This topic is under construction for the 17.1 release of LabKey Server.


  • Time Charts Incorporated into common Chart Editor. (docs)
  • Ability to plot text columns when they are mostly numbers. (docs)
  • Bar Chart Enhancements: incorporate data from more columns using shading or bar groupings. (docs)
  • Simplified UI for Column Summary Statistics. Additional Statistics offered in Premium Editions: Median, Median Absolute Deviation, Quartiles, and Interquartile Range. (docs)
  • Options for Exporting Column Headers with Data Grids. (docs)

Instrument Data

  • (Premium) Assay Request Module - An extension of the Issues module designed especially for the assaying of samples/specimens. (docs)
  • NAb: QC Options for NAb Assays (docs)
  • NAb: Display %CV (percent coefficient of variation) on NAb assay result graphs. (docs)
  • Luminex: Exclude analytes from singlepoint unknown samples. (docs)


  • Workflow module. (docs)
  • New permission role "Message Board Contributor" which allows participation in message board conversations. (docs)

Sample Sets

  • New naming option for sample sets: build a unique id using fields from the current row, random numbers, etc.


  • New Role - List Designer: Grants the ability to manage and design lists. (docs)
  • Compliance module. (docs)
  • Manage multiple pipeline protocols in a new web part. (docs)
  • Ability to disable object-level discussions at the site or project level. (docs)
  • Easier installation of GROUP_CONCAT script when required. (docs)
  • Populate a new folder from an existing folder on the server without first exporting to an archive. (docs)


  • Upgrade Reports: When upgrading to a new version of the server, new features and bug fixes are displayed in a client-specific report, including: (1) all public issues that have been resolved or closed between this build and the last build received, and that match the milestone of the incoming build, (2) features that have been added between this build and the last build they received.

NLP and Document Abstraction

  • Allow the user to control the sequence of documents they process; make it easier to reopen if they mistakenly approve a document. (docs)






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