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 26931DefectIssuesIssue email preferences aren't scoped to a particular issue list definitionKarl Lum2open16.2  Migrate issues to new tables
26930DefectIssuesIssue Summary WebPart gives no indication that it is pointed at nothingTrey2resolved16.2  Migrate issues to new tables
26929DefectIssuesHard to get to issues-ListActionKarl Lum2open16.2  Migrate issues to new tables
26928DefectCDSDataSpace: UI and UX issues with Groupseyounske3open16.2  Curated groups from the services team
26927DefectCDSDataSpace: problems with creating new group and editing existing groupseyounske2open16.2  Curated groups from the services team
26926DefectIssuesIssues begin action should be more useful when no issues list is definedTrey2resolved16.2  Migrate issues to new tables
26925Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.core.webdav.DavController$PutAction.doMethod()jimp3open16.3   
26924Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.api.exp.api.StorageProvisioner.createTableInfo()jimp3open16.3   
26923DefectETLTransformRunLog column not populated if ETL has never passed validationtgaluhn3open16.2  Improve abstraction pipeline error handling - 16.2.4
26921DefectClient-SpecificNavigating to study container from Go To Study link not working on right clickSusan Hert3resolved16.1 Review Requested 
26920DefectClient-SpecificAdd HTML formatting to Abstract box for manuscripts in Data FinderAngelica3resolved16.126554Review Requested 
26919DefectClient-SpecificHandle "member not found" error when adding new manuscripts before clearing cacheAngelica1resolved16.126708  
26915DefectIssuesCustom fields changes do not trigger update 2closed16.2  Migrate issues to new tables
26913DefectIssuesIssues InsertAction doesn't complain if an issues list is not defined or specifiedTrey2resolved16.2  Migrate issues to new tables
26912DefectBiologicsun-authenticated user isn't redirected to login in all cases when pasting in a URLcnathe3open16.2  Settings, Logout, Login Activity M4
26911DefectSpecimensVial Search webpart generates Study.Visit pop-up error on Continuous Studyjony3resolved16.2   
26910DefectETLIllegalStateException in org.labkey.di.pipeline.TransformManager.truncateTargets()tgaluhn3open16.3   
26909DefectETLPSQLException from org.labkey.core.dialect.PostgreSql91Dialect.executeWithResults()tgaluhn3open16.3   
26902Defect Images missing from study detail page.Dan Duffek3resolved16.2   
26901Defect Need to provide more space between the Products column and the Data Added column.joec3open16.3   
26899Defect JUnit tests on non-development installation of LabKey failbradh3resolved16.2   
26898DefectNLPNLP API IntelliJ build break 3closed16.2   
26897Defect Windows Graphical Installer crashes when user clicks 'Next' before intermediate download has completedTrey3open16.3   
26894DefectBiologicsidentity column should not be shown when registering, eg. protsequencecnathe3open16.2   
26892Defect ORA-01031: insufficient privileges during 'View Raw Table Metadata'binalpatel3open16.3   
26890DocumentationMS2Update ms2 executables.txtbradh3resolved16.2   
26889TodoBiologicsBiologics: clean up error message for incomplete search queryChrisJ4resolvedTBD   
26888DocumentationInstallerUpdate versions listed in installer.txtsteveh3open16.2  Upgrade Windows Installer Components
26887DefectBiologicsselectRows on assay.General.CellCulture Data gets sql errors (mssql)kevink3open16.2   
26886Defect Argos - UI - Exclusion filter mask remains on bar after exclusion is removed 3closed16.2  Add additional functionality of exclusion criteria
26884DefectBiologicsBiologics: Molecule detail view Heirarchy card doesn't include component sequences on mssqlkevink3open16.2  Insert Annotations on Sequences M4
26883DefectServer APIString OOB Exception from JSON Date parsingNick Arnold3open16.3   
26882DefectQueryIllegalArgumentException in org.labkey.adjudication.AdjudicationModule$9.getWebPartView() 3closed16.2   
26881Defect Large value in detailsurl parameter cause a "value to long" SQL exception in the audit log.kevink3open16.3   
26880Defect Quickly clicking on an Assay Learn About topic results in a javascript error. 3closed16.2   
26878Defect Activity unknown and terms empty in downloaded xlsx file from argosryans2resolved16.2   
26874DefectETLETL job should fail if the user that is attached to it is deactivatedryans2resolved16.226868  
26871DefectSecuritySAML EntityId comes from Base Server URL on Site Settings pagetgaluhn3open16.3   
26869DefectUser interfaceSwap order of legend on HICOR Summary webpart 3closed16.2  Create metrics summary visualization
26835DefectBiologicsview assay data harvest molecule column json format 3closed16.2   
26834Defect "Manage" link in button bar at project level of Dataspace projects should show upMatthew Bellew3open16.2187  
26830DefectPipelineAllow IlluminaFastqSplitter to create GZIP output directly 3closed16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
26827Defect Protect against NullPointerException in StudyBean.setPublications() 3closed16.2  Individual insert/edit pages for studies and publications
26826DefectClient APIHandle organisation_id values of greater than 3 characters 1closed16.2   
26825DefectClient-SpecificDuplicate data appearing in the Cancer History tab 1closed16.226824  
26822Defect Clicking 'Time Points' results in a SQL error. 2closed16.2   
26821Defect study.Treatment Orders not found in the container: /CNPRCbinalpatel3open16.3   
26820DefectAssayOutOfMemoryError in org.labkey.api.collections.RowMapFactory.getRowMap() during GPAT insertjeckels3open16.3   
26819DefectPipelineDeadlockLoserDataAccessException from org.labkey.pipeline.api.PipelineStatusManager.enforceLockOrder()jeckels3open16.3   
26818DefectExperimentDataIntegrityViolationException from org.labkey.api.exp.OntologyManager.deleteOntologyObjects() via sample set truncationjeckels3open16.2   
26817DefectMS2OutOfMemoryError from org.labkey.api.reader.FastaLoader$FastaIterator.createNextElement() 3closed16.2   
26816DefectTargetedMSIllegalStateException in org.labkey.targetedms.chromlib.ContainerChromatogramLibraryWriter.writeRepresentativeDataInRun()jeckels3open16.2   
26815DefectAssayRuntimeException in org.labkey.api.exp.api.StorageProvisioner.fixupProvisionedDomain()jeckels4open16.2   
26812DefectPrimate EHRNullPointerException from org.labkey.onprc_ehr.notification.TreatmentAlertsPostOpsNotification$1.exec() 3closed16.2   
26811DefectAssayNullPointerException in   
26805Defect Dates are ordered differently in SQL than in PostgresDan Duffek3resolved16.2  Report views
26804DefectPipelineExport of Data Pipeline grid ignores sort on CreatedKarl Lum3open16.2   
26802DefectCDSAdd title to search information for Learn About summary page 3closed16.2   
26801DefectCDSAdjustments to tooltip for tier/clade/antigen 3closed16.2   
26800DefectUser interfacenotifications should use pointer cursor to indicate they are clickablekevink3resolved16.2   
26798DefectMS2Unable to export Bibliospec library from MS2 export from Mascot .DAT files 3closed16.2   
26797DefectDataData Views webpart does not work with "Mine" checkbox on collapse/expand of categoryeyounske3open16.226790  
26795DefectListsNullPointerException in org.labkey.api.etl.AttachmentDataIterator$1.getDataIterator() 3closed16.2   
26794DefectClient-SpecificIn-progress manuscripts without permissions container show up in search results but not main view/filtersAngelica3resolved16.126724 Individual insert/edit pages for studies and publications
26793DefectUser interfaceText case of panel titles on Cancer (portal) Summary page is different from the others. 3closed16.2  Report views
26792DefectCDSCan't filter negative day values 3closed16.2   
26791DefectCDSChange sort indicator display, add default sort 3closed16.2   
26789DefectMessagesRuntimeValidationException from org.labkey.announcements.model.AnnouncementManager.insertAnnouncement() 3closed16.226788  
26787DefectQueryQuery web part broken with 'Schema name is not set.' error 2closed16.2   
26785Defect Update flask icon in "Upload and Import" files viewrond3open16.3   
26784Defect Tables in data views from file based modules are using the old iconsAngelica3resolved16.2165  
26781DefectUser interfaceQuickly clicking through the detail pages tab results in a JavaScript/React warning about trying to update an unmounted component.Dave Bradlee4open16.2  Report views
26780Defect New RD tables need to be in the join filter map 3closed16.2   
26779DefectMS2Support Mascot decoy searches 3closed16.2   
26777DefectStudyBadSqlGrammarException from Lum3open16.226760  
26776Defect Selecting "Custom" radio box in Data Views cuts off input field 3closed16.2165  
26775DefectPipelineFile.createTempFile() doesnt support prefixes <3 charsBen Bimber3open16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
26774Defect Issues linking assay runs with sample setsKarl Lum3open16.225543  
26769Defect NullPointerException in 3closed16.2   
26768DefectCoreExceptions attempting to index non-existent data finder lists 3closed16.2   
26767TodoSearchAdd parent's keywords to attachmentsadam3open16.3   
26763DefectAssayresolve exp.Material samples by name on assay importkevink3open16.2   
26758Defect JS error (Unknown field reg.eligibility_eligibility_statement_version) when viewing participant details in Rare Diseases 2closed16.2  Report views
26757DefectStudy'QC State' is applied to all data regions and doesn't work asyncNick Arnold3open16.3  Bug fixing + testing for data region migration - 16.2.4
26755DefectBiologicsBiologics: search for entities by alias failskevink3open16.3  Search UI M4
26753DefectStudyData Region: Cohort/Group "All" selection doesn't work async 2closed16.2  Bug fixing + testing for data region migration - 16.2.4
26751DefectAdminR edit engine configuration label for pandoc and rmarkdown does not include linkryans2resolved16.2  Add ability to switch markdown versions in R reports
26749Defect Category selection behavior changed in faceted filter 3closed16.2  Convert dataset faceted filtering pane
26748TestTest harnessisImpersonating returns true if a role is being impersonated. This causes a failure in BaseWebDriverTest.ensureSignedInAsAdmin 3closed16.2   
26747DefectMessagesNew Message: 'Title: Value is too long for column 'Title', a maximum length of 255 is allowed.' 4closed16.2   
26746DefectMessagesMessage Boards: Show poster's groups checkbox shows Groups column twice in Messages List 3closed16.226743  
26744DefectStudyData region incorrectly updates faceted filter pane selections 3closed16.2  Convert dataset faceted filtering pane
26742DefectUser interfaceParticipant Filter Panel cutoffNick Arnold4open16.3  Convert dataset faceted filtering pane
26741Defect NullPointerException in$AddUsersAction.handlePost()ryans3resolved16.2   
26740Defect NullPointerException from 3closed16.2  Individual insert/edit pages for studies and publications
26739DefectBiologicsSearch result errors do not display 3closed16.2   
26738DefectClient-SpecificChange #null to None in data finder's faceting panel when publications/studies are missing metadata 3closed16.126709Review Requested 
26737TodoBiologicsBiologics: search filter bar shows infinite spin-circle foreverChrisJ4resolved16.2  Search UI M4
26736DefectUser interfaceMS2 UI updates for grid/view changes 3closed16.2   
26735DefectUser interfaceChange UI labels for report/chart/view changes 3closed16.2