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 26610DefectQueryShouldn't include aggregate and remove column menu items in Data Region if "Grid Views" button is not showncnathe3open16.2  Visualization improvements infrastructure
26608Defect clicking Save from the New Issue List Admin page doesn't provide much feedback to user that save happenedKarl Lum3open16.2  Issues list new Admin UI and Standard Views
26605DefectVisualizationDemographics "Visit Row Id" field shows Sum and Average aggregatescnathe4open16.2  Visualization improvements infrastructure
26603Defect Issue Summary webpart show Issues from all DefinitionsKarl Lum3open16.2  Issues list new Admin UI and Standard Views
26602Defect closing an issue causes an exception for user who is not the user who created the webpartKarl Lum3open16.2  Issues list new Admin UI and Standard Views
26601Defect New Issues List webpart is showing userId in 'Assigned To' column instead of user name like the old Issue List webpart didKarl Lum3open16.2  Issues list new Admin UI and Standard Views
26600Defect New Issues List webpart not showing issues created by the legacy Issues List webpart but old Issue List webpart shows issues created from both new and old Issue List webpartsjimp3resolved16.2  Issues list new Admin UI and Standard Views
26599DefectListsNullPointerException in org.labkey.api.etl.AttachmentDataIterator$1.getDataIterator()Dave Bradlee3open16.2   
26598DefectCoreMiniProfiler shouldn't collect stacktraces for search userkevink2open16.126560  
26597Defect On the Resolve Issue form the 'Resolution' pick list has 'fixed' listed twiceKarl Lum3open16.2  Issues list new Admin UI and Standard Views
26596Defect The New Issues List 'New Issue' form field labels have no spaces between words and the priority asterisk is not redKarl Lum3open16.2  Issues list new Admin UI and Standard Views
26595Defect With two QueryWebParts defined based on the same query on a page, customizations from one are applied to both 2closed16.2  Bug fixing + testing for data region migration - 16.2.3
26594DefectVisualizationFiltered table shows unfiltered set of values in analytics chartsSusan Hert2resolved16.2  Visualization improvements infrastructure
26593DocumentationR Remote APIUpdate labkey.setDefaults() and Rlabkey docs 3closed16.2  Support API access via session key
26591DefectVisualization"SchemaName not specified" error for Document Processing Configurations table 2closed16.2  Visualization improvements infrastructure
26590DefectVisualizationMin and Max for EnumTableInfo fields don't make too much sense 4closed16.2  Visualization improvements infrastructure
26589DefectBiologicsbiologics lineage should show error if graphviz fails to runNick Arnold3open16.2   
26588DefectBiologicsregister wizard adds alias items that are surrounded by quotesjoshd3open16.2   
26587DefectBiologicsregistry grid should be sorted with most recent items on topNick Arnold3open16.2   
26586DefectUser interfaceGrid checkbox to select-all-visible-rows reports "Error sending selection"Nick Arnold2open16.2  Bug fixing + testing for data region migration - 16.2.3
26581DefectMS2Offer setting to control import of dat or pep.xml/prot.xml results for Mascot searchesjeckels2open16.2   
26580DefectCustomize ViewGrid customizer tabs are misalignedNick Arnold3open16.2  Bug fixing + testing for data region migration - 16.2.3
26577DocumentationBiologicsDoc Review: DataClasskevink3open16.2   
26574DefectCorePath-first url setting resets after every core module updateMatthew Bellew3resolved16.2   
26569DefectAssayAssay run query metadata not being applied when doing a lookup from the assay data tablejeckels3open16.2   
26568DefectFlowViewing flow run from external containerrond3open16.226567  
26566Test Need to add a test to cover the scenario called out in issue 25794Dan Duffek3openTBD   
26564Defect Help Center Search results in 500 server side error. 2closed16.2  "Back" should include search results
26563DefectBiologicserror registering Expression System with some constructs (or multiple constructs): error inferring intended moleculeChrisJ2resolved16.2  Additional Components for Entity Detail M4
26561DefectR Remote APIRowId not returned when selecting exp.Data 3closed16.2   
26559Defect Warning for edit type buttons appear when they can't be set or when impersonating a readerxyang2open16.2187  
26557DefectSpecimensCopy or Move Comment(s) does not work in specimensDave Bradlee3open16.2   
26551DefectBiologicsBiologics: hierarchy lists molecule/moleculeSet more than once if the entity has more than one relationship to a molecule 3closed16.2  Additional Components for Entity Detail M4
26550DefectVisualizationQuery view headers don't resize properly when scrollingcnathe3open16.2  Visualization improvements infrastructure
26548DefectVisualizationNot possible to show a plot again after closing message area 3closed16.2  Visualization improvements infrastructure
26547DefectVisualizationRowId shown instead of display value in box and pie charts 2closed16.2  Visualization improvements infrastructure
26546DefectVisualizationDisable Sum and Average for Primary Key and serial columns 3closed16.2  Visualization improvements infrastructure
26545DefectVisualizationMake handling of analytics visualization options consistent when no data are available 2closed16.2  Visualization improvements infrastructure
26544DefectClient APIClient API Ext4 Store broken parameters 2closed16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
26543TodoUser interfaceMisc changes requests for the notification panel and view all notifications pagecnathe3open16.2  Integrate notifications for shared participant groups
26542DefectTargetedMSQC Summary recent sample file outlier display doesn't account for small molecule data 2closed16.2  Small molecule QC
26541DefectTargetedMS"Show All Fragments in Single Plot" legend text cutoff for Transition/Precursor Areas chart type 3closed16.2  Small molecule QC
26539DefectTargetedMSCan't collapse precursor list dataregion rows 2closed16.2   
26536DefectUser interfaceDate metadata not respected in new participant views 2closed16.2  Report views
26535DefectUser interfaceGrid component doesn't find right display column 2closed16.2  Report views
26534DefectTargetedMSRemember date range for Panorama Levey-Jennings plotscnathe2open16.2   
26533DefectSearchTest scoping and permission filters of full-text searchChrisJ3open16.3   
26532DefectQueryPatient grid view default orderingadam2resolved16.2  Continued Reports Development 16.2.3
26531DefectBiologicsfb_cards - App Initialization page broken creating sample data 3closed16.2  Additional Components for Entity Detail M4
26530Defect Change "family" to "family history" in patient viewsMatthew Bellew2resolved16.2   
26529Defect Uncaught type error when trying to view aggregate type of Participant ID in grid view.Dave Bradlee3open16.2  Continued Reports Development 16.2.3
26528Defect Need to update column type cc_cancer_invest_sample_pathologyMatthew Bellew1resolved16.2   
26526Defect Support oracle's nvl functionbinalpatel3open16.2   
26524DefectCDSSVN code changes for [Dataspace] "Back" should include search results 2closed16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed"Back" should include search results
26522DefectReportingEmpty data view category names can be submitted multiple timesNick Arnold3open16.3   
26521DefectReportingNaming a data view category "Uncategorized" prevents that category's reorderingNick Arnold3open16.3   
26520DefectReportingChanging data view subcategory name to spaces/same name as another subcategory causes errorsNick Arnold3open16.3   
26519DefectUser interfaceSelecting custom display causes new sorting options to be occluded. 2closed16.2  Option to alphabetize list of items in Data Views
26518Defect StudyDatasetsTest automation test failsjimp3resolved16.2   
26512DefectAuditingDoc Review: Argos Compliance and Security BehaviorKristin3open16.2   
26465DefectR Remote APIRlabkey get requests still use netrc credentials if invalid session apiKey set 3closed16.2  Support API access via session key
26464DefectQueryXML metadata appears to be ignored when applied to subqueriesDave Bradlee3open16.2   
26462TestNLPReenable, refactor, or remove NLPUiTest.testManualAbstractionWithHighlighting 3closed16.2  Second document type
26460DefectDataSchemaBrowser view produces 'TypeError: Cannot read property 'description' of null'rond2open16.2  Schema browser performance improvements 16.2.2
26459Defect Maybe we could truncate value of Virus name if it extends beyond column width 4closed16.2   
26456Defect It would be nice to have a way to bulk remove all notifications from a section. 3closed16.2  Integrate notifications for shared participant groups
26455Defect Remove subversion copy of Python apirond3resolved16.2   
26454Defect Build fails when Git not in pathrond3open16.2   
26453DefectBiologicschange 'register a <entity>' to 'register a new <entity>jimp4open16.2   
26450DefectVisualizationSVN code changes for [Dataspace] More info in tooltip - median and heatmap 2closed16.2 Approved and Code ReviewedMore info in tooltip - median and heatmap
26448DefectMS2MS2 runs do not display nested elements in Protein (Legacy) grouping 3closed16.2   
26446DefectAssayCopy Mechanism in HPLC Module Doesn't Work and Needs Improved Designians3open16.2   
26445DefectBiologicsDisplay loading indicator when fetching datajoshd3open16.2   
26443DefectBiologicsdisplay error message when server is unavailableNick Arnold3open16.3   
26441Defect View Data on study.flags throws an errormartyp3open16.2   
26435DefectBiologicsSample detail page assay runs component returns extra 'material' column 3closed16.2  Sample Landing Page and Details M4
26432DefectCustomize ViewCustomize Grid reorders unclipped sorts 2closed16.2  Bug fixing + testing for data region migration - 16.2.3
26431Defect In Gel Portal Admin, changing the source folder doesn't change the repopulate the GMC dropdownDave Bradlee4open16.2   
26430DefectMS2Mascot file import fails on resolving FASTA file 2closed16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
26428DefectCoreDisabled buttons use different font spacing than enabled buttonsrond2open16.2  Branding updates
26427DefectStudyModify FreezerPro module to use pagination and reduce the no. of records called in APIKarl Lum3open16.226305  
26426DefectPipelineNPE generates on study reload in pipeline 3closed16.226382  
26425DefectMS2MS2 runs error out when selecting Protein (Legacy) grouping 2closed16.2   
26424DefectBiologicsSelectRows query to Exp.Materials returns schema name: 'samples' 3closed16.2   
26423DefectCoreIllegalStateException when indexer tries to process list under constructionDave Bradlee3open16.2   
26421DefectMS2BadSqlGrammarException when rendering MS2 peptide view 3closed16.2   
26419DefectVisualizationDataIntegrityViolationException from org.labkey.argos.query.VettedCaisisQueries.getEligibilityMonths() 3closed16.2   
26418DefectUser interfaceGrid menu bar floats too highrond3open16.2   
26417Defect 'Save' button should not be disabled when creating a new document processing configuration 3closed16.2  Configure target confidence level for abstraction as part of task configuration
26416DefectSearchSearch scope is being ignored on 2closed16.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
26413DefectQueryModule defined queries do not reload 3closed16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
26412DefectUser interfaceLose subdisease filter setting when changing breakdown 2closed16.2   
26410Defect Ext3 dependency in Argos alerts 2closed16.2   
26409Defect Scroll bars on some of the fields when manually abstracting a document are annoyingryans3open16.3   
26408Defect Older abstraction reports do not process correctly through workflow 2closed16.2   
26407Defect User with adjudication role of "To Notify" does not receive any notifications. 3closed16.2   
26406DefectBiologicsMolecule details card 'components' element links to unresolved queryNick Arnold3open16.2  Additional Components for Entity Detail M4
26405Defect Adjudication view action in notification sends user to Overview tab, should be Case Determination view. 3closed16.2  Integrate notifications for shared participant groups
26404DefectCustomize ViewCustomize view column tree doesn't work for hidden lookup columnsNick Arnold3open16.2  Bug fixing + testing for data region migration - 16.2.3
26403DefectPrimate EHRFloating headers are messed up on animal history pageTrey3resolved16.2