Upgrade to 15.3 failed.

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Upgrade to 15.3 failed. rick.watts  2015-11-23 17:18
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I'm attempting to upgrade to 15.3 on Windows. The installer gives me the following message: Postgres upgrade failed: 1. Unable to recover. However before that a message flashed up complaining about invalid characters in the install path. The message did not persist long enough for me to read it all :(

Now it would appear that my install is broken and I have no idea how to fix it without reverting to a backup.
rick.watts responded:  2015-11-23 17:19
Screen shot attached.
jeckels responded:  2015-11-23 17:41
Hi Rick,

It sounds like you hit this issue:


We have a fix that is being tested right now. The good news is that with the patched installer the recovery should be very easy.

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2015-11-25 16:11
Hi Rick,

We've pushed out the revised build of 15.3 with the fix that you need.

Please go to https://www.labkey.com/download.php to download the latest installer version of LabKey 15.3.


jeckels responded:  2015-11-25 16:13
Hi Rick,

We've posted an updated installer that fixes this issue:


Prior to running the updated installer, please move the "upgrade_backup" file that the previous upgrade attempt created to a different location. It should be in the root of the install directory - typically "C:\Program Files\LabKey Server" or similar. If it's still in the same place when the installer starts, you'll get a different error message and will need to rerun the installer a second time.

rick.watts responded:  2015-11-25 16:15
Thanks Josh,

We're running Labkey on a virtual machine and just rolled back to a previous snapshot so we should be good to go.