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 27303DefectClient-SpecificThe DataFinder Cube Cache should be cleared after new publications and studies are insertedGuest3closed16.3  Update study import form to include StudyAccess field
27301DefectExperimentUnexpected server error when loading RStudio if Docker is in a bad statetgaluhn3open16.3  Continue RStudio docker integration
27297Defect Study does not resize columns on importmartyp3open16.3   
27296DefectBiologicsNPE in ExtendedApiQueryResponse.createColMap when viewing newly-uploaded assay runkevink3open16.3  Run Details Page M4
27293DefectCDSOn a “Learn about” study product page, “Used with other products” is determined based on arm dataGuest2closed16.2   
27292DefectCDS"bar" appearing before each product listed on the Study SummaryGuest2closed16.2   
27291DefectNLP"Save As" then "Cancel" then "Save" causes a new Document Processing Configuration to be createdians3open16.3  Disease group based document assignment
27290DefectNLPNPE in AutoAssignmentConfig Query WebpartGuest3closed16.3  Disease group based document assignment
27289DefectNLPOrdering of Document Processing Configurations table is confusingKristin3open16.3  Disease group based document assignment
27288DefectExperimentLABKEY.Experiment.saveMaterials() creates too many derive sample runskevink3open16.3   
27285DefectBiologicsParent Selection on Entity Registration is not in any specific orderjoshd3open16.3   
27284DefectBiologicsLineage on Sample Set is incorrectNick Arnold2open16.3   
27283Defect returnURL param in URL not handled correctly by some LabKey classic buttons if it specifies both a fragment and a queryChrisJ3open16.3  Return to Biologics App After Sample or Assay Upload M4
27282Defect Luminex Guide set import should warn of Analyte name mismatchGuest2closed16.3  Ignore bead numbers on analytes
27281DefectIssuesIssues List webpart doesn't respect custom issue nounKarl Lum3open16.3   
27279TodoIssues"Create Related Issue" excludes current containerKarl Lum3open16.3   
27278DefectIssuesassignedTo is editable when closing an issueKarl Lum3open16.3   
27277DefectNLPShow latest results when report ID link is clickedSusan Hert2open16.3   
27276DefectNLPEdits done in Review mode aren't savedGuest1closed16.2   
27275Defect Cancel button on New Assay Design page does not honour returnUrl param in urlChrisJ3resolved16.3  Return to Biologics App After Sample or Assay Upload M4
27272DefectNLPAdd "test performed" fields to abstraction field setKristin2resolved16.327271 Support for an engine-less workflow (metadata only).
27270DefectNLPAbstraction config: Disease group sorting incorrect on PostgresGuest2closed16.3  Disease group based document assignment
27268DefectMS2**Poor performance on setting SeqId during Mascot importjeckels3open16.2 Review Requested 
27266DefectNLPAbstraction Config "Save As" is brokenGuest2closed16.3  Disease group based document assignment
27259DefectUser interfaceMasterGridPane does not show dates even when dates are present for all rowsGuest3closed16.3  Rare disease views: Genetic Investigations
27258DefectCDSStudy Zap106 shows only it's end date, but has a begin date in it's detail and is used in the filterGuest3closed16.3  Sorting & filtering for Learn About summary pages
27257DefectExperimentPSQLException when indexing/resolving experiment data class for searchGuest3closed16.3   
27256DefectCDSFaceted filter list selection is cleared after a page refresh.Guest3closed16.3  Sorting & filtering for Learn About summary pages
27255DefectNLPNumberFormatException when applying configuration with group selectedGuest2closed16.3  Disease group based document assignment
27254DefectNLPNPE when applying a configuration that uses All assignee groupsGuest2closed16.3  Disease group based document assignment
27253DefectCDSSorting on the Developer column in Learn About, Products doesn't put empty values where I expectedGuest3closed16.3  Sorting & filtering for Learn About summary pages
27252DefectCDSEmpty values do not show up as a filter option in faceted columnsGuest3closed16.3  Sorting & filtering for Learn About summary pages
27251Defect Overrides message does not account for document typeians3open16.3  Disease group based document assignment
27250DefectCDSFiltering on one column in Learn About does not limit filter options in other faceted columnsGuest3closed16.3  Sorting & filtering for Learn About summary pages
27249DefectNLP"Overrides" text on the Edit Workflow Configuration is inconsistent and less informative than it could beians3open16.3  Disease group based document assignment
27248DefectNLPDisease Group and assignee groups should be multi-select fields, not ians3open16.3  Disease group based document assignment
27247DefectNLPDocument Processing Configurations disease groups and assignee groups columns need conversion for displayGuest2closed16.3  Disease group based document assignment
27243DefectClient-SpecificThe DataFinder Cube Cache should be cleared after studyAccess data is changedAngelica2closed16.3  Update study import form to include StudyAccess field
27242DefectBiologicsNucleotide Sequence - sequence length max is too lowkevink3open16.3   
27240DefectInstallerCreate hutch_abstraction distributionKristin2resolved16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27235DefectStudyDoc Review: Dataspace / Shared Datasets DocKristin3open16.3   
27234DefectClient APIupdate LABKEY.ext.Store examplesjony3open16.3   
27233DefectCoreredirect to login page after clicking to download file (with logged-off session) should redirect user to the page they came fromNick Arnold3open16.3   
27232DefectBiologicsassay upload links need to set returnUrl on Data Import: Run Properties and Data File pageChrisJ3resolved16.3  Return to Biologics App After Sample or Assay Upload M4
27231Defect Portal does not respect Cancer or Rare Diseases check boxDave Bradlee3open16.3   
27229DefectQueryQueries with column names with spaces do not respect ORDER BYDave Bradlee3open16.3  Cancer views: Samples
27228TestClient-SpecificAutomated Tests in GelPortalUITest fail due to special character mismatchesGuest3closed16.3   
27223DefectIssuesConstraint violation if an issue list doesn't require title and assignedToKarl Lum3open16.3  Migrate issues to new tables
27221DefectCoreSQL Server Date columns return incorrect meta data typeseyounske3resolved16.3  Date vs. date time type support
27215DefectBiologicsError: A folderType that contains folderTabs cannot also provide preferredWebparts or requiredWebparts with locations outside the menubar.Guest3closed16.3  Return to Biologics App After Sample or Assay Upload M4
27213DefectCDSLearn detail pages: Data Availability needs to handle studies/assays not loaded yetGuest2closed16.3   
27210DefectCoreDuplicateKeyException from org.labkey.pipeline.api.PipelineServiceImpl.rememberLastSequenceDbPathsSetting()jeckels3open16.3   
27209DefectQueryIllegalStateException from   
27208DefectClient-SpecificFix caching of PanelApp lists and consolidate scriptsGuest3closed16.2modules   
27207DefectQueryQuery schema browser "Refresh" button is brokenadam2resolved16.3   
27206DefectClient-SpecificFirst user to save a review is associated with all subsequent savesDan Duffek3closed16.3  Initial medical review schema & ETL
27205DefectIssuesReshow after failed issue update loses changesjeckels2resolved16.2 Approved and Code ReviewedMigrate issues to new tables
27186DefectR Remote APIR Reports aren't loading dependencies correctlyGuest1closed16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27168DefectQueryXmlValueOutOfRangeException from   
27167DefectTest harnessRLabKey lsSchemas check shouldn't include "samples" schemaGuest3closed16.2 Review Requested 
27166DefectCoreOutstanding Font Revisionsrond3open16.3   
27164DocumentationAdminSimplify/clarify basic LDAP instructionssteveh3open16.327158  
27161DefectBiologicslineage.findNearestParentDatas() needs to guard against infinite loops in lineage queriesChrisJ3resolved16.3   
27160DefectIssuesIssues lookups should use ColumnInfo.NOLOOKUP_FACTORYGuest3closed16.2 Approved and Code ReviewedMigrate issues to new tables
27159Defect In some scenarios a record can be updated without filling in the required fields.jimp3open16.3  Initial medical review schema & ETL
27157DefectStudyPurgeParticipantsTask violates core.Containers FK constraint during container deletionMatthew Bellew3open16.3   
27156DefectIssuesTab order is wrong in issue insert/update formTrey2closed16.2  Migrate issues to new tables
27154Defect Invalid pointer JavaScript error in IE11 and Edge when handleInputBlur is called on a react component.jimp3open16.3   
27152DefectIssuesTab ordering is broken in issue insert/update UIjeckels3closed16.2 Approved and Code ReviewedMigrate issues to new tables
27151DefectVisualizationMini-visualizations shouldn't show "null" for null valuesjeckels3closed16.3   
27150DefectCoreFont Revisionskelseyg2resolved16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27149DefectIssuesApplying sort or filter loses current grid view filterGuest2closed16.2   
27146DefectSearchAtlas production search index configuration issuejony2open16.226050  
27145DefectPipelineadd tab for 'cancelled' to pipeline jobs gridjeckels2resolved16.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27144TodoClient-SpecificBackport Manage Data changes (spec ID 26558) from develop to 16.2Susan Hert2closed16.2 Approved and Code ReviewedIndividual insert/edit pages for studies and publications
27143DefectSecurityActions accessed without a user can generate NullPointerException in   
27142DefectUser interfaceMaster/Detail component inconsistently makes the first result activeGuest3closed16.3  Rare disease views: Genetic Investigations
27141DefectAuditingExporting in CDS causes an insert error in queryauditdomain tablekevink3closed16.2   
27139DefectAuditingAudit log row ids are not always unique across audit providersTrey3resolved16.3   
27137DefectTest harness"samples" schema no longer in schema browser for newly created DBGuest2closed16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27136DefectBiologicsCustomizing dataclass views for biologics dataclasses results in broken sqlkevink2open16.3   
27135DefectIssuesResolving an issue does not automatically set AssignedTo to openerjeckels3resolved16.2 Approved and Code ReviewedMigrate issues to new tables
27134TodoBiologicsRegistration forms should offer a refresh action to allow lookup/refresh of recently-registered entitiesChrisJ3closed16.3  Entity Registration Supports Parent Selection M4
27133DefectUser interfaceTerms of Use displays in a very small section of the screenryans2resolved16.3   
27132DefectDataCan't import to Terms of Use tableDave Bradlee2open16.3   
27130DefectClient-SpecificAdd "Passed medical review – awaiting specialist analysis" to Review Outcome optionsDan Duffek2closed16.2  Initial medical review schema & ETL
27127DefectQueryPatient List Not Updated When Importing Excel File Through QueryController / importDatajeckels2resolved16.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27126Defect Unable to change view, report or chart after switching between View Data and View Chart for a chartxyang3closed16.3   
27125Defect Look ahead (type ahead?) filter remains even if text is cleared.jimp3open16.3  Initial medical review schema & ETL
27124Defect Removing all elements from Specific Diseases drop down leaves an empty Select-item-label element.Dan Duffek3closed16.3  Initial medical review schema & ETL
27122DefectClient-SpecificMissing PanelApp values should not block view of Medical Review panelsDan Duffek3closed16.3   
27121DefectIssuesURL in emails for new issues doesn't include correct issueIdjeckels2closed16.2 Approved and Code ReviewedMigrate issues to new tables
27120DefectIssuesAssigned To list for updating existing issue shows incomplete user listjeckels1closed16.2 Approved and Code ReviewedMigrate issues to new tables
27119DefectStudyDeadlock between deleteVisits() and purgeParticipantsFromParticipantsVisitTable()Matthew Bellew3open16.3   
27118DefectStudyAdd Null check to Bellew3closed16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27117Defect Gel Medical Review - unreviewed Family panel shows reviewer as populatedDan Duffek2closed16.3   
27114DefectR Remote API"Local URI must not be empty" error when opening R remote engine configurationians2closed16.2 Approved and Code ReviewedAdd ability to switch markdown versions in R reports
27112DefectIssuesClosed issues are not assigned to Guest.Guest2closed16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27111TodoBiologicsWe need a java client api for lineageChrisJ3closed16.3  Entity Registration Supports Parent Selection M4
27110Defect Several js errors on Rare Diseases Summary page in IE11 (edit doesn't work).Dan Duffek2closed16.327097 Initial medical review schema & ETL