Flow Demo

  1. Import FCS Files
    68 FCS files have been imported. These are in 1 run.
  2. Create Analysis Script
    An analysis script tells LabKey Server how to calculate the compensation matrix, what gates to apply, statistics to calculate, and graphs to draw.
    This folder contains 3 analysis scripts.
  3. Provide Compensation Matrices (optional)
    The Analysis Scripts in this folder define their own compensation calculation. It is not necessary to calculate the compensation matrix in a separate step.
    There are 1 compensation matrices. These have been calculated in 1 run.
  4. Calculate statistics and generate graphs
    68 FCS files have been analyzed in 1 run.
CompensationControlsThe 'CompensationControls' table shows statistics and graphs of FCS files that were used to calculate a compensation matrix.
CompensationMatricesThe 'CompensationMatrices' table shows compensation matrices and their spill values.
FCSAnalysesThe 'FCSAnalyses' table shows statistics and graphs of FCS files.
FCSFilesThe 'FCSFiles' table shows FCS files and their keywords.
RunsThe flow 'Runs' table shows experiment runs in the three steps of analysis: read Keywords, calculate Compensation, and perform Analysis.
Flow Controls Statistics over Time
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Analysis Scripts

Analysis Folders