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 28655DefectUpgrade/BootstrapCaused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: out of shared memoryGuest3closed16.3   
28653DefectMS2Unexpected slow performance exporting protein coverage in v16.3jeckels2resolved16.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
28652DefectNLPAbstraction interface shows free text fields for dates, integerxyang3open17.1   
28643DefectExperimentPK constraint violation error when inserting >1000 DataClass with derivationKarl Lum3resolved17.126875  
28641DefectVisualizationChart Layout Title Reset doesn't enable correctly in certain casescnathe3open17.1  Incorporate time charts into updated charting UI
28640Defect Unable to correct a time plot that's in error statecnathe4open17.1  Incorporate time charts into updated charting UI
28639DefectBiologicsUse "align" property from metadata in biologics gridNick Arnold3open17.1$SqlScriptException: study-16.20-16.30.sql : Can't invoke method populateDoseAndRoute(ModuleContext moduleContext) on class and Code Reviewed 
28636Defect Plot window resize when banner in plot.cnathe4open17.1   
28635Defect NullPointerException in Bradlee3open17.1   
28634Defect DeadlockLoserDataAccessException from Bradlee3openTBD   
28633DefectListsAttachmentService$FileTooLargeException in ListDave Bradlee3open17.1   
28632Defect gel 16.3 server upgrade sql update script error regarding null values in column with non null constraintGuest1closed16.3  Update pedigree graph integration to use SVGs stored in database
28629DefectBiologicsNPE in java clientapi when using 16.2 format and attempting to insert duplicate protsequencekevink3open16.3Modules   
28626DefectVisualizationUnable to re-render scatter plot after save with text field as as y-axis fieldbradh2open17.1  Plotting for text values that are Mostly numbers
28624Defect Assay export/import not preserving Measure metadata.Karl Lum3open17.1   
28623Defect String values manually set to be a measure are being bucketed on the X-axis.Guest2closed17.1  Plotting for text values that are Mostly numbers
28622TodoIssuesComments table foreign key to Issue table should expose domain columns and provide a more appropriate title columnKarl Lum3open17.1   
28621DefectVisualizationPlotting data conversion of string to number affects plots generated after conversion happensGuest2closed17.1  Plotting for text values that are Mostly numbers
28620Documentation Doc Review: Assay Request TrackerSteve Hanson3open17.1   
28615DefectCoreSQL Exception during Redcap importKarl Lum2resolved16.328574Approved and Code Reviewed 
28614DefectPrimate EHRAnimal History Tab should be configured to display Animal History page by defaultbinalpatel3open17.1   
28613DefectBuildPort Java client API build change SVN r47933 from Ant to GradleGuest3closed17.1   
28612DefectBiologicsNucleotide sequence shouldn't be required for VectorRyan Luce3open16.3Modules28577  
28611DefectBiologicsCell Line should have a species fieldjoshd3open17.128578  
28608TodoJavaScript Client APIFeature Request: Add details version within QWPavital4open17.128275  
28607Defect Cancel Create Molecular Specieskevink3open17.128437  
28606DefectFlowSample set dimension columns showing up twice in time chart measures dialogrond3open17.1   
28604DefectTest harnessLuminexPositivityTest.testPositivity times out on TeamCityTrey2open17.1   
28602DefectCDSModify message in plot when no data returnedGuest2closed17.1  Prioritized issues - 17.1.1
28601DefectDataCustom button bar on Specimen page generates NPE when clicking on QC/Comments buttonGuest3closed16.327768  
28600DefectJavaScript Client APILABKEY.Security.getPolicy throws exceptionjony4resolved17.128277  
28598DefectVisualizationBackport chart wizard (generic and time chart) fix for plotting based on a parameterized queryGuest3closed16.3 Approved and Code ReviewedIncorporate time charts into updated charting UI
28592Defect NPE exporting query to excelGuest3closed17.1   
28587DefectVisualizationNull values are included in the error message count after value conversion happensGuest3closed17.1  Plotting for text values that are Mostly numbers
28582DefectAuditingFailure running audit-16.30-16.31.sql due to missing indexGuest2closed16.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
28580DefectMS2Mascot decoy search parsing prevents correct setting of monoisotopic mass error tolerancejeckels2resolved16.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
28579DefectBiologicsCan't enter batch fields when importing assay data from biologics uijoshd3open17.1   
28576Defect RuntimeException in org.labkey.api.exp.api.StorageProvisioner.fixupProvisionedDomain()cnathe3open17.1   
28575DefectStudyRedCap import error - PSQLException: ERROR: function length(integer) does not existGuest3closed16.328574  
28564Defect DetailsUrl.parse should trim white spaces before parsing a string.Karl Lum3open17.1   
28541DefectQueryLABKEY.Query.executeSql doesn't sort UNIONed result sets with SQL ServerGuest3closed17.1   
28539Defect OutOfMemoryError from org.labkey.api.util.MothershipReport.openConnectionWithRedirects()tgaluhn3open17.1   
28537DefectVisualizationError plotting numeric field marked as "dimension" in box plot y-axisGuest2closed17.1  Plotting for text values that are Mostly numbers
28535DefectPipelinePipelineJobServiceImpl singleton issuesjeckels3open17.1   
28533DefectQueryTechnical Question/Bug: Setting isHidden on table metadata in externalSchema on imported folder.Karl Lum3open17.128525  
28532Defect Folder level administrator permissions doesn't allow reading of all datasetsGuest3closed16.328504Approved and Code Reviewed 
28531Defect Chrome changes file extension when doing simple download from files webpart?Ben Bimber3resolvedTBD   
28529DefectVisualizationTime chart sort order issue when having multiple visit based measures that don't overlap on all visitscnathe2open17.128488  
28519DefectAssayLuminex Re-Import count of exclusions that will be lost is wrongians3resolved16.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
28518DefectClient APISample Sets difficult to configure row format for updateRowsNick Arnold3resolved17.1   
28512Defect Can only append once to a completed case.Guest3closed17.1  Update Infection Monitor and Lab Personnel adjudication workflow
28510Defect Purge etl fails on rare diseases pedigree (in pedigreesvg branch) because of foreign key constraintGuest3closed17.1  Update pedigree graph integration to use SVGs stored in database
28508DefectCoreOffer download of correct GROUP_CONCAT install script when manual intervention neededadam3resolved17.1   
28507Defect When appending duplicate data we still appear to show update notification message in the adjudication review page.Guest3closed17.1  Update Infection Monitor and Lab Personnel adjudication workflow
28506DefectUser interfaceText in upload wizard should be left alignGuest3closed17.1  Update Infection Monitor and Lab Personnel adjudication workflow
28505DefectMS2Mascot import fails when results include scan rangesGuest2closed16.328267Approved and Code Reviewed 
28503DefectClient-SpecificMobileAppStudy: configuration submit button leaves no indication of whether change was saved successfully.ians3open17.1   
28501DefectExperimentSQLException when reviewing ExperimentsMembershipForRun directlyGuest3closed17.1   
28500DefectBiologicsUpdate hierarchy component to not show "seen in..." message if 0 registered entriesGuest2closed17.1  UI Polish - Registry Changes M4
28496Defect Header White Space Offset in Assay Designer WebpagesGuest3closed17.1   
28494DefectQueryMulti-value response format not supported for executeSqlkevink2open17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
28493Defect Container tab configuration doesn't include a "messages" sectionGuest2closed16.328455Approved and Code Reviewed 
28492DefectCustomize ViewCustomized view should not allowing delete of module-based custom viewxyang3open17.1   
28490DefectVisualizationPlot editor doesn't show columns at some magnifications in Chromecnathe3open17.1   
28489DefectBiologicsNullPointerException from org.labkey.biologics.classify.ClassificationServiceImpl.chainStructureFormatForMaps()kevink3open17.1   
28487DefectBiologicsSequence Translation Page not Rendering Properly on Biologics StagingGuest3closed17.1   
28486DefectSASInvestigating SAS API issue for 17.1 or later 16.3 updateGuest3closed17.1   
28485DefectOperationsInclude timestamp information on the support portal build download linkGuest3closed17.1   
28484DefectClient APIJackson serialization of an NPEkevink3open17.1   
28483DefectBiologicssupport string values for chainFormatId in protein sequence triggerkevink3open17.1   
28482DefectCoreNullPointerException in org.labkey.api.action.SpringActionController.getUpgradeMaintenanceRedirect()kevink4open17.1   
28481DefectExperimentNullPointerException in org.labkey.experiment.XarExporter.addSampleSet()kevink3open17.1   
28480DefectBiologicsNullPointerException rendering related samples in API responsekevink3open17.1   
28478DefectPrimate EHRBad custom button references in EHR query xmlmartyp2open17.1   
28477Defect returnUrl parameter needs to be encoded.Guest3closed17.1  Update pedigree graph integration to use SVGs stored in database
28475DefectClient-SpecificUse natural sort in study/publication form drop downsAngelica3resolved16.228469  
28474DefectNABNPE generates in NAb Assay due to deleted userGuest2closed16.328473Approved and Code Reviewed 
28471DefectBiologicsprotein translation wizard: need to indicate what the orange bars mean on the translated proteinGuest3closed17.1   
28468DefectClient-SpecificChange of status from VARCHAR to Integer needs to be done in a separate upgrade scriptGuest2closed17.1  Accept survey responses and queue for shredding
28467DefectAssayFile attachment dropped after warnings/errorsjeckels3open17.128460  
28466DefectAssayDoc Review: Signal DataGuest3closed17.1   
28465Defect IllegalStateException in org.labkey.query.controllers.QueryController$DeleteQueryRowsAction.handlePost()Karl Lum3open17.1   
28464TodoAdminAllow MaintenanceTasks to use job logGuest3closed17.1   
28463DefectTest harnessWindow test component .waitForClose() is wrong if a second dialog opens immediately after the first.Trey3open17.1   
28462DefectTargetedMSMulti-fragment Levey Jennings plots include hidden guide set ranges when determining y-axisGuest3closed16.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
28461DefectBuildVersioning plugin doesn't recognize trunk/remoteapi as a trunk URLKarl Lum2resolved17.1  Prepare For Developer Conversion and Remaining Development
28459DefectClient-SpecificUpdate error messagesGuest3closed17.1  Accept survey responses and queue for shredding
28458DefectClient-SpecificDeletion of MobileAppStudy container with responses failsGuest2closed17.1  Accept survey responses and queue for shredding
28457Defect Reorder categories on dashboardcnathe3resolved16.3Modules   
28456DefectClient-SpecificData collection happens for study without enrollment tokens that is disabledGuest2closed17.1  Accept survey responses and queue for shredding
28454DefectClient-SpecificData collection enabled checkbox not checked on page loadGuest2closed17.1  Accept survey responses and queue for shredding
28453DefectClient-SpecificResponse collection stopped popup should be a confirm dialogGuest2closed17.1  Accept survey responses and queue for shredding
28451DefectClient-SpecificResponse collection stopped popup appears when enabling response collectionGuest2closed17.1  Accept survey responses and queue for shredding
28448DefectClient-SpecificNPE when posting response with no surveyInfo/studyIdGuest2closed17.1  Accept survey responses and queue for shredding
28447DefectBuildaddPluginDependencies.gradle doesn't work in TeamCIty or when running a build in a directory other than the rootGuest2closed17.1  Prepare For Developer Conversion and Remaining Development
28446DefectClient-SpecificCheckbox for enabling study collection not available if no data is associated with the studyGuest2closed17.1  Accept survey responses and queue for shredding
28445DefectUser interfaceNeed to show appropriate info in the "Pedigree Diagram Files" for a svg that is stored in the pedigree_svg column and as an external file.Guest3closed17.1  Update pedigree graph integration to use SVGs stored in database
28443DefectUser interfaceValue in rare_diseases_pedigree.pedigree_svg is not being rendered in the pedigree diagram panelGuest3closed17.1  Update pedigree graph integration to use SVGs stored in database
28442DefectBiologicsQuery/Input/Select can rely on incomplete datajoshd4open17.1