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 29867DefectQueryBad SQL Generated By SelectDistinctjeckels3open17.2   
29865DefectReportingEmail notifications for reports not notifyingKarl Lum3open17.229468  
29864TodoUser interfaceRemove error squelching for seattle.css, guide_seattle.css, etc.adam3open17.2   
29861DefectClient-SpecificWhen enrolling an enrollment token with special characters, stack trace instead is shown instead of an error messageSusan Hert2resolved17.129855  
29854DefectAdmin**Project admins can impersonate deactivated users but Site admins cannotcnathe3open17.2   
29848DefectPipelineAdd API to Delete Pipeline Jobsjeckels3open17.2 Review Requested 
29847DefectCorejava.lang.IllegalStateException: Module has already been set.jeckels2resolved17.2   
29842Defect Allow RemoteQueryTransformStep to provide a list of columns to selectjeckels3open17.2 Review Requested 
29824DefectClient-SpecificAdd blank field to Permissions Container for manuscriptsAngelica3resolved16.229249  
29823TodoNLPSwitch NLP role registration to simplified approachSusan Hert3resolved17.2   
29821DefectQueryReturn to respecting shownInDetailsView when constructing 'default default' viewjeckels3open17.2 Review Requested 
29818DefectBuildRecompilingJspClassLoader cannot find api/internal packages when compiling JSPsNick Arnold2resolved17.2   
29817DefectFlowUnsupported FCS format still importedkevink3resolved17.2   
29815DefectBuilddeployApp fails after cleanBuild if module has buildFromSource=true setians3resolved17.2   
29814DefectClient-SpecificIssue completing File Transfer customization after saveGuest2closed17.2  Globus Genomics Authentication and Transfer Initiation
29813DefectClient-SpecificCorrect PanelAssigner integration to send HPO IDsjimp2open17.1Modules   
29812DefectClient-SpecificSource endpoint id is not URL encodedGuest3closed17.2  Globus Genomics Authentication and Transfer Initiation
29811DefectCoreDefer to -XX:HeapDumpPath for HeapDump locationjeckels3resolved17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29810DefectClient-SpecificAdd natural sort for containers in ITN's data finderGuest3closed16.229250  
29809DefectClient-Specificgel rare diseases UniqueDiagnosis and UniquePhenotypeStatement show duplicates when event_date has same timeKristin3open17.2   
29806DefectClient-Specificgel rare diseases clinical ui queires to reuse deduped queries when possibleKristin3open17.2   
29805TodoClient-SpecificRemove nhs_digital module from distributionDan Duffek3resolved17.1Modules   
29803Defect Make the check to see if a view is referring to a table/query/dataset by title a case insensitive check.Guest3closed17.2   
29795Defect Update PRC projects to not use dataset/table/query titles when setting up viewsmartyp2open17.2   
29793TodoClient-SpecificAdd more logging to PanelAssigner processDan Duffek3resolved17.1Modules   
29786DefectBuildRemove references to extra modules distribution in build push scripteyounske2open17.2   
29783DefectCDSApplying saved group fails in IE11.Guest3closed17.2  Saved group application improvements
29782Defect Revert code from r49874Karl Lum3open17.2  Group filter choices into data vs. no data
29777DefectBiologicsRemove "Insert New" from Molecule Sets Registry Pagekevink3open17.2   
29775TestClient-SpecificNeed to run mobile app tests on minimal distributionTrey2open17.1   
29774TodoSASMove SAS script export to APIadam2open17.1 Review Requested 
29773DefectMS2Don't wait for Mascot server to close HTTP connection before assuming search submission is completejeckels3resolved17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29772DefectAssayMS2 module has undeclared dependency on Study moduleadam3resolved17.2   
29771DefectAssayAssayRequest module has undeclared dependency on Study modulekevink3open17.2   
29768DefectNLPReprocess button disabled when reviewing reports that was both engine processed and manually abstracted after server restartGuest3closed17.2   
29765DefectDataException in MultiValuedRenderContextGuest2closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29763DefectClient APIPush 17.1 LabKey Java API to Maven Centralians2open17.2   
29762DefectBuildInstaller build fails if external/windows/* is missingGuest2closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29760Defect Search panel blows up if Between option is used incorrectlymartyp3open17.2   
29758DefectBiologicsworkflow overview page: singular versus pluralcnathe3open17.1Modules   
29757DefectQueryAssay query does not show correct source sql in schema browserKarl Lum3open17.2   
29755DefectClient-SpecificUpdate export via R Script in immport module to take into account ImmuneSpaceR viewsMatthew Bellew2resolved17.2204  
29753Defect HTML typos in ETL ReferenceSteve Hanson3open17.2   
29752Test GelPortalUITest run on clean db not setting up the portal type to be Portal SelectionDan Duffek3open17.2   
29750DefectVisualizationJavascript bug shows up in PBMC ControlsGuest1closed17.129734  
29749Defect Views with duplicate names are not visible in the data views web partGuest2closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29748DefectHarvestCore infrastructure dropdown incorrectly filteredGuest2closed17.1  Core infrastructure project configuration
29746DefectTargetedMSIllegalStateException in org.labkey.targetedms.SkylineDocImporter.insertPrecursor()jeckels3open17.2   
29745DefectMS1NullPointerException in org.labkey.api.action.ReportingApiQueryResponse.<init>() on ms1.FeaturesGuest3closed17.2   
29744DefectDataQueryWebPart does not allow option to hide Insert Bulk Data buttonxyang3open17.2   
29740DefectNLPAble to save a document processing config with the same name as an existing configcnathe3open17.2   
29738DefectNLPNLP definition of analysis protocol defined during import does not validate xml is well formedcnathe3open17.2   
29737DefectUser interfaceFor a progress report you cannot save an empty draft.Guest3closed17.2  Approve Time and Create Invoices page improvements
29736DefectTargetedMSChromatograms Peaks throwing exception on SQL ServerGuest2closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29730DefectExperimentLots of cache misses when constructing tableKarl Lum3open17.2   
29729DefectNLPNLP does not allow un-named protocols even when user is not saving protocolcnathe3open17.2   
29726Defect EHR Search Panel - ComboSelect converts zero to null and displays as [BLANK]martyp2resolved17.2   
29721TodoBiologicsMerge Ingredients and Steps onto one page when creating Batchesjoshd3open17.2   
29720TodoBiologicsMedia - Expiration Date should be added as a standard field to Raw Materialjoshd3open17.2   
29719TodoBiologicsNeed to move CAS to Ingredient and away from Raw Materialjoshd3open17.2   
29718DefectBiologicsNew Mixture won't advance when you select a mixture (as an ingredient) and then delete the rowjoshd3open17.2   
29717DefectBiologicsFor Molecule detail page, need grid of Molecular Species dataRyan Luce3open17.2   
29716SpecificationBiologicsMolecule - disulfide bond and cysteine number calculationRyan Luce2open17.2   
29715DefectUser interfaceDo we really need to show the time when reviewing the past progress reports for invoices?Guest3closed17.2  Approve Time and Create Invoices page improvements
29714TodoBiologicsAbility to reclassify moleculeskevink3open17.2   
29713TodoBiologicsMulti-Service Work Request Page - add Description field to subtasksNick Arnold3open17.2   
29710DefectExperimentContainer filters break MaterialsInputs -> Materials lookupMatthew Bellew2resolved17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29708TodoBiologicsRemove Concentration Units Within Mediajoshd3open17.2   
29707TodoBiologicsMedia Batch ingredient/mixture takes from multiple lotsfrankl3open17.2   
29706DefectUser interfaceMay want to give the option of submitting each invoice separately as well as submitting all of themGuest3closed17.2  Approve Time and Create Invoices page improvements
29705TodoBiologicsIngredient Detail should have links to raw materials and vice versajoshd3open17.2   
29703TodoBiologicsMixture Detail should show links to batches and vice versajoshd3open17.2   
29702TodoBiologicsOn the mixture detail page, it should list all of its batchesjoshd3open17.2   
29701TodoBiologicsBatch Detail should have link to Mixturejoshd3open17.2   
29699TodoBiologicsBatch Detail Page should include Actual and Desired Yield of Mixturejoshd2open17.1Modules   
29697TodoBiologicsHide deprecated issue lists on workflow landing page and in top-level navigationNick Arnold3open17.2   
29696DefectNABStringIndexOutOfBoundsException on data regionKarl Lum3open17.2   
29695DefectUser interfaceSave Draft button is enabled only after focus is changed from the progress report text box.Guest3closed17.2  Approve Time and Create Invoices page improvements
29690DefectVisualizationBar and box plot x-axis labels truncated when long, rotated valuesGuest3closed17.129665Approved and Code Reviewed 
29688DefectTargetedMSAdd ability to export chromatogramsGuest3closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29687DefectETLDataIterator doesn't work (Postgres at least) with type CHARDave Bradlee2open17.2   
29682DefectBiologicsLink to Specimen ID not resolving correctly on BiologicsGuest3closed17.2   
29669DefectClient APIXML schema docs missing many XSD filesGuest3closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29667DefectBiologicsDeleting a Mixture DataClass or a recipe Protocol should delete the other sidekevink3open17.2   
29666DefectBiologicsinitialize page should create proper mixtures or we should remove it the from the initial dataNick Arnold3open17.1Modules   
29663DefectBuildUpdate labkeyVersion in root to 17.1Guest2closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29662DefectTargetedMSShow retention time as default QC metric againChrisJ2resolved17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29661DefectListsNPE when saving list without search module presentGuest3closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29658DefectBiologicscalculated molecular species doesn't remove the leader in all caseskevink1resolved17.1Modules   
29656DefectBiologicsRawMaterials template CAS number should be text instead of a doubleGuest3closed17.1   
29655DefectBiologicsRevised icon for ingredientGuest3closed17.1Modules   
29654DefectBiologicsMedia Batch wizard should warn you if 'sample' data does not exist for necessary ingredientsjoshd3open17.2   
29653DefectQuerySort on MSMS query webpart Scan column not applied as expectedGuest3closed17.2   
29650DefectStudyRequired field attribute did not copy in study export-importKarl Lum3open17.229106  
29649DefectListsMetadata not respected from Linked Schema if viewing as guest userDave Bradlee3open17.2   
29648DefectQueryORDER BY clause causes error on SQL Server queryNick Arnold2resolved17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29647TodoListsRemove "List Designer" roleGuest3closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29646DefectClient-SpecificRemove search module from mobile app distributionGuest3closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
29645DefectNLPNLP: empty combo values result in blank Fields panel for abstraction UIGuest2closed17.2   
29644DefectNLPNLP: 0 is not saved for integer typesGuest2closed17.2