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 27623Defect Files context menu no longer showing upxyang3open16.3   
27620DefectStudy404 creating a Grid View from Study Manage ViewsKarl Lum3open16.3   
27615Defect Creating a run group in an experiment results in a 404 "Could not find dataRegionSelectionKey in request parameters"Guest3closed16.2   
27613DefectDataCannot use Query.executeSql with parameters but without sortMatthew Bellew3open16.327545  
27612DefectBiologicsHeader user menu dropdown gets messed up in 'mobile' viewjoshd4openTBD   
27610DefectBiologicsHeatmap should fail gracefully on errorjoshd4openTBD   
27609DefectExperimentAssays fail to resolve Sample lookup from file-based module definitionskevink2open16.3   
27608Defect Value of vcsRevision in explodedModule/config/module.xml doesn't appear to get updated for git modules.Dan Duffek3resolved16.3  Build system changes - 16.3.1
27605DefectAssaySignal Data Search - not workingians3open16.3   
27604TodoAssaySignal Data Assay - change plotable to plottableGuest3closed16.3   
27603DefectAssaySignal Data Assay type - if you edit data file, it does not show in the view of the signal plotsians2open16.3   
27602DefectAssaySignal Data Assay type - doesn't render links appropriately for filesians2open16.3   
27601DefectAssayCreate multiple assays of Signal Plot Data assay type within the same folderians2open16.3  Import more x/y data
27600DefectCoreAdding a "Created" filter removes "CreatedBy" filterxyang3open16.3   
27595DefectUser interfaceExt 3 doesn't have themed stylesheetsNick Arnold3open16.3   
27592DefectJava Client APIAdd declaring dependency on json-simple to .pom published on mavenians3open16.3   
27590DefectIssuesNav trail broken for some issue pagesKarl Lum3open16.2   
27589DefectBuildDrop_database task does not do a badDatabase checkGuest2closed16.3  Build system changes - 16.3.1
27588DefectMS2Compare peptides crosstab view offers to export selected rows, but doesn't workDan Duffek3resolved16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27587DefectAssaySample Data: Samples not linking properly when imported via assay.importRunkevink2open16.3  Realistic Sample Data M3
27586DefectClient-SpecificNullPointerException for portal validationKristin2resolved16.3   
27585DefectClient-SpecificMinor text adjustments for rare disease Summary tabKristin2resolved16.3  Refine medical review workflow
27584DefectSpecimensSaveRows where the rows contain duplicates yields an exceptionKarl Lum3open16.226908  
27582TestBiologicsTestIssue for RyanGuest4closed16.3   
27581Defect test issueGuest3closed16.3   
27574Todo Update single insert page titles for lists vs datasets to be consistentjoec3open16.3   
27572Todo Update strings to clarify difference between insert optionsJessi Murray2resolved16.3   
27570DefectBiologicsinclude submitted protein ids with the molecule structure format and stoichiometry responsekevink3resolved16.3  Classification Service Integration M3
27568DefectUser interfaceLarge images embedded in a message are not clipped as nicely in IE10 as they are in other browsers.Guest4closed16.3  Clean up additional font/branding issues
27567DefectUser interfaceAlignment of Parent and Child Samples in Flow Test, Lineage could be betterGuest3closed16.3  Clean up additional font/branding issues
27564DefectIssuesQuestionable code in IssueManagerKarl Lum3open16.3  Migrate issues to new tables
27563DefectMS2Compare peptides doesn't operate on the full selection stateTrey3resolved16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27562DefectExperimentAdd to Run Group doesn't operate on the full selection statejeckels3resolved16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27560DefectClient-Specifichide insert button on vial group gridkevink3resolved16.3   
27559DefectClient-Specificsupport custom box geometry for dewarkevink3resolved16.3   
27558DefectClient-Specificrename cell population to cell batchMatthew Bellew3open16.3   
27557DefectClient-Specificfix csi_sample javascript in production modeMatthew Bellew3open16.3   
27556DefectClient-Specificuse domain templates in csi_samplesMatthew Bellew3open16.3   
27554DefectIssuescreating new issue tracker should go to admin pageKarl Lum3open16.3   
27553Defect Specimen Archive upload appears to work without a visit_value column in specimens.tsv fileGuest3closed16.327552  
27551Defect Rstudio should not be able to make calls to shell(ie system('ls -al"). Matthew Bellew2open16.3   
27550Defect Build docker image on smaller linux distribution to minimize storage footprint Matthew Bellew2open16.3   
27549DefectClient-SpecificAfter removing the ability to change fonts in HTML editor for study/publication forms, the font face=nullGuest2closed16.2  Integrate publication form with workbench
27548Defect Default set of Rstudio credentials should be parameterized in Dockerfile so they can be set at container start time.Matthew Bellew2open16.3   
27547Defect Create Dockerfile which does not rely on base image from another organization Matthew Bellew2open16.3   
27546Defect Log all container management tasks in labkey.log fileMatthew Bellew2open16.3   
27544Defect Make docker 1.12 work for rstudio integrationMatthew Bellew3open16.3   
27543Defect Solve web.xml deployment problem for RStudio integrationMatthew Bellew2open16.3   
27542DefectUser interfaceEHR grids are cut off on the right hand side.Guest3closed16.3  Clean up additional font/branding issues
27541DefectUser interfaceConditional format under format tab of field properties has bad layout of color selection.Guest3closed16.3  Clean up additional font/branding issues
27540DefectVisualizationCutting off part of folder/project name on home page.Guest3closed16.3  Clean up additional font/branding issues
27539DefectClient-SpecificPasting data into description/abstract fields allows user to use a different fontGuest3closed16.2  Integrate publication form with workbench
27538DefectClient-SpecificExternal URL Description HTML formatting in study form in ITN's data finder is wrongGuest2closed16.2  Integrate publication form with workbench
27534TodoCoreStop using {fn now()} in function declarationsMatthew Bellew3resolved16.3   
27533DefectCDSRedirect to app password reset page after admin password resetxyang2open16.3  Prioritized bugs - 16.3.2
27532DefectClient-SpecificWorkbench button should not appear on StudyDetailsFormGuest2closed16.2  Integrate publication form with workbench
27531DefectClient-SpecificWorkbench link format is incorrectGuest2closed16.2  Integrate publication form with workbench
27530DefectListsReturn url is wrong when adding or updating a list entryBrian Connolly3resolved16.3   
27529TodoPrimate EHRClean up cnprc_genetics modulemartyp3open16.3  Genetic Assays 16.3.2
27527DefectReportingCreating R report from Manage Viewscnathe3open16.3   
27525DefectIssuesIssues List Label propagation inconsistencyKarl Lum3open16.3  Issues Template M6
27524DefectBuildIn a clean build several steps are marked as UP-TO-DATE, should they be?Guest3closed16.3  Build system changes - 16.3.1
27523DefectCDSChanges to "undefined" tool tipsGuest3closed16.3   
27522DefectClient-SpecificCancer History tab need a "loading" stateTrey3resolved16.2  Cancer views: Summary & Cancer History updates
27521DefectCDSLimit changes to color mapping when possiblexyang3open16.3   
27520TodoCDSAdd "i" icon for Learn About page link to hovers for Products from Info PaneGuest3closed16.3   
27519DefectCDSLeft and right grid scrolls independentlyDan Duffek4resolved16.3  Add/modify columns on Learn About summary pages + horizontal scrolling + filter description display
27503DefectCDSTooltip refers to "Demographics" for "Product Combination"xyang4open16.3   
27493DefectCDSSaving a group while on the homepage doesn't update the homepage with the new group name listedxyang4openTBD   
27491DefectCDSShorten color labels when source is not an assayGuest3closed16.3   
27486DefectBuildSome gradle build steps appear to be executed even if nothing has changed.Guest3closed16.3  Build system changes - 16.3.1
27485DefectBiologicsecho back the input sequences when assigning molecule structure formatkevink3open16.3  Molecular Species Registration M4
27483DefectIssuesRelated section of Issue Tracker generates error due to permissionsKarl Lum3open16.3   
27471DefectIssuesAll issue domain kinds shown regardless of enabled modulesKarl Lum2resolved16.3  Issues Template M6
27469DefectClient-SpecificLink1 and Description1 fields not populatedGuest2closed16.2  Integrate publication form with workbench
27468DefectBiologicsregister molecular species even if they have same components as parent MoleculeGuest3closed16.3  Molecular Species Registration M4
27465DefectBiologicsSort action - ASC and DESC modifiersGuest3closed16.3  Filter Grids in UI M4
27464DefectBiologicsMultiple sort not workingGuest3closed16.3  Filter Grids in UI M4
27463DefectBiologicsSearch does not work for molecule componentxGuest3closed16.3  Filter Grids in UI M4
27462DefectCDSSorting doesn't handle empty value well.Guest3closed16.3  Add/modify columns on Learn About summary pages + horizontal scrolling + filter description display
27461DefectBiologicsOmniBox: Support filtering on lookup columnsNick Arnold3open16.3  Filter Grids in UI M4
27460DefectCDSEmpty text message no longer displays when no record matches the search/filtering criteria.Guest3closed16.3  Add/modify columns on Learn About summary pages + horizontal scrolling + filter description display
27459DefectBiologicsFilter field omits space when building "=" filterNick Arnold3open16.3  Filter Grids in UI M4
27457DefectTargetedMSMove Panorama import to alternate thread pooljeckels2resolved16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27456 MS2Feature Change: Have "Only show Ion >= this threshold" checkbox enabled when adjusting valueseyounske3open16.227452  
27454DefectBiologicslink to delete assay run from Biologics lands on 'confirm deletion' page saying there's nothing selected to deleteGuest3closed16.3   
27450DefectIssuesNull pointer exception when attempting to export certain issues on labkey.orgadam3open16.3   
27449DefectDataStandardize casing on Dataviews customize panelGuest3closed16.3  Allow Data Views to override size defaults
27448DefectDataDataviews dynamic max height seems a bit too largeGuest2closed16.3  Allow Data Views to override size defaults
27447DefectBiologicsAttempt to register a Molecule with not-yet-registered component should handle the request and return a helpful errorGuest3closed16.3  Molecular Species Registration M4
27445DefectCDSAdjust "Saved groups and plots" area organizationGuest3closed16.3  Prioritized bugs - 16.3.2
27444DefectCDSOrdering of products and assays are not alphabeticalGuest3closed16.3  Prioritized bugs - 16.3.2
27443DefectDataPoor Performance with DataClass Display GridMatthew Bellew3open16.326914  
27442TodoNLPAdd option to import a zip of individual .nci.xml filesGuest3closed16.3  Support for an engine-less workflow (metadata only).
27441DefectBiologicsremove link to manually register new molecular speciesGuest3closed16.3  Molecular Species Registration M4
27440DefectMS2MS2 import jobs create log file in supplemental data directoryjony3resolved16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27439DefectReportingTime chart requires reportId on URL to render in 16.2 but not 16.1Guest2closed16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
27438DefectFileContentCan't add comments as an Author, no error messageNick Arnold3open16.3   
27437DefectNLPTask assignment history lost after upgradeGuest2closed16.3  Support for an engine-less workflow (metadata only).
27435DefectVisualizationBox plot doesn't update after removing x axis measure from Chart Type dialog when doing a Quick ChartGuest3closed16.3  Visualization improvements - Look and feel dialog + automated tests