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 24162Defect Share/Delete buttons visible to users without sharing permissionsSusan Hert3open15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24161DefectStudyImport/Export function for fields does not include option for Folder if field is doing a LookupKarl Lum3open15.3   
24160Defect Share/Delete buttons enabled for Shared With grids/filtersSusan Hert3open15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24159DefectDataSwitch TumorMarker table to wide table, sparsely populated columnstgaluhn2open15.324147  
24158DefectAssayNullPointerException from org.labkey.elispot.query.ElispotAntigenCrosstabTable.<init>()Dave Bradlee2open15.3   
24156Defect Sharing a Data Grid causes it to be removedSusan Hert2open15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24155DefectFolder Export/ImportUnable to export folder due to custom query attached to linked schema, 500 Unexpected server error generateskevink3open15.3   
24154DefectData500 Unexpected server error generates when trying to Export Terms of Use via Excel or Text from Argos Portal Configuration pageDave Bradlee3open15.324148  
24153DefectCDSPerformance issues when getting subject counts for the axis/variable selectors.Nick Arnold2open15.3   
24152Defect Count in data region filter includes non-immunespace participantsSusan Hert3open15.3   
24146Defect A shared with user can share Grid/Filter via 'Select All' checkboxadam2open15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24145DefectCDSTerminal escape codes in ticket body cause message not to be saved. 2closed15.3  Support ticketing
24144DefectCDSAlert upon successful completion of a support ticket 3closed15.3  Support ticketing
24143DefectCDSFeedback message box doesn't move when the page resizes 3closed15.3  Support ticketing
24142DefectSecurityPHI pop-up blocks sharing dialog and prevents sharingadam2open15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24139SpecificationReportingLink location for shared filters?adam3open15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24137DefectSecurityArgos dropdown assignment for Gatekeepers should only display Gatekeeper users and not Adminskristinf3open15.324088  
24136DefectCDSSubject count only reflects y-axis plot variable selection when both x and y variables selectedcnathe3open15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24134DefectCoreDouble Encoding return URLsNick Arnold2resolved15.3  Customizable login page
24133Defect "Save Filter" call doesn't post any sharing properties 2closed15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24132DefectTargetedMSUnable to delete TargetedMS Run linkageTrey2resolved15.3  Method building revision tracking
24131DefectTargetedMSStackOverfowException when resaving TargetedMS run linksTrey2resolved15.3  Method building revision tracking
24130DefectCDSCan run script from the study tool tips.Dan Duffek2resolved15.3   
24128DefectCDSUndoing filter from grid does not restore filter.Nick Arnold2open15.3   
24127DefectCDSWhen there is only one study in the time-axis we may want to allocate more screen space to it.Dan Duffek3resolved15.3   
24126DefectCDSInvalid value for <rect> attribute width="NaN" error on NAB/IC50/A3R5 plot. 2closed15.3   
24125DefectVisualizationSelection panel created by brushing remains after axis values are changed.Jessi Murray4open15.3   
24124DefectCDSWith time points, brushing can create a filter that is not a whole number. 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24123DefectCDS"Undefined x value" gutter plot doesn't filter by subject Id 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24122DefectUser interfaceLogin page briefly flashes Terms of Use, "Sign in using"jimp3open15.3  Customizable login page
24121DefectCDSEscape character shown for a grid filter of "less than or equal to".Nick Arnold2open15.3   
24120DefectCDSError with study axis row that has no visit tag informationDan Duffek2resolved15.3   
24119DefectCDSCDS Grid Column grouping header should be changed from Demographics to Subject CharacteristicsNick Arnold3open15.3   
24118DefectAssayAssay Results View: Run Filter Shows System Value, Not User Valuekevink3open15.3   
24117DefectCDSTool tips/definitions missing that were present in the single pane selector for the grid.Jessi Murray4open15.3  Make variable selector multiselect and add groupings
24116DefectCDSAfter selecting all the list of columns shrink for BAMA and NAB when opening the selector a second time. 2closed15.3  Make variable selector multiselect and add groupings
24115TodoUser interfaceChoose Activity Dialog adjustmentskristinf2resolved15.3   
24114DefectCDSReminder: Add hook to update subject counts in grid-column selector when a filter is applied. 2closed15.3  Make variable selector multiselect and add groupings
24113DefectCDSError "could not resolve column" for plot with all three variables set: x, y, and color 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24112DefectCDSClicking 'Cancel' has no effect on items in the selector. 2closed15.3  Make variable selector multiselect and add groupings
24111DefectCoreNeed to set proper HTTP caching headers 2closed15.224095Approved and Code Reviewed 
24110DefectNLPUpdate LabKey's fork of the nlp repository 1closed15.3   
24109DefectCDSShould only have one option for Age at Enrollment. 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24107DefectStudyDataset subcategory being changed to category accidentally by systemKarl Lum3open15.323992  
24106Defect Mpower survey - when you hit "Next" on Lifestyle page, it doesnt take you to top of "Save/Cancel" pageryanl3resolved15.3   
24105Defect MPower prostate cancer survey - year options incorrectryanl3resolved15.3   
24104DefectPrimate EHRUpgrade from LK 14.2 to 15.2 failing on MS SQL scripts for EHR 3closed15.224017  
24103DefectSecuritygetPolicy on a saved filter entity throws "The requested resource does not exist within this container!" exception 2closed15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24101DefectVisualizationLine plots should sort via sort order, not alphabetically 2closed15.3  Support time-based variables
24100TodoVisualizationUpdate URL with customize reports optionscnathe3open15.3   
24099TodoVisualizationReports don't resize with windowcnathe3open15.3   
24098DefectUser interfaceDefault keyboard focus is going to password field instead of email field on loginjimp3open15.3   
24097DefectStudyQuery Schema Browser - Results In Errorjony2open15.324091  
24096DefectQueryFolderSchema uses null for it's name and violates SchemaKey @NotNull name annotationkevink4open15.3   
24094DefectUser interfaceList of folder combobox not sorted by folder path when create new folder from templatejimp3open15.3   
24093TestCDSCDS Login test need to be fixed to work with the new CDSReadOnly test module. 3closed15.3   
24092DefectAssayMoving file attached to assay run causes 404 error when accessing file from assayjeckels3open15.3   
24090DefectAuditingList audit history doesn't filter by the current listkevink3resolved15.3   
24087DefectSearchLabKey Server upgrade fails with a 500 error if the Search Index directory does not exist or not writableadam3open15.3   
24086TodoDataExpose workflow history tables in schema browserkristinf2resolved15.3  Export snapshot / secure document store
24085DefectVisualizationWhen brushing, hover over bin plots does not behave the same as hover over points 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24082Defect getMyLinks returned filters always show 'private' for the shared field 2closed15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24080DefectPrimate EHRshould move all EHR code from API module to a new ehr-api module provided by EHR modulemartyp3open15.3   
24078DefectCDSUpdate back button to be consistent, have better click targetNick Arnold3open15.3   
24077DefectCDSSelect all does not show for different assays in multiselector columnvikramt3resolved15.3  Make variable selector multiselect and add groupings
24076DefectVisualizationHighlighted dots should appear on top of non-highlighted dots 3closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24075DefectCDSSort order of studies in Learn About list is wrong 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24074DefectVisualizationSelection area misaligned to dots (log scale)cnathe3open15.3   
24073DefectVisualizationA click inside rectangular selection area breaks visual spec 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24072DefectVisualizationSingle click causes color misbehavior 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24071DefectCDSRespect measure vs. dimension in the plot instead of just column typecnathe3open15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24070DefectCDSSupport categorical age bucket 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24068DefectPrimate EHRAdd test for SNPRC custom queriesmartyp3open15.3   
24067Defect new labkey footer color doesn't match site backgroundjimp3open15.3   
24066DefectWebdavmultiselect in webdav file browserBen Bimber3resolved15.3 Review Requested 
24023DefectCoreLABKEY.Security.getUsers returns only users within a project group 2closed15.3  Share Argos grids and filters with Argos users
24021DefectCDS2D selection in plot area should filter out non-overlapping dotsDan Duffek2resolved15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24020DefectClient APIDoc Review: Generate Python Client Scriptjimp3open15.3  Add Python as export option
24019DefectStudyCount discrepancy issue on testkristinf2resolved15.3  Participant finder UI changes + participant id changes
24016DefectCDSCan import script and html to description fields. 2closed15.3  Update Learn About sources - Assay
24015DefectCorejava.sql.SQLException: String or binary data would be truncated 1closed15.3   
24014DefectStudyimmport - study.Cohort table is emptykristinf2resolved15.3138 Participant finder UI changes + participant id changes
24012DefectCDSCreating a filter by sweeping results in a blank variable detail panel. 2closed15.3  Make the list of antigens, etc. relevant to the filtered group
24010DefectExternal dataFCS Express always loads all columns 3closed15.3   
24009DefectCDSConfusing totals for Assays on the Find subjects page.joec4open15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24008DefectVisualizationSelecting numeric measures from the same source with different filters on the same advanced option generates data only in a gutter plot. 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24006DefectQuery"Internal Server Error" from CDS application after TempTableInClauseGenerator changes 2closed15.3  Participant finder UI changes + participant id changes
24005TodoUser interfaceMake default footer text listen to font size settings in Customize Look and Feeljimp3open15.3   
24004DefectCDSUndo does not restore a saved group/filter if it was edited and "removed" by modifying it in the right hand panel. 2closed15.3  Info pane: Merge filters with same variable
24003DefectCDSShould treat &nbsp; as a space when exporting from the data grid.Nick Arnold4open15.3   
24002DefectVisualizationGutter plot for null y-values and study axis are appearing at the same timeJessi Murray3resolved15.3  Bug fixing for beta
24001DefectCDSTotals on the right hand panel revert when you login after a timeout.Nick Arnold4open15.3   
24000DefectTest harnessJunit uses non-normal workbook namesBen Bimber3resolved15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
23999DefectCDSFiltering on Study 49x returns results for study 49 as well. 2closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
23998DefectCoreContinual logging about modified modules when in production modejeckels3open15.3   
23996DefectR Remote APIRlabkey cannot insert/update rows with NA (null) valuescnathe2open15.3   
23993DefectVisualizationCan generate an empty gutter plot with an empty plot. 3closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
23989DefectCDSScroll bar disappears in some cases when appending to a filter.Nick Arnold2open15.3  Bug fixing for beta
23987DefectCDSPicking a group under a study, then picking another study does not show the second studies group. 3closed15.3  Bug fixing for beta
23985DefectUser interfaceSubject finder layout is wrong on Firefox 2closed15.3  Participant finder UI changes + participant id changes