Prompts to re-login when switching between subfolders

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Prompts to re-login when switching between subfolders olnerdybastid  2018-08-07 06:33
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I have a LabKey project containing three subfolders (which may themselves contain subfolders later on). Each of these folders inherits its permissions from the parent folder, in which I'm the administrator. When I start a new session (fresh browser, cache cleared), I need to log in to each of these folders separately (meaning the first time I navigate to each of these subfolders I get another login prompt). Is this due to a misconfiguration of my security settings, and if so how should they be set so that I can log in only once and navigate freely between subfolders?

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-08-21 14:26

If you are clearing the cache along with the cookies, then you will be required to login again since there is no way for the server to remember your previous session without those cookies.

Otherwise, the latest version of LabKey should allow you to navigate to any folder and not require another login.


olnerdybastid responded:  2018-09-09 13:32
Thanks Jon. Can confirm that the 18.2 upgrade seems to have cleared this up for me.