Audit record of downloads from the file system

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Audit record of downloads from the file system mjavadi  2018-04-03 08:38
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I was looking at the audit tables on postgres and found that audit.filesystemauditdomain table contains audit logs of files being uploaded and deleted from the file system, however no records of file downloads. Is there another table that keeps an audit trail of downloads made from the file system?

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Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-04-03 10:24
Hi Mojib,

At the moment, there isn't anything within the Audit Logs that would show this information.

However, if you have configured your Tomcat server.xml properly to where it identifies the LabKey user, you can use the localhost access log files that resides in the Tomcat directory to see if anyone accessed the file system there and downloaded files. The File System uses WebDAV, so when you download files from a Files Web Part, the URL path will show _webdav in the URL string. You could use a filtering/searching function like grep to then identify the webdav URL lines in your log and see which users accessed this information.

We have information on the server.xml file and how to improve/modify your logging so it reflects the LabKey user that is accessing the specific URL.