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20125Defect Matthew BellewPSQLException from org.labkey.api.exp.api.StorageProvisioner.execute()Dave Bradlee3open14.2  2014-04-18
20124DefectUser interfaceJessi MurrayColumn chooser dialog variable/source lists blend into the backgroundalanv3open14.2 Column chooser dialog2014-04-18
20123DefectUser interfaceJessi MurrayColumn chooser dialog should have max-widthalanv2open14.2 Column chooser dialog2014-04-18
20121DefectWebdavMatthew BellewDavController$DavException in org.labkey.core.webdav.DavController$PropfindAction.doMethod()Matthew Bellew3open14.1Review Requested 2014-04-18
20120DefectQueryadamCan't save my own default view if shared view is in placekevink3open14.2  2014-04-18
20119DefectUser interfaceJessi MurrayCan we have the plot selection filters refresh up without a flash?Nick Arnold4open14.2 Support showing plot selection in info pane2014-04-18
20118DefectUser interfaceJessi MurrayNeed to fix styling for brushing filtersalanv3open14.2 Support showing plot selection in info pane2014-04-18
20117DefectVisualizationJessi MurrayClear button is clearing on the info pane and not the actual brushed areaalanv2open14.2 Support showing plot selection in info pane2014-04-18
20116DefectVisualizationJessi MurrayPoints are not highlighting in 1D brushed areasalanv2open14.2 Support showing plot selection in info pane2014-04-18
20115DefectVisualizationJessi MurraySelecting an area on the plot always shows integer boundariesalanv3open14.2 Support 1D Graphs2014-04-18
20110DefectSpecimensstevehDoc Review: Specimen Refresh Useradam3open14.2 Ability to change specimen refresh user2014-04-17
20109DefectSearchPetersearch indexes don't get updated when a row in an indexed list is changedadam2open14.2  2014-04-17
20108DefectVisualizationJessi MurrayRemoving one dimension of a plot selection breaks things 2closed14.2 Support showing plot selection in info pane2014-04-17
20107DefectCDSkristinfReloaded study doesn't work with CDS appNick Arnold2open14.2 Learn about study detail2014-04-17
20106DefectQueryBen BimberIdea on Multipart Filtersjeckels3openTBD  2014-04-17
20105DefectUser interfacemoharaDoc Review: Between/Not Between Filter 3closed14.2 between, not between filter2014-04-17
20104DefectUser interfacemoharaDoc Review: Export Selected in Gridsmohara3open14.2  2014-04-17
20102DefectStudyadamPublish study wizard shouldn't refer to "Export"cnathe3open14.2  2014-04-17
20101DefectFolder Export/ImportadamPublish study wizard change path should update path immediatelycnathe2open14.2  2014-04-17
20098DefectMothershipadamServers can't report to own mothership during bootstrap/upgradetgaluhn3open14.2  2014-04-16
20097DefectQueryTreySchema browser's show hidden checkbox only works for already open folder tree nodeskevink3open14.2  2014-04-16
20096DefectQueryadamBump maxQueryThreads property to 100 2closed14.2Approved and Code Reviewed 2014-04-16
20092DefectQueryBen BimberJsonWriter returns incorrect FK target if the target is not a keyfieldBen Bimber2resolved14.2Approved and Code Reviewed 2014-04-16
20091DefectUser interfacemoharaSecond filter is grayed-out/not editable when you reopen filter dialog on a filtered columnNick Arnold3open14.2 between, not between filter2014-04-16
20090DefectStudyadamSQLException when attempting to query study.StudyProperties from root 2closed14.2 Export/Import custom study properties2014-04-16
20089DefectStudycnathe**Users who have editor permission to the study are unable to see the "Configure Dropdown Options" for the original GWT study designercnathe2open14.1Review Requested 2014-04-16
20088DefectUser interfacemoharaBetween/Not Between raise 'invalid value' errors when used as second filterkevink3open14.2 between, not between filter2014-04-15
20087DefectUser interfacemoharaBetween filter should ignore unquoted leading spaces on stringskevink3open14.2 between, not between filter2014-04-15
20086DefectSpecimensstevehPublished Studies Should Ignore "Editable Specimens" RepositoryDave Bradlee3open14.2  2014-04-15
20085DefectStudyGreg Taylordatetime values not preserved in remote ETLs 3closed14.2  2014-04-14
20076DefectDatakevinkNullPointerException from 3closed14.2  2014-04-10
20075DefectFlowkevinkIllegalArgumentException in org.labkey.flow.analysis.web.GraphSpec.<init>() 3closed14.2  2014-04-10
20074DefectFlowkevinkNumberFormatException from org.labkey.api.util.VersionNumber.<init>()kevink3open14.2  2014-04-10
20073DefectUser interfacetgaluhnUI for OLAP cube visualization: Page refresh required for expandos to work after switching hierarchies within a dimensiontgaluhn3resolved14.2  2014-04-10
20072DefectQuerytgaluhnMondrian connection being held openMatthew Bellew2open14.2  2014-04-10
20071DefectStudykristinfSubject characteristics explorer page never loads with large study 2closed14.2  2014-04-09
20070DefectDatakristinfCreate link to refresh patientcubekristinf3resolved14.2  2014-04-09
20069DefectStudykristinfStudy exports can end up with multiple rows for same geneDave Bradlee3open14.2 Import behavior for using shared data rows (e.g. locations, products, etc.)2014-04-09
20067DefectClient APIBen BimberCoerceDataIterator / ETL will cause subtle EHR bugsMatthew Bellew2open14.2  2014-04-09
20063DefectReportingDaxpath mapping does not work between unix and a windows machine when running LabKey against an rserve instance.Dax2open14.2  2014-04-08
20062DefectExtensibilityBen BimberOracle SQL Issue 3closed14.2  2014-04-08
20061DefectAssaycnatheLuminex test failures with tricky characters on daily SQLServer suitecnathe3open14.2  2014-04-08
20060DefectAssaycnatheBadSqlGrammarException excluding replicate group from titration when run has a Single Point ControlGreg Taylor2resolved14.1Approved and Code Reviewed 2014-04-08
20059DefectFileContentmarkiClean up totaluploadprogress event spam to browser consolemarki3resolved14.2  2014-04-07
20057DefectSecurityadamUncategorizedSQLException from$1.load()adam3open14.2  2014-04-06
20056DefectSearchadamLuceneSearchServiceImpl$PreProcessingException in  2014-04-06
20055DefectUpgrade/BootstrapadamTable$OptimisticConflictException from org.labkey.api.module.ModuleLoader.updateModuleProperties() 3closed14.2  2014-04-06
20054TodoTest harnessadamUpgrade AspectJ to work on Java 8?Trey3open14.2  2014-04-05
20053DefectStudykevinkExported flow assay dataset column names are mangledkevink3open14.2  2014-04-04
20052DefectStudymoharaImporting study with shared row lookups to dropped study.Product rows cause PipelineJobException 3closed14.2 Import behavior for using shared data rows (e.g. locations, products, etc.)2014-04-03
20050DefectExperimentkevinkexp.Runs grid sorted by ascending rowid (the default sort) instead of descending (newest->oldest) 3closed14.2  2014-04-03
20049DefectAdminmoharaServer error deleting a projectKarl Lum3open14.2  2014-04-03
20048DefectInstallermoharaCan't upgrade to installer version 31832 (of 14.2)Trey3open14.2  2014-04-03
20047DefectNABavitalDon't remember the last Specimen ID entered when a list or tsv is usedKarl Lum3open14.2  2014-04-03
20046DefectStudyavitalNot all datasets are displayed in Participant overviewMatthew Bellew3open14.2  2014-04-03
20045DefectStudyryansUnable to plot data/build grids across multiple data sourcestgaluhn2open14.2 Grid improvements2014-04-02
20044DefectStudyDave BradleeChanging study properties invalidates visit ids in TreatmentVisitMapcnathe2open14.2 Finish import/export study design info2014-04-02
20043DefectQueryavitalCreate Query Report interface error in IE8alanv3open14.2  2014-04-02
20042DefectStudyDave BradleeTreatmentVisitMap cohortIds and (sometimes) visitIds don't get fixed up correctly on import 2closed14.2 Finish import/export study design info2014-04-02
20041SpecificationStudycnatheDuplicate ProductAntigens in dataspace project when you reload a subfolder studykristinf3open14.2 Import behavior for using shared data rows (e.g. locations, products, etc.)2014-04-02
20040DefectStudycnatheMake manage study products page read only in a dataspace 2closed14.2 Import behavior for using shared data rows (e.g. locations, products, etc.)2014-04-02
20039DefectStudyDave BradleeCustom field names on Treatment, Product, Personnel do not retain their capitalization 3closed14.2 Finish import/export study design info2014-04-02
20038TodoWikiadamcomm.AllWikiVersions should report the version creation info as Modified and ModifiedBy 3closed14.2  2014-04-02
20037DefectUser interfacealanvData region: Unable to export selected if they're not currently visible 2closed14.2  2014-04-02
20036DefectUser interfacealanvScroll bars in data region export panekevink3open14.2  2014-04-02
20035DefectStudyDave BradleeOn Import Personnel table's UserId picks up some "random" userKarl Lum3open14.2 Finish import/export study design info2014-04-02
20034DefectStudyDave BradleeExtra column for dataset foreign key to Product table is output even when study is not in Dataspace project 3closed14.2 Import behavior for using shared data rows (e.g. locations, products, etc.)2014-04-02
20033DefectMicroarrayjeckelsPending MageML file list doesn't show all available assay designs 2closed14.1Approved and Code Reviewed 2014-04-02
20032DefectStudycnatheMinor updates to the manage treatments pagecnathe2resolved14.2  2014-04-02
20031DefectReportingcnatheMove facet filter option property to Reporting tab in GWT domain property editorcnathe3open14.2 Variable selector source and variable lists2014-04-02
20030DefectSecurityBen BimberServer seems to 'forget' role assignments after restart?Ben Bimber3open14.2  2014-04-02
20029DefectDataadamFaceted filtering with saved view gets confused about containersNick Arnold3open14.2  2014-04-02
20028DefectStudyGreg TaylorProblems with long field names in dataset definitionsGreg Taylor3open14.2  2014-04-01
20027DefectStudyGreg TaylorXML metadata not showing up in source editor when metadata refers to table by label rather than nameadam3open14.2  2014-04-01
20026DefectStudyGreg Taylorslow query on Luminex shared runs centered around specimenIDkevink2open14.2  2014-04-01
20025DefectExperimentavitalAdd experiment number in search result headerGreg Taylor3open14.2  2014-04-01
20024DefectQuerykevinkURLs on LookupForeignKey don't set container context properlyMatthew Bellew3open14.2  2014-04-01
20023DefectStudyGreg TaylorDataset import from file returns to 'manage datasets' on errorGreg Taylor3open14.2  2014-04-01
20021DefectSpecimensDave BradleeNullPointerException in$GetSpecimenWebPartGroupsAction.execute()Dave Bradlee3open14.2  2014-04-01
20020DefectStudyGreg TaylorDataset add field - reorder position to before selected fieldcnathe3resolved14.2  2014-04-01
20019DefectSpecimensDave BradleePSQLException from org.labkey.core.dialect.PostgreSql84Dialect.executeWithResults()Dave Bradlee3open14.2  2014-04-01
20018DefectUser interfacecnatheActive filters panel should scroll vertically as needed 3closed14.2 Info panel2014-04-01
20017DefectUser interfaceJessi MurrayFilter bars update several times in a row each time you switch dimensions/hierarchies 2closed14.2 Filter explorer page2014-03-31
20016DefectStudymoharastudy.Product label field is case sensitive 3closed14.2 Import behavior for using shared data rows (e.g. locations, products, etc.)2014-03-31
20015SpecificationStudyJessi MurraySpec - Study design migration from XML 3closed14.2  2014-03-31
20014DefectFlowavitalColumn name mismatch between assay/dataset column names and flow column nameskevink3open14.2  2014-03-31
20013Defect ryansrace condition selecting filters in CDSNick Arnold2open14.2  2014-03-31
20012TodoDatakristinfAdjust DeathOrLastContactDate calculation 2closed14.2 Compute DateOfDeathOrLastContact2014-03-31
20011DefectNABavitalChange label on Select a Sample List buttonKarl Lum3open14.2  2014-03-31
20010DefectStudymoharaCan add duplicate rows to shared data tables (Product)kristinf3open14.2 Import behavior for using shared data rows (e.g. locations, products, etc.)2014-03-31
20008DefectClient APIBen Bimberrequired vs. nullable in ColumnInfo metadataKarl Lum3open14.2  2014-03-31
20007DefectPipelinejeckelsDuplicated directories when using supplemental read-only pipeline root 1closed14.1Approved and Code Reviewed 2014-03-31
20006DefectWikiBen BimberSupport ClientDependencies In Wikijeckels3resolved14.2Approved and Code Reviewed 2014-03-31
20005DefectStudyadamIllegalArgumentException due to addStudyColumn()Matthew Bellew2open14.2  2014-03-31
20004Defect ryansDemographics deletions via parent or child study are not reflected in DataSpace application 2closed14.2 Use cross folder queries by default (testing)2014-03-30
20003Defect ryansInsert to DataSpace parent project doesn't work correctly 2closed14.2 Use cross folder queries by default (testing)2014-03-30
20002Defect ryansCDS application does not reflect demographics edits until server restart 2closed14.2  2014-03-30
20001DefectFileContentmarkiDrag and drop file upload limits all uploads to 256MB 3closed14.1Approved and Code Reviewed 2014-03-30
20000Defect ryansAssay target areas do not appear to be loaded correctly in find subjects by assay page 3closed14.2 Use cross folder queries by default (testing)2014-03-28
19999DefectUser interfaceJessi MurrayUpdate filtering behavior so that multi-select is default (i.e. does not need modifier key) 2closed14.2 Filter explorer page2014-03-28