Exploring the Example Project kelseyg  2018-02-12 10:55
Status: Closed
Tell us about your experience exploring the example project. Were you successful? Did the UI function as you expected? Did you need any additional documentation to be successful?
eva pujadas responded:  2018-03-02 06:31
Trying to create a new list: It is annoying that one can not create similar field names starting with a number. E.g. a list with fields with the following names: 1_spoligo, 2_spoligo, 3_spoligo... is not allowed with labKey. That is particularly annoying when already existing external data with such a field structure, needs to be imported into LabKey.
Matthew Bellew responded:  2018-03-02 11:14
Status: Active
As a workaround you can use labels (and import aliases), this will allow you to import columns that look like "1_spoligo", even if the the actual database column name does not start with a number.