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no create project icon pjjester  2018-11-02 08:35
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I installed the labkey server, but I still do not get a create project folder under the home menu (I only get permalink page icon).

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-11-16 11:57

If you're only getting a permalink page icon, that sounds like you're not logged into your LabKey instance or you're logged in as a user that doesn't have Admin access.

If the upper-right says "Sign In", then please login with your Admin credentials to the server and you should see the options to create folders and projects as explained here:

If you are already signed in and you do not see the icons as shown in the doc above, please confirm what permissions the current user you're signed in as and increase the respective permissions to an Admin.

If you are logged in as an admin and have confirmed this, but you still aren't seeing the Project and Folder creation icons, please let us know and send us screenshots of the full browser displaying this.