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 23194Defect Pivot Queries generate error in 15.2.1jony3resolved15.2   
23193DefectSpecimensBackport nPOD fixes to 14.3Dave Bradlee2open14.3 Review RequestedFixes for nPOD module
23191TodoBuildAdd base.modules build to TeamCityTrey4open15.2   
23190DefectMS2MS2 module required to build serverjeckels3open15.2   
23189DefectDataFMP code list is not showing values above 65; DUC not showing all values eitherKarl Lum2open15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23187DefectSecurityDoc Review: Export and Import Permissions Settingsadam3open15.2   
23186DefectAdmin**NullPointerException in org.labkey.api.module.SimpleFolderType.reload()kevink3open15.2   
23185DefectCoreConcurrentModificationException from org.labkey.api.module.ModuleLoader.getEnabledFolderTypes()adam3open15.2   
23184DefectFlowBadSqlGrammarException from   
23182Defect Initial load of test request for editing does not show invalid status messages for current specimens 3closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23181Defect Argos tables missing from XMLAngelica3resolved15.2   
23180Defect "ERROR: Table "" missing from XML" should be a warningAngelica3resolved15.2  Argos schema integrity checking and reporting
23179TodoStudyNeed option to hide an empty dataset in a child folder of a Dataspace projectMatthew Bellew2open15.2  Cross-study filtering - (sticky persistent container filter)
23177Defect 'Populating section' message doesn't go away for cases with no sample dataAngelica3resolved15.2  Fixes for nPOD module
23175Defect FMP field has become an integer, zero is treated as invalidryans2resolved15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23174Defect After duplicate validation failure, lookup columns display ids instead of lookup values 2closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23172DefectUser interfaceHDRL schema entries orphaned on container delete 2closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23170DefectDataDon't exclude patients missing event dates from the cube countstgaluhn2open15.2   
23169Defect Error messages missing after addition of disease with specimen 3closed15.2  Argos schema integrity checking and reporting
23168Defect 'No subdiseases configured' error message missing in site validator after adding a patient 3closed15.2  Argos schema integrity checking and reporting
23167DefectUser interfaceMake the nouns on the filter summary page pluralJessi Murray3resolved15.2   
23166DefectUser interfaceNeed UI design guidance for "single-web part" on a pageJessi Murray3open15.2   
23164DefectUser interfaceFix alignment/padding on dashboardJessi Murray3resolved15.2  Branding
23163DefectUser interfaceAlign portal name in header closer to header logoJessi Murray3resolved15.2  Branding
23162DefectUser interfaceDecrease padding between filter bars from 14px to 7pxJessi Murray2resolved15.2  Branding
23161DefectUser interfaceText in the username/password boxes on login page is too bigJessi Murray2resolved15.2  Branding
23160Defect Feature Request: Drop-down list/lookup field not working with cohortsKarl Lum4open15.222310  
23159DefectUser interfaceLeft-align buttons in info paneJessi Murray2resolved15.2  Branding
23158DefectUser interfaceUnderline under "View" should be 1px widerJessi Murray3resolved15.2  Branding
23157DefectDataorg.postgresql.util.PSQLException: This ResultSet is closed.Matthew Bellew3open15.2   
23156DefectUser interfaceSpacing on filter summary page should be based on hover stateJessi Murray2resolved15.2  Branding
23155DefectUser interfaceButtons become unaligned when switching from the disabled to enabled stateJessi Murray2resolved15.2  Branding
23154DefectUser interfaceAccept SSNs with & without dashes for test request details 3closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23153DefectDataAdd DoD ID to test specimen fields 2closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23152DefectUser interfaceImprove error handling for SSN values that are too long in test request batches 2closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23151DefectUser interfaceTest request deletion should cascade 3closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23150DefectUser interfaceStyling cleanup on view test request details screen 3closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23149DefectUser interfaceSave un-saved changes when Save or Submit buttons are clicked 3closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23148DefectUser interfaceSave un-saved changes when Save or Submit buttons are clicked 3closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23147DefectUser interfaceSupport setting dropdown columns via file upload 2closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23146DefectUser interfaceChange FMP to two-digit code 2closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23145DefectUser interfaceUniqueness checks for test requests 2closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23144DefectSpecimens"bad document" indexing materials 3closed15.2   
23143TodoExperimentMake XAR export/import work with publish study & create from templateadam3open15.2   
23141DefectVisualizationTimeline report should only include one status event for all patients 2closed15.222447Approved and Code Reviewed 
23139Defect Data views webpart disappears after creation of new clinical/assay tabKarl Lum4open15.2   
23138Defect "Dataset can only be edited from the shared study: demographics" error when hiding empty datasetsMatthew Bellew3open15.2   
23137Defect Should I be able to add a new test request directly through the data region table? 3closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23136Defect Rows not deletingAngelica3open15.2   
23135DefectStudyStudy datasets don't show up 2closed15.2  Cross-study filtering - (sticky persistent container filter)
23134Defect Unable to edit 'pending' request as user 2closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23133Defect application is not enforcing required attribute on Customer Barcode when submitting new test requests 2closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23132Defect Unable to upload specimens using application provided template 2closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23131DefectUser interface'E' in 'Download Template' button is cut off in FireFox 3closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23130DefectUser interfaceNo error messaging when invalid request details file uploaded 2closed15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23129DefectSecurityCAS url validationbinalpatel4open15.2  SSO Implementation
23128DefectQuerySchema Browser: Navigation selects wrong folderNick Arnold2open15.123127  
23124DefectAssayDataIntegrityViolationException when deleting assay designDave Bradlee3open15.2   
23101DefectQueryCan't create a MultivalueFK to a sample setkevink3open15.2   
23100DefectDataNPE when loading synonym information 2closed15.222957Approved and Code Reviewed 
23099TodoTest harnessRemove clover referencesTrey3open15.2   
23098DefectDataMismatch in dashboard table vs. application overall counts 1closed15.223091Approved and Code Reviewed 
23097DefectMS2Use "fastafile" property in Mascot .dat files to resolve FASTA fileadam3resolved15.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
23096DefectCoreDrag-and-Drop Upload Problem for Subfolderskevink3open15.2   
23095DefectVisualizationIf the Timeline report does not have both plots, don't include that margin in the exported reportcnathe3open15.2  Branding
23094DefectVisualizationExported reports should include report title, date generatedcnathe2open15.2  Branding
23093Defect Users don't show up in "users that exist in the folder archive but not on the target site" scenario 3closed15.2  Export/import functionality for permissions
23088DefectCDSCDS - Filter removed message does not move with filter panel on window resize.martyp4open15.2   
23087TodoCoreRemove support for PostgreSQL 9.0 3closed15.2  Fix study sync performance issue
23085DefectJavaScript Client APILABKEY.Query.getDataViews() yields 404 error 3closed15.2   
23084DefectAdminRemove "reshow" parameter from Duo getConfigureURL()binalpatel3open15.2   
23083DefectUpgrade/BootstrapDuo won't work during upgradeadam2resolved15.2   
23082DefectAdminDisplay validation error for a bad ticket 3closed15.2  SSO Implementation
23081TodoVisualizationPanorama QC plot basic stats legend 3closed15.2  Guide sets for Panorama QC plots
23080DocumentationCoreDoc Review: Two Factor Authenticationsteveh3open15.2   
23079DocumentationCoreDoc Review: Single Sign On 3closed15.2  SSO Implementation
23078DefectQuery"call parse() first" assertion on non-existent queryKarl Lum3open15.2   
23077DefectStudyclicking immport study details popup throws IllegalArgumentExceptionTrey3resolved15.2   
23076DefectStudyshared datasets: hide container filter option in dataset view menukevink3open15.2   
23074DefectStudyUnable to insert into shared demographics when subject column name is duplicatedMatthew Bellew3open15.2  Shared demographics
23073DefectMessagesConfirm content type for messages that appear to contain HTMLryans3resolved15.2   
23072DefectPrimate EHRehr_lookups table name is misspelled.jeckels3open15.2   
23069DefectVisualizationSelection box shows up as black box in exported Timeline reportJessi Murray3resolved15.2   
23068DefectSecuritySSO: render login button or link if there is no image 3closed15.2  SSO Implementation
23067DefectWikiAdd option to allow admins to disable discussions on wikismartyp3open15.2   
23065DefectStudyBulkDatasetDeleteAction includes shared datasets from parent project 2closed15.2  Shared demographics
23064DefectUser interfaceFilter change message appears even when subdisease is the only current filterryans3resolved15.2   
23063DefectQuerySQLGenerationException handling broken after conversion to spring SQLStateSQLExceptionTranslator?Karl Lum3open15.2   
23062DefectQueryValidate PK does not exist on all inserts?Matthew Bellew3open15.2   
23061TestTest harnessArgosDRT shouldn't run against PostgreSQLadam2resolved15.2   
23058DefectStudydataset delete only deletes selected rows in POSTed set instead of using DataRegionSelectionkevink3open15.2   
23057DefectQueryError on external schema admin page when synonyms don't resolve to a datasourcetgaluhn3resolved15.2   
23056DefectQueryFatal error on server statup if synonym has bad target databasetgaluhn3resolved15.2   
23054Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.datstat.DatStatExport.<init>() 3closed15.2   
23053Defect NLP UI possible improvementstgaluhn3open15.2   
23051DefectMicroarrayMicroarray folder UI/Pending MageML web part has odd duplicate messagemohara3resolved15.2   
23050DefectELISpotelispot module upgrade error 2closed15.2  Fluorospot assay
23049DefectQueryArgos Import fails on Query validation 2closed15.2  Export/import functionality for permissions
23046Defect UncategorizedSQLException from   
23044DefectCoreLikely improper sharing of JDBC connectionsjeckels2open15.2