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 25564Defect Adjudicators can be reassigned mid-adjudicationcnathe2open16.1   
25563Defect Adjudication slots can be emptycnathe3open16.1  Additional configuration options for adjudication
25562DefectQueryReduce "Could not find the requested custom view" logged warningsjeckels3open16.1   
25560DefectUser interfaceIn Protocol Sequence-step views, links to Predecessors and successors resolve to error pageians3open16.1  Import chromatogram files directly - part 1
25558DefectUser interfacefirst load of HPLC import page gets error: "Couldn't generate working directory"ChrisJ3resolved16.1  Import chromatogram files directly - part 1
25557DefectSecuritySAML authentication does not redirect correctly from Argos custom login screentgaluhn2open16.2  SAML provider finalization
25555DefectUser interface"Use advanced import options" is unchecked on page reload after error.cnathe4open16.2  Study/folder templates
25550Defect Scrolling bar for project list on staging is doubled 3closed16.1   
25548DefectUser interfaceResultsQueryView doesn't show an Import Data Button if no study existsKarl Lum3open16.1   
25547Defect Average Bill Rate report won't load due to division by zero error 2closed16.1   
25544DefectJavaScript Client APIshould support ignoreFilter in selectRows()Ben Bimber3open16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
25542DefectDataWhen creating molecule in biologics, it only gives nucleotide sequences as an optionjimp3open16.1  Molecule and Sequence Registration Completion M4
25538Defect Biologics sample data empty on MSSQL, populated on PostGreKarl Lum3open16.1   
25534Defect Unable to deactivate project LabKey Admin: {"message":"Cannot complete your request. Timer running for {\"project_id\":8685599,\"client_id\":3730559}"}binalpatel3open16.2   
25532DefectUser interfaceBrowse title should be updated when clicking on TrialShare tab. 4closed16.1  Manuscripts view in data finder
25531TodoSearchUse Lucene Bellew3resolved16.1   
25530TodoSearchEmpty full-text search index should clear all last indexed columnsMatthew Bellew3resolved16.1   
25529DefectBiologicsinserting row into ProtSequence is requiring a 'name' to be specifiedjimp3resolved16.1  Batch Registration of Molecules and Sequences M3
25528Todo Investigate schema browser performance and cachingKarl Lum3open16.1   
25527DefectMessagesWeird rendering of "discussion" links 3closed16.1   
25526Defect Cannot delete selected animals in animal history. 2closed16.1   
25525Defect Person with PatientRecordReviewerPermission, but not Editor or Author can't save a review change 2closed16.1  Patient Sign-Off Workflow
25523Defect When a Reader views PatientRecordsToReview the Review link column is still there with no links 3closed16.1  Patient Sign-Off Workflow
25522Defect Save with RecordComplete=true and ContainerPhi=false looks like it's acceptedDave Bradlee3resolved16.1  Patient Sign-Off Workflow
25521Defect After patient record is accepted, record can still be editted 2closed16.1  Patient Sign-Off Workflow
25520Defect After Save, Accept or Reject of a patient record, we should return to the page we came from 3closed16.1  Patient Sign-Off Workflow
25519Defect Cannot review patient records from a GMC portal folderSusan Hert2open16.1  Patient Sign-Off Workflow
25518Defect Typing in DateTime in the type box of a data field in the assay designer causes the type to be 'time' not 'dateTime'martyp3open16.1   
25517TestTest harnessant test ui should respect target server settingChrisJ4open16.1   
25516DefectSecurityMPower Secure Submitter role needs to implement isApplicable()Karl Lum3open16.1   
25515DefectSecurityAdjudication Infection Monitor and Adjudication Data Reviewer roles need to implement isApplicable() 3closed16.1  Adjudication UI adjustments for flexible assay configuration
25514DefectSecurityAdjudicator and Adjudication Lab Personnel need to implement isApplicable() 3closed16.1  Adjudication UI adjustments for flexible assay configuration
25513 User interfaceIncreasing threshold on dataRegion.js from 80 lines to 100 linesNick Arnold3open16.225472  
25512DefectUser interfaceAdd a file upload progress indicator to the HPLC upload drag and dropians3resolved16.1  Import chromatogram files directly - part 1
25511DefectUser interfaceForm styling doesn't use Labkey stylesians3resolved16.1  Import chromatogram files directly - part 1
25510DefectDataInserting protein sequence does not write to ProtSequence tableRyan Luce2resolved16.1   
25509Defect Adding link to OutOfOfficeEvent to Harvest webpartDave Bradlee3open16.1   
25508Defect Export of certain feature annotations doesn't match the row count 3closed16.1   
25506DefectDataData Portal Creation Creates Schema with Name of GMC or LDP usedDave Bradlee3open16.1  GMC data portals
25504DefectNLPimplement isApplicable method for NLP abstraction roles 3closed16.1   
25503Defect **UnsupportedOperationException in org.labkey.query.ModuleCustomView.delete()Ben Bimber3open16.1 Review Requested 
25502DefectQueryMake QueryHelper Extensiblejeckels3open15.2 Review Requested 
25501DefectUser interfaceAt time of creation, allow user to provide folder title in addition to name 3closed16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
25500DefectSecuritySAML module has a library dependency on the workflow module 2closed16.1   
25499DefectStudyImporting study and selecting only Dataset Data does not import the data 2closed16.1  Study/folder templates
25498DefectFolder Export/ImportExternal schema definition not round tripped through folder export/import 2closed16.1   
25497DefectFileContentConfigurationException when trying to move a directory using the files webpart 2closed16.1   
25496DefectCDSStudy axis timepoint filter display issue and question about the generated Participant Sequence Num filter 2closed16.1  Study axis: Selection from study milestone
25495DefectCDSMultiselected filter on treatment group display seems to replicate the first compound filter 2closed16.1  Study axis: Selection from study milestone
25494DefectCoreNPE in ModuleResourceCache when running jUnit tests 3closed16.1   
25493DefectFileContentIntermittent JS error from FileBrowserBen Bimber3resolved16.1 Approved and Code Reviewed 
25491TodoQueryjava trigger script code review feedbackkevink3open16.1  DB Completion and Internal Logic 16.1.2
25490Defect Loading scrumwise data in Scrumtime causes out of office data to disappear 2closed15.3modules   
25489DefectStudyNab Dataset fails to render on SqlServerKarl Lum2resolved16.1   
25488DefectExternal dataCloud account update fails 3closed16.1   
25487DefectQueryNPE in labkey.query.sql.Method$IsMemberInfo.getSqlMatthew Bellew3open16.1   
25485DefectR Remote APIRserve Vagrant host fails to provisionjony3resolved16.1   
25484DefectStudyImport Study Archive advanced options don't present set of folders to apply template to 2closed16.1  Study/folder templates
25483DefectStudyImport from folder zip archive does not set import options based on archive 2closed16.1  Study/folder templates
25482DefectStudyImporting from a template still uses the folder's label from the template 3closed16.1  Study/folder templates
25480Defect Argos shared grid notification emails are not formatted as expectedcnathe3open16.1   
25479DefectSecuritySAML: Configuration errors cause exception on save 3closed16.1  SAML provider finalization
25478DefectUpgrade/BootstrapDrop and create scripts run at every startup for all modules 3closed16.1   
25477DefectCDS2D filter drawn only in log gutter results in "Invalid value for <path> attribute" - NaN errors and "infinity" listed as a scale value.Dan Duffek3resolved16.1  Add glyph state to study axis for no data
25476DefectCoreImprove system maintenance exception handling 3closed16.1   
25475DefectNABDataOutputs fields do not populate in NAb Assay when looking from parent folder queryjony3resolved16.125327  
25474TestTest harnessNeed to move displayNameFromEmail out of LabKeySiteWrapper.Dan Duffek3openTBD   
25473DefectSecuritySAML module generates error for MasterEncryptionKey upon startup 2closed16.1  Responsive Grid M4
25471DefectExperimentSampleSet derivation from DataClass shouldn't require setting the SampleSet parentColKarl Lum3open16.1  DB Completion and Internal Logic 16.1.2
25468DefectSecurityChange Web Part Permissions Not Available to Project AdminsDave Bradlee3open16.1   
25467Defect Are we showing the correct Adjudication status on the Make/Change page when a resolution is required? 3closed16.1  Additional configuration options for adjudication
25466DefectStudyStudy dataset data missing from archive import when going through the advanced import options page 2closed16.1  Study/folder templates
25465DefectFileContentFile Repository: No Drag and Drop / No New Folder 2closed16.1   
25464DefectUser interfaceChild container TOU are displayed even if inherit option is chosen 3closed16.1  Require activity/PHI/TOU on container (rather than app) access
25459DefectReportingReport url filter params has duplicate "Anonymous Clinics" values 3closed16.1  Add plot interaction for my clinic
25458DefectUser interfaceUnavailable PHI levels need styling 2closed16.1  Require activity/PHI/TOU on container (rather than app) access
25457DefectUser interfaceDisplay "No Terms of Use" found message if no terms are provided 3closed16.1  Require activity/PHI/TOU on container (rather than app) access
25456DefectUser interfaceConfirm save was successful on compliance configuration page 3closed16.1  Require activity/PHI/TOU on container (rather than app) access
25455DefectSecurityHide Argos activity audit typeKristin2resolved16.2  Require activity/PHI/TOU on container (rather than app) access
25454Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.api.view.template.HomeTemplate.getFooterView()jimp3open16.1   
25453Defect NullPointerException in org.labkey.core.login.LoginController.getCustomLoginViewIfAvailable()jimp3open16.1   
25449DefectSearchSearch Oddity - known results not found 3closed16.1   
25445Defect Having different diagnosis date in an agreed (yes) adjudication results in an unknown sate for the adjudication. 3closed16.1  Additional configuration options for adjudication
25444DefectUser interfaceGrid refresh button in Adjudication Determinations page clears the detail for the current case.Dan Duffek4resolved16.1  Additional configuration options for adjudication
25443DefectUser interfaceNeed a better user error message for failure during bulk upload of assay kits for adjudication.cnathe3open16.1  Additional configuration options for adjudication
25442DefectUser interfaceMinor Usability Issue: Confirmation of Case Details misleading title for adjudication upload wizard. 4closed16.1  Additional configuration options for adjudication
25439DefectMS2MascotDatLoader.loadMasses uses improper case when adding 'n' and 'c' term variable modified masses 3closed16.1   
25437DefectWebdavNew folder creation fails due to 415 Unsupported Media Type error via webdav MKCOL method 3closed15.3 Approved and Code Reviewed 
25436Defect UI mark up of "In Progress" cards is dependent on case. 3closed16.1  Manuscripts view in data finder
25435Defect Filtering on studies should change study count to just the number of studies selected 4closed16.1  Manuscripts view in data finder
25434Defect Under Summary the Studies count should be a distinct count of studies. 3closed16.1  Manuscripts view in data finder
25433DefectMessagesDiscussionService panel doesn't hide properlyMatthew Bellew2open16.1   
25432DefectMS2UI changes to Decoy Summary sectionjeckels2resolved16.1  Views of new Mascot data
25431DefectMS2Modify FDR calculationjeckels2resolved16.1  Views of new Mascot data
25430Defect Manuscript count in filter dimensions does not appear to count manuscripts that have multiple studies. 3closed16.1  Manuscripts view in data finder
25429Defect Add StudyContainer column in StudyProperties list 3closed16.1  Manuscripts view in data finder
25428Defect The "View Document" link on the manuscript card should open the document in a new instance (tab/window) of the browser. 3closed16.1  Manuscripts view in data finder
25427DefectExperimentDataIntegrityViolationException from org.labkey.experiment.api.ExperimentServiceImpl.deleteSampleSet()kevink3open16.1   
25426Defect Last record in the grid view could use a little more space at the bottom. 4closed16.1  Manuscripts view in data finder
25425DefectCDSStudy axis plot - positive values are rendered in log gutter plot 3closed15.3 Approved and Code ReviewedAdd glyph state to study axis for no data