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Using a local R scripting engine

LabKey Trial Support
Using a local R scripting engine nstafford  2019-07-25 11:49
Status: Closed

I am using the trial version of labkey. I was hoping to set up some R Reports, but the Labkey trail R engine does not have the packages installed that I need. I tried to change the R scripting engine to my local R.exe, but it doesn't seem to be letting me do that. Is installing new packages/using a local R scripting engine possible with the labkey free trial? If not, what version of labkey would allow me to do this?

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2019-07-25 12:54

Unfortunately that is correct. The trial version of LabKey that is hosted on our servers does have some limitations, such as not being able to add additional R packages. If you need to have additional R packages installed, you would need to install the LabKey binaries (such as the Community Edition), which would then allow you to have access to R on an administrative level, allowing you to install any R packages you need.