Announcement: DataIntegration module move from svn to git

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Announcement: DataIntegration module move from svn to git tgaluhn  2018-09-25 16:26
Status: Closed

As previously announced, in the upcoming 18.3 release of LabKey Server, the DataIntegration (ETL) module will be a premium feature to support LabKey continued investment in its development. To support this, effective with SVN trunk commit r60372, the module has been moved from LabKey’s SVN server into a private, LabKey-managed GitHub repository.

This will impact you if:

  • You have a local development box
  • You are pulling source code from the trunk in SVN, or will be pulling source code for 18.3 or subsequent releases
  • And at least one of the following is true on your development machine:
    • You are writing ETL xml definitions in a module
    • You are running ETLs defined by any module
    • You are writing user defined ETLs in the application

If you will be affected by this change and have not already been contacted, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact your LabKey representative.

Thank you!