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Histogram as Quick Chart Lind-Thomsen  2016-03-02 06:10
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I would like to implement histograms as quick charts, so that I can get a histogram showing the count of all groups in a categorical/text variable. It should be available for any data grid

How can I go about doing that?
Is it a module that implement these functions that I can change, or will I need to build it from the ground up?

Best wishes
Allan lind-Thomsen
adam responded:  2016-03-02 08:07
The scatter, box, and time plots are all implemented in the Visualization module. GenericChartReportImpl, genericChartWizard.jsp, and the JavaScript files in web/vis/genericChart are good starting points. You'll want to render the chart using our visualization API. Many examples of usage can be found on the LabKey Demo Plots page on your local LabKey Server, for example, http://localhost:8080/labkey/vis/demo/index.html

Please contribute your work back to the project... histograms would make a great addition to LabKey Server!