Stopping Uniprot TrEMBL annotation upload

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Stopping Uniprot TrEMBL annotation upload tvaisar  2015-09-16 13:03
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I adventurously started upload of the full Uniprot-TrEMBL annotation from uniprot_trembl.xml. It appears to be endless - has been running since Aug 23, and it is still adding new entries.
Is there a way to abort/cancel this process?
In retrospect subsetting the uniprot_trembl.xml to only relevant species would have been prudent, but at this point I am just trying to stop it.
Perhaps incorrectly I tried to "Complete" the process in the Admin>Site>Pipeline, which marked it as Complete, yet the process is still running.
Any advice?


jeckels responded:  2015-09-16 13:59
Hi Tomas,

After marking it as COMPLETE, you can restart the web server and it won't automatically restart.