Features included in LabKey Server 13.2:

Observational Studies

  • Study publication enhancements. Refresh data in published studies. Publish hidden datasets. Mask participant ids in lists when publishing.
  • Protected health information management. Import alternate ids and date offsets.
  • Data management. Improved delete behavior when browsing datasets.


  • REDCap integration. Integrate REDCap clinical data with other data in LabKey Server.
  • Improved navigation. Popup navigation menu for projects and folders.


  • Specimen aliquots. Support for vial aliquoting.
  • Improved specimen workflow: Improved request customization. Faceted filtering panel. Support for tissues. Improved specimen import/export.
  • Editable specimen records. User interface for editing specimen records.


  • Knitr. Create dynamic R reports by interweaving R code in HTML or Markdown pages.
  • Time Charts. Improved scaling and trellising.
  • Thumbnails. Autogenerate thumbnails for charts.


  • (Affymetrix) Support for Affymetrix assay. Track file, sample, and other metadata for Affymetrix GeneTitan data. The data is available for downstream analysis in R or other tools.
  • (Luminex) Reruns and titration exclusion. Exclude a full titration's data at once, and easily re-import corrected data.
  • (NAb) Improved metadata upload. Single file upload for data and metadata in high throughput NAb assays.
  • (Targeted Mass Spec) Search. Improved search by modification.
  • (Targeted Mass Spec) Chromatogram Library folder type. Build collections of reference chromatograms for proteins and peptides for designing future targeted assays.
  • Improved assay file import. Improved rename behavior when importing multiple files of the same name.
  • Assay data archiving. Automatic archiving of files for deleted assay runs.

New APIs

  • Dataset and query rename. Renamed queries and datasets are updated in custom views, reports, and query snapshots.
  • Reporting API. New GetData client API lets developers chain grouping, aggregation, filtering, and more to extract data.
  • Attachment field. Attachments are supported in file-based module assays.


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