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 30989TestSecuritySecondaryAuthenticationTest.testSecondaryAuthentication "failure"ChrisJ3open17.3   
30984DefectNLPReports marked as approve still show up in batch view as available for assignment. Assignment fails saying no report selected.Dan Duffek3resolved17.3   
30983Defect HAM shows "Welcome to LabKey" with "Get Started" while request to get sites is loadingJessi Murray3open17.3  Hosted Account Management app (UI)
30982DefectUser interfaceShouldn't batch review dialog say "Any Reviewer"?Dan Duffek3resolved17.3   
30979DefectStudyREDCap import sequence num Karl Lum3open17.330978  
30977DefectCDSDataspace: Learn Product detail page breadcrumb and page header brokenjoec3open17.3   
30975Defect Canceling out of creating a project or subfolder leaves a bunch of invalid html on screenNick Kerr3open17.3   
30968DefectBiologicsBiologics: allow registration of sequences <15 length without annotationsjoshd3open17.3   
30967DefectBiologicsBiologics: fails to register ExpressionSystem using a Construct with no sequencekevink2open17.2modules   
30966DefectTargetedMSPanorama fails to import new .skyd formatjeckels1resolved17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30964Defect Add date to csv file exportDave Bradlee3open17.3  Option to sign export of data
30963DefectUser interfaceTimed out session ends up showing an Error messageJessi Murray3open17.3   
30962DefectUser interfaceEmbedded webparts aren't rendering menus correctly under the new UINick Kerr3open17.3   
30955DefectIssuesIssue list dates need to respect folder date format (new UX)adam3resolved17.3   
30953DefectNLPUnable to specify job identifier when importing using saved protocoltgaluhn2open17.3  Group Documents under Abstraction identifiers
30951DefectPipelineSpacing problems on pipeline job details pagejoec3open17.3   
30950DefectBiologicsLSID shown in Molecule field of Register Molecular Species pagejoshd3open17.2modules   
30948DefectFlowFCS bulk edit keywords: clear grid selection on successful editkevink3resolved17.3   
30947DefectFlowFCS bulk edit keywords: duplicate keyword behavior is oddrond3open17.3   
30946DefectFlowFCS bulk edit keywords: when single well selected, don't use bulk edit pagerond3open17.3   
30945DefectFlowFCS bulk keyword edit: disallow submit when adding new keyword with empty valuerond4open17.3   
30944DefectClient-SpecificRemaining 17.2.4 variable changesjoec2open17.2modules   
30943DefectNLPUpdate Identifier result in SQL ExceptionGuest3closed17.3  Group Documents under Abstraction identifiers
30942DefectNLPOpen "Change Identifier" popup result in NPEGuest3closed17.3  Group Documents under Abstraction identifiers
30940Defect Remove button register from EHR data entry windows JS filesmartyp3open17.3   
30937DefectTargetedMSSummary charts and Quantitation Ratios grid not showing on ShowCalibrationCurve action for small moleculecnathe2open17.2 Investigate 
30934DefectCDSDataspace: empty float value result in blank grid column on Data GridDan Duffek2resolved17.3   
30918DefectWebdavWebdavServlet CSRF check doesn't respect site setting for POSTsGuest2closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30916DefectBuildDuplicate bootstrap.jar copied into <tomcat>/libSusan Hert3open17.3   
30913DefectFileContentCSRF drag and drop errorGuest1closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30912Defect Status displayed on "Your Sites" page is always "Stopped"Guest3closed17.3  Hosted Account Management app (UI)
30911Defect "Start Server" button should be active/visible only when status is "stopped"Guest3closed17.3  Hosted Account Management app (UI)
30910Defect Site status is never updated for detail view or summary viewJessi Murray3open17.3  Hosted Account Management app (UI)
30909Defect Cancel button on Create Sites form still active while site is being createdJessi Murray3open17.3  Hosted Account Management app (UI)
30908Defect Problem Importing Data to Assay Design with Lookup to Sample SetGuest3closed17.3   
30906DefectWebdavPossible permission / folder problem w/ webdav?jeckels3open17.3   
30904Defect Create site form does not enable "OK" button after displaying error messageGuest3closed17.3  Hosted Account Management app (UI)
30903DefectSecurityNPE on Updating Study Security permissions after deleting a groupjeckels3open17.3   
30900DefectCoreWarning error does not appear in new UI when filter/sort exists for non-existent column or reportGuest2closed17.3   
30897DefectSecurityUser redirected to "Invalid ticket" page after signing in from "invalid ticket" pageGuest4closed17.3  Support authentication of one LK server using another
30896DefectClient-SpecificIssue with Adjudication module and IE/EDGEcnathe2open17.230889  
30890TodoCoreRemove code obsoleted by gradle buildSusan Hert3open17.3   
30888DefectCDSDataSpace: several grid column filter operators are not supported for certain data typesDan Duffek3resolved17.3   
30886DefectCDSAssays/Variables tab - Recommended appears twicejoec3open17.2modules   
30883Defect Need to update extended characters in RedCap so test can pass. Trey3open17.3   
30878TodoAssaySupport AssayRequest lookup on the assay's data domainkevink3open17.2modules   
30875DefectExperimentCheck for isInputOutputHeader should be case insensitivekevink2resolved17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30873DefectELISpotBackport fix for DisplayColumnGroup's use of onReady()Guest2closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30869TodoSecurityMark LoginAction.handlePost() as deprecated actionGuest2closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30868DefectWikiCode Review Changes to new-tab-link wiki MacroGuest3closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30867Defect Summary statistics throws exception on bad SQLrond3open17.3   
30866TestCoreCan't select option by value or text in new UIChrisJ3open17.3   
30864DefectVisualizationChart panel has a min width, which blocks UI-elements on window resizecnathe2open17.3   
30863TodoSecurityAdd CAS module to more 17.2 distributions?Guest2closed17.2 Approved and Code ReviewedSingle sign on for hosted builds
30862DefectCorewiki Markdown service not working on boostrap renders html twice per line and twice per page works ok on normal startupGuest3closed17.3  Add support for Markdown
30861DefectCoreRemove ViewServlet.initializeAllSpringControllers logging?Guest2closed17.2   
30860DefectUser interfaceSNPRC header of "Total Animal Care" is on by default when running against SQL.Dan Duffek2resolved17.3   
30856DefectPipelineAdd PipelineService.getStatusFile(guid)Ben Bimber3open17.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30855Defect Options under Load are not shown in HIPC data finderGuest3closed17.2   
30847DefectQueryNullPointerException in org.labkey.query.LinkedSchema.generateLabKeySQL()kevink3open17.3   
30846DefectAssayIllegalArgumentException in   
30845DefectBuildExpand expandos in build content reportseyounske3resolved17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30840DefectNLP17.2 copyright script left an artifact on NLP runPipeline.jspGuest2closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30838Defect Determine whether exception should continue to be reported to Mothership and whether user message should be improvedrond3open17.3   
30837Defect Handle NPE on Flow Analysis import, createAliases rond3open17.3   
30836Defect Handle exception when user attempts to create duplicate attributerond3open17.3   
30835Test Need to merge change from rfb_sync_30737 (harvest) into release17.2Guest3closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30834DefectBiologicsRespect Date Format Settings in LabKey Biologicsjoshd3open17.2modules   
30833DefectNLPNegative (bad) offsets created when highlighting texts in Annotation UIGuest3closed17.330538  
30830DefectBuildBuild content reporting improperly requires the "Editor" permission in productioneyounske2resolved17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30828DefectAdmin17.2: Users in "Troubleshooter" role are not allowed to clear cachesGuest2closed17.230816Approved and Code Reviewed 
30827Defect Tutorial uses Ext but does not include itsteveh3open17.3   
30825Defect NPE in CDSModule.ensureShortcut when calling WebdavService.get().getRootResolver().lookup(sourcePath)Guest3closed17.3   
30824DefectBuildBuild content reporting doesn't respect the "minimum time between builds" parameter properlyeyounske3resolved17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30823Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.api.ldk.table.QueryCache.cache()Ben Bimber3open17.3   
30822Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.api.ldk.table.QueryCache.cache()Ben Bimber3open17.3   
30818Defect HealthCheck should require no permission and return just a yes/no answerSusan Hert3open17.3   
30811Defect EHR UI issues with UX RefreshJessi Murray2open17.3   
30809DefectQueryProblem with SampleManager and QueryHelperGuest2closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30808Defect Rlabkey gradle build and check commands are not working.martyp2resolved17.3   
30807DefectBuildError in -- liftOver download URL has changedGuest2closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30805DefectCoreList/DataRegion insert/edit row fields don't escape special characters in column/field namesChrisJ3resolved17.3   
30804DefectQueryMove meat of QueryTable.getSuggestedColumns into ColumnInfo.getSuggestedColumnskevink3open17.3   
30803DefectQueryLo and Behold, Collection<FieldKey> handed to QueryService.getColumns() can contain nulls!Guest2closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30801Defect Attempt to initialize EC2 application before server is up produces HTTP Status 500Guest3closed17.3  Build service to manage eval servers - EC2
30800Defect Name of internal harvest sync ETL is misspelledGuest3closed17.1   
30799Defect Instance config directory not deleted when EC2 server is deletedGuest2closed17.3  Build service to manage eval servers - EC2
30797Defect Init-Delete-Init sequence for EC2 instance produces an Internal Server Error from provisioning serviceGuest3closed17.3  Build service to manage eval servers - EC2
30796Defect Initializing an instance that is shutting down causes a 500 status responseGuest3closed17.3  Build service to manage eval servers - EC2
30795DefectPipelinePipeline Files path for project subfolder issues when project has a files root overridetgaluhn3open17.330619  
30794DefectFolder Export/ImportFiles webpart admin settings don't roundtrip through new folder creation from templatecnathe3open17.330619  
30792DefectSearchTika throwing error for OGG extension filesGuest3closed17.330791  
30790Defect Initial accounts display shows "not found" message while sites-get.api call is still pendingGuest3closed17.3   
30787DefectBiologicsCreation of Molecule that results in Molecular Species identical to previously created Molecular Species failsRyan Luce3open17.2modules   
30786DefectCorecomma-delimited value in dataclass alias field seems to replace separator char with {@~^Nick Kerr3open17.3   
30784DefectDataInserting sample ingredient in biologics generates assert (pg only) while generating SQL join statementMatthew Bellew2open17.3   
30783DefectQueryBetter error handling: IllegalArgumentException from org.labkey.api.query.QueryView.setupDataView()Dave Bradlee3open17.3   
30782DefectClient-SpecificViewing long file names in files text fieldGuest3closed17.230777  
30781DefectTargetedMSSQLException from org.labkey.targetedms.SkylineDocImporter.insertGeneralMoleculeChromInfos()jeckels3open17.3   
30780DefectTargetedMSIOException from org.labkey.targetedms.TargetedMSController.writePNG()jeckels3open17.3