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NAB assay QC report in Results Details Floris van Waes  2019-07-11 07:11
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Dear Labkey,
We are having some trouble with your NAB assays. When performing a NAB assay on our uniQure NAb server and we want to export "Run Details" in the form of a PDF (Print) the QC data that is excluded does not appear anymore in the PDF. This while in the "Run Details" when data is excluded using the "Review/QC Data" option the excluded wells are marked red. This does not appear in the PDF.
Because for the purpose of QA reports we need to show which wells are excluded, is it possible to have these visualized in the PDF?

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2019-07-25 13:02
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Hello Floris,

I'm not seeing what you're describing on the Uniqure Labkey server.

Can you provide me with a step-by-step instruction on how you're trying to generate this PDF and where you're not seeing the the red excluded data any longer?