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Assay type/Assay design tanyaj 92  2018-05-23 13:52
Status: Closed

Hi, i am trying to use my LabKey trial version to set up an assay to analyse Luminex data. I am following the Luminex assay tutorial level 1, and it tells me to select 'Luminex' in my assay type under New Assay Design. I am unable o locate this feature, and can only see a 'General' assay type.
Please help!!!

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-05-29 16:08
Hi Tanya,

Unfortunately, the LabKey Server Trial version only allows the GPAT since it is meant to be a simplified version of LabKey to test with.

On our trial sign-up page, we specifically state what features are missing in the trial, Luminex being one of them:

If you have the means, you could install the community edition of LabKey on your own hardware and test your Luminex data out.

This would require more setup work on your end, but you would be able to accomplish your end goal of analyzing your Luminex data.