Script 'temp-example'

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Analysis scripts may have up to two sections in them. The compensation calculation describes how to locate the compensation controls in each run, and which gates need to be applied to them. The analysis section describes which gates in the analysis, as well as the statistics that need to be calculated, and the graphs that need to be drawn.

This script has not yet been used to analyze data.
  1. Define Compensation Calculation
    The compensation calculation specifies the keywords that are used to identify the compensation wells, and specifies the gates that are to be applied.
    This script does not have a compensation calculation section.
  2. Define Analysis
    The analysis definition specifies which gates to apply, statistics to calculate, and graphs to draw.
  3. Execute the analysis script
    This script must have either a compensation calculation or an analysis before it can be executed.
The script has settings that affect the way that graphs are drawn and statistics are calculated.
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Advanced: Analysis scripts are XML documents that can be edited by hand
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