Chose administrators of moderator review page? and other Qs

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Chose administrators of moderator review page? and other Qs Nat  2018-10-25 16:32
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We are creating a job's board on the Skyline website and have a few questions:
I have set up a test board with the permissions for the messages as follows:
"readers" set to "guests"
"Message board contributors" set to "all site users". I have set the "default settings for Messages " to "no email" (we don't need to spam our whole list every time we get a posting).
So to read the listings, you don't have to have an account. But to post you do.

So that's the settings:


* was is the benefit of assigning "Author" instead of "Message Board Contributor".

* Secondly, I have the job board set up with "moderator review" -- where do I assign accounts to be "moderators" -- it seems to say that "administrators" will be invited to approve the posting. I just want a few people that will "moderate" not every admin we have set up on the Skyline site.

* when I look at the postings, there's an option to "respond" -- as this is a job board -- I'd rather not give the option to reply to the posting, just email or call the employer directly. Is there a way to turn off the "respond" feature.

* is there a way to also turn off the "delete post" option for authors? I'd rather just have people edit it as "filled"


-- Nat
Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-10-26 12:02
Hi Nat,

For the purpose of the message boards, there is really no difference. Authors have some more access to do things, such as add new discussions on certain special places like wikis (aka "Object-level discussions"). If the goal is to just have these individuals access this message board and nothing more, setting them to Message Board Contributor will work for your needs.

Regarding the moderator review, Site Admins and individuals/groups that are assigned the Project/Folder Admin role in the same container where the Forum lives will get these notifications. They are the only individuals who are allowed access to the Moderator Review queue for the forums, so unfortunately you cannot grant someone the ability to moderate/approve forum posts without being an admin on the container where the forum resides.

The respond option only appears if the person is either a Message Board Contributor, Author, or higher. Readers will not get the ability to respond. If this is a job board and you would prefer no one has the ability to respond to a post, it might be ideal to make all users readers. If those that are posting the jobs are going to be Message Board Contributors, but you don't want them to respond to their own job post or other job posts, you could use some custom CSS code on the project settings to hide the "Respond" button. However, this would affect all forums in that project and all subfolders underneath it with forums as well. This would be the same for hiding the delete button as well. Additionally, the buttons would be hidden from everyone regardless of their permissions, this includes admins if you do choose to use the CSS option.


Nat responded:  2018-10-29 11:39
Hi Jon,
OK, to your second point above: is there a way to EXCLUDE site administrators from message board moderation? Many of our site administrators are assigned that role for development reasons -- alerts to moderate posting requests should not go to them.

Is there a way to select which admins should moderate a message board. If not, where do I post that as a feature enhancement?

-- Nat
Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-10-30 10:12
Hi Nat,

Unfortunately, there is no way for Admins on any level to unsubscribe from message board moderation.

You can post any feature request or support question to your specific client portal (in lieu of posting to the public forums).

Mouseover the Home project on the upper-left of the screen to allow it to expand and dropdown. You should see your client portal listed there as a project. Click on that project and you should see Support Tickets as a link to select. From there, you can create a new ticket that can be treated as a Support Question or as a Feature Request.