Displaying additional sample fields in the assay data upload interfaces dvlieghe  2020-01-15 08:30
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I'm in a Labkey Biologics trial, but I guess my question is general to the platform.

In the assay data upload 'interfaces' ('Upload File', 'Copy-and-Paste Data' and 'Enter Data Into Grid') of the assay runs, only Sample Id is used to characterize the samples. Is it possible to expose other Sample fields in these interfaces (even from Data Classes linked via a Lookup)? If you upload assay data via the Manage Samples menu, Sample Id's are nicely pre-populated, but only in the 'Enter Data Into Grid' interface. It would be nice if that could be extended: more fields, and also in the Excel template.

For a regular end user, computer generated Id's are very uninformative, which can lead to errors when entering/uploading data. So I was wondering whether it is possible to provide more context in the assay data upload process.



Bernie responded:  2020-01-16 13:22
Status: Closed

Hello Dominique,
In data grid views we allow you to pull in connected columns through lookups as you describe. That is standard LabKey server grid functionality. During import of assay data we assume that the focus of the user is on the results, not the existing sample characteristics in the system. To that end, we only offer the sample ID. Once the assay data is imported, it can be viewed side-by-side with sample data and any lookup linked data. The same assumption about focus is true regarding import through a sample selection.

It is an interesting idea to pre-population of sample ID's in the assay import template. I can see it's potential utility.

I would be very interested to discuss with you the scenario(s) in which your users need sample characteristics in the assay import process. What tools are they coming from or what processes are they used to that might leave them wanted more sample context?Expanding our understanding of desired use cases is always good for the product.

Thank you,