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Error when upgradingClosedGrumpyBadger2024-05-28 06:31adam2024-05-30 11:35
Problem with Chart display when using Participant Groups and the Chart WizardActiverpiercy2024-05-24 08:31mohara2024-05-28 10:11
Issue with lookup to a queryActivekaty wiseman2024-05-16 09:35katy wiseman2024-05-17 00:42
Issues updating rows with RlabkeyActiveawilson@iavi.org2024-05-09 09:47mohara2024-05-10 12:52
Export user "name" vs "id" in Created By and Modified By columnActivebhaddock2024-04-22 09:40Steve2024-04-22 12:59
database schema migrationActivevipin2024-04-12 06:59vipin2024-04-15 23:04
Security updates released for LabKey ServerActiveKeith2024-04-10 10:38Keith2024-04-10 10:38
Teamcity CI/CD Maintenance tomorrow 4/5/2024 at 11am PDTActivewillm2024-04-04 11:17willm2024-04-05 11:57
Table doesn't exist within schemaActivebhaddock2024-03-29 11:11bhaddock2024-03-29 12:50
Teamcity CI/CD Maintenance tomorrow 3/12/2024 at 10:30am PDTActivewillm2024-03-12 14:02willm2024-03-13 11:54
Teamcity CI/CD Emergency Maintenance today 3/4/2024 at 9am PDTActivewillm2024-03-04 08:56willm2024-03-04 09:44
Remove "Name" field from derive sample formsActivekaty wiseman2024-02-29 03:05mohara2024-03-05 09:12
Permissions settings for seeing created by colums in sample tablesActivekaty wiseman2024-02-26 05:30katy wiseman2024-02-28 02:12
LabKey Teamcity Emergency Maintenance 1/31/2024Activestuartm2024-01-31 08:45stuartm2024-01-31 08:45
Rlabkey - HTTP error code 500 using executeSql functionActivejpellet2024-01-12 01:57mohara2024-01-17 08:56
Creating an assay in the LabKey Server using an R scriptActiveniloofar nickaeen2024-01-04 23:49mohara2024-01-09 10:54
How to use getParameterActivejenica abrudan2023-12-21 12:30varunn2023-12-21 12:34
error while trying to rebuild an old labkey configurationActiveniloofar nickaeen2023-12-18 02:58mohara2023-12-19 09:00
Custom views with “Timeline” tab encounter this JS error message ext.TimelineActivezolimov2023-12-15 11:06mohara2023-12-15 11:20
Build failedActiveBika2023-12-08 00:33mohara2024-01-08 10:56
ETL status stuckActivejenica abrudan2023-11-29 06:51mohara2023-11-29 10:06
Error message when clicking "Save" under "Site > Admin Console > Site Settings"Activeoliver cencic2023-11-28 06:06oliver cencic2023-11-30 23:09
HTTP Status 404 – Not FoundActiveBika2023-11-02 02:05Bika2023-11-27 01:27
How to "refresh" a listActivejenica abrudan2023-10-12 12:56mohara2023-10-12 13:55
Beta version for LK 23.11Activeelovan2023-10-03 11:24mohara2023-10-03 11:37
Teamcity CI/CD Emergency Maintenance today 9/19/2023 at Noon PDTActivestuartm2023-09-19 10:10stuartm2023-09-19 10:10
Out of heap memory after upgrade from v23.3.2 to v23.7.0ActiveWill H.2023-08-28 18:12mohara2023-08-29 10:36
Python API - Connection with _netrc failing?Activeconnor henderson2023-08-22 08:41mohara2023-08-22 10:09
LabKey TeamCity Server Maintenance Thursday 8/10/2023 between 7-8 AM PDTActivestuartm2023-08-09 17:38stuartm2023-08-09 17:38
Capacity of "Lists"?Closedstravsmi2023-06-22 23:27stravsmi2023-06-27 02:12
LabKey TeamCity Emergency Maintenance Monday June 12th 2023Activestuartm2023-06-12 07:56stuartm2023-06-12 07:56
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Thursday, May 11th 2023 @ 9:00pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2023-05-11 14:15Jon (LabKey DevOps)2023-05-11 22:10
Assay Data not getting fetched in APIActivesadanand ranbhor2023-05-08 02:44sadanand ranbhor2023-05-09 00:06
Sample ManagermentActivesadanand ranbhor2023-05-08 01:20mohara2023-05-08 09:33
Maintenance Notice - Update of for Wednesday, April 19th 2023 @ 7:30pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2023-04-19 11:25Jon (LabKey DevOps)2023-04-19 19:41
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Monday, April 17th 2023 @ 8:00pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2023-04-17 15:48Jon (LabKey DevOps)2023-04-17 20:24
Insert pdf as a printout in wikiActivechelsea st germain2023-04-14 15:29mohara2023-04-15 15:44
Error when editing style "There was a problem while saving: Illegal element"Activechelsea st germain2023-04-14 15:19mohara2023-04-15 14:57
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Thursday, April 13th 2023 @ 9:30pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2023-04-13 14:58Jon (LabKey DevOps)2023-04-13 22:52
Getting duplicate key error after upgradeActiveAaron Sword2023-04-05 10:44Aaron Sword2023-04-10 07:46
ViewName selection on survey lookup optionActivejenica abrudan2023-04-05 07:09mohara2023-04-05 13:25
LabKey Upgrade Recommended: Security UpdateActiveKeith2023-03-30 11:23Keith2023-03-30 11:23
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Thursday, March 9th 2023 @ 9:30pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2023-03-09 18:47Jon (LabKey DevOps)2023-03-09 22:22
How to login to community edition set upClosedsadanand ranbhor2023-03-08 21:28mohara2023-03-23 10:29
Sample naming pattern - yearlySampleCountActivekaty wiseman2023-02-21 08:20katy wiseman2023-02-27 09:05
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Wednesday, February 15th 2023 @ 8:30pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2023-02-15 10:50Jon (LabKey DevOps)2023-02-15 21:06
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Friday, February 10th 2023 @ 8:30pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2023-02-10 12:59Jon (LabKey DevOps)2023-02-10 21:27
Validation for Participant IDsClosedschwarza2023-02-10 09:27schwarza2023-02-14 09:01
Maintenance Notice - LabKey TeamCity Build Server on Friday, February 3rd 2023ClosedTrey2023-02-01 13:20Trey2023-02-04 09:03
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Wednesday, January 11th 2023 @ 8:30pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2023-01-11 15:39Jon (LabKey DevOps)2023-01-11 21:36
Chart / Graphical display of Cohorts that change during a studyActiverpiercy2022-12-14 04:29rpiercy2022-12-20 01:52
Scheduled Maintenance - LabKey TeamCity Build Server - Wednesday 12/14/2022 between 4-5 PM PSTActivestuartm2022-12-13 15:07stuartm2022-12-14 16:36
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Monday, December 12th 2022 @ 9:00pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-12-12 14:21Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-12-12 23:02
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Thursday, November 10th 2022 @ 8:30pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-11-10 13:09Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-11-10 21:34
Maintence Notice - Teamcity Build Server - Monday 11/7/2022 7-8A M PSTActivestuartm2022-11-07 06:41stuartm2022-11-07 07:56
LabKey Update Recommended: Apache Batik Disclosed VulnerabilitiesActivehannahb2022-11-03 10:54hannahb2022-11-03 10:54
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Wednesday, October 12th 2022 @ 8:30pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-10-12 14:18Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-10-12 21:45
Limit on number of sample derivatives created at a time in Sample ManagerActivedahlstromew2022-10-11 10:06mohara2022-10-11 15:44
Maintence Notice - Teamcity Build Server - Wednesday 4 -5 PM PDTActivestuartm2022-10-04 11:09stuartm2022-10-04 11:09
Maintenance Notice - Update of for Wednesday, September 28th 2022 @ 6:30pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-09-28 11:52Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-09-28 19:04
withCounter skipping over numbersActivedahlstromew2022-09-22 15:54hannahb2022-09-29 17:15
Maintenance Notice - Update of for Tuesday, September 20th 2022 @ 5pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-09-20 15:19Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-09-20 17:06
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Tuesday, September 13th 2022 @ 9pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-09-13 17:10Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-09-13 21:24
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Friday, September 9th 2022 @ 8pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-09-09 12:22Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-09-09 21:12
Make a Visit an integerActivemurff2022-09-06 16:18mohara2022-09-07 10:31
Download prolems community editionActiveoliver cencic2022-08-18 01:40mohara2022-08-18 09:56
Installation error of labkey on macActivejusttopass2022-08-14 14:19mohara2022-08-15 16:42
Freezer Rack ConfigurationsActivedahlstromew2022-08-12 09:13dahlstromew2022-08-12 10:40
A "pipeline-filewatcher" type job with pipeline task "Imports specimen using data file" reuses existing job recordActivetstellin@scharp.org2022-08-12 05:25mohara2022-08-12 09:12
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Wednesday, August 10th 2022 @ 8pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-08-10 12:21Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-08-10 21:02
Artifactory Migration -- CompletedActiveians2022-07-19 16:46ians2022-07-22 15:48
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Friday, July 15th 2022 @ 10pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-07-15 10:57Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-07-15 23:35
Tomcat service is getting by itself after almost 24 hoursClosedyukti agrawal2022-07-15 01:53mohara2022-07-15 09:01
SQl WHERE statement troubleClosedkaty wiseman2022-06-14 09:57katy wiseman2022-06-16 00:56
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Thursday, June 9th 2022 @ 9pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-06-09 16:46Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-06-09 22:46
Scheduled Maintenance - Friday 6/3/2022 7 AM PDTActivestuartm2022-06-02 15:46stuartm2022-06-02 15:46
How to specify full path to project folder ?Activeambarish nag2022-05-31 21:52mohara2022-06-06 10:00
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Thursday, May 12th 2022 @ 9pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-05-12 13:50Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-05-12 22:16
Scheduled Maintenance - Thursday 5/5/2022 4-5PM PDTActivestuartm2022-05-04 10:30stuartm2022-05-04 10:30
Artifactory Configuration ChangeActiveSusan Hert2022-05-02 13:12Susan Hert2022-05-05 08:18
Current userActivelubomir pavliska2022-04-27 13:03mohara2022-05-02 09:21
Java Vulnerability - Java upgrade recommendedActivehannahb2022-04-22 15:09hannahb2022-04-22 15:09
LabKey version 19.3.7ActiveGina M Scott2022-04-19 11:32mohara2022-04-19 12:12
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of for Wednesday, April 13th 2022 @ 9pm Pacific TimeClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-04-13 10:50Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-04-13 22:14
Problems with uploading filesActiveBika2022-04-06 22:16Bika2022-04-19 04:58
Spring MVC security vulnerability - LabKey upgrade requiredActivehannahb2022-03-31 18:23hannahb2022-03-31 18:23
Maintenance Notice - Update of for Monday, March 29th 2022 @ 9pm PSTClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-03-29 19:55Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-03-29 21:16
Maintenance Notice - Minor Update of for Friday, March 18th 2022 @ 8pm PSTClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-03-18 16:03Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-03-18 20:10
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of to LabKey 22.3 for Thursday, March 10th 2022 @ 9pm PSTClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-03-10 12:12Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-03-10 22:13
Maintenance Notice: access will be limited for Friday, March 4th 2022 @ 4pm PSTClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-03-04 10:38Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-03-04 17:40
Help with specimen import error: Cache timeout for SchemaTableInfos for labkey, exceeding 300000ms limitClosedtstellin@scharp.org2022-03-01 05:15tstellin@scharp.org2022-03-01 05:15
Maintenance Notice: upgrade for Monday, February 28th 2022 @ 7am PSTClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-02-24 17:03Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-02-28 08:02
Scheduled Maintenance - LabKey TeamCity Server - Monday 2/28/2022 4PM-5PM PSTActivestuartm2022-02-24 15:22stuartm2022-02-24 15:22
Maintenance Notice: upgrade for Friday, February 18th 2022 @ 7am PSTClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-02-17 16:27Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-02-18 07:58
Configuring PGAdmin4 to access the labkey databaseClosedtimcooper2022-02-15 00:58Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-02-15 14:15
Maintenance Notice - Update of for Friday, February 11th 2022 @ 5:30pm PSTClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-02-11 17:02Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-02-11 17:59
Maintenance Notice - Upgrade of to LabKey 22.2 for Thursday, February 10th 2022 @ 9pm PSTClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2022-02-10 17:01Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-02-10 22:05
Conditional formatting for duplicate valuesClosedkaty wiseman2022-02-08 09:11Jon (LabKey DevOps)2022-02-08 10:38
Recommended Linux OSClosedtvaisar@u.washington.edu2022-01-25 12:45tvaisar@u.washington.edu2022-01-25 13:51
Maintance Notice - Teamcity Server 01/24/2022 4:30PM - 5:00PM PDTActivestuartm2022-01-24 16:03stuartm2022-01-24 17:02