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 31709DefectTargetedMSSkyline 3.7 creates files unsupported by Panorama for importjeckels2resolved17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
31703Defect Can't Make List with Name that Includes "List"steveh2open17.3   
31699DefectUser interfaceWhen session expires, hovering over project menu produces "Error getting the web part:" popupNick Kerr3open17.3   
31698DefectSpecimensUsing Javascript API to insert specimen with blank fields creates odd specimen hashesGuest3closed17.327851  
31695DefectJavaScript Client APIUsing Javascript API to insert invalid date generates error but still saves recordNick Kerr3open17.331659  
31684Defect ELISA plate template editor tab colors are very similarGuest3closed17.3   
31682DefectPipelinefile watcher: add config option to clean up sub-directories from source locationjimp2open17.3   
31681DefectPipelinefile watcher: preserve original source pathjimp2open17.3   
31678DefectTargetedMSQC plot x-axis not consistent for all peptidescnathe3open17.3   
31677Defect Show confirmation dialog displaying emails of adjudicators who will receive emailsjimp3open17.3   
31672DefectVisualizationKey field appears twice in Chart Wizard when field name is using dotscnathe3open17.331621  
31664DefectCloud StorageCreating a duplicate cloud storage account name throws 500 errorDave Bradlee3open17.3   
31662DefectCloud StorageNPE when customizing File web part after viewing in _webdav viewGuest2closed17.3   
31661DefectUser interfacePHI Level options are clipped on the left side in publish study dialogDan Duffek3resolved17.3   
31660DefectSecurityImpersonation triggers "Session expired" alertTrey3resolved17.3   
31656DefectJavaScript Client APIParameters not being passed using LABKEY.ext.Store Javascript APIjony3resolved17.3   
31639DefectQueryQuery's "Defined in module" text shows as separate columnNick Kerr3open17.3   
31618DefectIssuesMerge Issue list fixes to 17.3.2 sprint branchJessi Murray3resolved17.3 Approved (Needs Code Review) 
31612DefectUser interfaceFilter panel doesn't stay open, can't multi select group filtersJessi Murray3open17.3   
31606DefectFlowDuplicated entries in built-in query flow.FCSAnalysesrond3open17.331465  
31592DefectIssuesText vertical alignment offsets with updated issues UIKarl Lum3open17.3   
31496DefectAssayAdjudication upload with replace can orphan attachmentsmartyp2open17.3   
31492DefectMothershipMothership tables should not have insert buttonsTrey3resolved17.3   
31490DefectBuildgradlew reallyClean should really clean the module-api directoryadam3resolved17.3   
31488Defect When tabs collapsed, missing option to return to the current tabNick Kerr3open17.3   
31487Defect Tiny offsets in domain editorJessi Murray4open17.3   
31486Defect Copy to Study - red X and green check icons should be replaced with fontawesome onesJessi Murray4open17.3   
31485Defect When web part frame is hidden, title and content no longer alignJessi Murray3open17.3   
31484DefectFlowExporting FCS files fails from query web part in old UIrond3open17.331443  
31483Defect Hiding frame of custom menu webpart loses formattingcnathe3open17.3   
31481Defect Search for AMIs using naming pattern instead of tagsDan Duffek3resolved17.3   
31480DefectBiologicsProtein Wizard: Going back to the first panel and then forward again, all user-entered content is cleared from the second paneljoshd3open17.3   
31479DefectBiologicsingredient mixture order is not being preserved correctlykevink1resolved17.3   
31478DefectNLPSQL Query browser error - unable to locate required columntgaluhn3open17.331470  
31477DefectJava Client APIJAR files missing in Java client-api zip filejony3resolved17.231473Approved and Code Reviewed 
31471DefectStudyAdd Study Site to CDISC integrationjony3resolved17.331463  
31469DefectStudyModified study archive used for reload produces error if MS SQL DB is usedKarl Lum2open17.329828  
31468DefectCoreHealthCheck.api should not return 200 if unhealthyjeckels3open17.2 Review Requested 
31467DefectCoreHealtCheckAction should be @RequiresNoPermission as in 17.3Matthew Bellew3open17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
31466Defect ServerProvisioning integration tests should turn on logging for the Provisioning APIDan Duffek3open17.3   
31460DefectUser interfaceUpdate EditInPlaceElement for new UIjeckels3resolved17.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
31459DefectUser interfaceEHR new UI: custom menu duplication issueGuest2closed17.3   
31458DefectUser interfaceUX Refresh: discussion panel overlaps with footer on dataset view pageGuest3closed17.3   
31457DefectUser interfaceEHR new UI: data entry Ext grid cell issuescnathe3open17.3   
31456DefectUser interfaceEHR new UI: animal history tab EHR specific spacing and legend issuesGuest4closed17.3   
31455DefectUser interface**EHR new UI: animal history tab data region and misc spacing issuescnathe2open17.3   
31454DefectUser interfaceEHR new UI: animal history tab R report console output display cutoffcnathe2open17.3   
31453DefectUser interfaceEHR new UI: animal history tab data region menu z-index order issuescnathe2open17.3   
31452DefectUser interfaceEHR new UI: animal history tab misc data region and button issuescnathe3open17.3   
31451DefectUser interfaceEHR new UI: data regions show Warning about 'Print' buttonGuest3closed17.3   
31450DefectUser interfaceEHR new UI: animal search form multi select combo 'All' option issuecnathe3open17.3   
31448DefectWebdavIssues with WebDav transferring filesjimp2open17.329048  
31444Defect Firefox- Targeted MS Show Precursor List Header line missingGuest4closed17.3   
31442DefectClient APILABKEY.Utils.setWebpartTitle dont seem to work with new UIGuest3closed17.3 Review Requested 
31440DefectHarvestBuild Error for harvestGuest3closed17.3   
31439DefectInstallerCreate nihs distributionGuest2closed17.3   
31437DefectWikiRadeox wikis lose paragraph spacing in new UXNick Kerr3open17.3   
31432DefectStudystudy: recompute timepoints when chainging a dataset to demographics typeKarl Lum3open17.3   
31430DefectUser interface"Create Study" and "Manage Timepoint" forms need paddingGuest3closed17.3   
31429DefectJavaScript Client function generates PK error if MS SQL DB is usedNick Kerr3open17.331228  
31422DefectCDSExport does not work with a filter on Study DaysDan Duffek2resolved17.3   
31421DefectCDSSwitch data tab to be first sheetDan Duffek3resolved17.3   
31420DefectUser interfaceMobile shows desktop version of projects dropdownNick Kerr3open17.3   
31419DefectBiologicsProtein Wizard: Translated sequence does not update after the user selects a different translation framejoshd2open17.3   
31418Defect Luminex- 'Curves' column not working in MS EdgeGuest3closed17.3   
31417DefectUser interfaceField formats not showing in new UIGuest2closed17.3   
31416DefectAssayNab QC doesn't work with unusual batch name datetime formattingGuest3closed17.3   
31412DefectBuildUser input tasks do not work well with Gradle 4.xSusan Hert4open17.3   
31411DefectSurveyUsing ExtJS radiogroup in surveys creates doubled input if answer is changedjony3resolved17.331149  
31410Defect RedCap: Import failing for multiple instrumentsGuest2closed17.3   
31407DefectStudyRedCap: Invalid form element in xml causes unrecoverable NPEKarl Lum4open17.3   
31406DefectAdminCanceling from folder/project create results in a page full JSON sourceGuest3closed17.3   
31405DefectAssayDate region column filter/sort menus cut off in new UIGuest2closed17.3   
31402DefectBiologicsUpdating DataClass in LabKey Server UI borks the alias columnkevink2open17.3   
31400TodoPipelineEditing a pipeline filewatcher configuration should require site administratorcnathe3open17.3   
31399Defect Some "issue" with server provisioning when id and name are odd valuesDan Duffek3resolved17.3   
31398Defect Application not getting initialized when site is createdSusan Hert3open17.3   
31397DefectBiologics[Sample Edit Grid] Parent Column Does Not Populate Consistentlyfrankl3open17.3   
31396DefectBiologics[Sample Edit Grid] Do not allow negative numbers in the Quantity text boxjoshd3open17.3   
31395DefectBiologics[Sample Edit Grid] Clicking the trash icon in quick succession causes a hangjoshd3open17.3   
31394Defect AccountsManager running on windows not providing to new ec2 instanceGuest3closed17.3   
31392Defect Provisioner.deleteServer never returns true even though it appears to work.Dan Duffek3resolved17.3   
31390DefectBuildDeployApp not using external directories as input filesGuest3closed17.3   
31388DefectELISpotELISpot Run Details Grid FormatGuest3closed17.3   
31387DefectFlowEdit Flow Quality Control Report input box formattingGuest3closed17.3   
31386DefectFlowFlow Workspace - Compensation matrix graphsGuest4closed17.3   
31385Defect RedCap: Import all Forms doesn't list them out in the configurations sectionJessi Murray3open17.3   
31384Defect RedCap: Invalid value in configuration xml causes unrecoverable NPEGuest2closed17.3   
31383Defect Server Provisioning running on Windows does not delete pem file when init command failsGuest3closed17.3   
31382Defect Server Provisioning running on Windows has init command fail when configured for ec2 with error about file permissions (though second attempt succeeds)Guest3closed17.3   
31381DefectCoreData Region selection buttons (Select All and Select None) don't workGuest3closed17.3   
31380DefectBiologicsSample Insert New Menu Options Removes Options When It Should NotRyan Luce3resolved17.3   
31379Defect Accounts module sites page not showing product each site is configured with in summary and detailalicet3open17.3   
31378Defect Accounts module sites page shows 'deleted' for site that hasn't been deletedGuest3closed17.3   
31377DefectAssayNAbAssay Run Details page spacingGuest4closed17.3   
31367DefectBuildoddities involving gradle buildSusan Hert3open17.3   
31366Todo Expose exp tables in schema browsermartyp3open17.3   
31364DefectBiologicsbiologics 17.21 to 17.22 upgrade doesn't create FK orgIdGuest3closed17.2modules   
31361DefectFlowSlow response time from Flow SchemaGuest3closed17.231281Approved and Code Reviewed 
31360DefectBiologicsQuery/Inputs/Select not initialized properlyGuest2closed17.2modules