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40142Defect Need to provide better documentation for transform script runProperties runData filesmartyp3open20.740137  
40139DefectSample ManagerSample Manager: Updating time but not date does not recognize changexyang2open20.5   
40138DefectPipelineLarge files intermittently failing to delete on initial attempts during pipeline task cleanupjeckels2resolved19.3 Approved and Code Reviewed
40136DefectSearchJob templates are not searchableSusan Hert3open20.5   
40127DefectDataMerge fail with SQLException when batch size is 1Guest2closed20.4 Approved and Code Reviewed
40125DefectClient-SpecificCredit and void ITs feedback: ITs should not be generated in certain scenariosankur2open20.540124  
40123DefectSample ManagerCannot view the lineage of a source on MS-SQL 15.cnathe3open20.5   
40119DefectAssayLABKEY.Experiment.saveBatch runs transform each time run is saved and old transform output files not deletedkevink3open20.7   
40118DefectCoreClient dependencies are cached too aggressivelyadam3open20.7   
40117DefectR Remote APIRlabkey - assay batch/run creation via API does not respect default values set of an assay's batch or run propertiesKarl Lum3open20.739834  
40111DefectSample ManagerSearching for a Source Type name returns only the Source Type none of the sources it contains.Dan Duffek2resolved20.5   
40109DefectSamplesMerging sample records on import and updating one parent type will remove all other parentsSusan Hert2open20.4 Review Requested
40108DefectTest harnessSaveDomainCommand does not offer settings changesChrisJ3open20.7   
40106DefectQueryUX Query Metadata Editor - doesn't look to be showing initial state as expected for various domain field row propertiescnathe3resolved20.7
40104DefectSAMLHaving SAML module installed treats absence of encryption key as errorGuest3closed20.3 Approved and Code Reviewed
40102DefectSample ManagerImport aliases: Adding Parent or Source Alias doesn't require dropdown selectionRob Morphew2open20.5   
40101DefectBiologicsbiologics: failing to load registry-base data in production modekevink2open20.4   
40098DefectTargetedMSExpand targetedms.isotopemodification.aminoacid to VARCHAR(30)vsharma2resolved20.7
40089DefectDataEnable merge import option for Data ClassSusan Hert3open20.7   
40088DefectSample ManagerSourceID should be a reserved field name for Source TypesGuest3closed20.4
40087TodoBuildUpgrade Gradle to 6.3adam3resolved20.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
40084DefectSample ManagerSample Manager: exclude SourceIDs from bulk update modalGuest2closed20.4
40083Defect Excluding existing parent column from sample import makes project undeletableGuest2closed20.4
40082DefectAssayTransform script errors not displayingSweta Jewargikar2resolved20.440007  
40081TodoMothershipSwitch mothership to non-SVN-based upgrade signalingankur3open20.7   
40078DefectPipelinePipelineBootstrapConfig broken by deletion of WEB-INF/lib directoryjeckels1resolved20.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
40075DefectTargetedMSSQLException when importing Skyline document with small molecule transition annotationsSweta Jewargikar3resolved20.3 Approved and Code Reviewed
40074DefectQueryWarning if you’re editing metadata that was defined in another folder and is being inherited in your current folderankur3open20.7   
40065DefectSample ManagerSample Manager - Remove Sources, removing source type only doesn't actually removeGuest2closed20.4   
40062DefectMessagesRename the Messages "Member List" to be "Notify List"RosalineP3open20.7   
40056DefectAssayMissing Value Indicators in subfolders are ignoredKarl Lum3openTBD40029  
40051TodoTargetedMSExtend the TargetedMS API to get source files for a Bibliospec librarykaipot3open20.3 Review Requested 
40050DefectQueryEditing field in a user defined query in new query metadata editor results in exceptionGuest3closed20.4
40047DefectAssayShow Sample's SampleId (aka Name) for sample field typehannahb3open20.7   
40033Defect Documentation link version number needs updating to 20.3mohara2resolved20.3 Approved and Code Reviewed
40032DefectQueryPHI Levels not disabled in new query metadata editorankur3open20.4   
40028DefectAdminSAML settings dialog Login Page Logo picker suggests wrong extensionsRosalineP3open20.7   
40026DefectListsChange doc link from Advanced List Settings popupbinalpatel3open20.7   
40024DefectAuditingAudit log typo - LDAP sync events descriptionmohara3resolved20.7
40021Defect Data iterator insert MERGE operation is actually doing a REPLACE operationmartyp3open20.739876  
40017DefectBuildReferences to labkey-client-api in various dependencies uses legacy group and versionGuest3closed20.3 Approved and Code Reviewed
40016DefectClient-SpecificInvestigate using vocabulary properties on assay designkevink3open20.7   
40015DefectStudyUpdating dataset row in date-based study nulls out calculated timepoint dataGuest3closed20.7
40014DefectBuildAuto-delete JDBC drivers from CATALINA_HOME/lib during pickPg and pickMsSqljeckels3resolved20.7
40013Feature RequestSAMLProviding a mechanism to mark a SAML configuration as auto-redirectGuest3closed20.739942
40012DefectReportingQuery webpart saved charts not rendering in custom viewBernie2resolved20.4
40011DefectQueryQuery API calls within trigger scripts run in separate transactionGuest2closed19.339923Approved and Code Reviewed
40010DefectIssuesRelated field is shown as updating when nothing has changedankur3open20.7   
40009DefectQueryOrder By functionality is reversedtriage3open20.739804  
40008DefectSample ManagerLineage display - label sources as in the details view as sources instead of parentsSusan Hert2open20.5   
40004Defect Trigger Script availability and ETL support docsmartyp3open20.739876  
40002DefectAdminApplication Admins can't access site-wide look and feel settingsGuest2closed20.3 Approved and Code Reviewed
40001DefectNABSampleSets created prior to 19.21 may not have an exp.objectchetc (LabKey Support)2resolved19.339983Approved and Code Reviewed
39998TodoProvenancerun builder: resolve samples by alternate key when pasting samplesmartyp3open20.7   
39996Defect LabKey sql - allow WHERE to accept values with special character such as colon(:)xyang3open20.7   
39991TodoCoreRemove FileRootCopyExpectedFailureSimulator and FileRootCopyUnexpectedFailureSimulator core module propertiesjeckels3open20.7   
39990DefectExperimentLineageTest.testListAndSampleLineage() fails to close ResultSetGuest2closed20.4
39987DefectSamplesProblems with new Sample Type designerGuest3closed20.4   
39986Feature RequestSecurityMinimum password length configurable (8, 12, 15, 20, 32, etc.) charactersGuest3closed20.7   
39980DefectCDSDataSpace - Learn/Assay/Nab/Antigen - scrolling and sizing issuexyang3resolved20.3
39979DefectCDSDataSpace - Style issue with empty Learn/Assay/Nab/Antigen search resultGuest3closed20.3   
39978DefectCDSDataSpace - Learn/Assay/Nab/Antigen - Panels not populatedGuest2closed20.3   
39975Defect Violating foreign key constraint when editing a run with same file as data input and outputGuest2closed20.4   
39973Defect ModuleLoader change breaks backward compatible reference to LabkeyServerBootstrapClassLoadermartyp2resolved20.7
39968DefectSample ManagerCannot update assay result field to "All Samples"Guest2closed20.4
39967Defect In SkylineDocImporter.insertLibInfo() the tableInfo parameter is not being used, and the BiblioSpec table is always used for the inserts.Guest3closed20.3 Approved and Code Reviewed
39966DefectR Remote APIWould like the ability to create new projects and subfolders through the R APIKarl Lum3resolved20.539895
39965Feature RequestR Remote APICreate indices on lists using the R APIKarl Lum3resolved20.539912
39964DefectSample ManagerLabels for Sample Type and Source Type parents should be truncated in the create & update dialogs.Guest3closed20.4
39963DefectClient APIUpdate sessionParticipantGroup to include filter metadataGuest3closed20.339897  
39960DefectClient APIProjects web part not behaving as expectedmohara3open20.739927  
39955Feature RequestR Remote APIbatchPropertyList is not supported in labkey.experiment.saveBatch via RLabkeyKarl Lum3resolved20.539834
39954TodoClient-SpecifichvtnFlow: merge changes from modules16.3 to developGuest3closed20.3 Approved (Needs Code Review)
39953DefectJava Client APIinconsistent date formats in Java client library SaveRowsResponse vs. SelectRowsResponsechetc (LabKey Support)3open20.739898  
39947DefectShared ComponentsUI-Components: Omnibox doesn't show sorts when URLPrefix is usedalanv3open20.6   
39945DefectIssuesNPE generates when user updates issue due to permissions on related issuesGuest3closed20.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
39939TodoReportingRemove ExportExcelReport?Matthew Bellew3open20.4   
39938DefectUser interfaceDomainDesigner seems not to respect scale when opening list for editChrisJ3resolved20.4   
39935DefectDataWhen creating a new list, the fields section should start in the expanded stateuxtriage3open20.7   
39934DefectDataShould not use "decimal" to describe floating point data typecnathe3open20.7   
39930DefectUser interface"Learn About" page not rendering properly in SafariGuest1closed20.339922
39926DefectQueryNullPointerException in org.labkey.query.controllers.QueryController$GetColumnSummaryStatsAction.execute()Dan Duffek3resolved20.4
39921DefectSamplesNPE importing samplesGuest3closed20.4
39920Todo Enable the new ImmPort data finder by enabling configuration of the links pointing to the datafinder pageGuest3closed20.3 Approved and Code Reviewed
39918DefectSample ManagerWhen editing a Source Type expanding the "fields" panel will trigger the dirty flag.Guest3closed20.4   
39917DefectSample ManagerManually adding a field to an existing Source Type results in Created date and Created By for the Source to be cleared.Guest3closed20.4   
39915DefectSpecimensSpecimen designer - mixed warnings about blank spaces in field namesankur3open20.4   
39914TodoCoreSwitch Java 14 to "tested"Guest2closed20.3 Review Requested
39913TodoBiologicsSwitch calls to dismissCoreWarnings.api to dismissWarnings.apiGuest3closed20.4
39911DefectShared ComponentsEditableGrid issue with pasting values into a cell that has a lookup that is not publicTrey3resolved20.4
39908DocumentationFlow"Save Metadata" should be "'Set Metadata"Guest3closed20.3   
39906TodoCoreDeprecate PostgreSQL 9.4Guest2closed20.3 Approved and Code Reviewed
39905Feature RequestStudyExpose Study Schema's VisitMap table for SQL QueriesRosalineP2open20.739899  
39904DefectShared ComponentsUX - domain designers have inconsistent padding on details columnmartyp4open20.4   
39903DefectBiologicsMultivalue lookups not able to pull in other lookup informationtriage3open20.439902  
39894DocumentationJava Client APIDocument Java APIsGuest2closed20.4   
39889DefectAdminPermission/Impersonation issue with Runschetc (LabKey Support)3open20.339738  
39888DefectQueryOut Of Memory Exporting Large FilesGuest2closed19.3 Approved and Code Reviewed
39887DefectShared ComponentsList designer - extra "Domain property events" being added to to audit log with new designer for unmodified fieldsGuest3closed20.3 Approved and Code Reviewed
39886DefectStudyDemo study roundtrip fails - metadata xml overrides "for table that doesn't exist" whether they do or notGuest3closed20.3