Text character limit for assay fields

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Text character limit for assay fields jmikk  2017-01-31 12:13
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Hello all,

We have an assay designed which has a field for gene ontology. This can get very long (above 4000 characters) and one of our users was wondering if there was a variable somewhere in the settings that would allow us to increase the maximum number of characters for Text fields. Assuming our database can handle such a change, is this something that could be done? Moreover, would this still allow us to use built-in assay types?

jeckels responded:  2017-01-31 14:16
Title: Text character limit for assy fields
Yes, please see the section at the very bottom of this page:


where it describes how to change from the default maximum length of 4000 characters to unlimited. This is available in most places, including assay result/data fields.

jmikk responded:  2017-02-01 07:01
Hey, Josh. Thanks for the reply. I was looking on that page, too.. and I am looking at my assay design page right now and I don't see an option to adjust this (screenshot attached). I noted that I'm under "Data Fields" in my assay instead of "Dataset fields".
adam responded:  2017-02-01 07:33
This capability was added in LabKey Server v16.1. Which version are you using?

jmikk responded:  2017-02-01 07:38
Ah, so that's the issue. We aren't at that version. Definitely a reason for us to upgrade, thanks for your help!