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 22677Defect Query snapshot fails to automatically refresh on an assay datasetKarl Lum2open15.122674  
22676DefectIssuesOptions field gives appearance of editability in Issues Admin Pagebinalpatel3open15.1  Add ability for issues list to defer to admin settings in another container
22675DefectIssuesSpecific Group and User defaults back to Inherited setting when trying to updatebinalpatel3open15.1  Add ability for issues list to defer to admin settings in another container
22672DefectIssuesFaceted filter broken when looking at the 'mine' view in issuesA-aron3open15.1   
22671DefectUser interfaceSet HIPC funded flag based on program/contract_grant tableskristinf2resolved15.1109  
22670DefectTargetedMSNormalized area ratio columns are not populated in the targetedms schemavsharma3open15.2   
22668DefectStudyRepublish study wizard doesn't reselect hidden datasetscnathe2resolved15.1  Option to republish from manage studies page
22667Defect BadSqlGrammarException from org.labkey.di.filters.ModifiedSinceFilterStrategy.hasWork()tgaluhn3open15.1   
22666Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.di.pipeline.TransformPipelineJob.<init>()tgaluhn3open15.1   
22665DefectStudyStudyDesignController should use MutatingApiActionkevink3resolved15.1   
22664DefectUser interfaceWithout cube warming, individual explorer pages don't reflect previous selectionscnathe3open15.2   
22663DefectUser interface-1 values are bucketed in 0 buckettgaluhn3open15.2   
22662DefectTest harnessArgos: Test module needs to be able to rely on configurable Caisis schema nameNick Arnold1resolved15.1   
22661DefectUser interfaceNullPointerException in org.labkey.api.view.Portal.getFolderTabFromId() 3closed15.1   
22660DefectCDSCDS: Info pane filter button disablingmartyp3open15.1   
22659DefectCDSCDS: Make "Subject" from the Info Pane list open up detail panemartyp3open15.1   
22658DefectCDSCDS: apply selection when navigatingmartyp2open15.1   
22657DefectStudyAdd indication that a project study is a shared visit studykevink3open15.1  Cross-study filtering - shared schedule
22656DefectStudyGoing back to "Previous Settings" and selecting a different snapshot doesn't reflect in republish study wizardcnathe2resolved15.1  Option to republish from manage studies page
22655DefectStudyCreating a new ancillary study or publish study (from scratch or via republish) does not populate Type column in study.StudySnapshot 2closed15.1  Option to republish from manage studies page
22654DefectStudyCan't get past "Previous Settings" panel of republish wizard when selecting "... from scratch" radio option 2closed15.1  Option to republish from manage studies page
22653DefectStudyRepublish study wizard "Previous Settings" grid check all box unneccessarycnathe2resolved15.1  Option to republish from manage studies page
22652DefectStudyRepublish study wizard "Previous Settings" grid initial sort by created date descending 3closed15.1  Option to republish from manage studies page
22651DefectStudyRepublish study wizard "Previous Settings" panel styling issuescnathe2resolved15.1  Option to republish from manage studies page
22650DefectUser interfaceAdd radio button to select recent studiesMatthew Bellew3open15.1   
22649DefectDataPopulate program and contract_grant tableskristinf2resolved15.1109  
22648DefectQueryShould not offer to show execution plan on stored procedure executionsadam2resolved15.1   
22647DefectSecurityAddUser() race conditionMatthew Bellew3open15.2   
22644TodoTargetedMSCreate a separate module for running GCT reportsvsharma3open15.2   
22643DefectStudyJS error trying to open publish study wizard from Manage Study page when study snapshot destination field is undefined 2closed15.1  Option to republish from manage studies page
22641DefectSpecimensIllegalStateException in   
22639DefectStudyUnexpected behavoir when adding visit via sub study dataset or deleting visit from project with shared visitskristinf3open15.1  Cross-study filtering - shared schedule
22638DefectAdminTours need to be cachedadam2resolved15.1  UX: Finish pop-over tour work
22637DefectTargetedMS**Feature Request - To combine daily QC data points, ratio data, and standard deviationcnathe3open15.1   
22636DefectQueryInvestigate root cause of list import related test failures caused by r36617tgaluhn3open15.2   
22635DefectTargetedMSFeature Request - To add ability to combine all peptide graphscnathe3open15.2   
22634DefectQueryIOException in org.labkey.core.reader.DataLoaderServiceImpl.createLoader()Trey3resolved15.1   
22633DefectStudyDuplicate rows in project dataset for shared visits projectkevink2open15.1  Cross-study filtering - shared schedule
22632DefectAssayIllegalStateException in$Factory.create()kevink3open15.1   
22631DefectListsNullPointerException in org.labkey.list.controllers.ListController$DeleteListDefinitionAction.handlePost()Trey3resolved15.1   
22630DefectExternal datavehicle-14.10-14.11.sql scripts will "never" runadam1resolved15.1   
22629DefectUser interfacePrompt user to confirm before switching schemas 2closed15.1  Management for deidentified data
22628DefectDatahicor schema tables not cleaned up on container delete 3closed15.1  Configure additional metrics
22627DefectStudy**Error creating visit from Manage Assay Schedule page in sub study folder of shared visits projectkevink2open15.1  Cross-study filtering - shared schedule
22626DefectCustomize ViewChange icons associated with custom views to distinguish views that are privatekristinf3open15.1   
22625Defect Handle deleting from backlog if assigned to sprintkristinf3resolved15.1   
22624DefectDataCreating Query Snapshot from Filtered dataset not respecting filtersKarl Lum3open15.122602  
22623Defect Peptide inventory: No conflict when assigning multiple peptides or vials to the same slot in same location 3closed15.1  Peptide inventory - more carryover
22622Defect Peptide inventory: Can't scroll horizontally to see all racks/boxes 3closed15.1  Peptide inventory - more carryover
22619DefectStudyDate based Time Chart data grid missing visit values for shared visits projectkevink3open15.2  Cross-study filtering - shared schedule
22618DefectStudySub study navigator overview row counts off for shared visit projectkevink2open15.1  Cross-study filtering - shared schedule
22617DefectStudyImport Visit Map page doesn't redirect to shared visit project folder for sub study 3closed15.1  Cross-study filtering - shared schedule
22616DefectStudyInvocationTargetException caused by AssertionError with visit map XML imported into Dataspace study project with Shared Visitskevink2open15.1  Cross-study filtering - shared schedule
22615DefectStudyVisit/timepoint type mismatches between project study with shared visits and sub studyA-aron2open15.1  Cross-study filtering - shared schedule
22614DefectUser interfaceMark all methods in Tours.js as private/betaNick Arnold3open15.1  UX: Finish pop-over tour work
22613DefectListsoptimistic concurrency race condition in ListQueryUpdateService.updateRow()Dave Bradlee3open15.1   
22611DefectDataUpdates for immport schema changeskristinf3resolved15.1   
22609DefectQuery"Between" function in conditional formatting of query meta data doesn't work 3closed15.122584  
22607DefectDataSQLException from org.labkey.api.cache.BlockingCache.get() 3closed15.1   
22606DefectQueryUnable to create Chart View from parameterized querycnathe3open15.2   
22605DefectQueryUnable to create JavaScript view from parameterized querycnathe3open15.2   
22604DefectQueryUnable to create query snapshot from parameterized queryKarl Lum3open15.2   
22599Defect PSQLException from org.labkey.api.etl.StatementDataIterator._next()Matthew Bellew3openTBD   
22598DefectWebdavDavController$DavException in org.labkey.core.webdav.DavController$JsonAction.doMethod()Matthew Bellew3open15.2   
22597DefectUser interfaceTours don't run from Help menu unless mode is "Run Always" 2closed15.1  UX: Finish pop-over tour work
22596DefectSpecimensSpecimen Query View (SpecimenDetail, SpecimenSummary) foreign key not as functional with CurrentAndSubFoldersDave Bradlee3open15.1   
22595DefectQueryInvalid synonym definitions result in fatal exceptions in LK 3closed15.1  Testing & adjustments to officially support synonyms
22594DefectQueryResolution of synonym target database is case sensitive 2closed15.1  Testing & adjustments to officially support synonyms
22593DefectCustomize ViewCustomize view treats Locations.SAL column incorrectlykevink3open15.1   
22592Defect Peptide inventory: Can only have a single one on a serverKarl Lum3open15.2  Peptide inventory - more carryover
22591Defect Typo: "Chenge" the status of peptide vials 3closed15.1  Peptide inventory - more carryover
22590Defect Peptide inventory: refresh required after assigning locationsKarl Lum3open15.2  Peptide inventory - more carryover
22589Defect Peptide inventory: Adding a new freezer makes grids disappear 3closed15.1  Peptide inventory - more carryover
22588Defect Display order of freezers/racks/shelves/boxes is unpredictable 3closed15.1  Peptide inventory - more carryover
22587DefectGene ExpressionDelete all run outputs when you delete a runkevink3open15.142  
22586DefectStudyDatasets: Export fields doesn't export lookupsMatthew Bellew3open15.1107  
22585DefectStudyShared datasets category is not used in the sub-studiesA-aron3open15.1108  
22582DefectUser interfaceHeader Short Name to use URL specified in Logo Link instead of site defaultNick Arnold4open15.122568  
22581DefectCoreSurvey config options not apparentKarl Lum3resolved15.1   
22576DefectSpecimensDelete all unused locations is brokenadam2resolved15.1  Minimize scope of specimen importer transaction
22575DefectListsNullPointerException in org.labkey.core.query.UsersTable.addDomainColumns()Trey3resolved15.1   
22573DefectVisualizationOnly one of two plotting messages shows when both heatmode is on and points outside plotting areaNick Arnold3open15.2   
22571DefectVisualizationCan't view "Heatmap mode" message after dismiss or closing initial display 3closed15.1  Finish large plot work
22570DefectVisualizationMessage box has close icon that you can't click 4closed15.1  Finish large plot work
22569DefectPrimate EHRBadSqlGrammarException from org.labkey.api.ehr.history.AbstractDataSource.processRows()jeckels3open15.2   
22567DefectVisualizationSurvival curve export PDF extra whitespace because of legend and filter displaycnathe3open15.2  Rewrite survival curve in d3
22565Defect FreezerPro import broken on specimen importavital2open15.1   
22546TodoGenotypingRefactor genotyping run list to be embeddableadam3resolved15.1   
22538DefectUser interfaceTour Builder: 'Clear' then 'Save' raises "Save failed! Error: undefined" 3closed15.1  UX: Finish pop-over tour work
22537DefectUser interfaceTour Annotations: Clear doesn't clear mode setting 3closed15.1  UX: Finish pop-over tour work
22536DefectUser interfaceTour Annotations: grid shows integers for Mode instead of text 3closed15.1  UX: Finish pop-over tour work
22535DefectUser interfaceTour Annotations: no notice of unsaved changes or indication if clicking 'save' worked 3closed15.1  UX: Finish pop-over tour work
22534DefectUser interfaceTour Annotations: Reorder optionmartyp4open15.2  UX: Finish pop-over tour work
22533DefectUser interfaceTour annotations on left/right point below target element 3closed15.1  UX: Finish pop-over tour work
22531DefectUser interfaceUnselecting bars doesn't unhighlight until next bar is clickedcnathe3open15.2   
22530DefectQueryRequest to have folder option to not appear in newly created queries by defaultMatthew Bellew4open15.122564  
22529DefectCoreUnsupportedOperationException from 3closed15.1   
22527DefectDataNeed to implement ResultSet.getRow() for SAS 4closed15.1   
22526DefectSearchIOException from$TSVIndexWriter.writeBody() 3closed15.1   
22525DefectDataHide SQL output in Populate Extended Tables ETL 4closed15.1