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 26345TestMS2MS2Test has different expectations after exportAsWebPage refactorChrisJ3open16.2  Use real Excel and TSV exports instead of exportAsWebPage
26344DefectNLPAbstraction admin who is not a site admin cannot assign roleseyounske3resolved16.2  Abstraction UI iteration - 16.2.2
26342Defect FileNotFoundException from GenerateSchemaAction.handlePost()Dave Bradlee3open16.2   
26338Defect Missing some diseases in Argos Brain Portal filter by diseaseryans2resolved16.2  Implement 3 level disease grouping
26337DefectAdminSchema browser duplicates retrieved list of queriesrond3open16.2   
26336DefectAdminSchema browser errors navigating to schema with spaces in namerond2open16.2  Schema browser performance improvements 16.2.2
26335DefectAdmin**LSID AuthorityID change in Admin Console causes errorjeckels3open16.226324  
26333DefectQueryORA-00911: invalid character (when using "date" (with quotes) as an alias in sql query)binalpatel3open16.2   
26332DefectPipelineSQLException from org.labkey.bigiron.mssql.BaseMicrosoftSqlServerDialect.executeWithResults()jeckels3open16.2   
26330DefectMessagesIf the same user/email is given in the send to list we will send multiple email messages. 4closed16.2  Support sharing participant groups with users and groups
26329DefectUser interfaceMoving the Define Subject Group dialog causes the grid header row to render outside of the dialog. 3closed16.2   
26328Defect Selection not persisted after clicking on participant link in the Define Subject Group dialog. 3closed16.2  Support sharing participant groups with users and groups
26327DefectJavaScript Client APIDoc Review: JS Libraries in ModulesNick Arnold3open16.2   
26325DefectAssayOverriding run properties in assay transformation script not workingjeckels3open16.2   
26323DefectBiologicssupport molecules of molecules in registration wizardkevink3resolved16.2   
26321DefectBiologicsInconsistent casing of Name attribute on elements in registration forms between sql and postgresjimp3open16.2   
26320Defect Runs schema has Created and Modified fields having same description that both refer to 'protocol' not 'run'jimp3resolved16.2   
26318Defect "Attachment download column URL required" error when adding an Attachment field. 3closed16.2  Issues list schema and domain design
26317DefectClient APIData Classes do not update comments via the LabKey APIkevink2open16.2  Search Index Backend M3
26316DefectQueryLabKey SQL concat() only allows two arguments 3closed16.2   
26315Defect Issue Definition names are case sensitive, they probably should not be. 4closed16.2  Issues list schema and domain design
26314Defect Creating a field that is the same name as one of the "pre-defined" fields results in a (sql) duplicate field name error. 3closed16.2  Issues list schema and domain design
26313DefectDataPath first URLs break table listing for external schema configurationDan Duffek2resolved16.2   
26312DefectSecurityButton to get session key incorrect on Mac Firefox 3closed16.2  Support API access via session key
26311DefectAuditingaudit domain should create string columns small enough to fit into indexSusan Hert2open16.2   
26310TodoTargetedMSSkyline documents uploaded to a Panorama QC folder should have the same set of peptidesjeckels3open16.2   
26309Defect Permission attribute is ignored in query.xml when using original menu itemsSusan Hert3open16.2187  
26308DefectBiologicsadd multi-value lookup to generated QueryInsert formjimp3open16.2   
26307DefectBiologicsBrowse 'back' from date-ranged Assay doesn't return to assays grid (but does from non-ranged view) 3closed16.2   
26304TodoStudySaved subcategories are returned as top-level elements in GetCategories response, as well as nested under their parentsKarl Lum3openTBD   
26302DefectBiologicsGeneral > CellCulture > Runs page: 1st column header is '&Nbsp;' (which doesn't make sense) 4closed16.2   
26301DefectBiologicsError in MSSQL (works on postgres) showing CellCulture dataChrisJ3resolved16.2   
26300DefectBiologicsAssay Landing page column headers inconsistent from mssql to pgChrisJ3resolved16.2   
26294Defect SchemaBrowser shows SQL error in MSSQL (Postgres ok) when attempting to view Data table in test folder Assay/General/CellCulturekevink3open16.2   
26290DefectUser interfaceQuick Chart on column header menu shows old iconeyounske3open16.2  Update icons for data views
26289DefectQueryPrecursor summary for library proteins causes Assertion errorians2resolved16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
26286DefectNABBackport changes for recover NAb files tool to include support for subfolders 2closed16.1 Approved and Code ReviewedIterate on NAb tool
26285DefectCoreConvert unnecessary ZipInputStream use to ZipFileKarl Lum3open16.2   
26284Defect Pay for seventh consecutive day for non-exempt CA employee not being counted as overtimeryans2resolved16.2   
26283DefectFormulationsEdit link on the formulation Sample Set is broken 2closed16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
26282DefectTargetedMSMultiple Clustergrammer heatmaps from the same data fail 3closed16.2  Integrate with Clustergrammer for heat maps
26281DefectFormulationsClicking off of formulation lot number causes prompt to reload 3closed16.2   
26280DefectFormulationsFormulation being edited is listed in Source Material 3closed16.2   
26277Defect LabKey custom fields are not being removed from mapping list if their associated FreezerPro mapping is no longer valid. 3closed16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26275Defect Icon not showing up for FreezerPro fields that are no longer associated with a given sample type. 3closed16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26274DefectJavaScript Client APINew QWP: Many custom buttons don't work with row selectionTrey2resolved16.2  Migrate Dataregion - QWP compatibility (TB)
26273DefectNABNumber of Fixed Run Files count missing from "Not Completely Fixable Folders" section 2closed16.2  Iterate on NAb tool
26272DefectNABRecover NAb Folders tool doesn't display anything on "run search" if the folder does not have subfolders 2closed16.2  Iterate on NAb tool
26269DefectUser interfaceClicking on follow-up icon for filtering results in icon being marked as disabled. 3closed16.2  Support study axis for discrete time
26268Defect For custom fields we don't save the label value if it is the same as the name. 3closed16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26267DefectUser interfaceQuery snapshot shows grid icon in Dataviews instead of cameraeyounske3open16.2  Update icons for data views
26266Defect Depending upon the order, mapping one FP field from one LK field to another, and mapping the first field to -None- results in the the field not being mapped. 3closed16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26265DefectNLPAbstraction Task List default page sizeJessi Murray3openTBD  Abstraction UI iteration - 16.2.2
26264Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.api.query.ExtendedTableUpdateService.getRow()Karl Lum3resolved16.2   
26263DefectStudyNullPointerException in Lum3resolved16.2   
26262DefectBiologicsAssay Landing page busted on mssqlChrisJ3resolved16.2  Assay Landing Page and Grids M4
26261DefectQueryjava.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread 3closed16.226260  
26257TodoFileContentEliminate all support for exportAsWebPage flag 3closed16.2  Use real Excel and TSV exports instead of exportAsWebPage
26256Defect Custom LK fields can be mapped but are not persisted 3closed16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26255Defect Harvest PayRate table is not being cleaned up when project is deleted 2closed16.2   
26252DefectJavaScript Client APINew QWP: Create R report has bad returnUrlTrey2resolved16.2  Migrate Dataregion - QWP compatibility (TB)
26251DefectSecurityDoc Review: SAML Docs 3closed16.2  SAML rollout support - 16.2.2
26229DefectReportingNew QWP: default buttons have changedTrey2resolved16.2  Clarify View/Report distinction script needs to account for missing 'bin' directories 2closed16.2   
26209DefectETL'Animal record not found in cache' error during ETL of the new data 3closed16.2   
26207DefectSpecimensAvailability Reason issue with Editable Specimen RepoDave Bradlee3open16.226191  
26206DefectCustomize ViewCustomize View: Doesn't handle bad filters gracefullyNick Arnold3open16.2   
26202DefectVisualizationCriss-Cross Lines on Time Chartsteveh2resolved16.2   
26201Defect Mapping of LabKey Custom fields does not persist. 3closed16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26200Defect Gel rare diseases registration Organisation does not appear to be resolving correctly 2closed16.2  Database schema & virtual schema that provides secure access to rare disease patient records
26199DefectFlowFlow FCSAnalysis has unexpected statistic columnsTrey3resolved16.2   
26198TodoClient APIPush 16.1 LabKey Java API to Maven Centralians3open16.2   
26197DefectBuildAdd datadefinitions module to novo distribution 2closed16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
26195Defect FreezerPro UI configuration information will overwrite changes made in the xml. 3closed16.2   
26193DefectExperimentAlias field doesn't update from client apijimp3open16.2   
26192TodoExperimentexperiment flag icons look datedJessi Murray3open16.2   
26189Defect FreezerPro converts numbers to doubles, which causes filters to fail if expected value is not a double. 3closed16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26188DefectSearchSearch Misconfiguration exception after upgrade 3closed16.2   
26186DefectStudyPublish study wizard should reference "Grid Views"adam3resolved16.2  Clarify View/Report distinction
26185DefectAdminDuplicateKeyException from 3closed16.2   
26184DefectFileContentLong file webpart load time 3closed16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
26182Defect Selecting no Sample Types will returns all sample types.Karl Lum3open16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26181DefectStudyFreezerPro Configuration IOExceptionKarl Lum3open16.226168  
26180Defect We don't appear to replace mappings of FreezerPro fields that are no longer available. 3closed16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26179Specification General bug to track the "you are going to get'm if you like it or not" fields in FreezerProKristin3open16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26178Defect Can save a FreezerPro configuration even if the required field for a filter is not populated. 3closed16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26177DefectDataCounts never update after applying a simple filter, server becomes unresponsivetgaluhn2open16.2   
26176Defect FreezerPro: Can select "-none-" as a filter option 4closed16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26175DefectReportingNPE in when deleting a view category 3closed16.2   
26174Specification Need to decide if/how we will allow for mapping one FreezerPro field to multiple LabKey fields.Kristin4open16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26173Defect Bringing up the Edit Specimen Configuration dialog and clicking "Apply" w/o any changes marks the page as being dirty. 4closed16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26172Defect "Best matched" FreezerPro fields are not populating LabKey fields. 2closed16.2   
26171Defect Non user defined fields show up as being no longer available in FreezerPro configuration. 3closed16.2  Automatically adjust specimen repository for FreezerPro configuration
26169DefectClient APILABKEY.QueryWebPart with empty title config property results in malformed HTMLChrisJ1resolved16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
26167 QueryFeature Request: Change Parameterized Queries to NOT be hidden queries by defaultDave Bradlee4open16.226020  
26166DefectSearchAlreadyClosedException from   
26165Defect Deadlock can happen when logging in during module upgradeSusan Hert3open16.2   
26164DefectUser interface16.1 Upgrade - CSS Issuesjony2resolved16.226162  
26163Defect Loader for rows of Type File in the Export Study Datasets page persist 2closed16.2  Export data includes w/ files option
26161DefectDataColumn filters lost in data grid when new columns are addedKristin2resolved16.2