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 31304DefectCoreOnly parts of grid headers are clickable to pop open menuNick Kerr2open17.3   
31298DefectUser interfacePipeline log (statusFile) error text is no longer redNick Kerr3open17.3   
31294Defect Connection timed out when initializing application with S3ians2open17.3   
31288DefectUser interfaceData Integration Page - grid left aligned with white space on the rightbinalpatel3resolved17.3   
31287DefectUser interfaceSelecting a menu icon makes it disappear in white backgroundbinalpatel3resolved17.3   
31286Defect S3 bucket not using a regionSusan Hert3resolved17.3   
31285TodoUser interfaceReset un-applied filters when customize grid panel is closedcnathe3open17.3   
31284Defect NPE when stateService property is missingians3resolved17.3   
31283Defect Instances call does not work with local state serviceGuest3closed17.3   
31280Defect Firefox error message box cut off in progress reportKarl Lum4open17.3   
31279DefectReportingAssay progress report shows "null" as visit label if none definedGuest2closed17.3   
31278TodoAssayRemove unused methods in PlateService/PlateManageradam3open17.3   
31277DefectFlowRemove or support FlowRun attachmentskevink3open17.3   
31276Defect VisitIDs that are not defined default to 'expected' statusGuest3closed17.3   
31275Defect Multiple participantID/VisitID pair statusGuest3closed17.3   
31274DefectTargetedMSTest parsing and import of old Skyline file formatsnicksh70063open17.3   
31263SpecificationAssayAssay Runs missing in new UI.cnathe2open17.3   
31260DefectCustomize ViewData region URL filters are saved with view but show as duplicate on save reloadcnathe3open17.3   
31255DefectStudyAutomatic updating of query snapshots does not work when source data is reloadedKarl Lum3open17.321868  
31254DefectCoreProd-mode servers don't notice changes to extrawebapp directories without cache clearingjeckels3open17.3   
31253DefectR Remote APIR report title appears jumbled when used as second webpartcnathe3open17.331131  
31235Defect Progress report not displaying the report web partGuest2closed17.3   
31229Defect Take users to the signed snapshot's details page after they sign a data snapshotGuest3closed17.3  Force authentication as part of signing process
31227DefectCoreNeed to obsolete more scriptsGuest3closed17.3   
31226DefectBiologicsAdd assay data template link to serialized assay definitionsGuest3closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
31224DefectWikiMarkdown Formatting Guide: "more help" should target a new windowbradh3open17.3   
31223DefectWikiMarkdown Formatting Guide: add inline image examplebradh3open17.3   
31220DefectUser interfaceIn the new UI assigning an NLP document for abstraction/review does not refresh the page. It did on the old UI.Dan Duffek3resolved17.3   
31219Defect HealthCheck returns false on bootstrap startup before first user signs in.Susan Hert3open17.3   
31218DefectTargetedMS**Panorama QC plots restrict to 900px wide in new UXcnathe3open17.3   
31217DefectCDSDataSpace: Learn Dimensions UI updateGuest3closed17.3  Assay analytes adjustment
31215DefectSpecimensPublish Study does not retain user-added custom specimen fieldsDave Bradlee3open17.3   
31214Defect Move summary stats back to bottom of the gridNick Kerr3open17.3   
31213DefectListsMangled layout for default values page in new UXNick Kerr3open17.3   
31209DefectIssuesLookup to issue tracker messes up listjony3resolved17.329996  
31205DefectStudystudy.QCState is still exposed, as a zero-column tableGuest2closed17.3   
31203DefectIssuesHard-coded date format on hover in "recent activity"bradh3open17.3   
31202DefectTargetedMSAdd "ChromatogramFormat" to chromatogram library schemajeckels2resolved17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
31201DefectListsExporting as a tsv a list that has a combination of double and single quotes does not persist quotesDan Duffek3resolved17.3  Force authentication as part of signing process
31200DefectStudyStudy overview visit label/popup is not rendered in new UINick Kerr3open17.3   
31199DefectListsExport/Signed Data is not honoring value selected for the column headers.Dan Duffek3resolved17.3  Force authentication as part of signing process
31198DefectPipelineNPE from PipelineJobServiceImpl.getTaskFactory()Ben Bimber3resolved17.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
31197Defect Points Planned Contract Roll up should exclude data for the sprint currently being plannedAngelica Omaiye2resolved17.2   
31196DefectUser interfaceSignedSnapshot view does not have a clear indication/instructions that they user still has one more step to export the data.Dan Duffek3resolved17.3  Force authentication as part of signing process
31195DefectUser interfaceNon admin user can not get to the SignedSnapshot query outside of the export workflowDan Duffek3resolved17.3  Force authentication as part of signing process
31194SpecificationCoreNew UI doesn't support rename-in-place of workbook nameChrisJ3resolved17.3   
31193DefectExperimentExperiment module has undeclared dependency on study modulekevink2open17.3   
31192DefectSecurityElectronic Signer role is not available to assign to a user.Dan Duffek3resolved17.3  Force authentication as part of signing process
31186DefectBuildCreateModule task shouldn't copy scripts & schema.xml when hasManagedSchema == falseadam3resolved17.3   
31185DefectStudyDataset QC states are not correctly translated in migration from study to core schemasGuest1closed17.3 Approved and Code ReviewedCoded Procedures
31184DefectCorewiki page web parts have non-functioning menuChrisJ3resolved17.3   
31182DefectReportingAssay progress report doesn't give error when a configured query is deletedGuest3closed17.3   
31181DefectReportingAssay progress report doesn't handle study with a lot of ptids very wellGuest2closed17.3   
31180DefectReportingAssay progress report rendering behavior when you have two assays with the same name in the Assay ScheduleKarl Lum3open17.3   
31179DefectReportingAssay progress report assay title doesn't html encode assay nameGuest2closed17.3   
31178DefectReportingAssay progress report assay display order unexpectedGuest2closed17.3   
31177DefectDataWhite space handling for 'Contains one of'Guest3closed17.3   
31176DefectCoreContainer tabs in the new UI lack navigation tab-strip present in old UIcnathe3open17.3   
31175Defect Specimen Vial field marked full PHI is published and exported with dataGuest2closed17.3   
31173DefectCorePlate Summary information run table/view layout cuts off columns in standard layoutNick Kerr3open17.3   
31172Defect Protected on a list/dataset/study property in archive from LK 17.2 does not get converted to PHI LimitedGuest3closed17.3   
31171DefectCoreadd toggle to chart view pane in UX-refresh UIcnathe3open17.3   
31170Defect Remove PHI Dropdown in Folder Mgmt/Export has "PHI" instead of "Full"Karl Lum3open17.3   
31169DefectFolder Export/ImportUnable to import study that has missing values via assay copy-to-study using list lookup and missing value indicatorKarl Lum3open17.331067  
31167DefectBiologicsFailures in Media RegistrationRyan Luce2resolved17.3   
31163DefectIssuesPrint view in new UI has some wonkinessbradh3open17.3   
31162DefectBiologicsNavigation from the Lineage View for Ingredients and Mixture Batches Should Go to Ingredient/Mixture Batches' Custom Details PageNick Kerr3open17.3   
31160Defect Error when calculating prioritization prep numbersKarl Lum2resolved17.2   
31158DefectUser interfaceWhen typing values in a list field we don't automatically select values in the field.Guest3closed17.3   
31157DefectUser interfaceWe should show to a reviewer the values that have been selected in a multi select filed.Guest3closed17.3   
31156DefectUser interfaceWe lose autocomplete (typing) when there are multiple items selected for the fieldGuest3closed17.3   
31153Defect Multi select values persists between different reports.Guest3closed17.3   
31152DefectExperimentShowFileAction w/ HTML fileBen Bimber3resolved17.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
31145DefectStudyDataspace publish not passing on customized Grid Views into new published studyGuest3closed17.3   
31139DefectStudySubject indexing should respect LastIndexedadam3open17.3   
31137DefectBuildForce javac to use UTF-8 for source files during buildjeckels3resolved17.3   
31136Defect Server will not process FCS directories dropped to the second location specified in second TriggerConfigurationjimp3resolved17.3   
31135DefectPipelineFCS directory added to the pipeline root while the TriggerConfiguration is disabled are not processed when the TriggerConfiguration is re-enabledjimp3open17.3   
31133Defect For some versions of vagrant and virtualbox Server Provisioning init will fail if Vagrantfile.template contains config.vbguestSusan Hert3open17.3   
31132TestFolder Export/ImportFolderExportTest.testImport() fails locally but not on TeamCityGuest3closed17.3   
31126DefectBiologicsEditing Organism within Biologics not resulting in expected behaviorGuest3closed17.3   
31125DefectPipelineBulk update of RemoteEngine pipeline job statusBen Bimber3resolved17.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
31124DefectStudyStudy Tooltip has Outdated InformationKarl Lum3open17.3   
31123Defect Container.hasWorkbookChildren doesn't appear to be thread safe and will have an NPE during some test runs.Dan Duffek3resolved17.3   
31119DefectBiologicsWhen a session has expired, following a link to a protein details page shows "Not Found"joshd3open17.3   
31116DefectTargetedMSNPE trying to view chromatogramsGuest2closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
31115DefectMessages15 minute digest emails not sending to users for file notificationsGuest1closed17.231111Approved and Code Reviewed 
31113TodoVisualizationLine Plot - handle plotting null valuescnathe3open17.3   
31110DefectStudydataspace subfolder study having dataset with Protected column will have that column readable in new study created when dataspace is published.cnathe3openTBD   
31109DefectStudyDataspace republish wizard not showing values in Destination columnGuest2closed17.3   
31108DefectStudyDataspace published to own subfolder causes subsequent publishes of that dataspace not to share participant infocnathe3open17.3   
31106DefectClient-SpecificFeature Change: Update RedCap and/or Study Reload to only refresh data, not field configurationsKarl Lum3open17.331105  
31104Defect RStudio link not showing up when docker volumes are enabledAngelica Omaiye2resolved17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
31103DefectAdmin500: Unexpected server error Self-suppression not permitted - Exporting a big project ends in a java heap space erroreyounske3open17.331087  
31096DefectQueryshow hidden option in query browser doesn't workKarl Lum3open17.2   
31089DefectBuildnpm errors building the accounts moduletgaluhn3open17.3   
31088Defect Remove payroll hours and cost center report links from the Harvest dashboardKarl Lum3open17.2   
31084DefectAssayDeleting Study with Assay generates 500: Unexpected server errorjony3resolved17.231065Approved and Code Reviewed 
31083TodoAssayDeleted Assay Results Rows appear in import folder archive, even though data was deleted prior to folder export.jeckels3open17.331066  
31081DefectNLPReports imported with new "NLP Results Import" are always considered "engine" processed.Guest3closed17.3  Create pipeline to directly import abstraction results