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 23388DefectStudyManage Notification section in Study fails when adding emails via auto-populationKarl Lum3open15.222511  
23387Defect Filters are not being exported with data when argos data grid is exportedDave Bradlee2open15.2  Add Gatekeeper role and enable export functionality
23386Defect Survival curve/Timeline should not render if number of patients in result set is greater than the Patient Report Limitcnathe2open15.2  Survival curve and timeline - large dataset handling
23385Defect javascript errors on test request packing list print pagebinalpatel3open15.2  Packing list generation
23384DefectExperimentSampleSet: import should ignore duplicate rows when ignore duplicates is selectedkevink3open15.2   
23383Defect Middle name field displayed on far right when viewing test request as a 'reader' rolebinalpatel2open15.2   
23382Defect Container field of saved test request strange when viewed as a 'reader' rolebinalpatel2open15.2   
23381DefectDataExporting Argos data gives a document type warningDave Bradlee2open15.2  Add Gatekeeper role and enable export functionality
23380DefectCoreIllegalArgumentException from org.labkey.api.util.PageFlowUtil.fromQueryString()kevink4open15.2   
23379Defect Misplaced Argos logo after resizing screen before Timeline exportcnathe3open15.2   
23354DefectUser interfaceInconsistent capitalization of 'HDRL Sensitive Data deletion time window' 4closed15.2  Auto-delete of sensitive data
23353Defect No confirmation on save of HDRL Sensitive Data deletion time window 2closed15.2  Auto-delete of sensitive data
23352DefectUser interfaceChrome 43 breaks submenusMatthew Bellew2resolved15.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
23348DefectCoreInvestigate switching to setFetchSize to avoid ResultSet caching on Postgresjeckels3open15.2   
23347DefectAuditingAudit upgrade handles IDENTITY_INSERT incorrectlyadam2resolved15.2   
23346DefectAuditingUnable to export data from History webpart on user details viewKarl Lum3open15.2   
23345DefectAuditingNot all user audit records are shown in User HistoryKarl Lum3open15.2   
23340TodoVisualizationQC Guide set plot size adjustmentcnathe3open15.2  Guide sets for Panorama QC plots, part 2
23337DefectFileContentFiles web part custom column order cannot be savedNick Arnold3open15.223336  
23335Defect Date of Draw field is cut off using Macryans2resolved15.2  Packing list generation
23334Defect Specimen barcode field does not appear to have any field validation 3closed15.2  Packing list generation
23333Defect Should we add the HIPAA warning message to the packing list document before calling this story complete? 3closed15.2  Packing list generation
23332DocumentationAssayDoc Review: Fluorospot Assay 3closed15.2  Stats for Fluorospot
23329Defect No word wrap on name fields for packing listsryans3resolved15.2  Packing list generation
23328Defect NumberFormatException when printing test request with specimen missing both FMP and SSN 2closed15.2  Packing list generation
23327Defect NPE when printing packing list for unsaved test requestbinalpatel2open15.2  Packing list generation
23326Defect DUC value incorrect in generated packing list 2closed15.2  Packing list generation
23325Defect SOT values incorrect for generated packing lists 2closed15.2  Packing list generation
23324Defect FMP/SSN values on shipping manifest incorrect 2closed15.2  Packing list generation
23323DefectAssaySome older Elispot assays (on fail to upgrade to 15.2 ElispotDave Bradlee2open15.2   
23321DefectAssayBad rowId input for assay details triggers server errorsTrey3resolved15.2   
23319DefectListsValidate max length for list text fields on updateDave Bradlee3open15.2   
23318DefectDataBadSqlGrammarException from org.labkey.query.persist.QueryManager.validateQuery()kevink3open15.2   
23317DefectDataNeed better error handling for schema not foundSusan Hert3open15.2   
23316DefectSecurityBad links to specimen request "groups" in folder permission historycnathe3open15.2   
23314DefectCoreClassCastException when importing FASTA into datasetjeckels3open15.2   
23311DocumentationCoreDoc Review: Module Properties Reference 3closed15.2  Add module properties for description, etc
23310DocumentationMS2Doc Review: Protein Expression Topicsbinalpatel3open15.2   
23307Defect Run details displays only the first plate in run details for flourospot assay run with multiple plates when cytokine names are not specified 2closed15.2  Stats for Fluorospot
23304Defect Active filters display for "multi level" can include duplicate values from different levelscnathe3open15.2   
23295DefectStudyInternal Server Error & NPE occurs when changing and deleting fields in dataset with Missing Values Indicators enabledMatthew Bellew3open15.123291  
23294DefectSpecimensDeleting last vial doesn't clear out corresponding SpecimenSummary rowjeckels3resolved15.2   
23293DocumentationSecurityDoc Review: Site-Wide Terms of Use 3closed15.2   
23292DefectTest harnessJunits not respecting @Timeout on team cityTrey3open15.2   
23288DefectUser interfaceHover background on page number sticks around until mouseclick in IE 3closed15.2  Finish grid paging widget
23287DefectMS2FK constraint violation when submitting more than one file for sequest search 2closed15.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
23286DefectUser interfaceBetter handle <8 pages in grid 2closed15.2  Finish grid paging widget
23285DefectUser interfacePaging arrow icons should have grey hover state 2closed15.2  Finish grid paging widget
23283Defect ZipException from org.labkey.api.writer.ZipFile.getOutputStream()martyp3open15.2   
23279Defect Modules query view does not require chartskevink3open15.2  Add module properties for description, etc
23277DefectVisualizationAllow QC plot guide set brushing to start inside an existing guide set training range 2closed15.2  Guide sets for Panorama QC plots, part 2
23276DefectPortalModule 'portal' warnings from NLP and Argos folder typestgaluhn3open15.2   
23275Defect BadSqlGrammarException from 3closed15.2   
23274Defect Null Session: NullPointerException in org.labkey.api.view.template.AppBar.getLastTabMap()martyp3open15.2   
23273Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.sequenceanalysis.SequenceAnalysisController$FastqcReportAction.getView() 3closed15.2   
23272Defect Timeout across multiple Argos tabsNick Arnold3open15.2   
23269DefectSpecimenssaveRows Javascript API does erratic updates in SpecimenDetail table for 14.3 and 15.1 2closed15.123239Approved and Code Reviewed 
23267Defect catch FileNotFoundException in DavController$PutActionNick Arnold4open15.2   
23266Defect ConfigurationException shouldn't get logged to Mothership (DavContoller.JsonAction)Matthew Bellew4open15.2   
23265DefectBuildmodule VcsURL property always picking up svn root url instead of module specific urlTrey3resolved15.2  Add module properties for description, etc
23264Defect Argos folder type configurationstgaluhn3open15.2   
23260DefectQueryInvalid Schema provided in org.labkey.api.query.QueryWebPart.render() 3closed15.2   
23259DefectExperimentNullPointerException in org.labkey.experiment.api.ExpRunImpl.trimRunTree()ryans3resolved15.2   
23258DefectCorePSQLException from org.labkey.core.dialect.PostgreSql90Dialect.executeWithResults()jeckels3open15.2   
23257DefectAssayPSQLException from org.labkey.api.exp.OntologyManager.saveTabDelimited()Matthew Bellew3open15.2   
23256DefectPipelineConversionException from class :   
23255DefectTargetedMSSQLException when adding QC annotation without Color valuejeckels3open15.2   
23254DefectStudyUsing updateRows Javascript API on Study Demographics table removes Missing Value indicator flags from record 1closed15.123241Approved and Code Reviewed 
23252DefectAssaySample Set Upload button takes over part of the 'Upload File' label after uploading the file.Nick Arnold4open15.2   
23251Defect Unintuitive table names when adding a sample set lookup column in the assay designerkristinf3open15.2   
23250DefectMS1Doc Review: QC Guide Sets 3closed15.2  Guide sets for Panorama QC plots
23249Defect Unable to view details for nPOD CaseID 2closed15.2  Fixes for nPOD module
23248Defect Error when editing nPOD form 2closed15.2   
23247TodoJavaScript Client APIFeature Request: To have a new LABKEY.Filter to accept string-based filter descriptionsMatthew Bellew4openTBD   
23246DefectSpecimensSimultaneously canceling specimen requests can cause deadlockDave Bradlee3open15.2   
23245DefectQueryError saving query with existing namekevink3open15.2   
23244DefectDataUserSchemaAction.doInsertUpdate() should translate BatchValidationException->BindExceptionTrey3resolved15.2   
23240DefectAssayNullPointerException in org.labkey.luminex.query.LuminexDataTable.<init>() 3closed15.2   
23238DefectAssayNAb Assay Tutorial - small typos 3closed15.2   
23236DefectAssayNAb Assay Tutorial Data Import says test data file already existsSusan Hert3resolved15.2   
23235DefectListsList import doesn't respect conditional formats 3closed15.2   
23234DefectLists'Delete All Rows' button shows in lists for all users, regardless of permissions 3closed15.2   
23233Defect Automated test failure in Teamcity for protein expression matrix test.Trey3resolved15.2 Approved and Code ReviewedLink expression data with GO
23232Defect Provide a useful and user readable error message while importing protein expression data with duplicate IDs.binalpatel3open15.2  Link expression data with GO
23228DefectVisualizationMouseover and click issues with categorical plot selection in IE 4closed15.2  Categorical plot selection
23226DefectCoreMoving folder between Projects does not work as expectedMatthew Bellew1open15.1   
23225DefectDataDon't require barcode for test requestskristinf2resolved15.2  "Per test" request workflow + status UI
23224DefectVisualizationMeasure picker should clearly indicate categories that are really participant groupscnathe3open15.2   
23222Defect Files from Immunespace archive don't look at the right directoryAngelica2resolved15.2  Cross-study filtering - (sticky persistent container filter)
23220DefectMS2Mascot import fails to resolve proteins from FASTA file 2closed15.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
23217DefectUpgrade/BootstrapUpgrade error for exp-15.10-15.11.sqlkristinf2resolved15.2   
23213Defect Pass d3.event and selection param to tickClick function in D3Renderer. 3closed15.2  Categorical plot selection
23212DefectNABNeed a way to link NAb data to its study dataryans2resolved15.2   
23211DefectUser interfaceCategorical plot selection clicking category does not reflect in info pane under FireFox 31.3.0 2closed15.2  Categorical plot selection
23208DefectCore"wrong format" messages during sql upgradeSusan Hert3open15.2   
23205DefectUser interface"0-12 months" range bucket should be "0-11 months" 3closed15.2  Show ranges for bucket titles / filters
23204DefectUser interfaceChange filter summary screen to show all counts/ranges consistently 2closed15.2   
23203DefectUser interfaceSome bucketed ranges are showing up strangely in filter summary screen 2closed15.2  Show ranges for bucket titles / filters
23202DefectCustomize ViewCustomize View not able to save when using Ext4 feature 3closed15.2  Convert customize view to Ext4
23201DefectUser interfaceTable underline issues 3closed15.2  Branding