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LabKey in the cloud on a VM on Azure lucasbran  2016-08-04 14:08
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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could guide me in the right direction to setting up a free instance of labkey on the cloud using a virtual machine in Azure. I have set up a VM machine on azure and they have provided me with a custom domain under their services. If I go to their domain name I get the error in my browser saying it took to long to respond and no connection is available to labkey.

Now, what I am wondering is how can I setup the labkey services so that when I put the Azure domain into a browser I will be prompted with the login page of labkey. I am new to this so I have no clue how to set up it up- right now I can just connect through azures portal so I have direct access to the virtual machine with the lab key hosted on the computer/server. How do I setup the labkey server settings where accessing the domain directly would lead me to the login page of labkey? Or rather how do I configure a VM so that labkey will be accessible? Any help would be appreciated!

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2016-08-04 15:35
Hi Lucas,

We at LabKey run our hosted instances of LabKey Server on AWS. Each AWS server is running Windows or Ubuntu Linux depending on the client, PostgreSQL 9.3.9 or 9.4.5 depending on the client, along with Java 8 and Tomcat 8 per our supported technologies list:

Setting up LabKey on a virtual environment should be no different than setting up on a regular server.

What operating system are you using on the VM?

Are you using the executable version of the LabKey installer or the zip file version if you're running on Windows? If not, are you using the tar file on Linux?

If you are not using the executable, did you make sure you installed the required components first like PostgreSQL, Tomcat, and Java?

Have you gone through our installation docs?