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43391Defect LKSM: Updating samples via bulk import assigns new unique IDSusan Hert2open21.07 
43390DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Creating aliquots from a sample with a unique ID copies the unique ID field as wellxyang2open21.07 
43381Defect RStudio Pro is now RStudio Workbench - update UI labelstriage3open21.07 
43380DefectJava Client APIImportDataCommand missing options supported by the query-import.api endpointtriage3open21.07 
43375DefectTargetedMSUse column instead of the Name column to find matching raw filesvsharma3open21.07 
43374DefectExperimentSome characters in file names cause a problem when creating rows in FileImporterjeckels3open21.07 platform#2353
43373DefectStudyLink to study : Assay's don't support fields with Visit concept URIsSweta Jewargikar3resolved21.07 platform#2354
43372Feature RequestBiologicsGrid Views drop down should not be shown if Grid Views are not definedtriage3open21.07 
43370DefectSample Manager**FM: sample details check in modal is broken if no volume is presentxyang2open21.07 labkey-ui-components#561
43369DefectAssayDrag/dropped assay import .xar.xml file is rejected as being unsupported typeGuest3closed21.07 
43368DefectAssayInfinite redirect when hitting assay upload wizard with batchId parameter and no batch properties in designSweta Jewargikar3resolved21.07 platform#2350
43367DefectSample Manager**Error in LKSM when using a lookup across containersSusan Hert2open21.07 
43365Feature Request LKSM: Users should receive notifications when a job is completeGuest2closed21.08 
43364DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Error on picklist selectionGuest2closed21.06 sampleManagement#597
43362DefectCDSOutage notice out of place on CDS login pageJon (LabKey DevOps)3resolved21.0743359cds#378
43360DefectFlowflow: support longer statistic namestriage3open21.07 
43353DefectBiologicsExcessive logging from BiologicsManager.getInitialDataKeys() during test runskevink3open21.07 
43349DefectSample ManagerSampleTypeUpdateServiceDI.getExistingRows() performancekevink3open21.07 
43348DefectSearchIndexing perf: avoid autodetect parser for known text documentsadam3open21.07 
43347DefectSample Manager**SM: User display name not always resolved for roles lower than App-Admin / Site-Adminxyang2open21.08 labkey-ui-components#561
43346DefectSample Manager**LKSM: StorageCol sorts lexigraphically instead of numericallyxyang2open21.0743302inventory#258
43342DefectFileContentUse case-insensitive sort consistently in file browserSweta Jewargikar3resolved21.07 platform#2341
43339DefectCDSFront page "Welcome" text sizing issueGuest3closed21.07 cds#377
43338DefectStudyQC State menu on dataset grid gives user JSON response after grid has been reloaded via AJAXRosalineP3open21.11 
43337DefectPython Client APICreating domain from template not working in python APIalanv3open21.07 
43336DefectListsList merge: Setting List to DETAILED audit logging causes error on mergeMatthew Bellew2open21.07 
43334DefectCoreLABKEY.moduleContext.api is undefined in WebSocket's isSessionInvalidBackgroundHideEnabled() functionjeckels3resolved21.07 platform#2344
43331Defect Front page "Welcome" text sizing issueGuest3closed21.0343315cds#377
43330Defect Sample Type link to study: Delete message generated displays study name in random order.Sweta Jewargikar3resolved21.07 platform#2340
43328DefectTargetedMSNullPointerException in org.labkey.targetedms.chart.ComparisonChartMaker.makeRetentionTimesChart()Sweta Jewargikar3resolved21.07 targetedms#391
43326DefectTargetedMSError handling improvements when SKYD files aren't available on diskGuest3closed21.07 targetedms#391
43325DefectTargetedMSIllegalStateException from org.labkey.targetedms.outliers.OutlierGenerator.getSampleFiles()jeckels3open21.07 targetedms#391
43324DefectSample Manager**Sample edit form is not trimming leading spaces for text fieldsSusan Hert3open21.07 
43321DefectQuerySession-based custom views aren't scoped by the schema nameSweta Jewargikar3resolved21.07 platform#2333
43311DefectSample Manager**SM: When on last page of a "large" sample type using the navbar to go to a "smaller" sample type results in client error and does not refresh grid.xyang2open21.07 sampleManagement#603
43310DefectSample Manager**SM: Sample names that are numbers only and greater than 7 characters get truncated in file import preview.xyang2open21.07 labkey-ui-components#561
43307DefectSecurityBad Request exception when using Reload Page after timeout, logout, or server unavailableadam3open21.07 
43299Defect LKB: Setting Required on a Boolean field requires users to select "True"Nick Kerr2open21.07 
43297DefectFile watcherImport Samples via File Watcher, File Extension was kept as part of the Sample nameKarl Lum3open21.06 platform#2355
43296DefectSample ManagerFrustrations with freezer hierarchy drag/drophannahb3openTBD 
43295DefectSample ManagerAssorted nits on LKSM field labels and spacinghannahb3open21.08 
43290DefectSpecimensSpecimen Requester and Specimen Coordinator role assignments disappeared after 21.3 upgradehannahb2resolved21.0343284platform#2323
43289DefectSample ManagerSampleWorkflowDocumentProvider.enumerateDocuments() throws java.lang.AssertionError: Use getValueSql()adam3resolved21.07 platform#2320
43288DefectQuery**Trailing comma in column attribute list in schema browser after adding PHI infokevink3open21.07 platform#2322
43283DefectSample Manager**LKSM: Show Samples picker isn't deselecting to no samples or aliquotsxyang3open21.07 labkey-ui-components#561
43281DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Long file names on Sample File fields bleed into other fieldsGuest3closed21.07 
43279DefectSamplesXML Metadata: GUI editor loses previous changes on sample types and data classessteveh2resolved21.0743253commonAssays#340
43278DefectSecurityForbiddenProjectException is no longer renderedankur2open21.07 
43276Defect Module ETLs are still showing up in dataintegration page and still running on schedules after the module is disabledGuest2closed21.0743275dataintegration#112
43271Defect Module defined ETL database status getting out of sync with XML file across tomcat reboottriage3openTBD43150
43267DefectShared ComponentsOmnibox sort pills change size when hovering, don't show the direction of the sortNick Kerr3openTBD 
43266DefectSample ManagerCreating samples from grid should let you create new standalone samples even if something is selectedGuest3closed21.07 
43265DefectSample ManagerSelection state not cleared after deleting samplesGuest3closed21.06 sampleManagement#579
43264DefectSample ManagerField values not trimmed when creating new samples via gridGuest2closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#550
43262Defect Broken links to samples on storage grid - with or without moving unitsmohara3resolved21.06 inventory#247
43261DefectSample ManagerLKSM: What should we do with Workflow related lists?Susan Hert3open21.0741511
43260DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Need a friendlier JS error message when workflow lists are deletedGuest3closed21.0741511sampleManagement#584
43254DefectSample ManagerLKSM: Trailing spaces in Sample Type field name are not getting trimmedGuest2closed21.07 labkey-ui-components#545
43253DefectDataList of selected rows is not fixed-up after delete operationtriage3open21.07 
43252DefectListsList import: unable to re-select and submit a file after getting the "could not convert value..." errortriage3open21.07 
43249Defect Supporting Log (base 2) in LabKey SQLhannahb3open21.0743247
43246DefectAssayLineage query NPE while processing an UploadedFileGuest1closed21.0742759platform#2325
43245TodoBuildUpgrade away from YUI Compressortriage3openTBD 
43244Defect Ontology search within column filter dialog does not always populate filter value after searching for conceptians3open21.07 
43241DefectSample ManagerSM: Display of dates from multivalue columns does not use project date formatSusan Hert2resolved21.07 platform#2298
43234Defect Make the flexible Auto-Link Data to Study option "(Assay import folder)" more generic for Samplesmohara3resolved21.07 platform#2317
43233Defect Link to Study for Samples of shared Sample Types gives generic error pagemohara3resolved21.07 platform#2296
43231DefectSample ManagerOn aliquot (sample) overview page case different for title of aliquot details table.Guest3closed21.06 
43230TodoAdminFolder management pages should provide context-sensitive documentation linkstriage3open21.07 
43227DefectComplianceFix SelectDistinctAction PHI column and error handlingtriage3open21.07 
43222TodoSecurityAdd substitution string validation for "read attributes" and "LDAP search" templatesSweta Jewargikar3resolved21.07 ldap#49
43221Feature RequestBiologicsMedia: Support renaming Mixtures and Batchestriage3open21.07 
43220Defect Update JCLOUDS dependency to latest (2.3.0)Bernie2resolved21.0741492server#89
43219TodoAdminMove "System default domain" property to Authentication pageRosalineP3open21.07 itn-tslk-modules#11
43218TodoSecurityAllow multiple authentication configuration fields to specify "dictateFieldVisibility"Guest3closed21.07 platform#2289
43217DefectBiologicslineage: Adding "Inputs/All" or "Outputs/All" to DataClass or SampleType grid results in rendering errorsteveh3resolved21.0743211platform#2283
43216DefectDataImprove usability when filtering PHI columns with logging turned onadam2resolved21.06 platform#2286
43215DefectUser interfaceOmniBox does not filter if using "starts with" and the desired value is selected from the dropdown list.triage3open21.07 
43214DefectSample ManagerAdding samples to jobs navigates directly to jobGuest3closed21.07 sampleManagement#579
43209DefectUser interfaceOmniBox does not filter a text column correctly if values contain quotes.triage3open21.07 
43207Defect .jar created when java plugin applied but no java files presentGuest3closed21.0743158gradlePlugin#124
43199DefectSample ManagerLKSM - expand click targets on "Create Samples" choice dialogMatt Y4resolved21.07 
43198Defect Create New Ontology action allows user to create empty ontologiesMatthew Bellew3open21.07 
43195Defect Requesting support for CONCAT_WS postgresql functionGuest3closed21.0743180platform#2275
43194Defect Wrapping (aliasing) a Sample Type field drops the URL settings on other wrapped fieldsmohara3resolvedTBD43189
43193Defect Ontology import process should flag when internal paths are constructed with pattern charsMatthew Bellew3open21.07 
43186DefectStudyIn Study Export, user cannot obtain subset of dataset types with row dataadam3resolved21.07 platform#2276
43184DefectBiologicsRaw Materials pages failing to receive UserChrisJ3open21.07 biologics#886
43182Defect Improvements to customize grid views SQL exceptionstriage4openTBD 
43179Defect Registration page displaying incorrectlyGuest2closed21.03 cds#364
43166Feature RequestELNELN - add SHA2 cryptograph on signed notebook pageRob Morphew2open21.07 
43165Feature RequestELNELN - Add filter to home page for user's notebooks only viewalanv2open21.07 
43164DefectBiologicsLKB: In Biologics the Sample Detail page does not have an Aliquots tab or aliquot summary panelRob Morphew3open21.08 
43162DefectSample ManagerSM: Export of sample type has incorrect column header for Aliquot From field.Guest3closed21.06 
43161Feature RequestBiologicsBiologics, Session timeout: Follow session timeout pattern from LabKey Server and LabKey Sample Managertriage3open21.07 
43160DefectBiologicsBiologics, Session timeout: Users do not know when a session timeout occurs until they click on somethingtriage2open21.07 
43157DefectSample ManagerSM: Setting no aliquot parent in the Bulk Insert dialog will set multiple samples as the aliquot parent.Guest3closed21.06 
43155DefectSample ManagerFM: Swapping names of storage location items results in a "duplicate storage unit names" errorcnathe3open21.07 
43154DefectSample ManagerSM: SampleType grid does not refresh after various updates.Dan Duffek3resolved21.06 
43151DefectSample ManagerSM Picklists: for large picklists intermittently the selection button gets stuck in the loading stateGuest3closed21.07 sampleManagement#576