GROUP_CONCAT Banner Message - Remove it?

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GROUP_CONCAT Banner Message - Remove it? jfvencl  2019-09-05 07:49
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We are running a Linux RH7 installation of Labkey with a remote MS SQL 2016 database. Our database admin did install the groupConcatInstall.sql prior to the installation, but we still got the message in the Banner :" The GROUP_CONCAT aggregate function is not installed. ....". Our database confirmed the script is installed, is there a way to remove this message? I attached a screen shot of the message . Thank you

adam responded:  2019-09-05 08:11

The check is done once, at server startup. Have you restarted your server since the function was installed?

FWIW, only site administrators see that warning.

jfvencl responded:  2019-09-05 08:21
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Yes, have restarted tomcat and apache serveral times. If its just SITE admins, then its a non-issue for us. So thank you for that information and I consider this issue resolved. I did confirm a non-site admin does not see that message.

adam responded:  2019-09-05 08:32
Status: Closed

That warning means LabKey doesn't believe the function is installed correctly, and it won't be able to use it. The check executes this SQL:


What does that return when invoked against your LabKey database via Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio or similar?

jfvencl responded:  2019-09-05 11:47

Using Microsoft SQL Server Managment Studio - produced this error. So please advise as to next steps

Msg 4121, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Cannot find either column "core" or the user-defined function or aggregate "core.GROUP_CONCAT", or the name is ambiguous.

Completion time: 2019-09-05T14:43:32.7758935-04:00

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2019-09-05 12:20

I suspect that script was not actually installed properly.

When running this same query that Adam supplied, SQL Management Studio should have produced a single row result with two columns (see screenshot).

Would it be possible for your DBA to re-run that script on the database again, but make sure that they run the script as an admin? I am wondering if perhaps when the script was originally ran, the user who ran it didn't have enough permissions on the database to actually have the permissions apply correctly.


jfvencl responded:  2019-09-05 12:41
Jon, Thank you for the feedback, I am working with our DBA to resolve this issue.
jfvencl responded:  2019-09-10 06:11
Re running the script was successful. The warning message was removed for site admins and running the sql query was successful. See attached screenshot. When the dba ran the script initially, it put the functions in the dbo schema . He moved them to the core schema and I restarted the application and all was good. He is not sure how that happened, because the script puts them in the core schema.

Thank you