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 24990DefectFlowCopy-To-Study dropdown for FlowJo resets when re-accessing featurekevink3open16.124882  
24989DefectExperimentBadSqlGrammarException from org.labkey.experiment.api.ExpExperimentImpl.addRuns()jeckels3open16.1   
24988DefectSpecimensUnserializable system maintenance taskKarl Lum3open16.1   
24987DefectCoreBadSqlGrammarException from 3closed16.1   
24986TodoBuildEach branch should use its own version of labkeytasks.jarjeckels3resolved15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24985DefectMS2Fix, prune, or delete ScoringController?jeckels3open16.1   
24984DefectCoreSwitch "labkey.xml" references to AppProps.getWebappConfigurationFilename()jeckels3resolved16.1   
24983DefectJava Client APIBundle all dependency JARs into single complete JAR for Java client APIians3open16.1   
24982DefectCDSTime Points filter in the Info Pane persists when you move to the grid view.cnathe3open16.1  Add additional data filter counts to info pane
24980Defect Genetics Assays Not Being Created In SNPRC_Genetics Projectmartyp3open16.1   
24976DefectCoreDuplicate audit registration and other errors when starting server 2closed16.1   
24974DefectCDSSlow rendering performance when you plot large data points but filter out only one treatment or week.cnathe3open16.1   
24973DefectCDSWhen brushing in a plot that has no values in the main area the x-axis handles are rendered way out of sync with the brushed area. 4closed16.1   
24972DefectCDSSQL syntax error if you click around on the find subjects page. 3closed16.1   
24971DefectCDSThere is no vertical scroll option in Find Subjects.Nick Arnold4open16.1   
24969DefectCDSThe little "i" info glyph is off by one row when hovering over items to consider for filters.. 3closed16.1  Add additional data filter counts to info pane
24968DefectCDSFirst click sometimes fails to select an assay, product, or study as a filter in Find Subjects.Nick Arnold3open16.1   
24967DefectCDS1D brush issues after timepoint filter applied to plot 3closed15.3 Approved and Code ReviewedBug fixing for launch pt. 2
24966DefectCDSTooltip display issues for plot mode and undefined values 2closed15.3modules  Bug fixing for launch pt. 2
24962DefectCDSPlot can be confusing if there is a categorical and all y-data points would be in the gutter.Jessi Murray3open16.1   
24961Defect ETL source schema should be case insensitive. 3closed16.1   
24960DefectCDSFixing And/Or / All 2closed15.3 Approved and Code ReviewedBug fixing for launch pt. 2
24957DefectExperimentSample set delete fails to delete samples in sub-folderskevink3resolved16.1   
24956DefectExperimentDifficult to insert sample into subfolderkevink3open16.1   
24955DefectExperimentInsert sample form and derive samples form doesn't allow entering sample namekevink3resolved16.1   
24954DefectCDSPrompt to set up video is missing "Started" 3closed16.1  Blog set up and other preparation for launch
24953DefectDataData views page flashes with list of all views when initially loadingKarl Lum2open16.1   
24950DefectMS2Allow PeptideProphet column in ms2.PeptidesData to be NULL 3closed16.1  Mascot .dat file parser
24949DefectFileContentDownloads of .gz files mangle file namesjimp3open16.1   
24948Defect postgres error in nlp: operator does not exist: character varying = integer 3closed16.1   
24947DefectAssaySave And Import Another Run button disabled if clicking Cancel on Specimen ID warning in Viability Assay Importkevink3open16.124888  
24946TodoAuditingRemove audit migration code and deprecated classeskevink2open16.1   
24945DefectAdminUnable to use ".local" TLD for server base URL 3closed16.1   
24944 SecurityHaving Clone Permission functionality out of adding usersSusan Hert4open16.124930  
24943Defect Full Harvest reload fails after trying to update project/person metadataKarl Lum4open16.1   
24942Defect WebTestHelper.getHttpPostResponse() should present CSRF credentialsTrey3open16.1   
24941Defect Can't find error/warn file (generated by assay transform script error) on the Mac. 3closed16.1   
24940DefectSpecimensBadSqlGrammarException from Bradlee3open16.124938  
24936DefectMS2Remove import via XML for MS2 data 2closed16.1  Import Mascot-specific data
24934DefectPipelineCryptic message logged when browsing pipeline at rootKarl Lum3open16.1   
24899TodoAssayRequest to have to use columnnames to define duplicatesjeckels4open16.1   
24898DefectCDS"Could not resolve column: cds_gridbase/SubjectId" error when brushing in plot that has no points in main plot. 2closed16.1  Bug fixing for launch pt. 2
24897Defect RuntimeException in org.labkey.scrumtime.harvest.HarvestService.ensureStories()binalpatel3open16.1   
24896Defect Exception in org.labkey.scrumtime.harvest.HarvestController$AddStoriesAction.handlePost()binalpatel3open16.1   
24895DefectQueryQueryManager.validateQuery() should create mothership exceptions for invalid user SQLKarl Lum3open16.1   
24894DefectCDSBrush filter doesn't get applied to variable selector antigen subject count 2closed16.1  Add additional data filter counts to info pane
24893DefectCDSTimepoint filter in assay1 vs assay2 plot can result in empty plot when the timepoint selected was in the original plot data 2closed16.1  Add additional data filter counts to info pane
24892DefectAssayAssay progress report specimen join logic changesavital2resolved15.3modules   
24891Defect module trigger scripts should resolve using module dependency orderjeckels3open16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24890Defect PersonSummary report FTE calculation not matching the spec 3closed16.1   
24889DefectMS2Protein details popup produces 404 when protein not available and the popup never disappearsjeckels3open16.1  Import Mascot-specific data
24887DefectQueryrand() function not working for PostgreSQL LabKey serversDave Bradlee2open16.124886  
24885DefectAdminUpdate default system email addressians3open16.1   
24884DefectCoreContainer-relative paths setting breaks memory charts 2closed15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24883DefectSpecimensSpecimen Archive Won't Roundtrip 3closed16.1   
24881DefectSecurityError message displayed on successful self-registrationAngelica3resolved15.3161Approved and Code ReviewedPrep for launch
24878DefectCDSSelecting and deselecting Magnitudes in ICS and Titers in NAb does not behave the same when you pick similar columns in BAMA and ELISPOT 2closed16.1   
24874DefectMothershipSQLException in org.labkey.mothership.MothershipController$ThrowExceptionAction.getView()tgaluhn3open16.1   
24871Defect Dashboard notification will not be displayed if SMTP is not configuredryans2resolved16.1   
24869Defect One person's out of office event is not coming thorugh 2closed15.3modules  CI: Implement scrum management changes
24868Defect Out of office credentials aren't remembered first time LabKey server is loadedAngelica4resolved16.1  CI: Implement scrum management changes
24867Defect PayRateQueryUpdateService fails compilation against 15.3 bits 2closed16.1  Incremental Harvest updates
24866DefectMothershipRuntimeValidationException "A value is required for field 'ServerSessionGUID'" error attempting to log an exception reporttgaluhn3open16.1   
24865Defect HarvestPayRateService.isValidPayRateContainer is confusing 3closed16.1   
24864DocumentationClient APIDoc Review: New Python Docsians3open16.1   
24863DefectPipelineUncategorizedSQLException from org.labkey.pipeline.api.PipelineManager$1.load()jeckels3open16.124855  
24860DefectPrimate EHRAbstractDataSource, etc., should respect folder date formatjeckels3resolved16.1   
24858DefectCDSAllow app LoadingMask plugin to specify an array of beingConfigs and endConfigs with their own itemsMaskClsNick Arnold2resolved15.3 Approved and Code ReviewedAdd additional data filter counts to info pane
24856DefectAssayPath doesn't match query/schema name for assaysTrey1resolved15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24853DefectExperimentDataIntegrityViolationException from org.labkey.api.exp.OntologyManager.deleteOntologyObjects()jeckels3open16.1   
24852DefectPrimate EHRArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException from org.labkey.ehr.history.DefaultTreatmentOrdersDataSource.getHtml() 3closed15.2modules   
24851Defect When using study template, Subject Noun is not used as tab namecnathe3open16.1155  
24850DefectAssayAllow assays to declare required modulesjeckels3resolved16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24849DefectSpecimensDuplicateKeyException from Bradlee3open16.1   
24848DefectQueryCheck for null table: NullPointerException in org.labkey.api.query.QueryUpdateForm.getFormFieldName()Dave Bradlee3open16.1   
24847DefectStudyCheck for study==null: NullPointerException in Bradlee3open16.1   
24846Defect Filtering dialog on Firefox does not have enough padding on the rightNick Arnold3open16.1164  
24845DefectListsNPE generates on list when using Missing Value Indicator on the Primary KeyDave Bradlee4open16.1   
24841DefectStudyParticipants webpart filtering problem 2closed15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24838DefectSecurityDuo "Test" action only works after "Save"binalpatel2open16.1   
24837TestAssayAutomated test for adjudication module 1closed15.3 Approved and Code ReviewedImplement initial adjudication tool
24836DefectMS2PSQLException from org.labkey.ms2.peptideview.ResultSetSpectrumIterator$ResultSetSpectrum.getRetentionTime() 2closed15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24835DefectAdminInserting into an existing invoice stacktraceKarl Lum3open16.124862  
24834DefectAdminQuery$QueryInternalException from org.labkey.query.sql.Query.wrapRuntimeException()binalpatel3open16.1   
24833DefectCoreWe allow new accounts that are de-activated to set their password.cnathe3open16.1   
24832Defect Custom views for queries aren't savingkevink3open16.1   
24829DocumentationCoreUpdate "Set up a Development Machine" doc for new workflow module changesteveh3open16.1   
24827DefectWikiRadeox logs StackOverflowError with specific wikiadam3open16.1   
24826DefectFolder Export/ImportMultiple wiki attachments with names that differ only by case don't import correctly on Windowsadam3open16.1   
24825DefectCDSShould study folders a user does not have permissions to show up in various parts of CDS?Nick Arnold3open16.1   
24824DefectCDSMaybe we can be a little more discrete in how we strip out name from title in wiki pages? 3closed16.1  Support for help topics
24823DefectCDSOnly the first node in help allows for a deep tree structure. 2closed16.1  Support for help topics
24822DefectCoreOutOfMemory Java Heap Space errors 3closed15.324658Approved and Code Reviewed 
24821DefectUpgrade/BootstrapSchemaXML test case fails on TumorMarker table in fresh bootstrapped dbtgaluhn3open16.1   
24820DefectClient APIExport Python scripts for 0.4.0 client 2closed15.3 Approved and Code ReviewedSupport Python 3
24819DefectFolder Export/ImportError when populating portal tabs during folder importDave Bradlee3open16.1   
24817DefectCoreupdate commons-validator to 1.4.1jeckels3resolved16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
24816DefectCDSWe should disable the buttons once we show the successful message after account creation. 3closed16.1  First time use flow
24815DefectCDSWe should have our own "Register CDS new user" email type. 2closed16.1  First time use flow
24814DefectCDSTooltip asking user to check "I will protect restricted data..." checkbox is missing icon on Firefox. 4closed16.1  First time use flow