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 30451DefectClient-SpecificMobile App processResponse throws NPE when presented with an empty response from the activity metadata serviceSusan Hert3open17.2  Integration testing
30448TodoCoreRemaining bootstrap consolidating and incremental obsoleting on SQL ServerDave Bradlee3open17.2   
30447TodoETLFeature Enhancement: Having ETLs work with Pipeline within same moduleBernard3open17.230227  
30446TodoCoreRemaining bootstrap consolidating and incremental obsoleting on PostgreSQLDave Bradlee3open17.2   
30445TodoIssuesAdd notifications tests to issues testTrey3open17.2   
30444DefectSearchThe LuceneSearchService shouldn't throw an exception when a file is encryptedjony3open17.230439  
30437DefectClient-SpecificUpdate adjudication emails to include ProtocolName and with updated text cnathe3open17.1   
30436DefectQueryquery metadata column URL not being resolved correctly when it contains spaces or dashesMatthew Bellew1open17.230405  
30435DefectClient-SpecificGelPortalUpdateTest fails when checking for text "Failed – not for interpretation" on PC but not macGuest3closed17.2   
30434DefectBuildStoring absolute path to workflow definition file will fail if path changes (like in feature branch work).tgaluhn3open17.2   
30427DefectStudycan't infer more than 255 fields from a file when creating a datasetadam3open17.1   
30418DefectIssuesDefault assigned to list order is randomKarl Lum3resolved17.2   
30417DefectBuildJavaScript errors with Gradle-based TeamCity installer buildTrey1open17.2   
30413TodoClient-SpecificClean up populator.populate() failure case(s)Guest3closed17.2  Automated population of gene panels into medical review workflow
30412DefectNLPIllegalStateException in org.labkey.nlppremium.query.NLPQueryProfilerListener.queryInvoked()tgaluhn3open17.2   
30411DefectNLPRuntimeValidationException from org.labkey.nlp.model.NLPManager.importMetadata()tgaluhn3open17.2   
30404DefectBuildPresence of Docker module prevents LabKey start up on Tomcat 7.0.xGuest2closed17.2   
30402DocumentationQueryLabKey SQL Reference could use a few more spacesadam3resolved17.2   
30400DefectQuerysaving custom view with name ~~DETAILS~~ doesn't workxyang3open17.2   
30399DefectClient-SpecificGel Cancer History tab for Intervention Radiotherapy shows only single Tumour Id even if query returns multiple Tumour IdsDave Bradlee3open17.2   
30397DefectQueryFiltering on query tied nested queries to list generates errorjony3resolved17.230394  
30395DefectClient-SpecificDocker: On TeamCity runs we don't reuse stopped containers when starting RStudio.tgaluhn3open17.2  Add support for Docker volumes
30392DefectClient-SpecificReplacing a document and giving the same effective date as the original results in both documents being listed as effective.Guest3closed17.2  Create/Update of documentation stored in documentation system
30390DefectClient-SpecificWhen creating a new document setting the effective date to today results in an error saying effective date can't be in the past.Guest3closed17.2  Create/Update of documentation stored in documentation system
30389DefectCDSDataSpace: allow members to be filtered out from Explorer viewGuest2closed17.1 Approved and Code ReviewedHandle studies with differing levels of access - Data Finder changes
30387DefectCDSApplying filters quickly one after another can result in client error and the filters appearing to be "merged".Guest3closed17.2  Prioritized bugs - 17.2.3
30380DefectBiologicsregister molecule component combobox not searching correctlykevink2resolved17.1hosting   
30379DefectCDSDataSpace: Applying saved group sometimes applies a different groupGuest3closed17.2  Prioritized bugs - 17.2.3
30377DefectClient-SpecificHide decommissioned documents in the "Active Documents" listGuest2closed17.2  Create/Update of documentation stored in documentation system
30376DefectClient-SpecificSet the title column for DocIndex to the document IDGuest2closed17.2  Create/Update of documentation stored in documentation system
30375DefectClient-SpecificSort change requests in descending orderians3open17.2  Create/Update of documentation stored in documentation system
30371DefectBuildcompressClientLibs puts compressed file in source directory instead of build directoryTrey3resolved17.2   
30370DefectAssayJavaScript API does not allow Missing Value Indicator to be marked in AssayNick Arnold3open17.230321  
30369DefectStudyControls for additional dataset key column should be completely disabled or hidden for a visit based studyryans3resolved17.2   
30368DefectUser interfaceUX Refresh: title, trail not appearingNick Arnold3resolved17.2   
30367Defect Accounts create api action throws errorGuest3closed17.2   
30363DefectClient-SpecificHPO terms should be sorted by presence, then IDKristin2resolved17.2   
30362DefectClient-SpecificMultiple monogenic question ignores value from PanelAssigner on initial loadGuest2closed17.2   
30361Defect When replacing a document setting an effective date of the replacement that is before the created date of the original causes problemsGuest2closed17.2  Create/Update of documentation stored in documentation system
30360Defect It looks like Decommissioned Date is only updated if a date different than the created date is given when replacing a document.Guest4closed17.2  Create/Update of documentation stored in documentation system
30359Defect Changing document title while in Edit updates Original Doc IdGuest3closed17.2  Create/Update of documentation stored in documentation system
30356Defect None of the fields are required to make a new entry into the DocIndex table.Guest3closed17.2  Create/Update of documentation stored in documentation system
30355DefectClient-SpecificDate parameter for filtering on Active Documents web part looks like it uses a date time filter and it should just use a date filter.Guest2closed17.2  Create/Update of documentation stored in documentation system
30354Defect I cannot clear the Effective Date of a document.Guest3closed17.2   
30352DefectCDSDataSpace: apply saved plot filter no longer worksGuest2closed17.2  Prioritized bugs - 17.2.3
30351DefectBuildcredits page shows warnings for some SNAPSHOT.jar files of some modulesGuest3closed17.2   
30350Defect Editing an item in the Document Issues list results in a server error saying getter method does not return the correct type.Guest3closed17.2   
30349DefectCDSDataSpace: default study document should be of "restricted" accessGuest3closed17.2  Prioritized bugs - 17.2.3
30348DefectBuildDeleted JSP lingers in Gradle buildSusan Hert3open17.2   
30346Defect Canceling out of creating a new change requests returns you to the Hosting Document Dashboard but does not show all the web parts.ians3open17.3  Create/Update of documentation stored in documentation system
30343Defect QC Summary panel does not refresh when a point is excludedGuest3closed17.2   
30341DocumentationBuildDoc Review: Gradle MigrationSusan Hert3open17.2   
30340Defect Create snapshot from dataset with Time as key field failsryans3resolved17.2   
30339DefectStudyUnhelpful error message when exporting a Dataspace studyKristin3open17.2   
30338TodoSearchRemove support for "external indexes"steveh3open17.2   
30337DefectBiologicsNPE trying to register a sequence with an unknown chain formatkevink3open17.1hosting   
30336DefectBiologicssupport first level parent as a custom columnkevink3resolved17.1hosting   
30335DefectBiologicsRawMaterial "IngredientName" column should not be editablekevink3resolved17.1hosting   
30333Defect User with limited access are not shown Products in the study details pageGuest3closed17.2   
30332Defect For a user with limited access the link to the grant affiliation document is missing in the first study in the list.Guest3closed17.2   
30331DefectSecurityUser with limited access can still see groups for studies they do not have access toGuest3closed17.2   
30329Defect Gel Rare Diseases Summary display of Medical Review statuses in Header and Family panel title and content not updated when medical review submitted though Family Panel and Participant Panel do show new valuesjimp3open17.3   
30326DefectCoreNo rows selected alert lacks titleBen Bimber3resolved17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30322DefectMS2ProteomeDiscoverer import fixesGuest2closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30320Defect CDISC ODM Configuration page does not auto update Dataset tab settings to reflect changes to advanced tab visitFieldName tag when no form tag is specified in xmlGuest3closed17.2   
30319Defect SCRI - Medidata Integration CDISC ODM Configuration page has typo in info textGuest3closed17.2   
30315DefectCoreRestore no-op console JavaScript implementation for IEGuest3closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30312DefectAssaySupport relative paths when inserting a new assay run via the APIkevink3open17.230271  
30311Documentation Archive used in Cohort Studies Tutorial includes permissions that prevent the tutorial from being completed if user is not an Admin.mohara3open17.2   
30309DefectBuildgradle distribution fails to populate/create staging/labkeyWebappGuest3closed17.2   
30308Documentation Documentation update request: confusing example in "Tutorial: Set Up a New Study"mohara3open17.2   
30307Defect Issue with drag and drop column in chartscnathe3open17.230292  
30306DefectSearchLuceneSearchServiceImpl$PreProcessingException in Bellew3open17.2   
30305DefectSearchOutOfMemoryError from org.labkey.list.model.ListManager.indexEntireList()Guest3closed17.2   
30303TodoDataAdd date type for form entryNick Arnold3open17.229889  
30302DefectQueryFunction to Calculate the F&A Rate in the Finance Billing QUeriesjeckels2open17.2   
30301Defect Change how default page footer is chosenJessi Murray3open17.2   
30300Todo Merge 29800 Support for Docker Volumes to release17.1Guest3closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30299Documentation Incorrect wording in Tutorial: Cohort StudiesGuest3closed17.2   
30294DefectTargetedMSAdd %CV and # of replicates to tooltip in calibration curve plotsmartyp3open17.2   
30293Defect Abstraction data export/import loses XML tagsKristin2resolved17.2   
30291DefectQueryLabels for snapshot query revert back to original label namejony3open17.230290  
30289Defect Saving family medical review sometimes fails because there is no value for family_idGuest2closed17.2   
30288DefectSearchLuceneSearchServiceImpl$PreProcessingException in Bellew3open17.230286  
30287DefectStudyIllegalStateException in$DatasetSchemaTableInfo.<init>()Guest2closed17.130285Review Requested 
30283DefectCDSDataSpace: show ellipsis for Learn About descriptions and product lists.Guest3closed17.2  Learn About Summary - layout changes
30282TodoBiologicssupport format strings for string columnskevink4open17.2   
30280DefectBuildGradle distributions (of everything) looks for gel_test, it should be looking for gelTestTrey3open17.2   
30279DefectBiologicsCan't easily enter second value into ReactSelect multi-value comboboxGuest2closed17.1hosting   
30278DefectBiologicsMixture wizard: Need additional volume optionskevink3resolved17.1hosting30263  
30277DefectAssayIssue with importing luminex filecnathe3open17.230168  
30276DefectWikiPrint Button missing in wiki when user is set as ReaderGuest3closed17.230261Investigate 
30275DefectExperimentCustom lookups set via metadata override not sticking when set through designerGuest3closed17.2   
30274Defect Unable to save family medical reviewGuest2closed17.2  Add ability to purge LabKey-integrated schemas
30272Defect Two different date formats in the same listKarl Lum3open17.2   
30270DefectExtensibilitymodule.xml requiredServerVersion does not get enforced during startup timejeckels3open17.2   
30268Defect Certain commands (i.e. execute SQL) appear to be unavailable in admin mode Matthew Bellew3open17.2   
30267DefectStudyCannot create snapshot of assay dataset with run-level propertyMatthew Bellew2open17.226760  
30266Documentation Doc Review: Interpretation Portal Linksteveh3open17.2   
30265DocumentationCoreDoc Review: DeDuplicate Queriessteveh3open17.2