"Inactive" date ? Nat  2017-03-28 13:42
Status: Closed
I"m doing some analysis of our site users and am trying to make a view that shows the date a user was "deactivated" from the system. I can see when the account was "created", when the "Last Login" was ... but under "grid views" is there a way to see when someone's account was "deactivated" or "disabled"?


-- Nat

Apologies if this belongs in the Community Forum ... please let me know if it does. thx.
adam responded:  2017-03-28 15:08
Hi Nat,

We don't track the specific "deactivated date" in our user table. We do update the "Modified" column when a user is deactivated. Modified is updated for other events (such as profile edits and reactivation), though for a deactivated user Modified is most likely to indicate the deactivation date (deactivated users certainly aren't modifying their profile).

If you need something more certain, the best bet is to write a query that left joins core.SiteUsers (filtered for inactive) with auditLog.UserAuditEvent (filtered for comment contains "deactivated" and aggregated to show only the latest event). Not simple, but it should do the trick.