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 30718DefectDataSample Sets XARs, On Import ID Fields Are Lostkevink3open17.2   
30717TodoClient-SpecificArchive aics_samples moduleKarl Lum3open17.2   
30715Defect DataSpace Learn About descriptions cut offjoec3open17.1   
30714Defect DataSpace Header in Learn About section misalignment joec3open17.1   
30713DefectListsNew UI - List submit and cancel button states after clickbradh2open17.2   
30712DefectCoreNew UI - form input spacing differs when one field has an invalid statebradh3open17.2   
30711DefectExperimentMismatch between old and new lineage calculationskevink3open17.3   
30710DefectListsNew UI - List insert row formbradh2open17.2   
30707DefectPrimate EHRPending blood volume concernjeckels3open17.2   
30702Defect Adjudication tool "unexpected file" error box size too small in Microsoft Edge browserKarl Lum4open17.2   
30701Defect Adjudication tool file save error in Microsoft EdgeKarl Lum3open17.2   
30700DefectStudyStudy navigator row counts are wrong, then change with 'recompute timepoints'Karl Lum3open17.2   
30695DefectSecurityNullPointerException in Lum3open17.2   
30692DefectCDSDataSpace: variable labels aren't updatedGuest3closed17.2  Additional Variables - 17.2.4
30691DefectCDSDataSpace: Response call ID50 and ID 80 should not show up for Y--axis variablesGuest3closed17.2  Additional Variables - 17.2.4
30690Defect Provisioning: Deleting a vagrant instance references deleted machineians2resolved17.2  Build service to manage eval servers - Vagrant
30689DefectCDSClicking on a row in the antigens display will cause to row to no longer be highlightedDan Duffek3resolved17.3  Prioritized issues - 17.2.4
30688DefectStudyCDISC-ODM import overwrites existing visit map aliasesKarl Lum3resolved17.2   
30687Defect Project display name overwrite when using REDCap ModuleKarl Lum2open17.230678  
30671DefectUser interfaceInline Forms with validation state don't respect 5px margin when vertically stackedGuest3closed17.2   
30667DefectCDSDataSpace: Learn About - Assay - Antigen - description field brokenGuest3closed17.2  Prioritized bugs - 17.2.4
30662DefectQueryAdd Team column to Story table in scrumtimeKarl Lum3open17.3   
30660DefectClient-SpecificDateOffset for PHI fails with Materialized queriesGuest2closed17.1 Review Requested 
30659DefectIssuesFile chooser shows line break between icon and filename on insertNick Arnold3open17.2   
30656DefectStudyPublish study from DataSpace project does not support using alternate ptids IDs and date shiftingGuest3closed17.2   
30654DefectClient-SpecificTransfer page does not handle blank source endpoint id or name wellGuest3closed17.2  Globus File Transfer
30644DefectUser interfacecustomize query view doesn't render Schema comboboxGuest3closed17.2   
30643DefectUser interfaceQuicker access to the multi-column filtering panel?Jessi Murray3open17.2   
30642TodoClient-SpecificConvert FileTransferModule to CodeOnlyModuleSusan Hert2resolved17.2  Globus File Transfer
30641DefectUser interfaceFilter dialogJessi Murray3open17.2   
30640DefectUser interfaceExt4 fields chunkier?Jessi Murray3open17.2   
30639DefectUser interfaceShould the more button always be on the right?Jessi Murray3open17.2   
30638DefectUser interfaceLocal Zip file chooser isn't in the folder management page/import tab with the new UIChrisJ3resolved17.2   
30637DefectBiologicsCreate Work Request page not working on biologics-stagingRyan Luce2resolved17.2   
30633DefectQueryCached Lineage Query is not clearing cache when new sample uploadedRyan Luce2resolved17.2   
30632DefectNLPOffset upgrade script generates NPEGuest3closed17.2  Improve XML Document Display
30631TestSearchAdd unit test to verify search module document parsingTrey3open17.3   
30620DefectExperimentNPE in LookAndFeelFolderProperties.lookupStringValue when calling deleteProject.api with new UX feature enabledChrisJ3resolved17.2   
30618Defect Can't have multiple steps with same name in a single recipejoshd3open17.230590  
30617DefectBuildGradle versioning plugin can't get revision for deleted moduleGuest2closed17.2   
30616DefectStudyStudy Dataset InsertUpdateAction cohort <select> input reverts to <input type="text"> when form has validation errorKarl Lum3open17.2   
30614DefectSearchSearch module doesn't work on TeamCityGuest1closed17.2   
30613TodoBiologicsSample creation: empty sample date doesn't set the current date as the defaultRyan Luce3resolved17.230534  
30612DefectBiologicsMedia: Long step title results in the LSID exceeding the max length of 300Ryan Luce3resolved17.2   
30611Defect Ruined everythingGuest3closed17.2   
30610Defect weightPctChange is relative to the current weight instead of the previous weight.binalpatel3resolved17.2   
30609DefectMessagesAnnouncementsPermissionTest is disabledrond2open17.2   
30608DefectClient-SpecificResponses containing instruction steps (with blank resultType) cause errors in processingGuest3closed17.2  Integration Testing
30607Defect General Enhancements, Premium Issues contracts missing from contract release pointsAngelica3resolved17.2   
30604DefectQueryAbstractQueryUpdateService._importRowsUsingDIB() does not audit insertionsavital2open17.3   
30603Defect Investigate converting legacy EHR trigger event handlers to TriggerManager registration.martyp3open17.3   
30602Defect Inactive contracts should not be listed in Contract Release PointsAngelica3resolved17.2   
30601Defect Contract release points cleared for all previous releasesAngelica2resolved17.2   
30600Defect No release points are calculated unless a contract has a story planned for the current sprintAngelica2resolved17.2   
30599Documentation Need to fix/replace usages of ".iml" files in doc page for "Set Up a Development Machine"steveh3open17.2   
30598DefectSearchTika parsing doesn't work in dev modeGuest2closed17.2   
30597DefectWikiWiki copySinglePage creates a new "Custom" folder instead of Collaboration typemartyp3open17.2   
30593DefectClient-SpecificMultiple study setup webparts on a page result in strange renderingSusan Hert3open17.3   
30592DefectSearchGradle build is copying too many Tika jars into deployGuest3closed17.2   
30591DefectClient-SpecificAdd fileTransfer module to ITN distributionGuest3closed17.2   
30586Defect Update trigger script files and query.xml files to reference tables by name instead of title.martyp3open17.2   
30582DefectClient-SpecificEntries in StudyGroups.txt that set study permissions to inherit from parent don't actually do that.Guest3closed17.2  Study folder permissions via metadata
30580DefectClient-SpecificNeed better error message if spaces used in StudyGroups.txt and not tabs.Guest4closed17.2  Study folder permissions via metadata
30579DefectClient-SpecificNPE in PopulateStudiesTask.ensurePermissions if role name in file StudyGroup.txt is not foundGuest3closed17.2  Study folder permissions via metadata
30578DefectNLPmetadata.json for a pipeline job should be added as an input to the experiment runtgaluhn3open17.3   
30577Defect NullPointerException from org.labkey.api.module.SafeFlushResponseWrapper$OutputStreamWrapper.write()martyp3open17.2   
30576Defect IllegalStateException in org.labkey.api.util.UniqueID.getRequestScopedUID()martyp3open17.2   
30575Defect NullPointerException in   
30573DefectClient-SpecificNPE in PopulateStudiesTask.ensurePermissions if study name in file StudyGroup.txt is not foundGuest3closed17.2  Study folder permissions via metadata
30568DefectCoreProvide link to lookup target in domain designersjeckels3open17.2   
30567DefectFileContentUpgrade jclouds version to 1.8.1Guest3closed17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30566DefectIssuesBlank title renders as "null"Karl Lum3open17.2   
30565DefectClient-SpecificConvert HashedMaps to HashMaps?Guest3closed17.2   
30563DefectCDSDataSpace: Study Axis icon doesn't show up when study_arm_visit_label is blankGuest3closed17.2  Prioritized issues - 17.2.4
30561DefectClient-SpecificArchive HICOR moduleGuest3closed17.2   
30560DefectClient-SpecificThe "Inherit permissions from parent" checkbox is not checked for studies with * in StudyGroup.txtGuest3closed17.2  Study folder permissions via metadata
30559DefectQueryError When Creating New Query on Wiki Schemakevink3open17.2   
30556DefectSecurityTestSecondary authentication followed by back button results in NPEGuest3closed17.2   
30553DefectCoreclient attempts to use insecure websocket over httpsGuest3closed17.2   
30551DefectReportingCrosstab reports don't respect ad-hoc grid filtersjeckels3resolved17.2   
30549DocumentationFileContentDoc Review: Globus File Transfer ModuleGuest3closed17.2  Globus Genomics Authentication and Transfer Initiation
30547DefectBiologicsCan't create batch of mixture that has no ingredientsGuest2closed17.2   
30546Todo  Gradle transition task to remove build.xml and /lib from gel_reports module on githubjimp3open17.2   
30545Todo Gradle transition task to remove lib from github module scrumtimeGuest3closed17.2   
30544Todo Gradle transition task to remove build.xml and /lib from github module cloudGuest3closed17.2   
30542TodoClient-SpecificGradle transition task to remove build.xml and /lib from kevink3open17.2   
30539DefectNLPBlock/prevent saving of negative offsets for abstractionxyang3open17.330538  
30537TodoBuildadd option to createModule for stand-alone vs. in-source-tree moduleSusan Hert3open17.3   
30536DefectBuildcreateModule should reference resources in the plugins jar, not in the server directorySusan Hert3open17.3   
30532DefectCoreX-LABKEY-CSRF property is persisted into database and exported with webpart propertiesGuest3closed17.2   
30531Defect HICOR Olap server race condition causing failuresGuest3closed17.2   
30529DefectBuildCreate cloud_test distributionkelseyg3resolved17.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30525DefectIssuesNeed to preserve dirty flag on reshow during issue insert/updateKarl Lum3open17.2   
30524DefectCoreBackport automated test fix in TableViewForm to sprint branchGuest1closed17.2 Approved and Code Reviewed 
30523DefectFileContentCustom File Properties do not display values for Filesets in UINick Arnold3open17.2   
30515DefectClient APIUpgrade Perl to use API Session Keyjimp3open17.230514  
30514DefectClient APIUpgrade Python to use API Session KeyNick Arnold3resolved17.230505  
30512TodoBiologicsAdd full sequence to Constructkevink3open17.1hosting   
30511SpecificationBiologicsCellLine needs to allow a sample parent when it should be promoted to a stable cell lineRyan Luce3open17.2   
30509DefectClient APIFor 401 and 404, respond with same ContentType as requestNick Arnold3open17.2