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 29476DefectMS2Protein filter dropped after doing Customize Grid on peptide comparison viewxyang3open17.1   
29473Defect If a rstudio docker container has been removed/deleted outside of LabKey results in a server side error if you go to rstudio-start.viewMatthew Bellew3open17.1  RStudio testing
29472Defect Launching rstudio docker container from menu "admin/developer links/rstudio server" fails to start the docker container on first try.Dan Duffek3open17.1  RStudio testing
29471Defect Cannot delete an rstudio docker container if you launch rstudio from the rstudio-start.view page.Matthew Bellew3open17.1  RStudio testing
29470DefectNABAfter QC'ing NAb Data, the Default Graph is 5 Curves (and 2 Per Row)frankl3resolved17.1   
29466DefectBiologicsPolishing Workflow Page UIcnathe3open17.1   
29465DefectBiologicsPopulate Dropdowns for Entities when User's Focus is Placed In Search Text Boxfrankl3resolved17.2   
29464DefectBiologicsInvalidate Grid Data when Creating New Issuefrankl3resolved17.1   
29461DefectDataScrolling slowly for long grids snaps back to top repeatedlyNick Arnold3open17.1   
29460DefectCDSAdjustments to Home page / Get startedDan Duffek3resolved17.1  Prioritized bugs - 17.1.4
29458DefectCDSUpdate message in Learn when no studies returnedDan Duffek3resolved17.1  Prioritized bugs - 17.1.4
29457DefectVisualizationBar plot y-axis COUNT aggregate option doesn't generate expected valuesSusan Hert3resolved17.1  ITN RNAC Placeholder
29453DefectBiologicsWorkflow Landing: Adjust layout for smaller displaysNick Arnold3resolved17.1   
29450DefectCDSDataSpace: filter on grid result in plot loading failurexyang3open17.2  Prioritized bugs - 17.2.1
29446DefectSurveyAuthor permission only allows users to generate Surveys of their own, but not allow them to edit them.Karl Lum3open17.129293  
29442DefectVisualizationPanorama QC plot for small molecule data has incomplete legend(s)mohara4resolved17.1   
29441DefectClient-SpecificSend adjudicators to the Case Overview tab in email notificationsDave Bradlee3resolved17.1   
29440DefectClient APIUpdate jQueryNick Arnold2open17.2   
29439DefectIssuesall_issues query table should contain the common columns used by the base issue domain kindKarl Lum3open17.2   
29435DefectBiologicsReactSelect popup for entities and samples should not show flag valueRyan Luce3resolved17.2   
29434TodoBiologicsAdd verbiage when building molecule that nucleotide sequence is molecule component, not that it can be translated to protein (and then used in Molecule)joshd3open17.2   
29433TodoBiologicsNeed mechanism to delete individual rows of dataclasses and samplesetskevink3open17.2   
29432TodoBiologicsWhen submitting Molecule, insert alias inputted for Molecule into new Molecule Set and new Molecular species createdkevink3open17.1   
29431DefectBiologicsThe Color of Assay Button is Off (Mismatched Green)frankl3resolved17.1   
29430DefectBiologicsSort PS Dropdown Numerically (and Add Card Views)frankl3open17.2   
29429DefectClient-SpecificAllow admins to see Infection Monitor tabDave Bradlee3resolved17.1   
29428DefectClient-SpecificChange display name to show email throughout adjudication moduleDave Bradlee3resolved17.1   
29427Defect Capture FlowJo Workspace XML parsing exception for non-xml file and present message to userrond3open17.2   
29425DefectListsMobileAppStudy lists show first text field of parent lists as value for ParentId lookup.fieldians3open17.1  Parse and respond to survey design changes
29422DefectBuildGradle build doesn't handle deeper optionalModulesTrey2resolved17.1  Convert TeamCity test build to Gradle
29421DefectExperimentSample Sets: Cannot update samples with unexpected LSIDkevink3resolved17.1   
29418Defect List Tooltip is Causing Screen to Jump ScrollDave Bradlee4open17.2   
29417DefectBuildGradle: Problems resolving taglibs and entries in web.xmlSusan Hert3open17.1   
29416Defect FileTransfer WordsmithingGuest3closed17.1   
29414DefectMothershipMothership.js can lock up browser while generating a stacktracekevink3open17.1   
29413Defect File Transfer > Row Details Does Not Show AvailableGuest3closed17.1   
29412Defect When Exporting FileTransfer List, the Available Column Prints FileName Field Values its Pointing ToGuest3closed17.1   
29411Defect Remove Dropdown (Filter/Sort, etc.) from Available Column in FileTransferGuest3closed17.1   
29410Defect FileTransfer "Customize" Must Be Limited to Site AdministratorGuest3closed17.1   
29406DefectUser interfaceData Region: Clear Filter not workingGuest2closed17.1   
29405DefectCDSSubjects counts are truncated in Antigen filtering paneDan Duffek3resolved17.1  Prioritized bugs - 17.1.4
29404DefectCDSAdjust text for search dialog for Learn AboutDan Duffek3resolved17.1  Prioritized bugs - 17.1.4
29403DefectAdminInactive adjudication users still receive email notificationsGuest2closed17.1   
29400DefectMS2"Export Selected" does not work for grouped peptide viewsjony2resolved17.129380  
29397DefectCDSDataSpace: Continuous time filter and Categorical time filter now consumes each otherGuest2closed17.1  Last vaccination date column
29395DefectCDSDataSpace: Study Axis tooltip and filter missing alignment informationxyang3open17.2   
29394DefectCDSDataSpace: Unable to expand Time Point filter detailsGuest2closed17.1  Last vaccination date column
29391Defect url to _users looks to occasionally cause exceptionGuest3closed17.1   
29390DefectIssuesNPE on Viewing Issues with Related issue(s)Guest1closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29389DefectTargetedMSFix moving runs to / from chromatogram library and QC folder typesvsharma3open17.1   
29379DefectCDSDataSpace: tooltip for binned plot doesn't have alignment information for study datesGuest3closed17.1  Last vaccination date column
29372DefectUser interfaceHover box typos for Panorama QC Levey-Jennings plotsGuest3closed17.1  mR, CUSUMm and CUSUMv QC plots
29366DefectCDSDataSpace: Align by Last Vaccination still joins visittagalignment tableGuest2closed17.1  Last vaccination date column
29363DefectBiologicsWhen submitting protein sequence from abacus with chain format, it is skipping classification stepkevink3open17.1   
29362DefectBiologicsGrid pagination not showing right total amount of rows after filteringGuest3closed17.1   
29361DefectExperimentSupport updating lineage for DataClasseskevink2open17.2   
29355DefectBiologicsRecipe Registration Ingredients Should Show Scientific Namejoshd3open17.1   
29352DefectStudyProblems Exporting to Study Archivecnathe2open17.1   
29351DefectSearchTikaExceptions are no longer handled correctly at indexing timeGuest3closed17.1   
29349DefectMothershipUsageReportingLevel reference to TargetedMS schema causes IllegalStateExceptionadam3resolved17.1   
29346DefectBiologicsParent Issue - can't submit with multiple users in notify listGuest3closed17.1   
29344Defect File search in IntelliJ not able to recognize module as part of search string when using GradleSusan Hert3open17.1   
29339Defect Slow Loading Fluorospot Assay Run DetailsKarl Lum3open17.228680  
29338DefectNLPAdd lookup from experiment run ID to pipeline jobtgaluhn2open17.1   
29334DefectBiologicsbiologics grid doesn't use custom view column nameNick Arnold3open17.1   
29333DefectBiologicsbiologics grid not including values for the Inputs/Data/All/Name lookup columnkevink3resolved17.1   
29328Defect IntelliJ build and hot swapping not working in externalModules with GradleGuest3closed17.1   
29326DefectWikiWiki Export-Import Encoding Problemmartyp3open17.1   
29324DefectBuildGWT compile up-to-date check is not accuratejoec3open17.1   
29322DefectNLPDate displayed in abstraction UI is different from date enteredGuest2closed17.1   
29320DefectBiologicsHeader alignmentGuest2closed17.1   
29319DefectClient-SpecificUpdate parsing logic to match new response formatAngelica3resolved17.1  Parse and shred survey responses
29318DefectIssuesinsertIssues.api error responsesGuest2closed17.1   
29316Defect Gel Family Medical Review prompts the user to Discard changes even if the only changes made were from the Form prepopulate feature of PanelAssignerGuest3closed17.1   
29314DefectAssayStaggered table layouts in NAb results - td.labkey-alternate-row has extra paddingmohara3resolved17.1   
29312DefectUser interfaceMed Review: Backspace can remove a gene panel and you can't get it backGuest3closed17.1   
29311DefectClient-SpecificGenomics England Cancer History Timeline Issue: release 16.3Guest3closed16.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29310DefectAssayLow-throughput NAb assay import fails - no plate data foundGuest3closed17.1   
29309DefectUser interfaceMedical Review Gene Panel editing: drop down too small with each entry so largejimp3open17.2   
29307Defect Design list permission only granted to AssayDesignerRole, which is registered by StudyGuest2closed17.1   
29305DefectInstallerMobileAppStudy requires List moduleGuest2closed17.1   
29303TodoPython Client APIUpdate Python PackageNick Arnold2open17.1   
29302Defect Behavior for first time visit to editing Family Medical Review might be confusing.Guest3closed17.1  Automated population of gene panels into medical review workflow
29301Defect Changes made in Portal Admin for the project are not reflected in the Portal Admin page for a given portal.jimp3open17.2  Automated population of gene panels into medical review workflow
29299Defect Gel: Populate Medical Review is not silently failing over to PanelApp if there is an issue with PanelAssigner.Guest3closed17.1  Automated population of gene panels into medical review workflow
29294Defect DeduplicatedPhenotypeStatement.sql is complicated and might be better simplified to use a DeduplicatedPhenotypeReport.sqlDan Duffek3resolved17.1   
29291DefectAssayFishy size checks in idriManagerGuest3closed17.1   
29290DefectIssuesIssue upgrade can fail when upgrading issue lists in folders with long namesGuest2closed16.3   
29289DefectNLPNCI abstraction: unable to remove reviewer after upgradeGuest2closed17.1   
29286DefectWebdavwebdav False Delete recorded for directory in audit logSusan Hert3resolved17.1   
29285Defect Delete run when file is deletedGuest3closed17.1  Declutter uploaded Skyline files
29277DefectELISpotELISpot Tutorial Cannot Be Completed Due to ELISpot Assay DesignerDave Bradlee3open17.1   
29272DefectVisualizationColumns in chart exceed y-axis bounds for NaNGuest3closed17.1   
29271DefectVisualizationGrouped Bar Chart Will Not Render for Mean Aggregation on Specific DatasetGuest3closed17.1   
29270DefectFileContent'Created By' not populated when drag and dropping folderjimp3open17.129269  
29268DefectNABTooltips Box Not Showing All of TextKarl Lum3open17.2  NAb QC
29266DefectBiologicsassay header menu broken when there are more than 12 assaysjoshd3open17.1   
29265DefectWikiWiki top border/print buttons missing for guest usersmartyp3open17.1   
29252DefectTargetedMSNo log file message about file not found when trying to delete the file from a replaced runGuest3closed17.1  Declutter uploaded Skyline files
29251DefectTargetedMSIf replacing an imported run which used the already unzipped .sky file, the associated .sky.view and .skyd files are not deleted from the file systemGuest2closed17.1  Declutter uploaded Skyline files