integrating datasets beyond variable lookup .. torgriml  2018-10-16 14:05
Status: Closed

A question from a freshman (version 15 community edition user): My data are registered in separate datasets according to visit/sequence.
Is there an easy way to feed these separate datasets into one main dataset (which includes all visits) real-time ?

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-10-18 10:10
Hi Torgrim,

You could possibly use a JOIN query or a UNION query to aggregate all of the study datasets together and then create a Query Snapshot that will treat that new query you created in the Study schema as a dataset that can refresh itself automatically with a timer as short as 30 seconds.

Please take a look at our following documentation for more information:

LabKey SQL Reference -
Various LabKey SQL Examples -
Query Snapshots -

Additionally, we have made many advances from the current version of LabKey you're working with, from bug fixes to enhanced features. If you haven't taken the opportunity to try the most recent version of LabKey (LabKey 18.2), please check out some of the improvements we made in that version alone from the previous one ( along with our document archive that has information on your specific version of LabKey along with all of the versions after, including the release notes on those as well.