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 30241DefectListsDeleted file column doesn't remove files from search indexians3open17.2   
30240DefectListsDeleting a file attachment column does not delete the fileadam2open17.2   
30239DefectCDSDataSpace: Row height on learn summary is dependent on datajoec3open17.2  Learn About Summary - layout changes
30235DefectStudyBlank study labels override existing study labels when importing from an existing foldercnathe3open17.2   
30234DefectAdminRemove configureAccountCreation.jsp?Susan Hert3open17.2   
30231DefectStudyInvestigate where we're using study label Matthew Bellew3open17.2   
30226Defect LKCLI: removing a user from a group it is not in returns a misleading responseians4open17.2   
30225Defect LKCLI list-groups for the root shows the site groups twiceians4open17.2   
30224DefectBiologicsexcel export from biologics should ensure the default sort if none appliedNick Arnold3open17.2   
30221DefectCDSDataSpace: only 1 row of description is displayed for learn Report summaryjoec4open17.2  Learn About Summary - layout changes
30219Defect Deleting an attachment column from a list does not result in the attachment being removed from the db.Dave Bradlee3open17.2   
30218DefectCoreCommitTaskOption.POSTROLLBACK tasks can cause "connection has been closed" exceptionsjeckels3open17.2   
30217DefectCDSDataSpace: active tab now longer has a red bottom borderjoec3open17.2  Learn About Summary - layout changes
30214DefectAssayIntroduce new value in runProperties.tsv to reference original input file pathjeckels2open17.2   
30210DefectListsAny design change to a list should result in the list being re-indexed for search.Dan Duffek3resolved17.2   
30209DefectReportingR report unattached to table can't be run in backgroundKarl Lum3open17.2   
30208DefectCDSDataSpace: Reports tab not displayed at 1024px width screenjoec3open17.2  Learn About Summary - layout changes
30207DefectCDSDataSpace: clean up "Study Product" labeljoec4open17.2  Learn About Summary - layout changes
30206DefectBuildGradle build should not update timestamps on unmodified .module filesSusan Hert3open17.2   
30205Todo Gradlew deployApp should output a timestamp when donejimp3resolved17.2   
30204Defect Have to enable "Index each item as a separate document" in order for index file attachments to work.Dan Duffek2resolved17.2   
30203DefectExtensibilitySupport more direct <%=wrapperDivId%> substitution in HTML viewsBen Bimber3open17.2 Review Requested 
30202Defect LKCLI able to reset password for a user that does not existGuest3closed17.2   
30201DefectClient APIUpdate response service to pass parameters for studyId, activityId, and activityVersionAngelica3resolved17.1   
30199DefectClient-SpecificGel Rare Diseases Summary tab initial load makes 24 ajax request and takes too longKristin3open17.2   
30198Defect LKCLI remove-role from sub-folders with inherited permissions produces strange errorGuest2closed17.2   
30197Defect LKCLI : get-userid does not return any valueGuest2closed17.2   
30195Defect Errors produced when entering invalid values show tracebackians3open17.2   
30194Defect LKCLI labkey commands name changesGuest3closed17.2   
30193Defect LKCI Error message when supplying non-existent group produces errorGuest3closed17.2   
30188DefectBiologicsDouble entry created when registering Raw Materialsjoshd3open17.2   
30187TestBuildAdd Accounts module to VCS roots in TeamCitySusan Hert3resolved17.2   
30186DefectCoreSupport importLookupByAlternateKey on QueryForeignKeykevink3open17.2   
30185DefectAdminNeed link or tab for folder- and project-level email customizationJessi Murray3open17.2   
30182DefectAdminAdd additional output formats when creating/rotating IAM security credentialBrian Connolly3resolved17.2   
30181Defect SCRI CDISC ODM Enable reloading sample-data-1.xml executed at appropriate time but logged errorGuest3closed17.2   
30180DocumentationSecurityDoc Review: Application Administratorsteveh3resolved17.2   
30179DefectNLPActivitiException from org.labkey.workflow.WorkflowManager.sendMessage()tgaluhn3open17.2   
30178DefectMessagesMessage insert with attachment failure results in message post but no email notificationadam3open17.2   
30177DefectPortalOptimistic concurrency exception in Portal.resetPages() during folder importadam3resolved17.2   
30175DefectClient-SpecificHave "Copy Datasets" action from immport module automatically hide empty datasetsMatthew Bellew3open17.2210  
30174DefectBiologicsDescription column shows up in the details component for entities and samplesjoshd3open17.1hosting   
30173DefectBiologicsName column shows up in the details component of Ingredient and Mixturejoshd3open17.1hosting   
30172DefectBiologicsRemove auto-capitalization of name on details pagekevink3resolved17.2   
30171DefectBiologicsCreating more than one group of samples shows the created samples filtered by only one group (run)joshd3open17.1hosting   
30170DefectBiologicsEditing a vector, selectionMethod combobox is empty and entering a value won't save itjoshd3open17.1hosting   
30169DefectBiologicsRegistering a new Vector without a selection method results in JSON parse errorkevink3resolved17.1Modules   
30167Defect ETLing and defining PDL (SRL) data in tsv's causing duplicate datarond2resolved17.2   
30164DefectStudyUnexpected Server Error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Should have found base MV column for ...Dave Bradlee2open17.230133  
30162DocumentationFlowRestore supported FlowJo versions wiki pagekevink2open17.2   
30158TodoAuditingCleanup/Review of SQL Indexing for large columnstgaluhn4open17.2   
30155DefectBuildIntellij can't resolve references to the org.labkey.api package space in pipeline xmlsSusan Hert3open17.2   
30154Defect SCRI CDISC ODM Configuration page specifying visitFieldOID fails to import when OID is specified, but does import when NAME is specified as visitFieldOIDGuest3closed17.2   
30150Defect SCRI CDISC ODM Configuration page with setting 'ImportAll' to false fails during importGuest3closed17.2   
30149Defect SCRI CDISC ODM Configuration page links to missing docGuest3closed17.2   
30148Defect SCRI CDISC ODM Import creates list with row with Key/Value not same as specified in source XMLGuest3closed17.2   
30147Defect SCRI CDISC ODM Import uses Name attributes for dataset names but uses OID attribute for list namesGuest3closed17.2   
30146DefectAssayLuminex antigen numbers being dropped on uploadKarl Lum2open17.130144  
30145DefectBiologicsRawMaterial details view fails to load when columns from ~~DETAILS~~ aren't foundGuest1closed17.1Modules   
30143Todo Create evaluation distributionMatthew Bellew2resolved17.2   
30141Defect Populating Test Type data in two placesGuest3closed17.2   
30140DefectCoreImprove instructions for seeking support in error messageskelseyg2open17.2   
30139DefectClient-SpecificGel Family panel on Summary tab uses ParticipantPedigree query which is still doing its own deduping of registration and diagnosisjimp3open17.2   
30138DefectClient-SpecificGel ParticipantData query giving PHI related error when FROM clause modified to change rare_diseases_registration to DeduplicatedRegistrationGuest3closed17.2   
30135Test Move the hosting TeamCity project to the Premium groupGuest3closed17.2   
30128DefectUser interfaceCDS: Saving a group filter causes scrollbar to disappear in main area.Guest2closed17.2   
30127Defect console.log in JavaScript throws an unsupported error in IE11 if the developer tools are not opened. joec3open17.2   
30123Defect Duplicate Administrator Dashboard for admins in HVTN's serverAngelica3resolved17.1   
30122DefectClient-SpecificDisplay Protocol Name as prefix for adjudication email subject/content lines and in headers in UIGuest3closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30121TestTest harnessConfigure RDS option on TeamCityTrey2open17.2   
30119TodoDataJSON type as textGuest3closed17.2   
30113DefectClient-SpecificGel family medical review records being saved with wrong family_id valueGuest2closed17.2   
30107DefectStudyQuery validation should not run for redcap import jobsKarl Lum2resolved17.1   
30106Defect TimeZone issue with reopening a document for abstractionGuest3closed17.2   
30095DefectQueryORDER BY clause not working in SQL statementsGuest2closed17.129982Approved and Code Reviewed 
30090DefectAssayOORIndicator Columns in isCalculatedBen Bimber3resolved17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30089DefectUser interfaceExtJS 4 production css themes missing selectorjeckels2resolved17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30087DefectBiologicsGrid selection: cannot assume "RowId"Nick Arnold2resolved17.2   
30086DefectBiologicsGrid selection: select all should pass filtersNick Arnold2resolved17.2   
30085DocumentationClient APIDoc Review: FDA App selectRows and executeSQLsteveh3resolved17.2  Read responses
30084DefectETLETL of query fails to output values of certain columnsryans2resolved17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30081DefectQueryQuery on the product team server not recognized as module-based, causes import to failGuest3closed17.2   
30068DefectListsNullPointerException in org.labkey.list.model.ListManagerSchema.createView()ryans3resolved17.2   
30062Defect Incorrect error message when PanelAssigner is unreachableryans2resolved17.2   
30061Defect User is not warned that their entries will be overridden when refreshing from PanelAssignerryans2resolved17.2   
30059DefectClient-SpecificPost Complete message appears in adjudication casesGuest2closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30058TestPrimate EHRSimple test for EHR action overridesmartyp3open17.2   
30054Defect Gel Rare Diseases Summary tab Summary panel not correctly sorting participant registration sub queryGuest2closed17.2   
30053DefectBuildMissing XSDs in the Gradle Task xsddocsteveh3resolved17.2   
30051DefectETLETL jobs can remain in schedule even when the ETL has changed or gone awaytgaluhn3open17.2   
30050DefectStudyNPE generates during study importGuest3closed17.230000  
30042DefectSecurityActive User list on Admin Console no longer sorts by timejony2resolved17.130024Approved and Code Reviewed 
30023Defect Null dates ETL'd into departure are not getting caught until onDeathDeparture in ScriptHelpermartyp3open17.2   
30022DefectBiologicsInventory schema issueskevink3open17.1hosting   
30021DefectBiologicsNeed upgrade script to bring existing RawMaterials into same shape as the templateGuest1closed17.1Modules   
30019Defect 'Some y-axis values are 0' banner does not go away when values filtered to greater than 0martyp3resolved17.2   
30018DefectNLPNullPointerException from org.labkey.nlp.model.NLPManager.getDiseaseGroupFieldMeta()tgaluhn3open17.2   
30014TodoSecurityAdmins no longer bcc'ed on users that registeravital3open17.230011  
30010TodoPipelineReview PipelineServiceImpl PipelineQueue initialization changejeckels3open17.2   
30008TodoAssayCache module-based assay providers and associated objectskevink3resolved17.2