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 29061Defect Add trigger to cage_location_history to translate cage_size to cage_size_numberrond2open17.2   
29060DefectBiologicsSupport deriving with DataInputs and MaterialInputs on SampleSet even when Parent col is setkevink3open17.1   
29059DefectUpgrade/BootstrapThe index 'c1721408326main_AttachmentParentEntityId' is dependent on column 'AttachmentParentEntityId'martyp2open16.328910  
29058DefectBiologicsBroken Link: Create > New Derived Entity Dropdown Option on Every Entity Details Pagekevink4open17.1   
29056DefectVisualizationColor pickers occasionally won't change colorcnathe3open17.1   
29055DefectCoreBootstrap in production mode logs an exceptiontgaluhn3open17.1   
29054DefectNLPChange Job Run ID column name to Batch Numberryans2resolved17.1  Batch/previous/next indication on abstraction UI
29053DefectBiologicsafter sample derivation, filter sample grid by run if available otherwise by rowidjoshd3open17.1   
29052DefectCDS"Give feedback" not workingxyang2open16.3 Review RequestedPrioritized issues 17.1.2
29051DefectClient-SpecificUn-hide id columns in medical review tablesDave Bradlee3open17.1   
29047DefectListsStorage provisioner does not correctly handle MV indicators on columns with long namesDave Bradlee3open17.1   
29046DefectVisualizationRemove “Measures” option from Pie ChartGuest3closed17.1   
29045DefectUser interfaceCan not put all optional values in the Interp. Report Portal Url. The text box is limited to 255 characters.Guest3closed17.1  Gel Interpretation Portal Link
29043DefectBiologicsIssue with sample link from the assay gridRyan Luce3resolved17.128941  
29042TodoSecurityAPI: Need a way for the service account to specify on whos behalf it is creating or modifying dataRyan Luce3open17.228961  
29041DefectBiologicsClean up organism table (Remove duplicate human species, 0 sp, etc.)kevink3open17.1   
29040DefectCoreDoc Review: Hello World Tutorialadam3open17.1   
29039DefectExperimentDon't resolve an alias integer values as rowIdkevink3open17.128996  
29038DefectBiologicsFor Nucleotide Sequences, clicking "Finish and Translate" Leads to Broken Pagefrankl3resolved17.1   
29036Defect Summary Statistics dialog falls over with very large integer data set (MSSQL)Guest2closed17.1  Add summary statistics to data grids
29034TodoNLPIntroduce database function to wrap character entitization of ReportText when querying for Start/Stop positionstgaluhn3open17.1   
29033Defect Add Plate Statistics (Cell + Virus Control Mean and Range) to QC Pagefrankl3resolved17.1   
29031TodoHarvestRetrieve and store task assignments?Angelica3open17.1   
29030DefectSearchLog4j errors when using ChildFirstClassLoader for tikaGuest3closed17.1   
29029DefectCoreaddCommitTask() is easy to misuseadam3resolved17.1   
29028DefectClient-SpecificAdjust labels on Genetic Tests tabGuest3closed17.1   
29025DefectClient-SpecificUpdate Genetic Test query to not require genetic_test_result rowsGuest2closed17.1   
29024DefectClient-SpecificRare disease ETL: change to set participant identifier to NULL when multiple rows use same event_detail_idGuest2closed17.1   
29023DefectBuildAdd hutch_abstraction, hutch_abstraction-demo distributions to sprint projectKristin2resolved17.1   
29020DefectBuildhutch_abstraction-demo distribution should have both .zip and tar.gzKristin2resolved17.1   
29019DefectStudyReduce test failures in QuerySnapshotTestMatthew Bellew3resolved17.1   
29018Defect Build Content Reporting: NPE if issue area is blankGuest2closed17.1   
29017DefectIssuesAssay Request: Emails should not be sent from the main threadKarl Lum3open17.1   
29014DefectBiologicsChange footer on Biologics away from rotating tagline to "Partners in Science"joshd3open17.1   
29013DefectPipelineReorder XML serialization in ClusterStartupBen Bimber3open17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29012Defect Mean aggregate statistic display is strange when mean is zeroryans3resolved17.1   
29011DefectListsNULL mishandled calculating Median for double summary statisticGuest2closed17.1  Add summary statistics to data grids
29010Documentation Doc Review: Assay Request TrackerRyan Luce3open17.1   
29009DefectBiologicsUp/down spinner arrows collide with text on tables/gridskevink3open17.1   
29008DefectBiologicsSample generation: Need a name component that is a counter that resets ea. daykevink2open17.1   
29007DefectCoreconfigureTemplates() change broke server bootstrapGuest2closed17.1   
29006DefectCDSDataSpace: Duplicate filters for tier via multi-selectxyang3open17.1   
29005DefectCDSDataSpace: more detail for reset password failure messageGuest3closed17.1   
29004DefectCDSDataSpace: max value error when filtering study nameGuest3closed17.1   
29003DefectCDSDataSpace: incorrect alignment of antigensGuest3closed17.1   
29002DefectCDSDataSpace: Learn filters restrict info pane linkGuest2closed17.1   
28990DefectVisualizationCharts will expand on window resize but do not contractcnathe3open17.1   
28989Defect compliance login page does not enumerate FICAM verified providersKarl Lum2resolved17.1  Option to only accept FICAM-approved third-party credentials
28988DefectVisualizationMinor rendering issue with "Save" and "Cancel" buttons on Compliance Settings/Login page.jimp4open17.1  Option to only accept FICAM-approved third-party credentials
28987DefectVisualizationBox Plots don't accept the user's choice of color paletteGuest3closed17.1   
28986DefectVisualizationColor Palette pickers don't replace the current color pickers for points/fillsbradh3open17.1   
28984DefectBiologicsAdd an expand/collapse or "Show More" to the alias fieldjoshd3open17.1   
28983DefectBiologicsCan't navigate to any related entities from any sampleRyan Luce3open17.1   
28981DefectBuildgradlew clean (in the modules dir) should also delete deployed module files Susan Hert3open17.1  Prepare For Developer Conversion and Remaining Development
28975DefectBiologicsAliases should be shown in the "Hierarchy/Related Entities" instead of just V-5, S-123 etc. because those are meaninglessJessi Murray3open17.1   
28974DefectBiologicsAdd a short description field (limited character size) on samplesjoshd3open17.1   
28967DefectFlow**Requested changes/fixes for Flow QC Levey-Jennings R plotcnathe3open16.328905Review Requested 
28958DefectCorePlaceholder default wiki pages created at install time are editable by guest usersGuest3closed16.3   
28956Defect Push script fails for sprint build for certain clientsGuest2closed17.1   
28954Defect "No Client Name(s) found" error on Build Summary page if client name doesn't match target buildGuest2closed17.1   
28953DefectAssaySinglepoint Exclusions on the same unknown from different files can be lostGuest2closed17.1  Exclude singlepoint samples in Luminex assays
28952Defect Previous Builds is updated for the last customer only, if 'all' clients are selectedGuest2closed17.1   
28951DefectAdminBuild Summary report page fails to load with certain configuration.Guest3closed17.1   
28946DefectReportingR report prolog output in PDF export using KNITR/Rmarkdown/Pandoc when R report has other included scriptsGuest3closed16.328268Approved and Code Reviewed 
28945DefectNLPJobRunId/DocumentType (not found) in abstraction task list gridstgaluhn3open17.1   
28942DefectTest harnessAPIUserHelper.deleteUsers can't delete deactivated accounts because they aren't exposed through the APITrey3resolved17.1   
28939DefectUser interfaceConditional formatting not respected after study importxyang3open17.1   
28938DefectDataCharConversionException from org.labkey.api.reader.ExcelLoader.loadSheetFromXLSX()kevink3open17.1   
28936TodoCoreSwitch deprecated DefaultPrettyPrinter.Lf2SpacesIndenter usage to DefaultIndenterGuest3closed17.1   
28935DefectBiologicsBad dependency on James Mime4J in Biologics testsGuest2closed17.1   
28932DefectSearchUpgrade TikaGuest3closed17.1   
28931DefectSearchMove Tika parsers to a separate classloaderGuest3closed17.1   
28927DefectMothershipIllegalStateException in org.labkey.api.cache.Wrapper.isLoading()jeckels3resolved17.1   
28926DefectBuildGradle build hits JS error running trigger script during FolderExportTestjeckels3resolved17.1   
28925DefectCDSNo [blank] filter option for Learn About study type columnGuest2closed17.1  Group filter choices into data vs. no data
28924DefectBiologicsExport from grids in Biologicsfrankl2open17.1   
28923DefectBiologicsSample ID Name Generationkevink3open17.1   
28919DefectWikiPaths in Wikis Displayed as Unicode?Steve Hanson2resolved17.1   
28918TodoAdminMigrate remaining MaintenanceTasks to accept (and use?) pipeline logGuest3closed17.1   
28917TodoSearchClean up from AbstractSearchService refactorGuest3closed17.1   
28916DefectIssuesCreate related issue dialog should disambiguate issue lists in the folder drop-down listKarl Lum3open17.1   
28915DefectIssuesDefault values on shared domain issue lists are incorrectKarl Lum3open17.1   
28913DefectClient-SpecificDockerService ping logs errors during container startupMatthew Bellew2open17.1   
28909TodoBiologicsReplace Settings Link under Biologics avatarjoshd3open17.1   
28908DefectNLPReferenceId and DocDate are not coming through using the new engineGuest3closed17.1   
28907Defect File not being indexed when attached to assay runMatthew Bellew2open17.128775  
28903DefectIssuesNullPointerException in org.labkey.issue.IssuesController$AbstractIssueAction.handlePost()Guest3closed17.1   
28901Defect Gel Participant Medical Review not preventing server side save of participant medical review diseasesGuest3closed17.1   
28900DefectStudyCreate Attachment Report page now shows both Properties and Images tabGuest2closed17.1  Ability to delete custom icons and thumbnails
28899DefectStudyThumbnail image doesn't flip back to default on click of delete iconGuest2closed17.1  Ability to delete custom icons and thumbnails
28898DefectStudyJS error when going to the Images tab of the edit data view properties panel for Dataset entryGuest2closed17.1  Ability to delete custom icons and thumbnails
28897DocumentationSpecimensDoc Review: Name Expressions for Sample Setskevink3open17.1   
28896DefectClient-SpecificThe Gel Medical Review Family initial load for some families showing incorrect disease names in the Gene Panel Grouping for Specific Diseases(s) controlGuest2closed17.1  Automated population of gene panels into medical review workflow
28895DefectBuildConvert internal and api modules to CodeOnlyModules Susan Hert3open17.1   
28894Defect Gel Rare Diseases ParticipantSummary returns two rows for participants 10, 114, 116Guest3closed17.1   
28893DefectClient-SpecificDockerService is caching incorrect container statusTrey2resolved17.1  Export to RStudio from data regions
28892DefectClient-SpecificDisorder list for Family Medical Review must always pull from medical recordGuest2closed16.3  Automated population of gene panels into medical review workflow
28891DefectClient-SpecificDisable disorder editing for participant medical reviewGuest2closed16.3  Automated population of gene panels into medical review workflow
28890DefectWebdavCache headers got brokenMatthew Bellew3open16.3 Review Requested 
28888DefectQueryQueryService$NamedParameterNotProvided in org.labkey.query.QueryServiceImpl.validateNamedParameters()Karl Lum3resolved17.1