Manual upgrade errors from LabKey18.2-60915.94 to LabKey19.1.1-63156.2

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Manual upgrade errors from LabKey18.2-60915.94 to LabKey19.1.1-63156.2 vipin  2019-05-20 05:45
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Dear LabKey team,

Thank you for the providing the LabKey server. We are using the community edition LabKey server version number LabKey18.2-60915.94. It was running smoothly with the sample registrations and other relevant tasks for our use.

Recently we upgraded the instance from LabKey18.2-60915.94 to LabKey19.1.1-63156.2. With the upgrade, we didn't find any errors. We have performed the manual upgrade with the provided script from the distribution.

When we start the instance now with the version LabKey19.1.1-63156.2, I have been experiencing following problems which were not there in my old version of LabKey18.2-60915.94.

Features missing in the new release/or may be this is not rendered properly to my upgrade:

  • There are no parent child relationship representation with the sample which I selected. This was working nicely before.
  • New Sample registration fails with the error message RowId or LSID required to get the Sample set materials
    (ERROR ReadOnlyApiAction 2019-05-20 14:45:11,146 ttps-jsse-nio-443-exec-3 : ApiAction exception:
    org.labkey.api.query.QueryUpdateServiceException: Either RowId or LSID is required to get Sample Set Material.)

I m attaching two screen shots from my instance and I am not sure whether this is something to do with the database schema. I don't know how to do this and let me know if you have seen this before.

I am happy to provide the stdout message from my upgrade script run as well. I am not seeing much information from the log message as well.

Thank you very much in advance,

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2019-06-03 13:04
Hi Vipin,

Thank you for using the LabKey Discussion forums. The forums are intended for Community Edition and Premium Edition users to exchange ideas, questions, and solutions. LabKey personnel mediate the forums and curate our extensive documentation. While we often respond to forum posts, responses to technical questions in addition to in-depth developer support are reserved for our Premium Edition partners. We are eager to help you be successful - we recommend you explore our online documentation at, and invite you to contact us about expert support and premium features. A detailed overview of our Editions can be found here