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32927DefectBiologics Won't Import Multiple GenBank Fileskevink3open18.12018-01-22 18:00steveh2018-01-22 18:02steveh 
32924DefectPort Skyline changes to allowable iRT discrepancy during importvsharma3resolved18.12018-01-22 17:37jeckels2018-01-22 17:40jeckels 
32918DefectNullPointerException caused by Portal.getTableInfoPortalWebParts returning nullSusan Hert3open18.12018-01-22 11:42Susan Hert2018-01-22 11:42Susan Hert 
32915Feature RequestView name takes up a lot of vertical space (even when no add'l information shown)Jessi Murray3open18.12018-01-22 09:43Matthew Bellew2018-01-22 13:25Matthew Bellew 
32913DefectRStudio StartAction doesn't handle session timeout gracefullytgaluhn2open18.12018-01-20 23:34Trey2018-01-22 10:32tgaluhnEdit reports in RStudio
32912DefectAble to save script report with blank namecnathe3open18.12018-01-20 22:35Trey2018-01-20 22:35TreyEdit reports in RStudio
32910DefectReport editing docker containers are too persistantMatthew Bellew2open18.12018-01-20 15:54Trey2018-01-20 15:54TreyEdit reports in RStudio
32909DefectSafari pop-up blocker prevents editing R reports in RStudioTrey2resolved18.12018-01-20 15:50Trey2018-01-22 16:39xyangEdit reports in RStudio
32905DefectReport initialization code takes up too much spacexyang3open18.12018-01-19 16:29Trey2018-01-19 17:01Matthew BellewEdit reports in RStudio
32904DefectReport edited in RStudio might be staletgaluhn2open18.12018-01-19 15:56Trey2018-01-22 10:14xyangEdit reports in RStudio
32898Defectcant de-select a dataregion row once selected?Jessi Murray3open18.12018-01-19 10:44Ben Bimber2018-01-19 12:05Ben Bimber 
32887Defectgrid pagination controls off page when scrolling past headerJessi Murray2open18.12018-01-18 15:57kevink2018-01-18 15:57kevink 
32885DefectCustom View "Folder Filter" does not carry over for Import/Export or copy of Folder as templateeyounske3open18.12018-01-18 14:31jony2018-01-18 14:38jony 
32884DefectAdd Icons to More ButtonsBen Bimber3resolved18.12018-01-18 14:26Ben Bimber2018-01-18 14:47Ben Bimber 
32883DefectworkbookSearch navigates when Jump To Workbook not foundBen Bimber3open18.12018-01-18 14:14Ben Bimber2018-01-18 14:23jeckels 
32866DefectRemove "LabKey Home Directory" option for docker configurationMatthew Bellew3open18.12018-01-17 16:45Angelica Omaiye2018-01-17 16:45Angelica Omaiye 
32863DefectIssues: fix layout of details page for wide contentNick Kerr3resolved18.12018-01-17 12:52Nick Kerr2018-01-22 15:24Brad Holland 
32857DefectFormat Issues in PK reportmartyp3resolved18.12018-01-17 09:33martyp2018-01-17 12:36rond 
32854DefectNumber format exception if params missing or invalidrond3open18.12018-01-17 09:18martyp2018-01-17 09:18martyp 
32853DefectNPE when no pk data for general moleculeSweta Jewargikar2resolved18.12018-01-17 09:13martyp2018-01-17 12:51martyp 
32852DefectJS error when no pk data for peptideSweta Jewargikar2resolved18.12018-01-17 09:11martyp2018-01-17 12:51martyp 
32847DefectMove "Show All" option to paging component to be next to other page size optionsJessi Murray3open18.12018-01-16 17:49jeckels2018-01-16 17:49jeckels 
32841DefectInsert/update of attachment report doesn't work with "All POST requests" CSRF settingeyounske3open18.12018-01-16 16:48adam2018-01-16 16:48adam@CSRF for all post actions (TB)
32840DefectUnable to delete attachment via SurveyKarl Lum3open18.12018-01-16 16:43jony2018-01-16 16:43jony 
32837DefectProlog not sent to RStudio if user start from blank reportTrey3resolved18.12018-01-16 13:11xyang2018-01-16 14:39xyangEdit reports in RStudio
32834DefectAdd captcha to self-registration to prevent abuse/spamjeckels3open18.12018-01-16 09:42jeckels2018-01-17 20:26jony 
32830DefectSurvey unable to save if Key fieldname has a dot in itjony2open18.12018-01-15 15:52jony2018-01-22 18:12Karl Lum 
32828DefectFile DataType in Sample Set do not persist when in the edit modeBrad Holland2open18.12018-01-15 12:25jony2018-01-22 09:51Bernard 
32827DefectCustom Default View for user blocks editing of Survey due to override of public default viewKarl Lum3open18.12018-01-15 11:14jony2018-01-15 11:15jony 
32824DefectNullPointerException in Hert3open18.12018-01-14 13:42Susan Hert2018-01-14 13:42Susan Hert 
32753DefectDeadlock in MaterializedQueryHelperMatthew Bellew2open18.12018-01-12 13:59ChrisJ2018-01-12 13:59ChrisJ 
32752DefectShared folder default typeGuest3closed18.12018-01-12 13:08Bernard2018-01-16 15:12Bernard 
32745DefectLuceneSearchServiceImpl$PreProcessingException in 14:49ians2018-01-11 14:49ians 
32744Defectregression in wiki handling images in content?Guest3closed18.12018-01-11 14:45Ben Bimber2018-01-22 15:36Brad Holland 
32743DefectReport should be opened in the RStudio editorMatthew Bellew2resolved18.12018-01-11 14:39Matthew Bellew2018-01-11 14:58xyangEdit reports in RStudio
32741Defectfile.root and pipeline.root should not be exported to R code running in containerMatthew Bellew3resolved18.12018-01-11 12:36Matthew Bellew2018-01-11 15:45xyangEdit reports in RStudio
32738DefectPublish / Ancillary study wizard broken with @CSRF for all POSTs onGuest3closed18.12018-01-11 10:33adam2018-01-13 22:17adam 
32736DefectMigrate EditInPlaceElement to Ext4Ben Bimber3resolved18.12018-01-10 16:34Ben Bimber2018-01-18 11:17Ben Bimber 
32735DefectXML should let one set the iconCls for buttonsBen Bimber3resolved18.12018-01-10 14:05Ben Bimber2018-01-10 15:15Ben Bimber 
32734DefectFolder Icon workbook should show parent too?Ben Bimber3resolved17.32018-01-10 13:52Ben Bimber2018-01-22 11:26Ben Bimber 
32733DefectMisc UI Modifications Related to WorkbooksBen Bimber3resolved18.12018-01-10 13:43Ben Bimber2018-01-16 04:40Ben Bimber 
32730DefectRunning uiTest task on individual module does not find the test project classesTrey4resolved18.12018-01-10 08:43Susan Hert2018-01-18 07:33Susan Hert 
32724DefectRemove Give UI Feedback linkJessi Murray2openTBD2018-01-09 14:56Jessi Murray2018-01-09 14:56Jessi Murray 
32723DefectPK tables should right-align numbers and use consistent number formatsrond2open18.12018-01-09 14:51jeckels2018-01-09 14:51jeckelsFigures of merit and PK calcs
32722DefectPK export to Excel treats numeric values as textrond2open18.12018-01-09 14:49jeckels2018-01-09 14:49jeckelsFigures of merit and PK calcs
32721DefectSQLException trying to run Pharmacokinetics query in empty folderrond2open18.12018-01-09 14:44jeckels2018-01-09 14:44jeckelsFigures of merit and PK calcs
32720DefectAutomatically check enough C0 and Terminal checkboxes to get PK calculations on page loadrond2open18.12018-01-09 14:42jeckels2018-01-09 14:42jeckelsFigures of merit and PK calcs
32719DefectPK page missing nav trailrond2open18.12018-01-09 14:40jeckels2018-01-09 14:40jeckelsFigures of merit and PK calcs
32718DefectAdd option to hide projects that aren't directly accessible in main navJessi Murray2open17.32018-01-09 14:34jeckels2018-01-09 14:34jeckels 
32716Feature RequestFeature Request: Implement Rank() function within LabKey SQLavital4open18.12018-01-09 13:01jony2018-01-09 13:01jony 
32715Defect"Export to Rstudio" : data doesn't load if the export needs to launch a new RStudio sessionDan Duffek3resolved17.32018-01-09 11:34Matthew Bellew2018-01-15 16:40Matthew Bellew 
32714Defect"Export to RStudio" needs to check if rstudio window has been closed by userDan Duffek3resolved17.32018-01-09 11:31Matthew Bellew2018-01-10 11:33jony 
32713Defectfull screen lineage shows different results depending on order 'other children' ellipsis nodes are expandedChrisJ3resolved18.12018-01-09 09:51jimp2018-01-10 13:44jimp 
32712DefectFigures of merit queries are too slow on sizable databasemartyp2open18.12018-01-09 09:48jeckels2018-01-09 09:48jeckelsFigures of merit and PK calcs
32711DefectSecurity manager getApiKey() should not call getParameter() on POST requestMatthew Bellew2resolved18.12018-01-09 09:25Matthew Bellew2018-01-11 11:24Karl Lum 
32707DefectPanorama chooses wrong chromatogram for modified peptides sometimesnicksh70062resolved17.32018-01-08 16:47nicksh70062018-01-09 14:44nicksh7006 
32706DefectDockerfile installs r-base-dev which conflicts with base imageMatthew Bellew3open18.12018-01-08 14:21Matthew Bellew2018-01-08 14:21Matthew Bellew 
32705DefectAPI Keys page scrambles duration names in some casesGuest3closed18.12018-01-08 13:21adam2018-01-08 17:18xyangLong-lived API keys
32703DefectDataSet Trigger script errors are getting double-loggedGuest3closedTBD2018-01-08 11:57Trey2018-01-08 14:20Trey 
32701DefectAuthor Permissions in SurveyKarl Lum3open17.32018-01-08 11:33Bernard2018-01-21 13:42Susan Hert 
32700DefectDefault fields for user registrationKarl Lum3open17.32018-01-08 10:23Bernard2018-01-08 13:31adam 
32696DefectClean up XSDs related to <dependencies>Nick Kerr3open18.12018-01-07 09:27Ben Bimber2018-01-10 09:10Ben Bimber 
32693Defectlabkey-text-link no longer defaults to having pointer cursor?Jessi Murray3open18.12018-01-06 08:46Ben Bimber2018-01-06 08:46Ben Bimber 
32692DefectFormatting tweaks to figures of merit tablesjeckels2resolved18.12018-01-05 17:50jeckels2018-01-10 20:20martypFigures of merit and PK calcs
32688Defectspecifying a bogus id number in biologics url causes js error and a "Loading..." message to be displayedNick Kerr3open18.12018-01-05 17:06jimp2018-01-05 17:06jimp 
32677DefectDataSpace: Grid - slow to processGuest3closed18.12018-01-05 15:38xyang2018-01-15 10:59Dan DuffekPrioritized bugs 18.1.3
32675Feature RequestAllow setting proxy host and port on java remoteapi ConnectionGuest3closed18.12018-01-05 13:57kevink2018-01-10 12:49kevink 
32674Defectall child nodes reclustered each time dummy node is clickedjimp3open18.12018-01-05 13:47jimp2018-01-05 13:47jimp 
32673DefectUnable to find column in this view?Ben Bimber3resolved18.12018-01-05 13:38Ben Bimber2018-01-08 09:37Ben Bimber 
32672DefectDataSpace: Learn About search - add a "clear" or "x"Guest3closed18.12018-01-05 11:45xyang2018-01-10 11:23Dan DuffekPrioritized bugs 18.1.3
32671DefectSample import and edit grid key ingredients on scientific name, other dataclasses on nameNick Kerr3open18.12018-01-05 10:52ChrisJ2018-01-05 10:52ChrisJEditable Sample Grid Perf
32667DefectErrors during list import leaves Connection in bad statekevink3open18.12018-01-04 18:15adam2018-01-04 18:16adam 
32666DefectFix broken lookups for views with fk to ehr_lookup.cagebinalpatel3open18.12018-01-04 16:29eyounske2018-01-04 16:29eyounske 
32665DefectBroken links in ms2 demo around GO chartsGuest3closed18.12018-01-04 16:27mohara2018-01-22 09:13mohara 
32663Feature RequestFeature Request: Add functionality for combined date and time picker in SurveyKarl Lum4open18.12018-01-04 15:13jony2018-01-04 15:13jony 
32661DefectAdd getter on ScriptHelperjeckels3resolved18.12018-01-04 12:08Ben Bimber2018-01-04 12:34Ben Bimber 
32660Feature RequestFolder Management - Module Properties - Display default values.cnathe4open18.12018-01-04 11:19rond2018-01-04 11:19rond 
32658DefectUnique constraint on snd.Projects ProjectId, RevisionNum, StartDatemartyp2open18.12018-01-04 08:43martyp2018-01-04 08:43martyp 
32657Feature RequestMake reference Id in SND project page a fk lookup and dropdown selectionmartyp4openTBD2018-01-04 08:33martyp2018-01-04 08:33martyp 
32654DefectChecking for TRANSFORM_SESSION_ID parameter in AuthFilter trashes the request's character encodingGuest2closed18.12018-01-03 18:49adam2018-01-17 16:09adam 
32649DefectDataSpace Grid: filters on columns not allowing true/false as a valid valueGuest3closed18.12018-01-03 13:47xyang2018-01-10 11:40Dan DuffekPrioritized bugs 18.1.3
32646DefectDataSpace Grid: if filter returns no records, lose the scroll barGuest3closed18.12018-01-03 12:28xyang2018-01-10 12:02Dan DuffekPrioritized bugs 18.1.3
32645DefectBackport upgrade to hopscotch v0.3.1 and tourId generation changeGuest2closed17.32018-01-03 10:36Angelica Omaiye2018-01-05 15:48Angelica Omaiye 
32644DefectModify baseServerURL to ignore final trailing slash before savingGuest3closed18.12018-01-03 10:31jony2018-01-10 11:08jony 
32643DefectAllow TableCustomizer to provide properties in XMLjeckels3resolved18.12018-01-03 10:17Ben Bimber2018-01-18 11:19Ben Bimber 
32641DefectProject menu behind webpart?Ben Bimber3open18.12018-01-03 10:00Ben Bimber2018-01-08 09:26Ben Bimber 
32640DefectThemes besides Seattle not quite as polishedJessi Murray3open18.12018-01-03 09:44Ben Bimber2018-01-15 11:15Ben Bimber 
32639DefectAdd a call-to-action for interacting with row countsJessi Murray3open18.12018-01-03 09:25jeckels2018-01-10 11:10Ben Bimber 
32638DefectPage Size nearly impossible to find in new DataRegionGuest3closed18.12018-01-03 09:21Ben Bimber2018-01-03 11:23Ben Bimber 
32637DefectPage Admin Mode and Webpart Customize Menu?Jessi Murray3open18.12018-01-03 09:13Ben Bimber2018-01-03 09:26jeckels 
32635DefectDisabling Object-Level discussion in NAB Results generates errorjony3resolved18.12018-01-03 00:16jony2018-01-09 12:21jony 
32634DefectDuplicate Ext stylesheets appearingGuest2closed17.32018-01-02 22:50jony2018-01-04 13:46jony 
32632DefectAdd additional error logging to labkey.log for Build Summary Reporteyounske3open18.12018-01-02 15:49jony2018-01-02 15:49jony 
32629DefectSpecimen Report web part stretches pageGuest2closed17.32018-01-02 13:22jony2018-01-16 11:56jony 
32619TodoJava Client API build should target 1.7adam3resolved18.12018-01-02 09:05adam2018-01-02 20:39Susan Hert 
32614DocumentationNeed documentation for using ApiKeys through BasicAuth and .netrcadam3open18.12018-01-01 13:43Karl Lum2018-01-01 13:43Karl LumLong-lived API keys
32613DefectIssue 32613: Button bars on top and bottom of grid causes Export To Excel radiobutton from being selected by defaultGuest3closed17.22017-12-29 22:36jony2018-01-03 15:16jony 
32612DefectFile property inheritance doesn't reflect immediately in file browserGuest3closed18.12017-12-29 16:45adam2018-01-09 22:30jony 
32607DefectColumn XX already exists error with inferred list columns by study reloadGuest2closed18.12017-12-29 12:31xyang2017-12-29 16:10xyangExcel Data Reload
32605Defect500 Exception generates if selecting the Edit Metadata option on a Linked Schema queryGuest3closed18.12017-12-29 00:04jony2018-01-09 22:58jony