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 22967Defect DataIntegrityViolationException from Bellew3open15.2   
22966DefectAssay'Communication failure' when creating new run-based guide setA-aron1open15.122916  
22965DefectAssayMicroarray: Import feature annotation set message asks for incorrect column nameskevink3open15.2122  
22960DefectAssayElispotAssayTest failing on macTrey3open15.2   
22959DefectDataParticipant groups are emptyMatthew Bellew3open15.2  Shared demographics
22958DefectAssayELISpot detection method null not supported on legacy assay definitions 2closed15.2  Fluorospot assay
22956DefectDataUser with permissions on only a sub-study can see demographics from all studiesMatthew Bellew3open15.2  Shared demographics
22955Defect Two factor authentication on change password and forced password changemartyp2resolved15.2  Two-factor authentication
22953DefectDataDelete of demographics record in shared demographics project does not do anything in the context of a sub-studyMatthew Bellew3open15.2  Shared demographics
22952DefectDataExport to TSV does not export the visit columnMatthew Bellew3open15.2  Shared demographics
22951DefectVisualizationUpdate X-Axis on Time Chart to sense when study is Date-based vs Visit-basedcnathe4open15.222798  
22949DefectDataData set in subfolder can hide dataset in parentMatthew Bellew3open15.2  Shared demographics
22946DefectDataLink from Participant ID in Demographics data set leads to a page indicating the id could not be foundMatthew Bellew3open15.2  Shared demographics
22944Defect Logging in via Authentication Required dialog (when Duo is Enabled) bypasses Duo 2-Factor authentication step. 3closed15.2  Two-factor authentication
22943DefectAdminAdd option to disallow browser-caching of credentialsjeckels2open15.2  Two-factor authentication
22942Defect DataIntegrityViolationException from Lum3open15.2   
22941DefectCoreFilter dialog doesn't detect that we've hit the limit for "Choose Values" filteringNick Arnold3open15.2   
22940DefectAssayIssues with Guide Run Set grid columnscnathe2open15.222910  
22939DefectAssayManage Guide Sets page takes ~30 seconds to load on StagingA-aron2open15.222913  
22938Defect Default sort on 'Manage Guide Run Sets' page should be newest on topA-aron3open15.222935  
22937DefectDataAble to insert data into a Dataspace projectMatthew Bellew3open15.2  Continue DatStat Integration
22936DefectPipelineDifferent error responses for invalid deletedRowsSource values in XML file.tgaluhn4open15.2  SNPRC ETL
22934DefectStudyRecords get skipped in dataset upload when record in TSV starts with a hashtag symbolKarl Lum3open15.222799  
22933DefectDataProblems with "Share Data" setting in Edit Dataset Definition pageMatthew Bellew3open15.2  Shared demographics
22931DefectPipelineAssigned Date for DatStat record does not use date field indicated in the metadata fileKarl Lum3open15.2  Continue DatStat Integration
22930DefectPipelineDate field treated as String so invalid date formats are not detected in DatStat importKarl Lum3open15.2  Continue DatStat Integration
22929DefectPipelinePositiveInteger type will accept 0 and negative numbers in DatStat import and editing 3closed15.2  Continue DatStat Integration
22926Defect Unexpected server error when deleting Dataspace study project from Issue 22616Matthew Bellew3open15.2  Cross-study filtering - shared schedule
22924DefectStudyCopy to Study - Rows remain checkedKarl Lum3open15.2   
22920DefectWikiUncategorizedSQLException from org.labkey.query.reports.ReportServiceImpl.getReports()martyp3open15.2   
22918DefectPipelineStudy import produces error "No transactions remain, can't decrement!"Matthew Bellew3open15.2  Continue DatStat Integration
22917DefectPipelineData Pipeline Grid "Running" link shows error jobs as well 3closed15.2  Continue DatStat Integration
22915DefectStudyNeed option to enable "shared timepoints" in Dataspace projectAngelica2resolved15.2  Cross-study filtering - shared schedule
22914DefectUser interfaceLong subdisease names handled incorrectly by subdisease filter on dashboardryans2resolved15.2  Create widget to expose middle level category filtering on dashboard
22912DefectPipelineRetry button on pipeline details view for datstat does nothing. 3closed15.2  Continue DatStat Integration
22911DefectELISpotCustomizing the Results view in Elispot a certain way yields an exception and blocks changing the view backDave Bradlee2open15.2   
22908DefectPipelineAttempt to reload DatStat dataset after change in configuraiton results in error message about label already in useKarl Lum3open15.2  Continue DatStat Integration
22907DefectPipelineConfusing placement of DatStat management section under Manage ReloadingKarl Lum3open15.2  Continue DatStat Integration
22906Defect Terms of Use Agreement at LogoutAngelica3resolved15.2  Implement site-wide terms-of-use
22905Defect Missing menu linksAngelica3resolved15.2  Implement site-wide terms-of-use
22904Defect Attached files not showing upAngelica3resolved15.2  Implement site-wide terms-of-use
22903Defect Logging in without agreeing to Terms of UseAngelica3resolved15.2  Implement site-wide terms-of-use
22902DefectListsDbSchema contains TableInfo for list that has been deletedadam3open15.2 Review Requested 
22901DefectPipelineDatstat archive directory not cleaned up before reimport 3closed15.2  Continue DatStat Integration
22900DefectCoreUncategorizedSQLException from org.labkey.api.cache.TransactionCache.get()jeckels2open15.2   
22895DefectUser interface"Set Default View" appears twice in crosstab view menucnathe3open15.2117  
22894DefectUser interfaceAlignment issue on Manage Notifications for reports & datasetsKarl Lum3open15.2118  
22893DefectReportingDisable Time Series plot when no time variable is availablecnathe3open15.2   
22892DefectCoreSession invalidation on login makes terms of use appear twice 3closed15.2  Implement site-wide terms-of-use
22891DefectUser interface"no matches" message does not appear when no matches in study group chosenMatthew Bellew3open15.1modules   
22890DefectSpecimensProblem trying to create study?Dave Bradlee3open15.2   
22889DefectSpecimensA specimen table isn't there when trying to delete a folderDave Bradlee3open15.2   
22888Defect AttachmentService$FileTooLargeException in org.labkey.core.attachment.AttachmentServiceImpl.addAttachments()Dave Bradlee3open15.2   
22887Defect SQLException from org.labkey.api.exp.api.StorageProvisioner.execute()Dave Bradlee3open15.2   
22886DefectSpecimensNullPointerException in Bradlee3open15.2   
22885DefectSpecimensIn Ancillary study, Can't get to study queries in Schema browserDave Bradlee3open15.2   
22884Defect Problem with metadata view with Union tables -- exceptionDave Bradlee3open15.2   
22883DefectUser interfaceScrolling problem with animal tabbed pagejeckels3open15.221351  
22882DefectAdminPipeline email notifications not able to save changes when removing optionskevink3open15.222879  
22877DefectMS2Mascot search fails with UnsupportedOperationException 3closed15.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
22876DefectClient APIAPI docs are not being generated properlyKarl Lum3open15.1 Approved (Needs Code Review) 
22875Defect UncategorizedSQLException from org.labkey.api.cache.BlockingCache.get()Matthew Bellew3open15.2   
22874Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.api.exp.api.StorageProvisioner.createTableInfo()Matthew Bellew3open15.2   
22873DefectQueryBadSqlGrammarException from org.labkey.api.query.DefaultQueryUpdateService._update()Matthew Bellew3open15.2   
22869DefectMS2Pass Mascot credentials when querying for [DB] list 3closed15.2   
22865TodoJava Client APILabKey Java API to Maven Centraladam3open15.2   
22862DefectFileContentNPE when updating custom folderTypekevink3open15.2   
22859DefectDataDemo Study on, No Longer RoundtripsKarl Lum3open15.2   
22858Todo Adjustments to NLP UI from client feedback 3closed15.2  UI for reviewing NLP results
22857DefectClient APIupdateWiki in Python Client API does not work with a LabKey Server running 15.1 or greaterBrian Connolly3open15.1 Approved (Needs Code Review) 
22855DefectClient APITours.js API resets registration after the tours applicable for that page have been run. 1closed15.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
22852DefectStudyCode call deleteExpData() too soon?Matthew Bellew2resolved15.2  TSV file upload for sample sets
22851DefectStudySampleSet File upload button is hard to findMatthew Bellew2resolved15.2  TSV file upload for sample sets
22850DefectStudyFile upload only works for tsv filesMatthew Bellew2resolved15.2  TSV file upload for sample sets
22849DefectTest harnessArgosMyLinksTest Failuresryans2open15.2   
22848DefectDataPatients ETL: Change -1 to NULL for N/A valuestgaluhn3open15.222847  
22846DefectUser interfaceAccrual Estimator Label Changescnathe3open15.222212  
22845Defect Subdisease filters do not work on a portal configured to display all patients 3closed15.2  Create widget to expose middle level category filtering on dashboard
22829DefectUser interfaceSubdisease filter expander icon shows 'collapse' symbol on first load of dashboard page 2closed15.2  Create widget to expose middle level category filtering on dashboard
22820DefectAssayAdd more information/messaging for Levey-Jennings defaultscnathe4open15.2   
22819DefectAssayLuminex Levey-Jennings Plots generate error when Date range returns no data 2closed15.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
22817DefectCoreUnable to run upgrade with new terms of use. 1closed15.2   
22816Defect DATStat pipeline job isn't importing lookups 3closed15.1modules Approved and Code ReviewedContinue DatStat Integration
22813DefectStudySorting of subcategores in reports/views in Data Views webpart is brokenKarl Lum3open15.221741  
22812Defect Mouseover behavior missing for subdisease filters on dashboard 2closed15.2  Create widget to expose middle level category filtering on dashboard
22811DefectCoreClean up orphaned attachmentsadam3open15.2   
22805DefectTest harnessArgos: Unable to bootstrap tests 2closed15.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
22804DefectCoreNullPointerException in org.labkey.api.query.FilteredTable.<init>()Matthew Bellew3open15.2   
22803DefectPipelineNullPointerException in org.labkey.pipeline.api.TaskFactoryCacheHandler$1.load()kevink3open15.2   
22802Defect DeadlockLoserDataAccessException from Bellew3open15.2   
22801Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.elispot.query.ElispotRunDataTable$SpotCountDisplayColumn.getReader()Karl Lum3open15.2   
22800DefectMS2Failure importing Mascot search results 2closed15.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
22797DefectCoreBad error message when modules fail to extractjeckels3open15.2   
22794DefectAssayNull message passed to SimpleValidationError 2closed15.1   
22793DefectAssayNPE during Luminex assay import 2closed15.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
22792DefectCorewhen displaying subfolders (not projects) project webpart should give button to 'create subfolder', not 'create project'Ben Bimber3resolved15.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
22791DefectPipelinepipeline jobs should log hostNameBen Bimber3resolved15.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
22788DefectPrimate EHRException when EHR tests attempt cleanup 3closed15.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
22787Defect Study republish includes unselected datasetscnathe3open15.2   
22785DefectNABClassCastException in Lum3open15.2