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Beginners Question on Specimen Import meyer  2018-01-28 05:52
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thanks for any assistance on the following situation:
I've set up a study, initialized an 'Advanced Specimen Repository' with data editable and requensts enabled, intending to populate the repository via upload/import of external data (just Excel file, no external software, not a LabKey archive, but columns as exported from demo repository or from own repository with two manually incerted specimen).
Whenever uploading and then importing a specimen file the system indicates a successful import process, at least it says 'COMPLETED'. Looking into the log file reveals, that no Patient ID was found:
28 Jan 2018 14:23:22,690 INFO : Starting to run task '' at location 'webserver'
28 Jan 2018 14:23:22,706 INFO : Unzipping specimen archive C:\Program Files (x86)\LabKey Server\files\FCCM\@files\SpecimenRepository\SpecimenFake_2018-01-28_12-15-56.specimens
28 Jan 2018 14:23:22,721 INFO : Expanding specimens.tsv
28 Jan 2018 14:23:22,753 INFO : Archive unzipped to C:\Program Files (x86)\LabKey Server\files\FCCM\@files\SpecimenRepository\180128142322721
28 Jan 2018 14:23:22,768 INFO : Starting specimen import...
28 Jan 2018 14:23:22,893 INFO : Creating temp table to hold archive data...
28 Jan 2018 14:23:23,112 INFO : Created temporary table temp.SpecimenUpload$445bcbace64f1035ac18e39b7fd70b50
28 Jan 2018 14:23:23,112 INFO : Populating specimen temp table...
28 Jan 2018 14:23:23,143 INFO : temp.SpecimenUpload$445bcbace64f1035ac18e39b7fd70b50: No rows to replace
28 Jan 2018 14:23:23,159 INFO : Found no specimen columns to import. Temp table will not be loaded.
28 Jan 2018 14:23:23,253 INFO : Created indexes on table temp.SpecimenUpload$445bcbace64f1035ac18e39b7fd70b50
28 Jan 2018 14:23:23,253 INFO : Specimens: 0 rows found in input
Patient ID is available in each of the different xls-tables tested for import. Nothing shows up in the specimen list anyway.
What is the problem I'm facing? What is it I didn't extrct from the documentation?
Thanks for any hint!

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-02-03 00:28
Hi Claudius,

The specimen archive requires fields to be named a certain way for the files to upload correctly, regardless of whether it's an advanced repository or a simple one.

Based on your log, it looks like you created your own .specimens archive.

Did you follow along with the Specimen File Archive Format information as described here with the template?