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45534DefectTargetedMSInclude full +/- 3 SD range for multi-series plots with SD as y-axis rangecnathe3open22.03 
45533Feature RequestFreezer ManagerLKFM: Bags and canes (which lack 2 dimensions) show StorageCol in tableSusan Hert3open22.07 
45532Defect LKSM: Using file import to bulk update errors when required fields aren't presentSusan Hert2open22.06 
45529Feature Request Decrease #container margins at medium browser widthSusan Hert2open22.07 
45525DefectTargetedMSFile handles are not closed when searching for Skyline document sample filesvsharma1open22.03 targetedms#541
45524DefectUser interfaceIf I change the page size for a grid to a value larger than the total number of rows I no longer have a paging control to set the page size back.Susan Hert3open22.07 
45522DefectUser interfaceGrid search does not find extended characters in MSSQLtriage3open22.07 
45521Defect Support Checkboxes in ELN Notebookstriage3open22.0745485
45519DefectAuditingAudit Log - Recording of folder exportJon (LabKey DevOps)3resolved22.07 platform#3373
45513Defect Validate that LabKey Server 22.3 works with most recent version of RStudio Workbenchtriage2open22.03 
45509Defect Update tooltip for Name field on Sample Types/Source Types/Data Classes since you can now edit them latertriage3open22.06 
45499DefectELNNotebook stylesheet still resides in LKB modulealanv3open22.06 
45498DefectTargetedMSShow cross-linked peptide sequence infoSweta Jewargikar3resolved22.0345172targetedms#537
45497Feature RequestWikiInter-wiki link to a wiki alias does not display page title as the real/old page name doesmohara3resolved22.06 platform#3362
45495TodoTargetedMSUpdate psi-ms-PARSED.xml with new instruments added recently to the PSI-MS CVSweta Jewargikar3resolved22.03 targetedms#536
45492DefectWorkbooksgetContainers.api times out when server has many workbooksKarl Lum3open22.0745431
45491DefectBiologicsRegistry, Compound: Change default naming pattern to CMP-${genId}Rob Morphew2resolved22.06 biologics#1306
45490DefectBiologicsRegistry, Compound: Update precision of Average Mass, Monoisotopic Mass to 4 digitsGuest2closed22.06 biologics#1307
45487DefectSample Manager"Your Items" menu should be consistent across products or removedtriage3open22.07 
45486Feature RequestBiologicsBiologics: Bulk Editing of Assay Run PropertiesBernie2open22.0745473
45484DefectBiologicsAssay Runs and Results pages do not have Template download button or Manage menu in headertriage3open22.07 
45483DefectBiologicsSample creation Bulk Add modal does not support choosing between Derivatives, Pooled samples or Aliquots in LKBtriage3open22.07 
45482DefectQueryTableSelector.getRowCount generates invalid SQL when using SQL ServerGuest3closed22.07 platform#3355
45481Defect Styling in the Admin Settings page panels for the LKB and LKSM is differenttriage3open22.07 
45480DefectBiologicsLKB: Unable to create molecule in project relating to protein in projectGuest2closed22.0645432
45479DefectSample ManagerEditable grids should set a dirty bit if there are unsaved changes.Susan Hert2open22.07 
45478DefectVisualizationSwitch to continuous lines for mean and +/- SD values in Level-Jennings plotscnathe3open22.07 
45474DefectIssuesAdding an attachment to an issue or ticket does not trigger notificationsKarl Lum3open22.0745470
45469DefectExternal dataUpdate to 21.11 connection with MariaDBGuest3closed22.0745423
45466DefectExperimentMultiple LSID matches from ExperimentServiceImpl.findType()Guest3closed22.07 platform#3333
45464DefectCoreStrict OOXML documents aren't supported - do better at detecting and warningSweta Jewargikar2resolved22.07 platform#3360
45463DefectStudyUpdate UI to clarify managing/defining/setting additional custom study propertiesKarl Lum3open22.0745435
45461DefectTargetedMSLevey-Jennings error bars vertical lines add visual noisejeckels3resolved22.03 platform#3345
45460DefectBiologicsELN: Generating ELN from ELN templates in subfoldersChrisJ2resolved22.0645447labbook#170
45459Feature RequestELNGenerated Notebook Names Not Guarenteed to be Uniquealanv2open22.0645299
45458DefectSample ManagerSupport Multiple BarTender Printerssteveh3open22.07 
45457DefectODBCSupport for JDBC or ODBC Connection to Informatica IICSsteveh3open22.0745117
45454DefectBiologicsLKB: Lookup to int pk list shows the Int PK instead of the display column in "Confirmation" page of Mixture creationNick Kerr3open22.0645433
45453DefectBiologicsLKB: Selection methods not returned when selecting a vector from a subfolderChrisJ2resolved22.0645409platform#3332
45452DefectSample ManagerSM: Exporting grid to excel from Sample Finder results in "Bad filter syntax" if filter has both a parent and source filterDan Duffek3resolved22.06 platform#3342
45451DefectSample ManagerGrid drop down menu does not retract after selecting a new number of rowsSusan Hert3open22.07 
45450Feature Request Rename "edit snapshot"/"update snapshot" to "refresh snapshot"laurenb3resolved22.07 
45449DefectStudyPublished studies with automatic refresh are not automatically refreshing snapshotsmartyp3open22.07 
45445DefectComplianceCompliance logging 'all query access' does not work with auto-assignment to cohortsGuest2closed22.03 platform#3330
45443Feature RequestELNELN, Focus on "My" notebooksalanv2open22.06 
45440DefectTargetedMSMoving range plot broken when choosing Percent of Mean or Standard Deviation y-axis optionsSweta Jewargikar3resolved22.03 targetedms#530
45439DefectTargetedMSRevert change to use absolute value for standard deviations in QC plotsGuest3closed22.03 platform#3325
45438DefectBiologicsUpdate button incorrectly labeled for sample types in LKBtriage4open22.07 
45436DefectBiologicsInconsistency between LKSM and LKB when creating aliquots or derived samples.triage3open22.07 
45432DefectBiologicsError generating M- in folderGuest2closed22.05 biologics#1290
45422DefectSample ManagerSM: Need to enter a time value in a date time field if the system is set to non-U.S. date parsing.triage4openTBD 
45421Defect User impersonation combo box is selecting wrong user when deactivated user is in the list.Guest3closed22.06 platform#3321
45413DefectSample ManagerSample count in 'Finish Creating Samples' button is not accurateGuest3closed22.05 
45408Feature RequestAdminOption to export the results of Validate QueriesKarl Lum3open22.0745323
45405DefectSample ManagerSM: Async import status from other folders are registering in the current LKSM folder.xyang3open22.07 
45404DefectStudyUpdating study.participantvisit.VisitRowId taking ~30 seconds on openresearch.labkey.comMatthew Bellew3open22.07 
45403Defect New grid component cannot search on 'Alias' field contentstriage3open22.07 
45402DefectExperimentexperiment-showMaterial.view fetches Runs too oftenjeckels3resolved22.07 platform#3318 is ignored when generating HTMLGuest3closed22.03 platform#3317
45396DefectELNELN: Add comment errorGuest3closed22.05 platform#3239
45393DefectTargetedMSReplicated raw files create replicate/QC plot mismatchestriage4open22.07 
45392DefectSamplesImporting samples via XLSX succeeds but logs post-import error and fails jobmartyp3resolved22.03 platform#3312
45391DefectSample ManagerExcel export filename does not match table name as expectedGuest3closed22.07 
45389Defect Export successful messages keep accumulatingGuest4closedTBD 
45388DefectSample ManagerWorkflows excel exportGuest2closed22.07 
45385DefectSample ManagerDon't export empty sheets by defaultians2open22.06 
45378Feature Request LKSM Export/Import entire foldersGuest3closed22.0745348
45377DefectCorePoor performance determining required/active modules in a container with many workbooksKeith2resolved22.07 platform#3339
45376DefectCoreMigrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4triage3open22.07 
45375DefectCoreAdd index to speed common queries against core.notificationstriage3open22.07 
45374DefectSample ManagerLKSM issues when site "default display format for numbers" is setGuest3closed22.06 labkey-ui-components#826
45373DefectSample ManagerSample Finder export generates ambiguous column header namesxyang2open22.06 
45372DefectQueryQClause not searching visible fieldstriage3open22.07 
45368DefectListsAttachment fields containing field names with spaces doesn't show attachmentbinalpatel3open22.0745341
45366Defect Export of Sample Finder results produces empty files (both Biologics and Sample Manager)Guest2closed22.05 labkey-ui-components#825
45355DefectExperimentLKS: Align button labelling in Sample Types and Data ClassesNick Kerr3open22.0745346platform#3310
45354Feature RequestCoreRequest to include MVI during exportGuest3closed22.07 
45353Feature RequestSample ManagerLKSM/LKS users: Cannot create a naming pattern reference (with walking the lookup) cross folderGuest3closed22.03 platform#3307
45352DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Create Sources/Samples in grid doesn't update with lesser number of rowsGuest3closed22.06 
45351Feature RequestAuditingLKSM: Show data changes in regular audit logSusan Hert2open22.08 
45350Defect LKSM: Error when updating Text choice fields as part of SourcesGuest2closed22.05 platform#3315
45347DefectAuditingAudit table data not available in linked schemamartyp3resolved22.0745330platform#3308
45345DefectCoreConnection pool validation query can add seconds to HTTP requestsjeckels3open22.07 
45344DefectExperimentexperiment-showMaterial.view fetches ProtocolApplications way too oftenGuest3closed22.07 platform#3295
45333DefectFlowFlow analysis grid "Query > Edit Metadata" menu item hangs forever on malformed/stale URL patternMatthew Bellew3open22.07 
45332DefectBiologicsInconsistent use of Registry DataClass categories in LKBtriage3open22.07 
45328DefectSample ManagerShould the 'More' grid menu be present in a samples aliquots grid?Dan Duffek3resolved22.06 labkey-ui-components#828
45327Feature RequestFlowFlowJo - Group from the Workspacetriage4openTBD45302
45325DefectSample ManagerWith new entity grid actions menu switching to grid edit from bulk edit dialog takes you back to originating pagecnathe2open22.06 
45324DefectSamplessample request with only aliquots requested doesn't send request to the serverRosalineP3open22.07 
45318Feature RequestQueryWant query dependency report to reflect lookups to/from the tablesMatthew Bellew3open22.07 
45315TodoCoreRemove DomainEditorServiceBase?adam3open22.07 
45312Feature RequestBiologicsRole "Recipe Ingredient Reader" Should Be Required for Viewing of Ingredients in Mixture BatchesChrisJ3resolved22.05 recipe#64
45311DefectAdminWarning about time difference for Web and Database Server Time needs to catch both 'directions'Guest3closed22.07 platform#3280
45304Feature RequestBiologicsLKB: Cannot assign permissions to subfolder when permissions are inheritedChrisJ3resolved22.05,
45303DefectBiologicsLKB: Adding samples from a Project to a freezer only brings in one sample throughhannahb2open22.05 
45301DefectAdminDisallow impersonating inactive usersGuest2closed22.0745293platform#3280
45298PerformanceCoreOptimize notification count retrievalGuest3closed22.07 platform#3299
45295DefectBiologicsSupport format indication message wrong for NucSequence, ProtSequence, Vectors ... when updating from a filemartyp3open22.05 
45292DefectSearch**Sample FInder visual bugsxyang2open22.06