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32270DefectWiki formatting for _termsOfUse renders differently in 17.3bradh3open18.12017-11-21 16:17jony2017-11-21 16:27jony 
32269DefectLabKey store is empty if columns is specified and does not contain the key columnjeckels3open18.12017-11-21 16:10Susan Hert2017-11-21 16:10Susan Hert 
32267Defect'SequenceNum' field generates error when inferring fields from a datasetKarl Lum3open18.12017-11-21 15:47bradh2017-11-21 15:47bradh 
32265DefectIssue search result text can extend off pagebradh3open17.32017-11-21 14:18bradh2017-11-21 14:18bradh 
32264Defect<Adjudication Adding new Assay Type> "Set Defaults" button should disappear if there are rows in the table.Dave Bradlee3open18.12017-11-21 14:05Sweta Jewargikar2017-11-21 14:05Sweta Jewargikar 
32263Defectminor cleanup in ExcelImportPanelBen Bimber3resolved18.12017-11-21 13:20Ben Bimber2017-11-21 14:31Ben Bimber 
32262DefectParsing column labels for datasets incorrect for columns with headers > 48 charactersKarl Lum2open17.32017-11-21 13:19bradh2017-11-21 13:20avital 
32259TodoBiologics - Use condensed table layout (to maximize displayed data)frankl3open18.12017-11-21 13:01frankl2017-11-21 13:03frankl 
32258Defect<Adjudication Adding new Assay Type> Lable should not be mandatoryDave Bradlee3open18.12017-11-21 13:01Sweta Jewargikar2017-11-21 13:01Sweta Jewargikar 
32256Defect<Adjudication Adding new Assay Type> The Help pop up needs to be more descriptive.Dave Bradlee3open18.12017-11-21 12:36Sweta Jewargikar2017-11-21 12:36Sweta Jewargikar 
32255DefectChanges to validators not reflected in Domain Property Event logDave Bradlee3open18.12017-11-21 12:11Dan Duffek2017-11-21 12:11Dan Duffek 
32253DefectChanging a lookup field results in an empty comment in the Domain Property Events audit log.Dave Bradlee3open18.12017-11-21 11:04Dan Duffek2017-11-21 12:13Dan Duffek 
32252TestAdjust test sample data for required fieldsChrisJ2open18.12017-11-21 10:56adam2017-11-21 15:46Trey 
32251DefectPublishing study fails due to Property Descriptor / Domain Descriptor mismatch on lists with fieldnames containing special charsKarl Lum2open17.32017-11-21 10:50bradh2017-11-21 12:49avital 
32250DefectPublishing a study with lists containing "#" characters silently truncates field names on publishKarl Lum2open17.32017-11-21 10:50bradh2017-11-21 11:29avital 
32248DefectChanging the name of a list does not create an audit log entry in Domain Event or List Event audit logsDave Bradlee3open18.12017-11-21 07:39Dan Duffek2017-11-21 12:13Dan Duffek 
32247DefectChanges to the description attribute are not getting recorded in the Domain Property Events audit log.Dave Bradlee3open18.12017-11-21 07:30Dan Duffek2017-11-21 12:13Dan Duffek 
32246DefectLast entered default values don't work in a listKarl Lum3open18.12017-11-20 22:55adam2017-11-21 10:50Karl Lum 
32244DefectButtons on export page (export, sign data, export to rstudio) are all differentJessi Murray3open18.12017-11-20 17:28Angelica Omaiye2017-11-20 17:28Angelica Omaiye 
32242TodoApplication administrators (Troubleshooters) should have read-only access to site Look & Feel Settingscnathe3open18.12017-11-20 14:16adam2017-11-20 14:16adam 
32241Feature RequestMake the title on Issues.DetailsAction a linkKarl Lum3open18.12017-11-20 13:18Trey2017-11-20 13:18Trey 
32237DefectPermission editor can't handle extremely long user namescnathe3open18.12017-11-20 10:07Trey2017-11-20 10:07Trey 
32235DefectShow audit event type descriptions when viewed via Admin ConsoleSusan Hert3open18.12017-11-19 19:57jeckels2017-11-19 19:57jeckels 
32234DocumentationImprove descriptions of query logging audit tablesDave Bradlee3open18.12017-11-19 19:53jeckels2017-11-19 19:53jeckels 
32233DefectCan't change activation/'enabled' status of Luminex QC flagscnathe3open18.12017-11-19 18:41mohara2017-11-19 18:41mohara 
32232DefectRecompilingJspClassLoader didn't get the memo about the new JSP compiled .class locationSusan Hert3open18.12017-11-17 21:59adam2017-11-17 21:59adam 
32231DefectPHI Dropdown in Field editor gets reset when editing in other panel in field editorDave Bradlee3open18.12017-11-17 18:12Dave Bradlee2017-11-17 18:12Dave Bradlee 
32230DefectPush Java API to Maven Centralians2open18.12017-11-17 17:03Karl Lum2017-11-17 17:03Karl Lum 
32229DefectNCI/NLP<Abstraction task list webpart> Values in the drop down cut off.Jessi Murray3open18.12017-11-17 16:36Sweta Jewargikar2017-11-17 16:36Sweta Jewargikar 
32228DefectHide LABKEY.Utils.signalWebDriverTest behind an experimental feature flagTrey3open18.12017-11-17 16:26Trey2017-11-17 16:26Trey 
32227DefectLuminex Batch properties 'reset default values' button isn't a button if you change anythingcnathe3open18.12017-11-17 15:43mohara2017-11-17 15:43mohara 
32226DefectServer upgrade error in SequenceAnalysis modulejeckels3resolved17.32017-11-17 14:27Ben Bimber2017-11-21 10:56Ben Bimber 
32225DefectLabkey R API does not work with TLS 1.2cnathe3open18.12017-11-17 12:42avital2017-11-21 12:55adam 
32223Defectbiologics: support wide displayskevink3resolved17.3modules2017-11-17 11:37kevink2017-11-21 12:58Nick Kerr 
32219DefectTie UX feedback to server session IDJessi Murray3resolved17.32017-11-17 10:39jeckels2017-11-17 11:58jeckels 
32216Defectbiologics: identity service should remove all stop codon from sequence before computing hashkevink3open18.12017-11-16 20:41kevink2017-11-16 20:41kevink 
32215Defectinventory: position should not be a required field on boxkevink3open18.12017-11-16 20:37kevink2017-11-16 20:37kevink 
32214Defectinventory: "position not available" error when not updating box positionkevink3open18.12017-11-16 16:41kevink2017-11-16 16:41kevink 
32213Feature Requestinventory: name expression for each box typekevink3open18.12017-11-16 16:37kevink2017-11-16 16:37kevink 
32209DefectThe Pipeline Files webpart, the “Invoke PIPE Analysis" button is enabled when a folder is selected in the FileSet tree.cnathe3open18.12017-11-16 14:42rond2017-11-17 06:07cnathe 
32205DefectCustom Menu Views wrap text too aggressively in new UIGuest2closed17.32017-11-16 11:40bradh2017-11-16 23:07jony 
32203Feature RequestDon't allow customize view to include lookup columns' display fieldsNick Kerr3open18.12017-11-16 10:24Trey2017-11-17 11:18Trey 
32198DefectSupport for Skyline 4.1 file formatsnicksh70062resolved17.32017-11-15 19:05nicksh70062017-11-21 15:02jeckels 
32197DefectAbility to set active tab on query-importdata actionBen Bimber3resolved18.12017-11-15 17:22Ben Bimber2017-11-17 17:05Ben Bimber 
32196DefectBiologics Samples Details page Assays panel assay grids not showing thumbnail or expected icon in columns of type filefrankl3open18.12017-11-15 16:37jimp2017-11-16 14:04frankl 
32195DefectImprove IPA error message when file is selected and directory is expectedGuest3closed18.12017-11-15 16:08rond2017-11-16 12:54rond 
32194DefectBiologics Samples Details page Assays panel individual assay grid import buttons do not lead to an input form grid with SampleId prepopulatedKarl Lum3open18.12017-11-15 14:46jimp2017-11-21 18:15Karl Lum 
32192DefectBiologics Samples Details page Assays panel not showing download buttonsfrankl3open18.12017-11-15 14:31jimp2017-11-16 14:06frankl 
32191DefectBiologics Samples Details page Assays panel showing assay grids but user unable to distinguish which AssayID each assay grid row is related tofrankl3open18.12017-11-15 14:22jimp2017-11-16 14:20frankl 
32190DefectFrameless web parts get frames back in wiki-page.viewbradh3open18.12017-11-15 14:14mohara2017-11-15 14:14mohara 
32189DefectNAb : excluded wells not reflected in run cutoff results for Single Plate Dilution assaysBernard2resolved17.32017-11-15 14:09Karl Lum2017-11-17 10:57jony 
32188DefectBiologics Samples Details page Assays panel showing individual assay grids in non-alphabetical orderfrankl3open18.12017-11-15 13:33jimp2017-11-16 14:08frankl 
32187DefectValidators aren't validated when editing assay results on UIKarl Lum3open18.12017-11-15 13:15xyang2017-11-15 13:15xyang 
32186DocumentationDoc Review: REDCap 7 Supportsteveh3open18.12017-11-15 13:00steveh2017-11-21 18:13Karl Lum 
32182DefectQuick edit doesn't work for filters on lookup columnsNick Kerr3open17.32017-11-15 11:49Trey2017-11-15 11:49Trey 
32178DefectRun data imported from a Files web part do not get exportedGuest2closed18.12017-11-15 09:13Dan Duffek2017-11-20 17:54Dan Duffek 
32177DefectAdjudication AssayResults new assay type column not populated for MSSQLGuest2closed18.12017-11-15 06:30cnathe2017-11-16 06:25cnathe 
32175DefectSupress index of resetLogin pageadam3resolved18.12017-11-14 15:22Matthew Bellew2017-11-20 13:36Matthew Bellew 
32172DocumentationDoc Review: WebDAV EnhancementsGuest3closed18.12017-11-14 13:51steveh2017-11-16 16:25jeckels 
32171DefectProblem cleaning up index for deleted listians3open18.12017-11-14 13:49Dave Bradlee2017-11-14 13:49Dave Bradlee 
32169DefectProperty editor should show not nullable columns as requiredKarl Lum3open18.12017-11-14 11:56adam2017-11-15 12:36xyang 
32160DefectAdd install-medimmune-dependencies.R to be run on TeamCityGuest2closed18.12017-11-14 06:17cnathe2017-11-16 09:00cnathe 
32159DefectDataspace: add study_prot as an additional variable for all assaysGuest3closed18.12017-11-13 17:08xyang2017-11-16 06:12Dan Duffek 
32154DefectSerialization of propertyValidators to JSON shows GWT classnamekevink3open18.12017-11-13 14:31Susan Hert2017-11-13 14:31Susan Hert 
32153DefectRunUiTest/RunTestSuite tasks populate system properties too earlySusan Hert3open18.12017-11-13 14:15Trey2017-11-13 14:15Trey 
32148DefectReport permissions "Shared/public" should have consistent UI descriptionscnathe3open18.12017-11-13 10:39mohara2017-11-13 10:39mohara 
32140DefectCase insensitiveness not respected for fk lookup values - only in postgresbinalpatel3open18.12017-11-11 12:43binalpatel2017-11-11 12:43binalpatel 
32139DefectAttempt to delete data from Extensible Tables does not result in deletionsbinalpatel3open18.12017-11-11 11:24binalpatel2017-11-11 11:24binalpatel 
32138Feature RequestEnhance Assay Data metadata to allow default valuescnathe3open18.12017-11-10 18:05jony2017-11-10 18:05jony 
32127DefectClient Name not being present in Customers list throws unhelpful error during build content reporteyounske3open18.12017-11-10 10:19eyounske2017-11-10 10:19eyounske 
32125TodoRemove & Refactor all instances of old PrintTemplatebradh3open18.12017-11-10 09:08bradh2017-11-10 09:21Nick Kerr 
32124DefectCopy-To-Study has limit of 2497 recordscnathe3open18.12017-11-09 22:41jony2017-11-17 07:43cnathe 
32123Feature RequestUnderscores converted to spaces when inferring dataset properties from a fileKarl Lum4open18.12017-11-09 18:18jony2017-11-10 07:52Bernard 
32121DefectFiles under container directory are moved to @files when viewed from file browser or webdavGuest2closed17.32017-11-09 14:51xyang2017-11-13 13:36jony 
32120Defect(Testability) SeqPart selectBox ID does not match it's label's 'for' attributeGuest3closed18.12017-11-09 14:02ChrisJ2017-11-10 13:08ChrisJ 
32119DocumentationDoc Review: Electronic SignaturesGuest3closed18.12017-11-09 13:27steveh2017-11-16 19:06Angelica Omaiye 
32118DefectAdditional space needed in Manage dataset page.bradh3open18.12017-11-09 11:36Sweta Jewargikar2017-11-09 13:31Sweta Jewargikar 
32116DefectReordering grid columns in files webpart doesn't work xyang3open18.12017-11-09 10:55Angelica Omaiye2017-11-09 10:55Angelica Omaiye 
32114DefectGetting a cert issue when trying to access the PanelApp in GelDave Bradlee3open18.12017-11-09 08:58Dan Duffek2017-11-14 12:51Dave Bradlee 
32113TodoMove default domain property from Site Settings to Authentication settingsadam3open18.12017-11-08 18:25adam2017-11-08 18:25adam 
32110DefectImporting study dataset with conditionally formatted fields ignores formattingDave Bradlee3open18.12017-11-08 11:54Dave Bradlee2017-11-14 12:35Dave Bradlee 
32109Defectnihs : Timeout problem in SQL serverkevink3open18.12017-11-08 10:08Sweta Jewargikar2017-11-14 10:57Dave BradleeSLims FileWatcher
32108Defect_webfiles root not available on stagingGuest2closed18.12017-11-08 08:44Susan Hert2017-11-08 10:51Susan Hert 
32107DefectEHR pedigree plot needs a more user friendly message when no pedigree data availablemartyp4open18.12017-11-08 07:34martyp2017-11-13 12:21avital 
32106DefectCannot set assay run comments via transform scriptGuest3closed17.32017-11-07 20:11jeckels2017-11-14 11:25jony 
32103DefectSharing private report as folder admin doesn't work as expectedGuest2closed17.32017-11-07 14:44Angelica Omaiye2017-11-14 09:57Angelica Omaiye 
32102DefectEditable Grid for Assay > Tabs Change Size (and Spacing for Amino Acids)Guest3closed18.12017-11-07 14:42frankl2017-11-08 14:44ChrisJ 
32101DefectUX refresh : <Workbooks webpart >The text box and the button dont have same heightGuest3closed18.12017-11-07 14:37Sweta Jewargikar2017-11-07 15:44Sweta Jewargikar 
32100DefectEditable Grid for Assay > Add Ellipsis to Integer Fields Because Otherwise It is DeceivingRyan Luce3open18.12017-11-07 14:36frankl2017-11-07 14:36frankl 
32099DefectValidator pop-ups appear at very top of page, even when page is scrolled downbradh2open17.32017-11-07 14:30Jessi Murray2017-11-09 16:13Nick Kerr 
32098DefectEditable Grid for Assay > Improvements to Entering Sample ID into GridRyan Luce3open18.12017-11-07 14:23frankl2017-11-07 14:23frankl 
32096DefectEditable Grid for Assay > Attachment Becomes Name of Assay ID When Importing By Other Methods (Unexpected)ChrisJ3resolved18.12017-11-07 14:01frankl2017-11-08 13:11frankl 
32095Defect"Save As" redirects to unexpected view of report after report is savedcnathe3open18.12017-11-07 13:57Angelica Omaiye2017-11-21 19:33Angelica Omaiye 
32094DefectEditable Grid for Assay > Ability to Type Nonsensical Number into Double Field i.e. 2.2.1Nick Kerr3open18.12017-11-07 13:54frankl2017-11-10 13:18joshd 
32093DefectEditable Grid for Assay > Typing Decimals into Integer Fields Screw with JustificationGuest3closed18.12017-11-07 13:46frankl2017-11-08 14:45ChrisJ 
32092DefectEditable Grid for Assay > Remove Instructional YYYY-MM-DD Text Because All Date Formats WorkRyan Luce3open18.12017-11-07 13:42frankl2017-11-07 14:43frankl 
32090DefectEditable Grid for Assay > Enter Data Grid Remembers Number of Rows from Last AttemptGuest3closed18.12017-11-07 13:34frankl2017-11-08 14:42ChrisJ 
32089DefectBuddy Testing for Editable Grid for Uploading Assay Datafrankl3open18.12017-11-07 13:17frankl2017-11-07 14:42frankl 
32088DefectNumber (Double) fields added to MixutreBatches (any entity?) display using an Integer input in the wizard but correctly allows floating point values when editing the inserted batch.Ryan Luce3resolved18.12017-11-07 12:01Ryan Luce2017-11-07 16:43joshd 
32087DefectNavigation menu mouse events are misinterpreted on some touchscreen devicesbradh3open18.12017-11-07 11:23bradh2017-11-07 11:23bradh