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Upgrade path from 16.1 trent  2020-01-14 15:51
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Hi Folks,

We are upgrading our server's which has prompted an upgrade of LabKey.
I just grabbed the latest version of LabKey (19.3) community edition, and did a database dump from our server and imported into the new one, however I got the message that it is only supported to upgrade to 19.3 from minimum version 17.2. We are still on 16.1 (yes, it's been a while).

So before moving to the new server, my strategy would be to upgrade the existing infra, and then take the database dump and restore to the new server once that is up-to-date.

2 questions:

  1. What is the recommended upgrade path? 16.1 -> 17.2 -> 19.3? Or
  2. Where can I find the download links to previous versions? My recollection was there used to be a download archive page but I can't seem to find that now.


Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2020-01-28 14:10
Hi Trent,

Yes, you would need to do an intermediate upgrade between your existing version of LabKey (16.1) over to the latest one (19.3)

Your plan to go from 16.1 to 17.2 to 19.3 does work, but you can also do 16.1 to 18.2 to 19.3 as well. As long as you can upgrade 16.1 over to a version of LabKey that will get you closer to 19.3, then you can choose to upgrade to 17.2, 18.1, or even 18.2 and you can then move to 19.3 (see https://www.labkey.org/Documentation/wiki-page.view?name=upgradeSupportPolicy for upgrade policies).

Regarding older versions, you can get them here:



trent responded:  2020-01-28 20:06
Hi Jon,

Thanks for the resources and advice.

I see that this link is saying previous releases are a premium only feature. We are currently not premium users, is there no way to get previous community edition releases without this premium membership?

Many thanks,
Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2020-01-28 21:07
Hi Trent,

Sorry about that. You will need to comb through the past announcements, but you can download earlier versions of LabKey Community here:



trent responded:  2020-01-28 22:15
Ah lifesaver! Thanks for the link!