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 28012DefectBiologicsWorkflow Landing Page showing all Assay Requests (even closed/resolved) in "Open Requests" areaNick Arnold2open16.3   
28011Defect ETL data where elements of lsid change from source will lead to duplicate and orphaned data.binalpatel3open16.3   
28010Defect  postgres exception ERROR: cached plan must not change result typejimp3open16.3   
28009DefectQueryNullPointerException in org.labkey.api.collections.ResultSetRowMapFactory.create()Dave Bradlee3open16.3   
28004Defect "One of" filter doesn't work on a date columnxyang3open16.3   
28003Defect ZipException when exporting runs in Flowrond3open16.3   
27999DefectClient-SpecificFinder wizard not saving publicationsGuest2closed16.327996  
27998DefectSurveyFeature Change: Make Submit button permanently enabled in Survey or allow ability to control Auto-Save functionKarl Lum3open16.327997  
27995DefectAuditingInaccuracy in the group events logSusan Hert3open16.3   
27994DefectVisualizationCan set "Height", "Width" and "Hide % when" to negative numbers.cnathe3open16.3  Add UI support for pie charts, bar charts
27991DefectStudyUnique constraint violation in DoseAndRoute table when adding two new empty rows for a study productcnathe2resolved16.3  Study registration UI improvements
27990DefectClient-SpecificFinder wizard dropdowns pull from /home lists instead of /studiesGuest2closed16.227987 Respond to study/publication form feedback
27989DefectETLDeadlockLoserDataAccessException from org.labkey.di.pipeline.TransformManager.getTransformConfigurations()tgaluhn3open16.3   
27988TodoAssaySpecial handling for nab and ms2 sql script rollups for 16.3adam3open16.3   
27986TodoMothershipBulk associate Mothship Exceptions to an Issue numberKristin3openTBD   
27985DefectSearchAlreadyClosedException from   
27983Defect Vaccine Design: Manage Study Products form is barely too big to display without scrollingjimp4resolved16.3  Study registration UI improvements
27982Defect Manage Treatment: Treatment Schedule does not warn that new timepoint created and not used will be removed from gridGuest3closed16.3  Study registration UI improvements
27981Defect On Immunization Schedule table the '?' hover doesn't show 'Dose and Units' or 'Route' infoGuest3closed16.3  Study registration UI improvements
27980Defect Dose and Route drop down on the Manage Treatments page show as [none]Guest3closed16.3  Study registration UI improvements
27978Defect Treatment Schedule allows save with required Group Cohort value not specifiedGuest2closed16.3  Study registration UI improvements
27977Defect Treatment Schedule allows a Participant Count of real numbersGuest2closed16.3  Study registration UI improvements
27976Defect Manage Products and Manage Treatments: Not able to see edit controls until form field is clickedGuest2closed16.3  Study registration UI improvements
27975DefectVisualizationCurrent value of the Percentages Color is not highlighted in the layout dialog.Guest3closed16.3  Add UI support for pie charts, bar charts
27974Defect Manage Products and Manage Treatments: clicking off the page to a new tab looses unsaved edits with no warningGuest3closed16.3  Study registration UI improvements
27973DefectMS2The protein details hover panel has an undeclared Ext dependancyians3open16.3   
27972Defect Issue tracker delete summary give an incorrect count of issues to be deletedbradh3resolved16.3  Migrate issues to new tables
27968DefectUser interfaceRStudio configuration constrain max users to positive integer?tgaluhn3open17.1  Continue RStudio docker integration
27967DefectUser interfaceRStudio configuration page created timestamp is unnecessarily precisetgaluhn3open17.1  Continue RStudio docker integration
27965Defect Cannot change transaction isolation level in the middle of a transactionjimp3open16.3   
27961DefectFileContentValue of custom file property not showing up in Files web partjimp3open16.327922  
27959DocumentationETLTypo in ETL module intro pageGuest3closed16.3   
27958DefectNLPDirty bit indicator on UI shows up when the engine has supplied a new value for a closed classDan Duffek3resolved16.3   
27957DefectNLPHover showing spans does not reflect when spans are removedDan Duffek3resolved16.3   
27947DefectMS2StackOverflowError importing Mascot resultsjeckels2resolved16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27944DefectVisualizationNavigating away from the chart wizard after doing a column chart click through does not prompt you to save the chart.Guest3closed16.3  Add UI support for pie charts, bar charts
27943DefectVisualizationShould viewing data of a plot after doing a click through show the column chart?Guest4closed16.3  Add UI support for pie charts, bar charts
27942DefectVisualizationSample plots in tool-tips don't render correctly.Guest3closed16.3  Add UI support for pie charts, bar charts
27941DefectQueryAfter deleting a row from a QWP, url gets thrown into a bad state?Nick Arnold3open16.3   
27940DefectCoreGoing to _mothership/mothership-reports.view results in js error: is nullGuest3closed16.3   
27939DefectVisualizationRemove Ext4 dependency from vis/visGuest2closed16.3  Initial workflow report landing page M6
27938DefectSpecimensError for non-admins when displaying SpecimenDetail with extra buttonjony3resolved16.327846  
27937TestBiologicsTest: automate configuration of Assay Request so assignedTo resolves to user(s)Guest3closed16.3  Assay Request Tracker M6
27936DefectCoreJS error in menuBar.jspjeckels3resolved16.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27934DefectNLPTasks column in abstraction cases grids is dependent on Status columntgaluhn3open16.3   
27933DefectNLPSave Draft, Approve buttons not working in Internet ExplorerDan Duffek2resolved16.3   
27932DefectBiologics(SQL only) operand type clash when creating assay requests table on init pageGuest3closed16.3  Assay Request Tracker M6
27931DefectSpecimensvisit_value column only respected on copy/paste of specimen import, but not with file upload.Dave Bradlee3open16.327930  
27929DefectVisualizationFor Pie chart can we add a layout option to set the color of the percentage text?Guest3closed16.3  Add UI support for pie charts, bar charts
27928DefectVisualizationValue for footer in look and feel dialog is not cleared if the measure is removed from a pie chart.Guest3closed16.3  Add UI support for pie charts, bar charts
27923DefectETLETL not passing through created field; merge updates created fieldmartyp2resolved16.3   
27920TodoCDSCDS Learn About page UI tweaksGuest3closed16.3  Add links to: publications, protocol documents, data listings, reports
27919Defect LabKey name is indicated as misspelled in Files page imageGuest3closed16.3   
27916DefectQueryGrid view edit converts string Id to numeric, dropping leading zeros resulting in record Id changerond3open16.3   
27915DefectCDSDon't track actions for impersonated users in CDSKristin3resolved16.3  Prioritized bugs - 16.3.3
27912TodoQueryjava client api: missing query-saveRows.apiians3open16.3   
27911DefectCDSInspectlet intermittently missing email addresses for tracked usersKristin3resolved16.3  Prioritized bugs - 16.3.3
27910DefectQuerypivot query summary columns not aggregated correctlykevink3open16.3   
27909DefectUser interfaceBad sizing for "Customize Grid" tooltips on FirefoxGuest3closed16.3   
27908Defect IllegalStateException: Error on line 1: Syntax error near '<EOF>'Brian Connolly2resolved16.2modules27709Approved and Code Reviewed 
27907DefectStudyUpdate ICEMR python scriptGuest3closed16.327280  
27905DefectCDSCDS study header and and reports sections disappear after using back buttonGuest2closed16.3  Add links to: publications, protocol documents, data listings, reports
27904DefectCDSSwitch order of Status vs. Start Year in Learn About filter dialogxyang3open16.3   
27903DefectCDSChange order of buttons for Save Group, Info Pane filtersxyang3open16.3   
27901DefectClient-SpecificRemove Insert New link from Studies page on Data FinderGuest2closed16.2  Respond to study/publication form feedback
27900DefectMS2Decoy layout tweakseyounske3resolved16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27899DefectIssuesValues over 100 characters long can't be added to issues list listsAngelica3resolved16.3  Migrate issues to new tables
27896DefectUser interfaceRemove Report, Care Plan events from cancer visualisation / cancer history gridDave Bradlee3open16.3  Cancer history timeline visualisation (TB)
27895Defect Rare Diseases ETL causes SQL exception because of incorrect orderingGuest2closed16.3   
27894DefectUser interfaceSample pathology investigation events are missing grade of differentiation, pTNM, and cancer specific gradingGuest2closed16.3  Cancer views: Summary & Cancer History updates
27893DefectBuildClasspath for the "LabKey Dev" and "LabKey Production" debug configuration needs to account for the OS specific classpath separator.Susan Hert3open16.3   
27892DefectDataFlag Column in Sample Sets Returns an LSID Valuesteveh3resolved16.313825  
27889DefectMothershipMothership "reports" page renders exceptionsadam3resolved16.3   
27888DefectInstallerLabkey postgres service remains after MSI uninstallrond3open16.3   
27887DefectBuildBuild should not fail if SVN.exe is not installedalicet3resolved16.3   
27858DefectPipelineWorkDirectory.copyInput()jeckels3resolved16.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27855DefectBiologics'Import Data' button on assay page links to page with error 'Assay ID not specified'Nick Arnold3open16.3   
27854DefectAdminRstudio configuration page prerequisites links contain typos and unclear labelsryans3resolved16.3  Continue RStudio docker integration
27852TodoReportingMove module report loading to a standard, listener-based approachadam3open16.3   
27850Defect PropertiesEditor.addField can't set Required/Descriptionians3resolved16.3   
27849Documentation CNPRC - Genetics - Document adding support for java in transform script enginesGuest3closed16.3   
27848DefectETLETL append to target query transaction is committed even if there were row errorsjeckels2resolved16.3   
27843DefectPipelineRefactor AbstractFileAnalysisJob.findOutputFile() to make it easier to implement FileAnalysisJobSupportjeckels3resolved16.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27840DefectIssuesIssues custom views don't show correctly when selected from Grid Views dropdowneyounske3resolved16.3   
27838DefectNLPStart/Stop tool tip shows up for field after value has been removed.Guest3closed16.3  Abstraction UI changes - 16.3.2
27837DefectNLPIf document is opened in two browsers, for abstraction, only the last one saved is honored.Guest4closed16.3  Abstraction UI changes - 16.3.2
27836DefectNLPSelecting right to left for text that is the first text on the line often fails to be assigned to the selected field.Guest3closed16.3  Abstraction UI changes - 16.3.2
27835DefectCDSLearn About multi column filter doesn't work in IEGuest3closed16.3  Prioritized bugs - 16.3.3
27833TodoFormulationsHPLC: Allow user to set dilution factorNick Arnold3resolved16.2modules   
27832DefectNLPStart and Stop tooltip only shows up after you save a draftGuest3closed16.3  Abstraction UI changes - 16.3.2
27831DefectFormulationsFormulations: Need to support QH namespace prefixNick Arnold3resolved16.2modules   
27830TodoSpecimensFeature Change: Allow specimen requests to allow editing of locationKristin3openTBD27786  
27829DefectExtensibilityBad error handling in bulk import when trigger script fails uniqueness constraintkevink3open16.327750  
27826DefectNLPText in <> is treated as HTML and not escaped for NLP document processing.Guest3closed16.3   
27825DefectPipelineRecordedAction should prevent duplicate inputs/outputsBen Bimber3open16.3 Review Requested 
27821DefectCDSIE displays multiple binned plot tooltipsxyang3openTBD   
27818DefectCDSTime point filter details are not being shown in the info pane.xyang3open16.3   
27816DefectBiologicsreg wizard should tell the user it's waiting on classification service when registering long sequencesGuest3closed16.3   
27814DefectStudyChart contents disappear if after attempting to view (after creation)cnathe3open16.3   
27812Defect "Object doesn't support method 'startsWith'" in IE11 prevents data grid from being shown.Guest2closed16.3