Assay Tools for Labs

LabKey's assay tools manage instrument data and are designed to be customizable to any assay machine or data file format. They unlock your data from spreadsheets or large binary files, provide access to LabKey's collaboration and quality control tools, and bring heterogeneous datasets together for integrated analysis.    

Laboratory Workflow Management

Simplify complex laboratory workflows and incorporate custom analytics.

Tutorial: Introduction to Assay Tools | ELISA | ELISpot | Flow Cytometry | Luminex | Microarray | NAb | Proteomics | Genotyping

Quality Control and Trending

Ensure high quality data with quality control and trending tools.

Video: Assessing Data with Quick Charts | Track Analyte Quality Over Time (part of the Luminex Tutorial) | Compare Runs (part of the Proteomics Tutorial)


Collaborate with colleagues to manage the flow of specimens and data.

Video: Securely Sharing Data with Another Lab | Collaboration Tutorial 

Assay Types

Assay designs are based on assay types.  Available types are:

 Affymetrix Imports Affymetrix microarray runs from GeneTitan Excel files.
 Elisa  Imports raw data files from BioTek ELISA Microplate reader. 
 ELISpot  Imports raw data files from CTL and AID instruments.
 Expression Matrix Import a Gene Expression Omnibus series matrix-like TSV file of probe/sample values.
 FCSExpress Import a Gene Expression Omnibus series matrix-like TSV file of probe/sample values.
 General Imports data from simple Excel or TSV files.
 Luminex Imports data in the multi-sheet BioPlex Excel file format.
 Mass Spec Metadata Describes metadata for mass spec data files, including mzXML
 Microarray Imports microarray runs from MageML files.
 NAb Import neutralizing antibody results.

Assay Terminology

  • Assay type: Structure defined by developers for a specific technology or instrument type, such as Luminex, Elispot, Microarray, etc). There is also a generic assay type that can be customized by an administrator.
  • Assay design: Named implementation of an assay type, which may include properties to be specified by the user for each run. An administrator defines an assay design.
  • Assay run: Usage of an assay design corresponding to one instrument run; created by researchers and lab technicians who would enter necessary properties.
  • Assay batch: A set of runs uploaded in a single session.
  • Assay results or assay data: Individual data elements of the run, for example the intensity of a spot or well.






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