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 28291DefectDataTurn on recursive query for lineagekevink2open16.3   
28290DefectAssayDuplicate key violation on re-import Luminex assay run when the run has > 1 analyte exclusion and you choose to retain themians2open16.3  Reimport assays without losing exclusions
28289DefectAssaySQLException re-importing a run with a well exclusion when the same file has been previously uploaded as a different runians2open16.3  Reimport assays without losing exclusions
28288DefectAssayExclusions warning message incorrectly mentions a mis-matched exclusions for the background wellians2open16.3  Reimport assays without losing exclusions
28287DefectUser interfacer46984 breaks existing functionality and use caesMatthew Bellew3open16.3   
28286DefectAssayInclude run filter in re-import run Exclusion Warning link to the exclusions reportians2open16.3  Reimport assays without losing exclusions
28284Defect Empty treatment dialog in single table Manage Treatment UI if no study producsts definedcnathe2resolved16.3  Study registration iteration
28283Defect Treatment table height issue on Manage Treatment page when no study product role columns existcnathe3resolved16.3  Study registration iteration
28282DefectDataRestricting standard buttons without warningsxyang3open16.328276  
28281DefectMS2SQLException trying to use PeptideAggregrationDisplayColumn in custom queriesjeckels3open16.3   
28280DefectPrimate EHRr47072 breaks other use cases and testsmartyp2open16.3   
28273DefectStudyNo products selected in Treatment dialog for single table manage treatment page if product does not have dose/route selectedxyang2open16.3  Study registration iteration
28272Defect Cancer History Imaging query throws unknown field error (image.version)Dave Bradlee3open16.3  Handle PHI columns for GeL grid views
28270DefectClient-SpecificGel PHI document names are not obfuscated for non-PHI rolesGuest2closed16.3  Handle PHI columns for GeL grid views
28269DefectStudyNewly added treatments display as integer instead of generated label after new timepoint added to single table manage viewGuest2closed16.3  Study registration iteration
28266Defect Lists with slashes in the list name end up empty in a published studyjony3resolved16.328156  
28265Defect dateoffset column shows in argos column chooserDave Bradlee2resolved16.3   
28261TodoQueryRetain the Created and CreatedBy fields for re-imported Luminex Exclusionsians3open16.3   
28258DefectBiologicsclean up related entities queriesGuest3closed16.3   
28255Defect Invalid column name category when visiting Clinical History Pagebinalpatel3open17.1   
28254DefectNLPRendering of abstraction task list webpart is very slowtgaluhn2open16.3   
28252DefectDataChange oconnor inventory table to use integer typesjeckels3open16.3   
28251DefectBiologics(sql-only) sorting protein sequences on sequence column gets sqlExceptionChrisJ3resolved16.3   
28250DefectAssayassay request built-in custom views include the non-existant "Milestone" columnKarl Lum3open16.3   
28248DefectBiologics(sql-only) hierarchy links in entity detail pages point to 'undefined'ChrisJ3resolved16.3   
28245DefectReportingPHI report link does not show up for some eligible schemasGuest3closed16.3  PHI Annotation Reporting
28244DefectNLPCan't pull value for case "Status" via SQLtgaluhn3open16.3   
28243DefectNLPSubmit/Approve goes to the first case in the list rather than the next casexyang3open17.1   
28241DefectClient-SpecificreturnUrl in Data Finder's Edit Publication page should take user to page they were previouslyAngelica2resolved16.228209  
28239Defect columns marked as phs in tables other than participant_identifier cause dateoffset column not found errorGuest3closed16.3  Handle PHI columns for GeL grid views
28237DefectVisualizationSummary dashboard visuaolization should reflect the population size restriction in the plotmartyp2resolved16.3   
28236DefectSpecimensInactivated user still appear as Actors in Specimen Requestsjony3open16.328216  
28235DefectMS2Change error for MS2Run to be more friendlierjeckels4open16.328076  
28234DefectMS2FASTA Root on subfolder does not inherit from parent projectjeckels2open16.328006  
28233DefectStudyAdvanced import options truncated on firefox and edgeGuest3closed16.3  Apply study template across multiple folders
28232DefectVisualizationIndicate that a line is the average and area is std dev in summary dashboard Jessi Murray2open16.3   
28231DefectVisualizationLink metric name to default view or clinic view in summary dashboard martyp2open16.3   
28230DefectVisualizationReplace green color with turquoise or navy on summary dashboardJessi Murray2resolved16.3   
28229DefectVisualizationDeal with long metric name on summary dashboardmartyp2open16.3   
28228DefectAdminAdd a pop up confirmation windows on data deleteavital2resolved16.3   
28225DefectStudystudy template across multiple folders : not clearing the remembered selection if the user cancels out of the confirmation dialogGuest2closed16.3  Apply study template across multiple folders
28224DefectStudynot all shared studies get populated when applying template across multiple foldersGuest2closed16.3  Apply study template across multiple folders
28223DefectBiologicsVector multi-value selection method is not generating URL correctlyGuest3closed16.3  Vector Drug Selection Should be Multi-Value M4
28222DefectSecurityStudy Id should escape htmlGuest4closed16.3   
28220DefectStudyPermissions required for importing to multiple folders confusingGuest3closed16.3  Apply study template across multiple folders
28219DefectUser interfaceSubmit button is enabled on page load even if no changes have been made to study id.Guest3closed16.3   
28218DefectUser interfaceSubmit a study Id, clear it, then resubmit the same Id results in an error.Dan Duffek3resolved16.3   
28215DefectUser interfaceShould show the boring old wait mask when generating tokensGuest3closed16.3   
28214DefectClient-SpecificCan't delete a mobileapp folder that has participants assigned to it.Guest3closed16.3   
28213DefectClient-SpecificshortName parameter for mobileappsurvey api is case sensitiveGuest3closed16.3   
28212Defect NPE from WorkflowProcessImpl when executing system task as first step in workflowGuest3closed16.3   
28211DefectClient-SpecificDisplay "Not provided" when date is NULL for General Observationsjimp3open16.328122  
28210Defect NullPointerException in Lum3open17.1   
28208DefectMS2Previously ERROR'd Mascot import job remains in ERROR after import succeedsjony3resolved16.3   
28207DefectMothershipNullPointerException in org.labkey.api.util.URLHelper.<init>()tgaluhn3open16.3   
28205DefectUser interfaceHitting cancel after hitting submit for token generation results in a javascript error and it still generates the tokens.Guest3closed16.3   
28203Defect Enrollment Tokens page is showing all tokens regardless of batch.Guest3closed16.3   
28199DefectClient-SpecificCube is not refreshed after editing a publicationGuest1closed16.228194Review Requested 
28198DefectUser interfaceSelecting the top checkbox in the element tokens list does not select all of the tokens in the list.Guest3closed16.3   
28197DefectUser interfaceAdding the element tokens web part to a portal does not give you the web part header.Guest3closed16.3   
28193SpecificationIssuesClosing an issue or updating a closed issue results in redirect to grid, not detail viewKarl Lum3open17.1   
28192DefectIssuesAdding an "Issues List" web part to a new folder results in odd behaviorKarl Lum3open17.1   
28191DefectVisualizationVisualizations don't carry over non-removable filterscnathe2open16.3   
28190DefectSpecimensConfigure addresses during manage specimen request requirement raises 404 error - no module registeredDave Bradlee3open16.3   
28189DefectSpecimensSpecimen request button "create and return to specimens" doesn't do thatDave Bradlee3open16.3   
28187DefectPrimate EHRcnprc_genetics build creates c:\cnprc_genetics folder for GeneticsTransform.jarmartyp3open16.3   
28157DefectMS2Long running transaction holding too many locks?Guest3closed16.3   
28154DefectBiologicsProtsequence drop-down is not in alphabetic order (or any discernible order) in Register a New Nucleotide Sequence pageRyan Luce3open16.3   
28153Defect Some old visit based study datasets do not have a participantseqnum columnKarl Lum4openTBD   
28152DefectAssayGeneral Assay Designer - dialog box cuts off and sticks to the top of the pagecnathe3open16.3   
28151DefectIssues**Add an action in the 16.2 code to repair the issue lookups that can be invoked manually by hitting a URLKarl Lum3open16.227953Approved and Code Reviewed 
28150DefectQueryQueryView does not allow for removal of Reports and Charts buttonsGuest3closed16.3   
28149DefectUser interfaceDeleting a study folder breaks the Learn About Studies page.Guest4closed16.3   
28148DefectQueryNPE in dataview experimental codeGuest3closed16.3  Investigate data views performance
28145Defect BadSqlGrammarException from org.labkey.api.module.SimpleModuleContainerListener.purgeTable()martyp3open17.1   
28144Defect TransientDataAccessResourceException from   
28143Defect NullPointerException in   
28142Defect BadSqlGrammarException from org.labkey.api.ehr.history.AbstractDataSource.processRows()martyp3open17.1   
28141Defect DataIntegrityViolationException from   
28140DefectUser interfaceClicking related study link opens study in new window/tab should open in same window/tab.Guest3closed16.3  Add related studies to study pages
28139DefectFormulationsSignal Data: Allow for QC by selected run, not just resultNick Arnold2resolved16.3  Get IDRI using new HPLC assay
28138TodoStudyAdd message to GWT XML study design edtior about it being deprecatedGuest3closed16.3   
28137DefectExperimentError deleting folder in experiment due to materialinput foreign key constraintDave Bradlee3open16.3   
28135DefectMS2Changing "Adjust FDR To" dropdown without threshold box checked still clears any >= filtereyounske4open17.1   
28134Defect Improve error message displayed when PanelApp service is not availablejimp3open16.328119  
28133Defect Display any provided modifiers for HPO terms (do not require all)jimp2open16.328120  
28132Defect Duplicate entries are displayed for Diagnosis/Other Diagnosis in Summary and Details tabjimp2open16.328121  
28131Defect Observations-OFC not captured even when provided value in OCjimp2open16.328122  
28130Defect Code type is displayed as 'SNOMED' instead of 'SnomedCT'jimp3open16.328123  
28129Defect Issue with Clinical View Summary Page for Cancer participantsKristin3open17.128124  
28128Defect Updates in OpenClinica not appearing in LabKeyKristin3open17.128125  
28127Todo Consent Questions are missing in Details View of LabKeyGuest3closed16.328126  
28118DefectAssayStaging issue: Documentation does not match UI (Chart Wizard not auto-populated with X or Y values)Guest3closed16.3   
28117DocumentationCoreFolder type file location doc may be inaccurateGuest3closed16.3   
28116DefectVisualizationColumn visualizations don't make the export/import study roundtripcnathe3open16.3   
28112Defect An index having the same index key column(s) defined for the primary key is mistakenly recognized as an additional primary keyrond3open17.1   
28111DefectUser interfaceUpdate notifications panel text to match the server's color schemaGuest2closed16.3   
28110DefectBiologics(SQL-only) can't sort protein sequences table by sequencekevink3open16.3   
28109DefectPipelinePSQLException from org.labkey.core.dialect.PostgreSql91Dialect.executeWithResults()tgaluhn3open17.1   
28108DefectVisualizationLabKey visualization needs to upgrade D3cnathe3open16.3