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 24535DefectMS2Include retention times in exported .blib filesjeckels2open15.3   
24534DefectAssayExperimentException in   
24533DefectCoreDataIntegrityViolationException from   
24532DefectCDSIf the plot has no data points then subject count should go to 0 as well.Nick Arnold2open15.3  Filtering refinement
24530DefectAuditingAdd selectors to audit log grids?kevink3open15.3   
24529DefectCoreExport Excel web query doesn't work with Export Selectedkevink3open15.3   
24528DefectData404 after clicking Export buttonkevink3open15.3   
24527DefectListsLists don't work with merge option in ETLsTrey2resolved15.3   
24525DefectQueryAllow module-based custom views to opt-in to editabilitykevink3open15.3 Review Requested 
24523DefectQueryExcel web query export limited at 100 rowsryans2resolved15.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24522DefectELISpotCan't customize Elispot run details crosstabDave Bradlee3open16.1   
24521DefectQueryconceptURI not being copied properly to AliasedColumnjeckels3resolved15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24520Defect BadSqlGrammarException from org.labkey.announcements.model.AnnouncementManager.getAnnouncements() 3closed15.3   
24518TestTest harnessUpdate module template to reflect ComponentElements change 3closed15.3   
24517DefectCDSTitle and back button on groupsummary page needs to be buffered/padded from the edge of the form.xyang3open15.3   
24516DefectCDSLine under group name on saved group page is too lowxyang3open15.3   
24515Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.ehr.table.DefaultEHRCustomizer.customizeDataset()martyp3open15.3   
24514Defect IllegalArgumentException in org.labkey.api.reader.FastaLoader$FastaIterator.init()binalpatel3open16.1   
24512Defect IllegalStateException in org.labkey.scrumtime.harvest.CoreInfrastructureAllocator.<init>()binalpatel3resolved16.1   
24511Defect Convert legacy 'unit' tests to junit testsjoec3open15.3   
24510Defect if project icon not found when displaying main page a NPE is created 3closed15.3   
24509DefectQueryIllegalStateException in org.labkey.query.QueryDefinitionImpl.getSchema()Dave Bradlee3open15.3   
24508DefectQueryQuery$QueryInternalException from org.labkey.query.sql.Query.wrapRuntimeException()Dave Bradlee4open15.3   
24506Defect There is already a record in the table assignment_status where value equals A in org.labkey.ehr.query.AbstractDataDefinedTable$_DataIteratorBuilder$ 3closed15.3   
24505Defect Duplicate key violations from immport pipeline jobsTrey3open15.3  November Stabilization
24504DefectQueryContainer filter not applied to queries defined in module assay directoryDan Duffek3resolved15.3   
24503DefectNABLabKey 15.3 Sprint 3 upgrade failed on Atlas-Testjony1resolved15.324501Approved and Code Reviewed 
24502DefectCDSWith Log scale we should truncate/round Q values shown in box plots.xyang3open15.3   
24500DefectStudyEditing a visit directly from visit table yields exception/errorDave Bradlee3open16.1   
24499DefectQueryDomain / CustomViews and workbooksjeckels3resolved15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24498DefectCoreProject inspections disappeared from LabKey.ipr 2closed15.3   
24497DefectCDSAdjust axis categorical selection areaDan Duffek2resolved15.3  Bug fixing for launch
24496DefectCDSRemove "My user groups" from variable selector 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for launch
24495DefectCDSX-axis filtering sometimes not working 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for launch
24494DefectCDSUpdate ICS magnitude variable names 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for launch
24493DefectVisualizationExport patient report filter display cut-off on export to pdf with very long filter listcnathe4open16.1   
24492DefectCDS"Treatment summary" variable currently not differentiating between studiescnathe2open15.3  Bug fixing for launch
24491DefectBuildadd option to ant create_module to make API stubsjeckels3resolved15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24490DefectCDSMake selected dots and associated dots different colors in plotDan Duffek2resolved15.3  Bug fixing for launch
24489DefectCDSLong x-axis labels getting trimmed 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for launch
24488Defect Adding join columns for participantId causes query check to fail 2closed15.3  November Stabilization
24487DefectAssayDeleting individual Nab run yields exception 2closed15.3   
24485DefectCDSRemove "Apply filters" button from Saved Groups page 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for launch
24483DefectAssayNullPointerException from org.labkey.api.reader.jxl.JxlWorkbook.getSheetAt()cnathe3open16.1   
24481TodoSecurityAdd configuration for Duo user matchingbinalpatel2open15.3   
24480DefectBuildArgos is not building the premium module, causing installer build to fail 2closed15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24479DefectSpecimensNullPointerException in 3closed15.3   
24478Defect JavaScript tutorial code contains a couple of bugsSusan Hert3resolved15.3   
24476DefectGenotypingIlluminaTest failing with NoSuchElementExceptionbinalpatel2open15.3  PacBio sequencing support
24475DefectGenotypingGenotypingTest failing with array index out of bounds exceptionbinalpatel2open15.3  PacBio sequencing support
24474DefectCorecore.fn_dropifexists has problem on other collations 3closed15.3   
24473DefectUpgrade/BootstrapOptimistic concurrency exception during upgradejeckels3resolved15.3   
24471DefectDataBadSqlGrammarException on import data for wrong format selection 3closed15.3  Update data API/schema
24470Defect missing space in study overview jspjeckels3resolved15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24469DefectUser interface[NLP] Existing reports fail to load because metadata is null 3closed15.3  Use metadata from engine in UI
24468DefectVisualizationNo validation of time member from URL for line report 3closed15.3   
24467DefectDataSort value dependecy check only done on import and not insert or editbinalpatel3open16.1  Update data API/schema
24466DefectDataMember not found error when trying to view plot with metric name that doesn't exist 2closed15.3  Update data API/schema
24465DefectDataCan still get "cube member with duplicate name" error because not all import data rows are checked for sort value consistency 2closed15.3  Update data API/schema
24463Performance extensive warnings - compressed viewKarl Lum3open16.1   
24462DefectStudymake study overview work w/ continuous studies 3closed15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24461DefectMS2Table name collision in org.labkey.ms2.query.MS2Schema.ensureNormalizedProteinGroups()jeckels3open15.3   
24460DefectPrimate EHRFailure to bail out after SQLException in PrenatalDeaths trigger script 3closed15.3   
24459DefectBuildTomcat 7.0.64 is breaking 15.2 build 2closed15.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24458DefectSearchDisable DavCrawler Search Indexing on a per container basis 3closed15.324457  
24456DocumentationNLPCorrect screenshot in "NLP Pipeline" docssteveh3open15.3   
24452DefectInstallerAdd announcements module to community distribution 3closed15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24451DefectUser interfaceUpdate dropdown arrow alignment/color 3closed15.3  Update icons, pt 2
24450DefectQueryIllegalStateException in org.labkey.query.QueryServiceImpl.getSessionQueryMap()ians3open15.3   
24449DefectCustomize ViewUnsupportedOperationException in org.labkey.query.ModuleCustomView.delete()kevink3open15.3   
24448Defect some type of lookup issue for onprc_billing on 15.2jeckels3open15.3   
24447TodoCoreRemove "Oncoscape" integration settingjoec3open15.3   
24446TodoUpgrade/BootstrapStreamline argos_test sql scriptsjoec3open15.3   
24445DefectSpecimensSpecimen Union tables: column filters not fully populated with values; specimen summary comments not completeDave Bradlee3open16.1   
24444DefectTargetedMSNPE in ChromatogramDataset 3closed15.3   
24443Defect Unable to save manually abstracted values via the highlghter 2closed15.3  Use metadata from engine in UI
24442Defect Gatekeeper not able to see export request details 2closed15.3  Notifications area in dashboard / export request list
24441DefectQueryUnable to create custom views for queries with certain charactersTrey3resolved15.3   
24440DefectVisualizationReport panel total population size should update / reflect time filter changesJessi Murray2resolved15.3   
24439Defect Viewing requests page when no export requests have been made produces an error 2closed15.3  Notifications area in dashboard / export request list
24438DefectVisualizationWith more than two values the last glyph is not shown in the legend for the color variable.cnathe2open15.3   
24437DefectDataEnable way to fix domain errorsDave Bradlee3open15.3   
24436DefectCDSPlots with a TimeAxis have the x-axis truncated to the last visit by subject and not extend to study end date. 3closed15.3  Brushing with gutter plots
24435Defect Export request details page wraps the date a little too soon 3closed15.3  Notifications area in dashboard / export request list
24434Defect web parts dropdown menu selection for move and remove options do not correctly enable and disable arrows as the arrows are clickedjimp3open15.3   
24433Defect Panel containing list of export requests does not scroll 2closed15.3  Notifications area in dashboard / export request list
24432DefectPipelinePipeline admin "configure actions" tab is brokenNick Arnold2open15.3   
24431DefectCoreJUnit test model.StudyManager$DatasetImportTestCase fails with "Cannot change transaction isolation level" error on Postgres 5% of the time.Matthew Bellew3openTBD   
24429Defect NLP Editor button is highlighted for all blank fields 2closed15.3  Use metadata from engine in UI
24426DefectVisualizationDimension with only null member shouldn't show up in breakdown dropdown for viewType=Region plot 2closed15.3  Update data API/schema
24425Todo Coord with Docs team to ensure synonym support is fully documented for 15.3tgaluhn3open15.3   
24424DefectFileContentAPI to list available file roots for a container 3closed15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24423DefectVisualizationConvert bar plot and scatter plot to use dimple implementationcnathe3open15.3   
24422DefectReportingSave filter and save report dialogs inconsistent with sharing dialogs 3closed15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24421DefectReportingFilter save dialog clips "send email" checkbox & label 3closed15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24420DefectReportingFilter drop-down list in sharing dialog for users/group already in the sharing list 3closed15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24419DefectUser interfaceUpdate portal web part dropdowns to include move and remove options 2closed15.3  Update icons, pt 2
24417DefectUser interfaceUpdate Data Views Add Report dropdown to use new icons 2closed15.3  Update icons, pt 2
24416DefectUser interfaceUpdate search boxes to use magnifying glass icon 2closed15.3  Update icons, pt 2
24415DefectUser interfaceUpdate File Browser button bar to standardize icon size 2closed15.3  Update icons, pt 2