Panorama QC Plot 'Create Guide Set' Grayed Out

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Panorama QC Plot 'Create Guide Set' Grayed Out lubwen  2018-05-18 16:27
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Hi All,

We installed LabKey server since we would like to use Dr. Michael MacCoss' AutoQC program to help QC our mass specs. We were able to upload data to the server using the AutoQC program.

However, we were not able to create guide set using our uploaded data. One key component of the QC process is the Pareto Analysis. And to perform Pareto Analysis one needs to be able to create a 'Guide Set'. On our QC Plot dashboard, however, the "Create Guide Set" is grayed out. I am attaching a screenshot of the grayed out button. When I moused over the grayed out button, it says "Enable/disable Create Guide Set mode". I suspect that I need to "enable Create Guide Set mode" somewhere. I looked around and could not figure out how to enable this "Create Guide Set Mode".

Any suggestion will be very much appreciated. Best regards,

lubwen responded:  2018-05-21 09:45

FYI: I found the solution myself. The 'Create Guide Set' button will be enabled after the following two check boxes are un-checked.
[x] Group X-Axis Values by Date
[x] Show All Series in a Single Plot

These two check boxes are next to the 'Create Guide Set' button.

Steve responded:  2018-05-24 13:08

Thanks, I've updated the docs with your fix. - Steve