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 23671DefectDataExported list of studies contains the project namekevink2open15.2  Export dataset data for Dataspace project
23670DefectUser interfaceStudy filter list contains name of projectMatthew Bellew2open15.2   
23669DefectDataExported datasets not using default viewkevink2open15.2131 Export dataset data for Dataspace project
23668DefectUser interfaceIt is not obvious how to enter new values when manually abstracting a documentmartyp2open15.2  Front end manual data entry (NLP)
23667DefectSecuritySecurityManager$UserAlreadyExistsException in 3closed15.2   
23665Defect Insert New Location is broken 2closed15.2   
23660TodoExperimentNLP: Give option to allow unknown json properties in the engine outputryans3resolved15.2   
23659DefectReportingError when you filter data in R script demo on labkey.orgcnathe3open15.2   
23658DefectCDSPlot: Undo message appears and disappears when removing a filter.Nick Arnold3resolved15.2   
23657DefectDataConfidence should be 1.00 for now for manually abstracted field results 2closed15.2  Front end manual data entry (NLP)
23656DefectSpecimensSearch Specimens option for "Grouped Vial Search" and "Individual Vial Search" does not change search type 3closed15.223648  
23655DefectStudyStudy Import stalls on MS SQL 2014Karl Lum3open15.223227  
23654DefectStudyIdentifying Query Snapshots using JavaScript (Ext3) APIKarl Lum3open15.323647  
23653DefectCoreUnable to delete project after moving some of it's subfolders, then deleting target projectDave Bradlee2open15.2  Automated tests for folder move
23652Defect Subfolder containing study with LuminexAssay does not retain LuminexAssayData on move to different projectDave Bradlee2open15.2  Automated tests for folder move
23651DefectMS2Comet decoy search does not workjeckels3resolved15.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
23650DefectIssuesIssue title no longer shows up in print viewNick Arnold3open15.2   
23649DefectSecurityAssay designers can't update plate templatesMatthew Bellew3open15.3   
23646DefectUser interfaceShow patients with NULLs in dashboard chart & dashboard table 2closed15.2  Apply active filters to dashboard
23645DefectUser interfaceNLP engine version is displaying in the Report JobRunId column 3closed15.2  Front end manual data entry (NLP)
23644DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: No way to clear a single variable after it has been set. 3closed15.2  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23643DefectUser interfaceArgos dashboard UI duplicationcnathe2open15.3   
23642DefectQueryDataIntegrityViolationException from   
23641Defect DavController$DavException in org.labkey.core.webdav.DavController$JsonAction.doMethod()martyp3open15.3   
23640Defect NullPointerException in   
23639DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: glyph legend for color variable is cut off if there are more than 6 elements. 4closed15.2  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23637DocumentationCoreDoc Review: Folder Title Changesteveh3open15.2   
23636DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: Hint window explaining why color/heat map is disabled should go away when mouse leaves area.Nick Arnold4open15.3   
23633DefectCDSCDS UI: Page selector in View Data Grid always paints on top of grid in IE and Firefoxmartyp3open15.3   
23631DefectCDSCDS UI: Connector/resources/images/none.gif results in 404cnathe4open15.3  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23629Defect ExpData URI should tolerate non-file URIs 3closed15.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
23628Defect Hover text for data points in single QC plot should include the peptide sequence. 3closed15.2  Show all precursors on single QC plot
23627Defect Strange behavior when turning off single QC plot in case where there is no data. 3closed15.2  Show all precursors on single QC plot
23626Defect Same color used twice in single QC plot, and doesn't match the legend 3closed15.2  Show all precursors on single QC plot
23625DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: Advanced option has "Subject characteristics" but plot axis shows "Demographics" 4closed15.2  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23623DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: Selecting the items out of scroll view in a large list cause list to scroll to the top. 4closed15.2  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23622DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: Choosing cancel in source pane does not reset options selected. 3closed15.2  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23621DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: Advanced option dialog does not resize or reposition when browser is resized. 4closed15.2  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23619DefectUser interfaceAdd warning message to advise about changes to submitted requestsSusan Hert3open15.3   
23618DefectDataAdd optional fields for Middle Name, Gender, InitialsSusan Hert3open15.3   
23617DefectDataSubmitted By, Submitted fields not populating for test request batchesSusan Hert2open15.3   
23616DefectDataData validation for date of birth, date of drawSusan Hert2open15.3   
23615DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: Picking a ‘0’ time point results in a long wait for data to be loaded. 2closed15.2  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23597DocumentationExternal dataDoc Review: REDCap 3closed15.2   
23593TodoTest harnessCreate module with no-op actions for testing roles and CSRFTrey3openTBD   
23589DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: Subject counts not being updated on right hand panel 2closed15.2  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23588DefectExternal dataDataIntegrityViolationException from org.labkey.query.controllers.QueryController$BaseEditSchemaAction.handlePost() 3closed15.2   
23586DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: A long string for labels will cause rendering issues. 4closed15.2  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23585DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: Advanced Options panel remains even if underlying page changes.cnathe3open15.3  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23584DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: Filter text and image doesn't get cleared after clear is clicked. 2closed15.2  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23583DefectCDSCDS Advanced Options: Behavior of drop down list not consistent. 3closed15.2  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23582DefectReportingIssues with loading & caching module-based reportsadam2open15.3   
23581DefectCoreDbSchemaType.getModule doesn't work with fully qualified schema nameSusan Hert3open15.3   
23577DefectUser interfaceSubcount loading mask is cropped if existing subcount is narrowcnathe3open15.3   
23576DefectInstallerInstaller fails if Postgres is previously installed.joec3resolved15.2   
23567Defect Argos dashboard (breakdown:gender) has right side cut offcnathe3open15.3  Apply active filters to dashboard
23566DefectStudyNon-empty shared datasets at parent level show up as empty 2closed15.2  Stabilization for Dataspace project usage
23563DefectAssayIllegalArgumentException from org.labkey.api.exp.OntologyManager.saveTabDelimited() 3closed15.2   
23562DefectAssayRuntimeException from org.labkey.api.reader.ExcelFactory.getCellStringValue() 3closed15.2   
23561DefectStudyUsing Import Fields function on study dataset generates errorKarl Lum3open15.323552  
23560DefectExperimentUncategorizedSQLException from org.labkey.api.exp.OntologyManager.getDomainDescriptor()jeckels3open15.3   
23559Defect Uncaught type error when clearing filters 2closed15.2  Apply active filters to dashboard
23558Defect Some filters follow different display hierarchies in Timeline reportAngelica3resolved15.2   
23557DefectVisualizationTime chart of Luminex data displays analyte row ID instead of analyte name 2closed15.223556  
23553Defect Filters not added from grid selection on dashboard 2closed15.2  Apply active filters to dashboard
23550Defect Argos export review/approve/deny page - unreadable formatting 3closed   Email notifications for export
23549DefectJava Client APIJava API generates ClassCastException when running SaveRowsResponse.getRows() on an integer fieldbinalpatel3open15.323548  
23547DefectFolder Export/ImportImporting a folder with a wiki causes EmptyStackExceptionmartyp2open15.3  Automated tests for folder move
23546Defect Arrow in the "Schema" field on the Create Query Report page often doesn't work in Chrome 2closed15.2   
23544TodoUser interfaceClear pie chart selection upon navigation away from dashboard 2closed15.2  Apply active filters to dashboard
23543Todo Workflow module needs automated testsryans3open15.2   
23540Defect Argos portal configuration, Breakdown selection not being retained correctly 2closed15.2   
23539Defect In Argos, users that don't have permission to delete public reports should not see the checkbox next to the report. 4closed15.2  User level report sharing
23536DefectAdminPermissions usability: clicking "Create New Group" does not seem to workkristinf3open15.2   
23535TodoAssayAdd spot size to Fluorospot import 3closed15.2   
23534DefectAssayAdd units to Fluorospot run details page 3closed15.2   
23532DefectSearchIssues not being re-crawled when index is deletedjony3open15.223045  
23531DefectIssuesCreate new issue ugly failurebinalpatel3open15.3   
23529DefectDataIgnore views from inactive modulesjoec3open15.3127  
23524DefectIssuesComment Sort Direction does not sort by Newest First in Issue Tracker 3closed15.223517  
23523DefectUser interfaceAdd clear filters button to study finder 3closed15.2  Stabilization for Dataspace project usage
23522DefectStudySet Default view in the subject data grid gives an errorAngelica2resolved15.2124  
23521DefectUser interfaceCan't click on numbers to set filter if subtotal is present 2closed15.2  Apply active filters to dashboard
23520DefectStudyCopied to study datasets don't refresh in an Ancillary study 3closed15.223438  
23519DefectUser interfaceDon't auto-fill IRB number for Research Operations 3closed15.2   
23518DefectStudy13.1->15.2 Upgrade fails to migrate provisioned dataset tablesjoec2resolved15.2   
23516DefectUser interfaceCan't apply a second dashboard filter without applying some other filter 2closed15.2  Apply active filters to dashboard
23515DefectCoreError messages from Errors during Java Upgrade Code execution need to be improvedBrian Connolly3resolved15.2   
23514DefectUser interfacePie chart filtered to dashboard population 2closed15.2  Apply active filters to dashboard
23510DefectServer APINullPointerException in org.labkey.api.cache.Wrapper.isLoading() 3closed15.2   
23509DefectQuerySQLException from Column Chooser source counts query with subselect filter in app of > 6K patients 2closed15.2   
23508DefectQueryTransientDataAccessResourceException from Timeline report with subselect filter applied to app of > 6K patients 2closed15.2   
23506DefectAssayUnable to get thumbnail for files in assay results that contain a # in their name 3closed15.223551  
23503DefectStudyVisit-based study rounds up SequenceNum value 2closed15.223396  
23502Defect 2 issues with Generate Schema Export pagetgaluhn4open15.3   
23501DefectBuildCreate distribution with argos-test module for LabKeyArgosSprint 2closed15.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
23500DefectStudyBadSqlGrammarException from Position: 194696() 3closed15.2   
23499DefectUser interfacerenderAs=DEFAULT prevents PDF file from rendering in chrome (it does work in Safari).Nick Arnold3open15.3   
23497DefectUser interfaceRedundant column in Manage File Browser Configuration - Toolbar and Grid Settings?Nick Arnold4open15.3   
23496DefectTest harnessArgos BVT broken on sprint branch 1closed15.2 Approved and Code Reviewed