Import data from external schemas

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Import data from external schemas Lind-Thomsen  2015-09-17 07:11
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Hi All

Our data is almost exclusively stored in SQL databases, and data is comming continously into the tables.

What is the preferred way to import these data into dataset/assays/lists to be able to work with them inside labkey? f.x. we have a table with basic information about the patient birthday, gender, enrollmen date etc, and with new patients being enrolled continously. What will be the best way to use this table as a basic demographic table in the study?

I have looked at external schemas but it is not obvious for me how to do something like that in labkey.

Best wishes
Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2015-09-17 13:03
Hi Allan,

If the data is in your SQL database that sits outside of LabKey and you want that data to be imported into LabKey on a regular basis, have you considered building an ETL module for this purpose?

You could setup an external schema so LabKey can see the data from the other database, then have this data get passed from that database into LabKey via the ETL module.

Take a look at our ETL documentation. I believe this might be the best way to go for your situation.