Weird Labkey errors Nat  2018-04-24 12:10
Status: Closed

LabKey is giving us weird graphical errors this morning. Even as I write this post, there is a blank area above that looks like some sort of scripting error. On our Skyline server the blank area is over the Save button so there is no way to make changes -- just have to refresh the page. Only happens in Chrome. Works fine in firefox.

see attached graphic.

Nat responded:  2018-04-24 16:50
Hi, This behavior is happening because of a conflict with Grammarly -- an add-in I use for spell checking and grammar. Turning Grammarly off fixes it -- but something you might want to test out for other users.
Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-04-24 21:02
Hi Nat,

Do you only have the Grammarly plug-in on Chrome or do you have it on both browser?

Plug-ins can sometimes cause unforeseen side-effects since the plug-ins will override whatever code is on the page.