635DefectSample ManagerSM: Canceling out of a dirty page warning after adding 21+ samples to a job does not reload the samples gridGuest2closed21.04 sampleManagement#519
42628DefectBiologicsRemove BiologicsDetails grid view in dropdown in LKBGuest3closed21.09 labkey-ui-components#613
42626DefectODBCPostgres Wire Protocol warnings in log when connecting with TableauGuest2closed21.03426