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 23897Defect Saving a filter in Argos that includes a snapshot filter results in an IllegalStateExceptioncnathe3open15.3   
23896DefectETLWrong error message when gating stored procedure does not existtgaluhn3open15.3  NLP Upstream Integration, part 2
23895DefectDataETL Output to File: Dir Attribute Isn't Really Optionaltgaluhn3open15.3  NLP Upstream Integration, part 2
23893DefectAssayOwner column not supported on assay data domainjeckels2open15.3   
23891TodoVisualizationCDS plotting: how to handle messaging and brushing for a plot of aggregate data?Jessi Murray2open15.3   
23890DefectCDSPrompt "Filter removed. Undo" should go away when you change plot data sources.joec2open15.3   
23889DefectCDSTool tip of "Last Vaccination, Vaccination" is a bit redundant.Jessi Murray4open15.3  Study axis: implement syringe glyph
23888DefectCDSChanging Aligned By to Last Vaccination after applying a filter tries to set a negative width on the SVG.Dan Duffek2resolved15.3  Study axis: implement syringe glyph
23887DefectDataExport datasets doesn't export more than 100 rowskevink2open15.3129  
23886DefectCDSLearn about link from filter does not have correct uri.Dan Duffek3resolved15.3  Learn About Study & Products
23885DefectVisualizationAdvanced option pane should not be shown for color variable selector 2closed15.3  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23884DefectCDSOdd combinations of x and y axis variables causes empty gutter plot and random UI glyphmartyp3open15.3  Start gutter plot for non-overlapping points
23883DefectCDSSubset selection of Peptide Pool (ELISPOT) does not show expected plot when using visit axis. 2closed15.3  Study axis: implement syringe glyph
23882DefectETLAfter server start, enabled ETLs don't run on schedule until their Enabled state is toggledtgaluhn2resolved15.223785Approved and Code Reviewed 
23881DocumentationCoreDoc Review: Custom Footerjimp3open15.3  Customizable footer
23880DefectCoreCustom Footer Pages Should Respect Module Enable/Disablejimp3open15.3  Customizable footer
23879DefectNLP**Click/hover behavior should match between the View and Abstract pagesKarl Lum2open15.3  Front end manual highlighting/linking of text strings and data elements
23878DefectCore"ConfigurationException: Error connecting over HTTPS ..." error occuring after server has been running for several hoursMatthew Bellew2open15.2   
23877DefectNLP**Manually selected token highlighting is displayed on the engine results viewKarl Lum2open15.3  Front end manual highlighting/linking of text strings and data elements
23876DefectStudysticky study participant filter: avoid generating giant in clausekevink3open15.3   
23875Defect **Saving while a field is in "highlighting edit mode" causes a mismatch between edit button state and highlighting stateKarl Lum2open15.3  Front end manual highlighting/linking of text strings and data elements
23874DefectNLP**Highlighting an overlapping span marks the wrong portion of textKarl Lum2open15.3  Front end manual highlighting/linking of text strings and data elements
23873DefectTargetedMSTargetedMS - reimport a Skyline documentvsharma3open15.3   
23872TodoCoreAdd link target to tableInfo.xsd metadata to open url in new windowkevink3open15.3   
23871DefectETL'No Work' ETL run does not update last statusryans3resolved15.3  LabWare integration - results
23870DefectSearchsearch: assay results not indexedkevink2resolved15.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
23869DefectBuildArgos develop build break 1closed15.3  Export snapshot / secure document store
23868DefectCDSELISPOT selecting Peptide Pool as a variable appears to overwrite peptide pool selections made in the detail panel. 3closed15.3  Variable selector tree panel UI
23867DefectMothershipNullPointerException in org.labkey.mothership.MothershipController$ServerInstallationUpdateView.<init>()tgaluhn3open15.3   
23866DefectCDSPersisted advanced option selections when changing variables within the same sourcecnathe2open15.3  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23865DefectCDS"r.x.getMean is not a function" error is generated when building odd x-y combinations in the plot 3closed15.3  Variable selector tree panel UI
23864DefectFileContentFile Uploader Fails to Capture Sub-directories 2closed15.3   
23863DefectUser interfaceAbstracting or viewing a report showing field duplicationtgaluhn1resolved15.3  Front end manual highlighting/linking of text strings and data elements
23862DefectCDSFor ICS Protein Panel values are still applied after you select Protein.cnathe2open15.3  Variable selector tree panel UI
23861DefectCDSFor ICS Protein and Protein Panel options are both shown for the advanced options.cnathe2open15.3  Variable selector tree panel UI
23859DefectJava Client APIJava custom module throwing AssertionError exceptionKarl Lum3open15.323856  
23858DefectCDSText size for list of saved groups on homepage is too bigNick Arnold3open15.3   
23857Defect A redirect link should take user to another tab instead of displaying the old tab (from which redirect link to another tab originated).Dave Bradlee3open15.3   
23855DefectPipelineDeleting a pipeline job in an ERROR state doesn't give option to cascade to ExperimentRuntgaluhn3open15.3   
23854DefectPipelineDeleting Pipeline Jobs/Experiment Runs doesn't cascade to TransformRuntgaluhn3open15.3   
23853DefectCDSShould we be able to create multiple CDS folders\projects in LabKey?Jessi Murray3open15.3   
23850DefectUser interfaceConsole errors when using Study Finder on test/production serversMatthew Bellew3open15.3135  
23846Defect Manual start positions lost after field result modificationKarl Lum2open15.3  Front end manual highlighting/linking of text strings and data elements
23845DefectCDSVariable selector: The detail selection panel doesn't always show up. 2closed15.3  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23844DefectCDSWe are no longer showing filter counts on the right hand panel 2closed15.3   
23843DefectTargetedMSInclude iRT peptides in chromatogram librariesvsharma3open15.3   
23838Defect Identifying Query Snapshots using JavaScript (Ext3) API 3closed15.2modules Review Requested 
23837Defect PDF Export for Pareto Plots doesn't show measure names. 3closed15.3  Pareto plots for Panorama QC
23836DefectCDSVariable selector: Going back and forth between variable selectors appears to cause the scale value to be lost. 3closed15.3  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23835DefectCDSPlot data: Negative values cause errors when changing to log scale. 2closed15.3  Variable selector advanced options UI and configuration
23834DefectCDSGutter Plots: Inconsistent mouse pointer between gutter plot and graph.martyp3open15.3   
23833DefectDataETL: If job errors, is retried, and successfully completes, ETL status still shows as ERRORmartyp3resolved15.323785  
23831DefectQueryInheritable queries in parent folder disappear when a subfolder folder is created from template subfolderjeckels3open15.3   
23830DefectCoreSwitch to non-fatal startup errors on missing module data sourcestgaluhn3resolved15.3  NLP Upstream Integration, part 2
23829DefectDataA cancelled ETL shows it still in progressmartyp3resolved15.3   
23825DefectMS2Omit .sequest.logs when full-text search indexingjeckels3open15.3   
23823Defect Guide sets generated from adjacent points in the L-J Plot cause line not to display in the Pareto Plot 3closed15.3  Pareto plots for Panorama QC
23795Defect Clicking on a bar in a Pareto Plot should take the user back to the Panorama Dashboard instead of displaying Levey-Jennings plots in the Pareto Plot tab 3closed15.3  Pareto plots for Panorama QC
23792DefectCDSFind subjects: Extra UI bar shown when expanding a subject towards the bottom of the page. 3closed15.3  Find Subjects - Assays
23791DefectCDSFind subjects: Drop down style not like spec.Nick Arnold4open15.3   
23788TodoCoreFail fast if we're handed a Connection with auto-commit set to falsejony3resolved15.3   
23787TodoCoreImprove error reporting on initial connection failures to labkey data sourcejony3resolved15.3   
23786DefectIssuesAble to resolve issues as duplicates of each otherbinalpatel3open15.3   
23783DefectUser interfaceLDAP created users with no permissions are able to see some part of the Argos platformkristinf3open15.323764  
23782DefectUser interfaceLogin redirect goes to a large background image rather than the begin.view pageadam3open15.323781  
23780TodoMS2Error when sorting columns in an MS2 Run comparejeckels4openTBD   
23779DefectExternal dataConnection Failure when attempting to establish connection to a SASShareDataSource 1closed15.223778  
23776DefectCDSDeleting CDS project results in server error (Orphaned rows in tables: assay) 2closed15.3  Find Subjects - Assays
23775DefectCoreStartup errors during bootstrapping are vague and misleadingKarl Lum3open15.3   
23774Todo RedCap integration API token confirmationKarl Lum3open15.3   
23773DefectClient APIJSON 8.3 API response is out of order when omitting date or visit column AND lookup field has null value in datasetNick Arnold2open15.323542  
23772DefectSpecimensIllegalStateException in Bradlee3open15.3   
23771DefectCDSLearn about: Can't search for a product name from studies. 2closed15.3  Learn About Study & Products
23770SpecificationCDSLearn about: Should security restrictions to a given study also limit what you see in the Study products?Jessi Murray3open15.3   
23769DefectAssayAssertion Error from custom query against new WellData NAb table. 2closed15.3  Set up new NAb tables
23765DefectCDSLearn About: Study date range displays are wrong 2closed15.3  Learn About Study & Products
23763Defect MPower : additional survey questionryanl3resolved15.3   
23762DefectCDSLearn about: Searching for products under studies doesn't appear to work. 2closed15.3  Learn About Study & Products
23761DefectCDSLearn about: Can't search for studies that have no products. 3closed15.3  Learn About Study & Products
23760DefectCDSLearn about: "Contact the Collaborative DataSpace team" is brokenNick Arnold4open15.3  Learn About Study & Products
23759DefectIssuesUpdating an issue results in a new comment in every related issueadam2resolved15.3   
23758DefectCDSLearn about: keyboard goofiness 4closed15.3  Learn About Study & Products
23757DefectCDSLearn about: Search doesn't like parens () 3closed15.3  Learn About Study & Products
23756DefectCDSLearn About: After searching you have to click twice on a product to open the details. 3closed15.3  Learn About Study & Products
23755TodoSecurityChange login error text to read "Invalid User ID or Password" on Argos platformjony3resolved15.323720  
23753DefectSpecimensStudy import ignores "protected" flag on existing specimen columnsDave Bradlee3open15.323715  
23752DefectTargetedMSIOException in org.labkey.targetedms.TargetedMSController$DownloadCustomGCTReportAction.getView()vsharma3open15.3   
23751Defect BadSqlGrammarException from Bellew3open15.3   
23750Defect IllegalArgumentException from Lum3open15.3   
23749DefectCoreGenerate Schema Export - Target Schema Shows Nullsteveh3resolved15.3   
23747DefectUser interfaceSave Filter As inactive after trying to save filter with the same name of one that already existsAngelica3resolved15.323723  
23746DefectFileContentHaving the same file name in separate subfolders causes confusion on deletion from the Files webpart 1closed15.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
23744DefectDataMPower controller actions should implement MutatingApiAction instead of ApiActionkevink3resolved15.3  Implement security architecture
23743DefectDataImprove error handling of MPower remote responseKarl Lum3open15.3  Implement security architecture
23742DefectVisualizationTargetedMS QC Plot check for negative values skipped when setting scale to log 2closed15.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
23740DefectExperimentLookup from oconnor.Inventory.Experiment pointed at old experiment DBjeckels3open15.2modules   
23738DefectExternal dataExternal DataSources will not work when Resource Name has dots in it 1closed15.223737Approved and Code Reviewed 
23736DefectUser interfaceTimeline does not render for certain patients in full PHI modecnathe2open15.323733  
23734DefectDataStatementDataIterator failing to iterateMatthew Bellew2open15.3   
23732DefectCoreFix failures in SimpleFilter$InClauseTestCase 2closed15.2 Approved and Code Reviewed