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42581DefectSample ManagerFM: Performance can be laggy when cloning large hierarchies in freezer configurationhannahb3open21.04 
42580DefectSurveyLabKey Survey - Unchecked checkbox values save as NULLtriage3open21.0342579
42567DefectSample Manager"Create Samples" from Source Overview Page should use the Create Samples Modaltriage3open21.03 
42565DefectBiologicsNotifications: Notification drop down displays notifications for more than just the Biologics foldertriage3open21.03 
42561DefectAuditingData missing when downloading Group eventstriage3open21.0342545
42558Defect Exception found from invalid API Dataset creationtriage3open21.03 
42556Feature RequestTargetedMSReplicate names on x-axis in QC plotsjeckels3open21.07 
42552Feature RequestELNELN: Discussion email URL links to LKStriage3openTBD 
42551DefectELNELN: Remirror links missing protocoltriage3openTBD 
42550DefectELNELN: Discussion editing incorrecttriage3openTBD 
42549DefectELNELN: Returned for Changes not filtering correctlytriage3openTBD 
42548PerformanceELNELN: Puppeteer taking 15-25 seconds to render PDFtriage3openTBD 
42547DefectELNELN: Paste images from files does not worktriage3openTBD 
42546Defect Improve performance of Rlabkey import for large number of rowstriage3open21.0342544
42541DefectQuerySchema browser fails to navigate to some queriestriage3open21.07 
42534Defect EHR test failures caused by waiting for Loading to disappear.Guest3closed21.03 platform#2034
42528DefectQuerySQLException getting aggregates for a long pivot column nametriage3open21.07 
42527Defect Summary View 'isPrimaryKey' columntriage3open21.07 
42521DefectPipelineCan't run an ETL job with two org.labkey.di.pipeline.RunReportTask stepsGuest3closed21.03 platform#2019
42518DefectTargetedMSIllegalStateException from org.labkey.targetedms.chart.ChromatogramDataset$GeneralMoleculeDataset.addPrecursorAsSeries()Guest3closed21.03 targetedms#338
42515DefectShared ComponentsLayout issue for NavBar with medium-sized screensNick Kerr2open21.03 labkey-ui-components#453
42514DefectStudyDrawTimestamp column is of type "Other" in study.SpecimenDetailtriage3open20.1142494
42507Feature RequestInventoryChecking in samples and deprecating all or more than all current amounthannahb3open21.07 
42503DefectListsLists with Attachment fields only import if key is 'auto-increment integer'adam3open21.03 
42499Defect Workflow Job Create/Update Sample Searchtriage3open21.03 Sharenet.S330.ex.txt: Method not yet supported.hannahb1open20.1142491
42496DefectUser interfaceLingering General/GPAT terminology in UI after Standard/Specialty changeovertriage3open21.03 
42490DefectFileContentNPE When Moving a Folder via Folder Mgmt UIGuest3closed21.0342466platform#2007
42489DefectClient APIBug With Uploading Batch Objects using Python API experiment.save_batchRosalineP2open21.0742398
42484DefectCoreJDK 16 reflection changes incompatible with many librariestriage2open21.07 
42477DefectAuditingTruncate historical audit logstriage3openTBD42323
42476DefectCoreSupport JSON and JSONB operators and functions on PostgresGuest3closed21.03 platform#1996
42475DefectBiologicsAdd file image to data class details pageBernie3open21.03 
42471Feature RequestSamplesDelete button on LKS Sample Types easy to confuse with the trash can (deletion of selected sample rows)triage4openTBD 
42468DefectMessagesRespect email subscription settings for message board moderatorsGuest3closed21.03 platform#1991
42464DefectSample ManagerSample type export does not include label color or unitsGuest2closed21.03 
42461Feature RequestSample ManagerAllow Cloning of Freezershannahb3open21.07 
42460Feature RequestSample ManagerAllow Storage Units (like Racks) to Move Between Freezershannahb3open21.07 
42452Defect Failed to close the ServletOutputStream connection cleanly on WsRemoteEndpointImplServer doClosetriage3open21.03 
42450Defect Add regression test for importing survey timestamp from REDCaptesttriage2open21.03 
42442DefectStudyDataset: Audit logging not working for mergeGuest2closed21.03 platform#1980
42441Feature RequestStudyLocation metrics within StudyGuest3closed21.03 platform#1985
42440DefectSample ManagerInventory metricsGuest3closed21.03 inventory#189
42438DefectBiologicsAssays in a subfolder of Biologics block lineage graph from loadingtriage3open21.0342263
42435DefectSecurityWhen multiple primary LDAP authentication configurations are defined, only one is recognized when creating new usersBernie3open21.0341045
42430DefectInventoryAllow for empty/null barcode field in the items tablehannahb2resolved21.0342429inventory#194
42428DefectTargetedMSUsability improvements for Panorama small molecule schemajeckels3openTBD 
42425DefectStudyProblems with adding new locationshannahb3open21.0342402
42424DefectSurveySurvey form not loading existing datatriage3openTBD42400
42423DefectIssuesAttaching a file with name > 195 characters to an issue causes RuntimeValidationExceptiontriage3openTBD overflows on very long file namesGuest3closed21.03 platform#1974
42420Feature RequestETLSupport source query filter via ETL XMLmartyp2resolved21.0342407platform#1979
42418DefectCoreAudit Log: Domain Property Event log no longer has link to Domain EventGuest3closed21.03 platform#1973
42415Feature RequestAssayCreate container-specific Current Folder "auto copy to study" assay settingGuest2closed21.0342328platform#1983
42409DocumentationSamplesXML counter columns exampleGuest3closed21.03 
42403DefectShared Components@labkey/components: mountWithServerContext throws error when used externallyNick Kerr3open21.03 
42401DefectStudyDuplicate Category names show up in studies with shared datasetsmohara3resolved21.03 platform#2017
42399DefectSample ManagerSample Manager - Inconsistent error messaging around small sample amountshannahb3openTBD 
42394DefectQueryRuntimeSQLException: Must declare the scalar variable "@p1entityid". during list import on SQLserverGuest3closed21.03 platform#1989
42392DefectQueryQuery name exposed via linked schema is case-sensitiveSweta Jewargikar3resolved20.1142367platform#1964
42387DefectStudyStudy, Reimport fails with ERROR: study.xml refers to a file that does not exist: /specimens/Study1.specimensGuest2closed21.03 
42386DefectSample ManagerSample Type: Creating Sample Type with inferred fields doesn't recognize Sample ID as valid fieldSusan Hert3open21.04 
42384DefectBuildMake adjustments for Jcenter/Bintray being sunsettedGuest3closed21.03 server#47
42383DefectSample ManagerFM: When adding samples to storage, the Sample ID dropdown in the editable grid often has a sampleId that is already in storagexyang3open21.04 
42377DefectBuildAPI module in distributions is sometimes incompleteGuest2closed21.02 gradlePlugin#117
42376Defect Set startup properties for hosted LKSM instancesstuartm3open21.03 terraform_cloud#248
42373DefectDataNPE possible during folder import when no folder type providedGuest2closed21.02 platform#1952
42371DefectTargetedMSInstrument summary should be on replicate page, and filter to current Skyline documentGuest3closed21.03 targetedms#331
42368DefectStudyPublish study wizard remains open and shows JavaScript console errortriage3open21.03 
42359DefectSamplesSampleTypeFolderExportImportTest.testExportImportDerivedSamples on sqlserverGuest3closed21.03 platform#1946
42356DefectDataFolder import fails when there is an existing sample type of the same nameGuest3closed21.03 platform#1946
42355PerformanceAssayLarge number of rows in assay run takes a long time to load copy to study pageGuest2closed21.0342327OConnorLabModules#66
42354DefectBuildremove plugins from server/modules/build.gradleGuest3closed21.03 
42353DefectSample ManagerNew Storage Type: Tube Racksteveh2resolved21.03 inventory#191
42350DefectCloud StorageCloudContainerListener is overly aggressive at attempting cleanup during container deletiontriage3open21.03 
42349DefectTargetedMSCalibrationCurvePrecursors.sql causing performance problems on PanoramaWebGuest2closed20.11 targetedms#323
42348DefectExternal dataREDCap import does not get survey timestampGuest2closed21.0342338cdisc_ODM#37
42342DefectSample ManagerFormatting issues with notifications drawerGuest3closed21.03 labkey-ui-components#437
42334Feature RequestExternal dataAdd group_concat support to Redshift moduletriage3open21.03 
42330Defect Lookup when validation is turned on is not resolving correctlyGuest2closed21.03 platform#1947
42319TodoTargetedMSMake the Skyline software version available through the targetedms apiGuest3closed20.11 targetedms#322
42317DefectTargetedMSNPE in download column of replicates grid when instrument info is not available for a sample fileGuest3closed20.11 targetedms#321
42315DefectIssuesIssue tracker showing broken lookups for user columns to guestsGuest2closed21.02 platform#1929
42313DefectSecurityInvalidNameException error in LDAP configuration for invalid principal template valueadam3resolved21.03 ldap#28
42311DefectExternal dataWe don't handle the 'TIME' field type from Redshiftadam3open21.07 
42310DefectBiologicsEdit on Data Class details page appears to not loading lookupsNick Kerr2open21.0342261
42295DefectMothershipClassCastException in MetricJSONDisplayColumnGuest3closed21.03 platform#1920
42283Todo Change email message to new users for LKSM Trialstuartm3open21.02 trialServices#25
42281DefectTargetedMSIllegalFormatArgumentIndexException expanding Skyline audit logs under JDK 16Guest2closed20.11 targetedms#317
42279Feature RequestSample ManagerPink shading for 'reserved' spaces in Sample Manager disappears when selectedhannahb3open21.07 
42278DefectSample ManagerLabel for option to view storage by: "Full container list" is ambiguous/confusingGuest3closed21.03 
42266DefectSample ManagerFM: Capacity part of freezer overview page does not update as expected.Guest2closed21.03 
42264DefectAdminEmail message for adding users on a LKSM Trial has a broken linkGuest3closed21.03 platform#1764
42260DefectBiologicsRegistry menu bar doesn't scroll when number of data classes gets longChrisJ3open21.0342259
42253DefectShared ComponentsReact date parsing does not respect the Date Parsing Mode in the Look and Feel Settingstriage3open21.03 
42247DefectSample ManagerLKFM home has smaller spacing between header and panelsGuest2closed21.02 inventory#177
42245Defect Created by column values not transferred after Rsync of filesGuest3closed21.03 
42244DefectDataImporting dates for Excel files created with Excel 2008 for Mac or earlier creates dates shifted by approximately 4 yearsGuest2closed21.03 platform#1941
42242Defect Dataset suggested columns causing ETL conflictsmartyp2open20.1142194platform#1898
42238DefectIssuesIssues API doesn't support closing an issue and assigning to guestGuest3closed21.0342188platform#1885