What's New in 2.1



caBIG silver-compliant experimental information - CPAS now exposes all of its experimental information through a caBIG silver-compliant interface.

Custom protein annotations - Upload your own annotations for proteins, specified by IPI number, gene name, or SwissProt identifier. You can then add these annotations to various MS2 pages and use them to quickly identify proteins of interest.

Protein search enhancements - Export the protein and protein group results to Excel and TSV formats.

Improved query views for MS2 runs - Additional columns are now available in the query-based MS2 run views, including protein annotations. Performance improvements as well.

Improved protein information on export - Protein descriptions, sequence masses, and other protein values are now available when exporting an MS2 run.

Protein-based MS2 Protein Group View - Instead of having a nested list of peptides that support each protein group, you can now have a nested list of the proteins within the group. You can select the protein annotations to show for each of the proteins.


Lists integration - The list feature allows users to upload their own relational data. Each list can have arbitrary columns. Data can be entered by hand or uploaded via spreadsheets. Study dataset columns can be defined as lookups (foreign keys) to list data.

Specimen "shopping carts" Allow users to build up specimen requests over time before submitting for approval.

Create study folder from protocol design The vaccine study protocol designer allows users to create a study folder with information about the cohorts described in the protocol.


New Flow Dashboard - Manage entire Flow Cytometry analysis workflow from a single dashboard.

More Statistics - LabKey Flow now supports the full set of statics calculated by FlowJo.

Improved Performance - Up to 40% faster calculation on multi-processor servers.


Improved look and feel - Updated user interface and improved navigation.

Support for Java 6 - Server now builds with JDK 6 and runs under JRE 6. Java 5 is still supported.

Improvements to multi-word searches - Each word is searched individually instead of searching for an exact phrase.

LDAP SASL support - Allows secure communication with an LDAP authentication server.


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