Missing experiment numbers

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Missing experiment numbers emohr  2018-07-23 13:04
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I have an experiment list in my lab notebook and it has randomly skipped numbers when a new experiment was added. I start with experiment 1, experiment 2, then skipped experiment 3-4 when I selected "add new experiment". It's also skipped some in the teens. Are these experiments in limbo land somewhere and I can add them back in? How can I find them and add them back into the line up?

jeckels responded:  2018-07-23 15:32

Hi Emma,

The default view for the experiment system you're using filters out entries that have no description.

You can see them all by clicking the Grid icon at the top of the list and choosing Blank Experiments. You can then fill in a description so there's something useful to show in the standard list for them.