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Core migration to Git avital  2019-03-20 15:00
Status: Active

Hello -

LabKey is in the process of migrating our source code from SVN to GitHub. This Friday evening we will be migrating the server/ api, internal and modules directories to Git. This change will only affect SVN Trunk. After the migration the new repos will be found here:, Once the migration is finished, we will announce the all-clear with final instructions on enlistment.

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avital responded:  2019-03-25 09:30
Status: Closed

Migration is complete. Our build system and test suites are running using the new folder structure.

Enlistment steps are below:

Step 0: Create stash/patch of any pending changes spanning trunk/server/api, trunk/server/internal, & trunk/server/modules/*
Step 1: Get rid of the dependencies.txt files that are generated in some of the resources/credits directories for modules that have moved. You can do this manually or by running the following gradle command
./gradlew cleanWriteDependenciesList
Step 2: do an SVN update -- This may take awhile. Quite a few files & directories have been removed from SVN (and moved to Git).
Step 3: From within trunk/server/modules clone the new github repositories

Step 4: Update trunk/settings.gradle file BuildUtils.includeModules with the highlighted paths -- This is only required if you don't use the default file.