Modelling instrument data in a manageable and meaningful way that provides useful results and permits integration with other data is the role of LabKey Assay Tools. A wide variety of instruments read information from biological samples and output various kinds of structured instrument data. Managing these assays can present some of the biggest challenges in scientific research:
  • Massive amounts of data are generated repeatedly and over time.
  • Consistent, accurate, reliable tracking of both data and metadata are required.
  • Cleaning, validation, transformation by individuals can be a source of inconsistency.
  • Integration with other types of related data is difficult to do manually.
  • Publishing and sharing selected data in a secure way unlocks collaboration for better outcomes.

Introduction to Assay Tools

Instrument Data Types

LabKey assay tools simplify complex laboratory workflows and incorporate custom analytics and quality control and trending tools for specific instrument types. Supported types include:
  • ELISA - Imports raw data from BioTek Microplate readers.
  • ELIspot - Imports raw data files from CTL, Zeiss, and AID instruments.
  • NAb (Neutralizing Antibody) Assays - Imports results from high- or low-throughput neutralizing antibody assays.
  • Luminex - Imports data in the multi-sheet BioPlex Excel file format.
  • Microarray - Imports microarray runs from MageML files and gene expression microarrays from a Gene Expression Omnibus series of probe/sample values.
  • Affymetrix - Imports microarray runs from GeneTitan Excel files.
  • Flow Cytometry/FCS Express - Import flow cytometry probe/sample values.
  • Proteomics - Import mass spectometry data files, including MzXML.
  • Genotyping Workflows - Support for DNA sequencing and genotyping examples. Not included in the standard LabKey Server distribution.

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