Prompt to re-login but account not recognized?

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Prompt to re-login but account not recognized? esakbar  2018-10-11 07:29
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I've been trying to login to the Zika Open-Research Portal ( and even though I have a LabKey account it's not letting me log in? I'm clearly logged in today but it won't let me log in there. It doesn't even seem to acknowledge that I have an account since I click on "forgot password" but never receive a password reset e-mail for it.

I'm not sure what happened since I was able to log in before.

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-10-11 10:02
Hi Eisha,

I checked the Zika site and I do not see a login was ever setup under your email address, which would explain why you can't login.

However, according to the audit logs of the server, there was never any record of your login or any variation of your email that I can see, so I'm wondering if perhaps you used a different login altogether from before.

I'll add your login to the Zika site and I'll have Meghan coordinate with you on what level of access you require on the site.

Expect an email shortly from the system that should allow reader-level access and to hear from Meghan in awhile.