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Use of cookie still working in labkey 17.x for non-api page ?

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Use of cookie still working in labkey 17.x for non-api page ? toan nguyen  2018-01-24 12:59
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 I tried to following the example in this page

 I tested the wget (use our labkey server url) with saving and loading cookies. It does not seem to work. Any help is appreciated.
 With or without cookie loading, I still get the same http return.


>> wget --server-response --save-cookies cookies.cpas --keep-session-cookies \
>>https://your.labkey.server/Login/login.post --post-data "email=myEmail&password=myPassword"
>>wget --load-cookies cookies.cpas https://your.labkey.server/labkey/wiki/Home/page.view?name=securedWiki
Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-01-24 13:37
Hi Toan,

There have been some changes since the time that example was written back in 2011.

Per our 17.2 docs, we actually deprecated that old LoginAction post handler:


You should be able to switch out your old POST action to using the new LoginApiAction that's outlined here:


So you would have to swap out the login.post URL you have for something like: https://[server]/login-loginApi.api

Additionally, you would also need to obtain a CSRF token as well to prevent a CSRF attack during the POST operation:



toan nguyen responded:  2018-01-24 14:59
That did it.
Thank you very much.