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Blank page when accessing Explore Sample Project

LabKey Trial Support
Blank page when accessing Explore Sample Project frantz gabeau  2019-03-29 09:45
Status: Closed

I'm getting a blank page when I click on the "Explore Sample Project" button at the Home page in the LabKey Biologics module.

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2019-03-29 12:25
Status: Active
Hello Frantz,

I am not experiencing the behavior you're describing.

I created a new trial site and then clicked on the button as you described that is also in our documentation (https://www.labkey.org/Documentation/wiki-page.view?name=bioLearn) and the Biologics page came up without any issue. (Note: I am on a MacBook using the latest version of Google Chrome).

Can you please provide us with the following information:

- The operating system you're currently running
- The browser you're using, including the version number
- The URL in the address bar that appears before and after clicking the button.
- Full screenshots of the browser (including the address bar) before and after clicking the button.
- Are you using any kind of plug-ins for your browser?

It is possible that there may be browser incompatibilities or if you're using any kind of browser plug-ins, it may be causing some kind of issue with rendering the page.

Have you tried accessing the site from a different browser? If so, do you get the same behavior?