CPAS Demo Data


This folder contains all of the data that's uploaded as part of going through the steps of the CPAS Tutorial. You can also view sample ICAT analysis data and the label free quantitation demo.

This folder contains examples from the video on reporting and custom user interfaces:

You can also use the custom comparison reports. The three reports are implemented using R scripts over the Specta Count comparison data. You can run the reports directly by selecting some runs in the list below and clicking on Compare->Spectra Count. Choose the any of the groupings that do not include the charge state, and then run the report by click on Views->[Report Name].

To access data from this folder using R, choose one of the tables or queries from the ms2 schema. Click on Export->Create R Script. Start your R environment and download the "Rlabkey" library from CRAN. Copy the R script from the web site into your R environment and it will query this server for the data.